Mayo Chiki – 05

Perfectly normal day for Jirou!

Well hello everyone welcome back to more fun adventures with Jirou! Hope everyone is enjoying the Anime NTM project we are currently working on, lots of votes for Rin and Senjougahara are quickly knocking out the others. Also goodbye Yoko, you will be missed. Anyway time to jump right into this episode review and to find out what kinds of fun Jirou can get into this time around.

Plot this week begins with Jirou getting mowed down by a twin-tailed girl named Usami. Jirou gets knocked out by the strange girl as he wakes up in the nurse’s office to find Subaru. After a fail attempt at getting a kiss from Jirou, Kanade arrives to inform Subaru she will attend the school festival, that is until Usami throws a wrench into their plans to steal Jirou away for her own, dragging him along for shopping and a short date.

Gravity and anime! The best of both worlds.

This episode starts with us following Usami on one of her daily routine, we find out she really has no friends at all. The following day she has an encounter with Jirou, well more like running him over, but thanks to his special training he bounces back with no problems. After he lands, he spots the girl passed out on the ground and seems like even his glasses are attracted to her, eight between her legs I should add. Of course Jirou couldn’t just explain things normally, which leads to Usami thinking he’s a big perv. She does knock him out and leaves him on the road! WHY!? Well she is a tsundere girl with no heart.

Usami! She’s cute but deadly! Approach with caution.

Jirou- “Why…why did they put in another tsundere?! I am going to die.”

Jirou wakes up in the nurses office to find Subaru there, and she asks him to join her at the school festival. He agrees to go and Jirou also explains how Kanade planted a kiss on him. I was shocked Subaru didn’t knock him into next week after finding out. Thankfully she overlooks that for now, but wants a kiss of her own and leans in to get one until Kanade walks in and scares her. Yep, she’s master after all. When these crazy girls leave, Jirou runs into Usami again who demands to talk to him on the roof. She plans to use a photo of Subaru dressed as a girl to blackmail him into going on a date with Jirou to get closer to Subaru? I think this girl is slow in the head. Subaru arrives and punches Jirou in the stomach after learning Usami is now his “girlfriend”. Oh come on, Subaru! You could knock that girl out with one kick.

Kanade- “Subaru, you really should be more aggressive and forceful like me.”

Jirou-“Why do I get the feeling I am not going to like this kiss?”

Evil moe versus sadistic moe.

Subaru- “Oh this girl?! She is so dead once I get my hands on her.”

After breaking Subaru’s promise and making her cry; YEAH YOU MADE HER CRY! Usami drags Jirou along on a “date” and buys a swimsuit for the school festival, but really I think she wanted to show off her body to Jirou. With any anime involving a girl trying on clothes you can already guess what happens, after getting a eyeful of Usami’s body Jirou walks home with her and gains a new nickname baka chicken. The episode ends with Jirou cross-dressing with his friends at school for their festival and the mysterious catgirl peeking in on the class.

Jirou- “Yep, you are flat as a board there, Usami.”

Usami- “I dare you to try saying that to me ever again!”

Jirou! Look a lonely cat-girl for us to share.

Extra service

Kanade loves the smell of broken hearts.

D’awwww Subaru’s smile is very cute when she is happy.

Some Usami fanservice! She doesn’t look too bad.

Subaru’s megaton punch! Ouch! Looks so painful, then again, Jirou, you made her cry.

NO STOP THAT! I won’t fall for you and your twin-tails…

End Thoughts:

Well just when we thought things couldn’t get more complicated, they throw another character at us. We all knew about Usami eventually making her appearance from the opening; I guess we didn’t really know how she would. I would have liked a better way for her to meet Jirou, but what can we do that’s just how they want them to meet. I did enjoy the bits with Kanade arriving to stir things up with her usual way of dealing with Jirou, man she loves to tease that guy! I guess she enjoys watching him have those nose bleeds. I thought it was cute seeing Subaru get so excited to have some time with Jirou; she does really like him, at least that’s how I am taking things with a friendship route for now. I sure hope we get some progress with them, although Kanade is having her fun too.

No Kureha?! Well, that was a bit refreshing not to see her around, however we did have Usami who quickly filled in for Kureha this week kicking Jirou around. So I guess Usami has fallen for Subaru too?! Oh man when those girls finally find out Subaru is a chick, I think they will be so pissed! Or they might not mind? There is always the option for a Yuri explosion! But I can kind of see the girls not really caring if Subaru was a girl and we will get the power of FRIENDSHIP. I really am more curious about the catgirl, like are her ears real?! And does she have a crush on Jirou or is another Subaru stalker? I hope she’s a hyper character, those are always my favorite types! Because damn we really have way too many tsundere characters, even though Subaru is becoming more dere dere towards Jirou and Kanade.

