No.6 – 06

Safu suspected nothing as the flowers slowly started to close in…

Metanorn’s been a little wonky the past few days, but I think almost everything’s been fixed now. It’s pretty much because we’re too popular, so that’s kind of a good thing, right? I’m just glad things are back to normal so I can shower you all with bromance. Time for number six, episode six!

After hearing about her grandmother’s death, Safu returns to No.6 to collect her belongings and see her in her “grave.” Upon crossing the border, an old lady immediately recognizes her as a No.6 citizen due to how conditioned she is to the bracelet. She didn’t even blink when she had to put it on. The old lady also says something curious…that the wind seems to be following her wherever she goes.

Instead of a typical graveyard, Safu’s grandma’s coffin is in a dimly lit room. The employer ensures Safu that her grandma must have been happy, because she lives in the TWILIGHT HOUSE~ Everyone who lives there is automatically happy! Safu starts to question whether her grandma was really happy in that place, as well as why her only belongings left behind were a scarf and glasses. The knitting needle is gone, and there is absolutely no scent on the scarf. She starts to get really scared when she can’t contact Shion because he’s been charged with a felony.

Looking for answers, Safu visits Shion’s mom, Karan. She’s determined, and questions her right from the get go about Shion’s whereabouts. Karan is hesitant, but eventually tells her that Shion has been living in the West Block. As soon as she finds out, she decides to find Shion because she wants to see him and loves him. His mom hugs her, saying “Awww, that’s sweet, but he’s with Nezumi right now. Good luck, sperm girl.”

Oh thank God, SOMEONE loves my stupid-faced son!

Spermette leaves, and is unfortunate enough to get kidnapped before she even takes a half step out of the city. Shion’s mom sees it all happen from the alley, and sends Nezumi a message about the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Shion is helping to bury one of Inukashi’s dogs. As per usual, Nezumi is a prick and taunts Inukashi with all he’s got. It works like a charm, and she goes ballistic.

Back at home, the two boys talk about the wasps attacking No.6. Nezumi is amused, while Shion is apprehensive and wants to protect his mom. He tells Nezumi that he will have to try and make a serum for a cure before the spring and bring it there. When he tells Nezumi that he’s been borrowing syringes and beakers from Balding Man, Nezumi roundhouse kicks him, mounts him, and grips his neck. Shion doesn’t resist, even when Nezumi brings out a knife. No matter what, that boy trusts Nezumi with his life.

Obligatory super gay scene of the week

Nezumi feels he’s proven his point after drawing some blood, but Shion refuses to drop the issue. He wants to know why Nezumi personally hates No.6 so much, and if it has to do with the scar on his back. Nezumi refuses to tell him, since they’ll become enemies anyways. It’s either all or nothing for him, and Shion’s attempts to make everyone happy just don’t work in this sort of world. Even his idea for fixing everything by just destroying a physical border between the West Block and No.6 is childish and far too idealistic. Shion is completely shot down by Nezumi, but he still has to throw in a “I’ll always stay by your side!” to finish the conversation. Nezumi sulks in his room as Shion goes out for a walk to cool his head. He gets Karan’s message, and almost runs to tell Shion the news. However, he hesitates when he realizes Shion will run to No.6 when he hears the news. Should he tell him? Having Shion leave and risk his life takes a much greater toll on his heart than he ever thought it would.

Well, at least now I can sniff his jacket since he’s gone.

Bonus Screenshots:

I’m sorry, but the flowers got to your grandma before we did. She fought bravely, but couldn’t hold them off forever…

But sir, there are only some cheez-its and a stick on gum in here, I don’t understand…


The number of episodes until Nezumi and Shion get it on.

End Thoughts: Seeing as this is a short series, I had to expect one of those slower, “build-up” episodes soon. Nezumi and Shion’s relationship has pretty much been established as much as it can for now, so it’s time for the No.6 mysteries to step into the spotlight a little more. It was slow, but not necessarily a bad episode in the grand scheme of things. The more the build-up, the more intense the finale.

The first part was mainly Safu, who I am pretty neutral towards. She’s pretty plain and boring aside from her one outstanding trait of being blunt and a bit reckless now and then. It’s hard to take a real shining to her when she’s pitted against cool characters like Nezumi or lovable dorks like Shion. She’s dull, but SOMEONE has to figure out the secrets on the inside. As expected, she figured out something was wrong about No.6 almost immediately after her grandma died. Hopefully she’s of good use to Shion and Nezumi…I wonder how they’ll react when they meet. I also wonder how I’LL react if she ends up stealing Shion away from Nezumi. I know it’s sad, but it’s almost destiny for a fujoshi to dislike any female character that cockblocks a hot, guy on guy pairing. It’s literally something we can’t control. Stay buddy-buddy so I can still like you, alright girly?

