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Nezumi’s past is the most tragic past I can think of…HE USED TO BE A HICK KID.

I have 2 more weeks of summer left. Just 2. Let’s hope that some time before then, at least some of the courses that are requirements from my major actually let me enroll in them. Guys, come on, waitlisting me for courses I need to graduate isn’t cool. Especially when I’m waiting for HALF OF MY COURSES TO LET ME IN. Oh well, this happens every year to a certain extent. For now, I think I’ll push school to the back of my mind and focus on what really matter for summer vacation: boys touching each other in suggestive ways.

Nezumi keeps his promise to show Shion the truth about No.6 as well as reveal more about his past. At the same time, Youming reveals the same truths to Karan, with a few attempts to woo her thrown in here and there as well. Nezumi takes Shion to a small cave with a large stream running through it, only to be captured right at the entrance. However, Nezumi tells him not to resist and seems to expect the ambush. The ruffians lead them to their leader, a man who Nezumi claims to have given him a name. In other words, he “raised” Nezumi in a way.

The old man reveals that he was part of the research team that Karan was on, and spent his whole life doing dirty work for the government. He became obsessed with a being called Eliurias – this entity that had an amazing potential hidden inside that couldn’t yet be tapped by mankind. He spent his life conducting experiments and even burned down a forest home to the People of the Forest because they lived there and worshipped Eliurias. They took Eliurias away and killed everyone…except Nezumi, the only survivor.

Being a survivor of a group of people who revered Eliurias respectfully (as in not by burning down everything in order to get it), it beckons to him every now and then. He hears it in the form of a song, much like what happens to Safu. Nezumi collapses and covers his ears all of a sudden around the same time the test tube bound Safu has a horrible vision about Shion giving away her sweater and the sky turning black.


The old man asks Nezumi if he can parrot back the song that he hears when he spazzes out, and he miraculously is able to recite the whole thing. Beautifully. The cave starts to glow and all the people living there who were exiled from No.6 start to cower. At the end of the song, he grows weak and faints. Hooray, Shion gets to be seme today! The old man is impressed that Nezumi still knows the song, and explains the whole “Eliurias is calling you” dealio.

Shion is entrusted with all the information the old man has on No.6 as well as all his research. He was the first one to test out the parasitic wasps, and was one of the rare survivors. That should reveal a lot when he has the time to decode it. For now, he’s set on rescuing Safu from No.6 with Nezumi. As for Nezumi, he’s no longer quite as interested in revenge as he was before.

Upon returning home, Inukashi and Rikiga are waiting for them. Inukashi figured she needed an extra pair of hands to collect information, so she bribed him with promises of seeing Karan somehow. Long story short, everyone wants to help Shion free Safu. He’s so touched he doesn’t even object to the “crush No.6 part.” Uh..Shion…that’s kind of important. Anyways, before he leaves on his mission, he sends his mother one last letter to say ‘goodbye.’ She instantly regrets telling him that Safu was captured, and starts to cry.

Ughhh now I have to wait before they leave before I bring out the whips and chains..

Bonus Screenshots:

He sang so well, the water turned to GOLD


I lived everyday in sadness when my wife was taken away…sowillyoupleasehavesexwithmeprettyplease

We’re in a cave with a stream a metre away and yet “QUICK! SOMEONE BRING WATER!”

End Thoughts: I’m worrying less and less about a rushed ending as things progress. This episode was practically an info dump filled with everything we need to know (for now) about No.6. As suspected, the government has been doing anything and everything to gain more power. Testing out parasitic wasps and burning down entire ecosystems to get to this Eliurias and whatnot. If it has knowledge that no man can posses, why are you trying to obtain it? There must be an amazing prize at stake if they manage to somehow awaken her, something worth risking everything for. It’s strange that Safu of all people is connected to her. Nezumi’s connection to her is because of being part of the tribe who worshipped her, but Safu has no prevalent reason. Unless she’s part of the People of the Forest too? DUN DUN DUNNNN. The pieces are slowly starting to come together, and I have no doubt that everyone is connected to this crazy thing No.6 is so obsessed over in some way or another.

Nezumi’s past wasn’t quite as shocking as I thought, as these hippie people were thrown into an inferno seconds after being introduced to us. It explains why he collapses when he hears the song, and his burning hatred for No.6, but didn’t really make me feel bad for him. Even Shion just gave him a sympathetic look, and then that was it. But that’s all in the past now, so I guess it doesn’t need much focus. Nezumi isn’t as hell-bent on revenge as he seems, since he’s not the type who would turn to mass murder just to satisfy himself. He’s in a much happier place now that he has Shion by his side, and he smiles a LOT more than he did in the beginning of the series. Even Inukashi and Rikiga look more fulfilled than they did at the start of the series. Man, I love all this adorable bonding going on. Who thought risking your life to save a sperm girl with a whacky albino would be such a good decision?