Now for Usami! She does have a great looking character design and those boots! She must be really short without them? Not that I mind as she looks like a fun girl. That said she might look great but has a terrible personality. After watching this the second time for screencaps I was thinking to myself what a bitch! Seriously! Why are you blackmailing Jirou into dating you? I guess we can tell why she has no friends at school. I know what they are doing with her, after all she is there to build up drama for Subaru and Jirou. Usually I have no issues with the tsundere character, but this one needs to find someone else to pick on. I hope Subaru kicks her ass I think she would win with a single kick. Overall decent episode minus Usami, well I do enjoy her voice actress Mariya, Ise; I just know her from PnS as Stocking; she really does sound more like her in this series.


What no capture the flag?

Next week! Looks like we’re in for some festival fun at the school, and hopefully we get a surprise visit from the catgirl! I sure hope. And maybe a showdown between Subaru and Usami? Find out soon! Thanks for reading.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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10 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 05”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Lol, being struck by a bike and sent flying into the air. Kore Wa Zombie, anyone? It’s always good to see Kanade come around. The evil moe is cute but I choose the sadistic moe. She loves torturing him with sexual harassment even though she knows he’s gynophobic, but that’s just more motivation for her.

    Nice uppercut, Subaru. Have you been taking lessons from Touma? Here’s the funny part. Subaru’s VA, Yuka Iguchi plays that gluttonous nun Index.

    Jirou’s lucky his circumstances at home got him ready for all kinds of abuse. Because he’s practically a punching bag for any girl he crosses.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That’s what I was thinking too! Like Jirou don’t pull a Aikawa on us, but naw he was totally awesome landing like PSSSH I got this! Kanade was so good as usual playing some fun mind games with him xD

      Subaru’s punch DAMN! That was awesome, seriously Jirou is lucky he has some stamina or he would be so screwed. LOL Yep! She is indeed Index.

      LOLOL yeaaahh good thing he has gone through plenty of training.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Interesting. We have another tsundere on our hands. But this one is a lot colder and unforgiving and her fighting style is different. While Subaru deals her fights with punches, Usami deals with hers in kicks.

        Note to self: Never get on Usami’s bad side. She branded Jirou’s stomach with her boots and the imprint looks deep. Oh, man. However she did it, she scarred Jirou’s subconscious. He sounded like someone being completely dominated. I was expecting that sort of thing from Kanade because she looks like the type(Dominatrix complex).

        So Usami’s part of S4. I’m surprised she hasn’t killed him for being close to Subaru the minute she found out who he was. But instead she blackmailed him with no way out. LOL, poor guy. And what’s this about a war in the school? It sounds like it’s gonna be the wild west in there. This show is fueled by pure perversion. Being accused of smelling a girl’s swimsuit. Jirou’s always being pegged for a pervert.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep! Just when we thought we couldn’t get anymore tsunderes in this series, true Subaru and Usami both fight differently I have no idea what’s worse kicks or punches…

          hahaha yes! Usami will probably beat you every time, ya she is part of the S4 and damn blackmail! Just when things were going well for Subaru and Jirou.

  2. blues says:

    Jirou also explains how Kanade planted a kiss on him. I was shocked Subaru didn’t knock him into next week after finding out. Thankfully she overlooks that for now, but wants a kiss of her own and leans in to get one

    Subaru thinks he is talking about her “first kiss” with him (the CPR at the pool), she doesn’t have a clue he kissed Kanade.

    • Foshizzel says:

      OOOOH! Ahahah that’s why Subaru’s flashback was that quick shot of the pool, interesting I suppose that is why she didn’t kill Jirou right there xD


  3. Samantha Zan says:

    OMG drama tension ughhh… don’t really like Usami’s charcter that much either. But those boots 0-0, anyway hopefully Subaru can kick some ass next week, or at least more time with Jirou.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! There is some drama slowly forming for Jirou soon, as for Usami I don’t really like her to much and those boots are deadly! Well with Usami’s kicks anyway. Yep fingers crossed for Subaru to get Jirou back.

  4. Hime says:

    Jirou’s torture is endlessly hilarious.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? It will never end! But at least Jirou rolls with it, most characters would be all emo or sad all the time xD

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