Not that I think Safu can really compete with Nezumi. Shion’s made it very clear how he feels, and if that preview is any indication of things to come….well, she’s kind of screwed. I doubt Nezumi will admit it that quickly, but a few episodes after the kiss, I’m sure he’ll come around. For now, Nezumi is doing his best to distance himself from Shion so he doesn’t become a liability. He’s already grown far too attached to him than he should. I don’t see the harm in telling Shion his past though, given the fact that he’s as attached as he will EVER BE to Nezumi. Is it really such a sensitive topic for him? Perhaps he was raised in No.6, and things aren’t as black and white as he likes to make Shion believe. Maybe he just made things black and white in order to make a set decision and have nothing holding him back, such as regrets. MAYBE I’M SPECULATING TOO MUCH, BUT I WANT TO KNOW.

Preview: Safu escapes from the facility with some mysterious man. At least, that’s what it looks like. Nezumi will most likely break the news about Safu’s capture to Shion, and he’ll go straight to No.6. After some coaxing from Inukashi, I think Nezumi will chase after his precious Shion. Also, HOLY SHIT THEY MIGHT KISS. IF BONES TROLLS US, I AM GOING TO CRUSH SOMEONE’S WINDPIPE WITH MY TEETH.

Fem!Nezumi screencaps are ALWAYS APPROPRIATE

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28 Responses to “No.6 – 06”

  1. anaaga says:

    if they don’t kiss….

    I will rape Nezumi next week

  2. Pinky BL says:

    It was kind of boring o.o, becaue of Safu xD

    and it hope they really kiss <3

    Show ▼


    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, Safu’s parts aren’t as interesting. :/ I just don’t like her as much. Ah well, the kiss will make up for it if it happens. I heard that about the novels too, so it would make sense for the anime to keep it in. I mean, it’s not like they weren’t hinting at that sort of thing before XD


  3. Alynn says:

    I love that final screen cap. Fem-Nezumi is so pretty!

    Oh Safu, she used to bother me a lot , but I think she has gotten a lot better. Whatever about her though, it’s Nezumi/Shion all the way. LOL

    • Overcooled says:

      They’re so pretty! Too bad I have to go and stream the regular preview afterwards to write my preview OTL.

      Safu is meh. I neither like or dislike her. But I won’t hesitate to dislike her if she ruins the NezumixShion dynamic XD

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Safu will save Shion! Wooo! Wait she got captured you fail, also lmao those flowers! Safu was freaking out in that field. I wonder what’s up with the smell thing? I guess that is super important!

    I bet he is going to whisper in Nezumi’s ear like DUDE. You are cool. Or a kiss on the cheek? lolol anyway plot progress? I do know Nezumi really really really hates No.6! Guess anyone would hate being forced into some random experiments? xD

    • Overcooled says:

      lol, she got shot down so quickly…I think the fact that the scarf had no scent meant that the scarf was separated from the grandma for a long time. I guess all her belongings were taken away and cleaned to hide any evidence of how she died o_o

      Fosh, don’t ruin it for me! I need that kiss to happen, or else I’ll die…lol

  5. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was mostly Safu this time around. She’s a girl who knows what she wants, and it’s Shion, regardless of what he wants. Hunt him down, Safu!

    I want to know what is Nezumi’s problem with No. 6. They still haven’t given up that information. The story is moving so slow, which makes me wonder if they can actually get everything done in just 11 episodes.

    • Overcooled says:

      I bet Safu won’t be as naive as Shion in West Block. XD

      This episode aside, I really like the pacing thus far. I get the feeling everything about Nezumi will be revealed in one fell swoop as opposed to slowly over time. It has to be at the right moment. But now that Shion is headed back towards No.6 (presumably) things should get a bit faster starting…episode 8 or so, I’d say.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I get the feeling Safu will wise up three times faster than Shion once she gets outside. She looks like she has a survivor side in waiting to come out. And you’re right, there’s no way she’ll be as naive as Shion. If it wasn’t for Nezumi, Shion would’ve been a corpse a long time ago.