Come to think of it, not a lot happened other than spewing info at us. It was a good episode, but I found that if I didn’t pay enough attention, I had to go back a lot and re-listen to things (because my Grandma kept walking in front of the TV and telling me how back in Scotland, the girls NEVER used to ride the subways with their legs locked around guys like dirty whores and…oh man, it’s a long story). I absolutely HAD to rewind the Nezumi singing part. I did not expect him to be able to sing so well…that was the highlight of the episode for sure. Nezumi looked a little stiff as he stood there singing, but the glowing lights and husky voice made up for it. Hosoya Yoshimasa, I’d listen to a character song by you ANY day.

Preview: SHIT GOES DOWN. Nezumi, Shion, Rikiga and Inukashi enter No.6 and the city is absolutely in ruins. It’s practically a full-scale war at this point. Perhaps Youming has brought out the big guns to try and reveal the horrible secrets of No.6 to all of society? Not only that, but Inukashi risks her life to save Nezumi and Shion and…oh doesn’t look good…

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13 Responses to “No.6 – 08”

  1. raionhime says:

    I absolutely love Nezumis singing voice <3 I didn't expect it to be that pretty O.o I had to listen it three times in row before i could continue watching the episode xD

  2. Junko says:


    First Aladdin and now Pocahontas, Disney, what’re you doing in my animu?

    But all reality, kinda glad they had a info dump ep. I usually hate them, since they’re so.. tactless, but I was worried we’d have a Fractale ending on our hands otherwise.

    Or they could just kiss again, then I’d be sweet.

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL well that would be an interesting crossover…

      Better an infodump now than at the end, definitely >_< I don't think this could possibly become as disappointing as Fractale at this point.

  3. 2PacFan says:

    I’m really enjoying this show. I kind of like it how they don’t just ignore the mom and what’s going on with her, it makes things much more realistic.
    When I heard Nezumi sing, I was just in one ‘wtf’ moment. I mean, I knew he could sing, but DAMN ! I didn’t even pay attention to what the song said, I was just staring for a couple of moments.
    Since this is an info- episode, that means that the rest of the remaining episodes might be more accion. 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      I like seeing both sides of things as well, it makes things more multi-layered.

      The next episode REALLY looks like it’ll be an action-filled one. I can’t wait for more~

  4. angotokuraun says:

    nezumi singing is totally win (aww man yoshimasa hosoya voice so sexy~)

    Almost made me cry. But what did end up making me cry was the ending…well almost. I kind of watched this halfheartedly so that’s probably why I have such a negative response and very uncertain sort of feeling. anyway nezumi past also sad.. I wonder that’s made nezumi really hate no.6 so much.

    PS: maybe I’m just the one who thought inukashi was a boy.. ngggh.. totally confusing

    • Overcooled says:

      Mmmhmmm, dat voice~ I’m pretty sure that Nezumi hates them because of what they did to his people. Being totally ruthless in order to get their research done is really hard to forgive.

      I think Inukashi’s gender is androgynous so it’s correct to call him either a girl or a boy at this point. It’s anybody’s guess!

  5. Miyu says:

    Yay finally more information in this episode. The whole Eliurias thing is quite shady though, and I hope we get more details and it’s not just SHE’S THE MYSTICAL LEADER OF A FOREST TRIBE! DEAL WITH IT. For me I wasn’t really shocked when I heard about Nezumi’s ~tragic past~ The “sole survivor of —” thing is quite cliche. I don’t hate it – but it just doesn’t have that mindblowing WOAH factor (like in Drrr, but then again not much can compare to Drrr xD)

    And of course I have to agree that Nezumi’s singing voice was pretty (: But I just O_O at how dramatic the scene was. I mean, GLOWING STREAMS THAT CHANGE COLOR?! REALLY?

    AND ONCE AGAIN I MUST SAY THIS: OC I LOVE YOUR CAPTIONS HAHA. We’re in a cave with a stream a metre away and yet “QUICK! SOMEONE BRING WATER!” Oh how much I laughed at that xDDD

    • Overcooled says:

      Me too, I’m still shady on what the hell Eliurias even is…At least they elaborated on Nezumi though. I totally agree his past was cliche lol, I’m glad they didn’t make a big fuss over it and try to make you feel bad for him the entire episode.

      lololol I don’t know, his voice is just that good.

  6. Brenana says:

    Is it bad that I started laughing uncontrollably when you said Nezumi had a BURNING hatred for No.6 putting FIRE to his home?

  7. Brenana says:


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