  6. Mad Chemist says:

    I actually liked Safu’s detective service. She’s a bright girl, and her putting two and two together with a witness means that Shion’s mom is free and knows that something is rotten in No. 6. I do wonder how she’s going to get out of the facility, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dogkeeper and the Correctional Facility smuggling kennel are involved.

    Shion’s certainly become more aggressive with his questioning. Breaking Nezumi’s walls isn’t easy, but he’s learned how to get under his skin and work at it, that’s for sure. I bet the story of his scars is going to be important when we learn it.

    • Overcooled says:

      She’s really perceptive. She could tell what Safu’s mom was thinking without even being told anything too. I still find her to be “meh” but at least she’s useful. Is Nezumi gonna beg Inukashi for a favour now? Heh, that’ll be interesting.

      Shion’s kind of dense at times, but yeah…at least he learns from his mistakes. He still can’t quite wring the info out of him yet, but I’m sure he will in time.

  7. Miyu says:

    I was watching this in class with my friend during recess (which was only 30mins long) and then the computer took 20 minutes to load, which left us with 10 minutes of no. 6. “I really hope we get to see Nezumi & Shion before the teacher comes.” BUT NOOOOO the entire first half was about Safu. *facepalm* I’ve gotten pretty neutral to her but if she gets in the way of our lovely shion/nezumi-ness.. *grabs knife*

    I’m slightly worried about the pace of the show, though. How are they going to cover 6-ish remaining volumes in 5/6 episodes? D:

    Oh and yes I am just dying for the kiss. Don’t disappoint us, BONES!

    • Overcooled says:

      Recess? MAN, I MISS THAT. It’s a shame the school computers are always so painfully slow that you can never get anything done :/

      It’s going to have to be really condensed in order to fit it in. That means less talking about inner thoughts and more action. So far they’ve done a great job with the pacing, so I have faith in their ability to cut out the parts that aren’t as important. I’m trying to be optimistic~


      • Miyu says:

        Oh and, OC, I love your captions by the way. They never fail to make me laugh even after I’ve finished the episode xD. And my friend also says, “from now onwards I’m bookmarking this site.” 8D

  8. Mina says:

    My thoughts at the end of the episode, where Nezumi hesitated telling Shion about Safu were: “Ah, You don’t want him to leave! You like him, so kiss ihm already!” and this is where the preview came in xD
    It totally looks like they’ll kiss!!! I can’t wait for next week. Also how Inukashi was screaming at him in the preview. Next episode is going to be awesome. I can see it!

    • Overcooled says:

      Shion’s secretly a little tease, kissing Nezumi so he’ll come chasing after him ohohoho~ PLEASE MAKE THAT KISS COME TRUE!

  9. Yvoon says:

    K-K-KISU DA!!!

    that was SO a kiss in the preview…

    hurry and come friday!!! >.<

    i'm srsly gonna die from agony if they dont kiss…

  10. Elyon says:

    If that preview is just them trolling…SOMEBODY WILL DIE. Anyone who has been watching Dantalian no Shoka should know by now that if you mess with fujoshi and their BL, BLOOD WILL SPILL.
    I actually kind of liked the Safu parts. She’s pretty sharp, which is a step higher than most females in these kinds of shows. And I kind of pity her a bit since she is NEVER getting that sperm. xD

    Also, the fansubbers translated Shion calling Inukashi “he” at one point. My head is so confused right now…@w@ C-can’t they just make him/her randomly strip or something so we can figure this out? THIS IS WHERE BATH SCENES OR BEACH EPISODES WOULD BE ACTUALLY HELPFUL.

    • Sabine says:

      You know, I think they will show the kiss. 8D
      After all, it really happens in the novels, so it would be very cockblocking of BONES to just censor the scene only because Nezumi and Sion are guys, regardless of what truly takes place in the original novels. Is what I think.

      And about the ‘Inukashi might be a boy’-thing, in the Japanese language referring to someone as a ”she” or a ”he” could be interpreted as the opposite, because very many pronouns are used by and for both genders.

    • Overcooled says:

      The creators will be forced to rewrite that scene of No.6 over and over UNTIL IT IS DONE RIGHT. Also, shotguns.

      I saw someone mention that around my No.6 lurking grounds, but Japanese pronouns are a really tricky thing. They don’t always definitively point out a gender. I would have to double check and see which word they actually used to see, but I’m still referring to Inukashi as a she for now. I think they want it to be ambiguous though, like Chrona from Soul Eater XD

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