SKET Dance – 15

Who doesn’t love chainsaws?

Hello again. It hasn’t been all that long since the last Sket Dance post, but that’s due to severe procrastination on my part. So just pretend that the last one actually came out on time  and while you’re at it,  pretend that this paragraph never happened. XD

It’s a normal day for the Sket Dan with Himeko acting like the club’s personal maid and Bossun acting like himself. However, Bossun makes the mistake of joking around and pissing Himeko off, so she goes to beat him up. At that moment, the character that needs help this half episode shows up. Unfortunately for the Sket, he looks like he’s going to murder them all.

Apparently Switch is into (BL looking) games too involving Reborn! characters as well

Turns out the scary looking guy is actually J-son sensei (aka Junichi Son) and is the shop teacher. Despite his looks, J-son sensei has an extremely fragile heart and requests the Sket’s help for an upcoming omiai (basically a marriage interview). Turns out, he’s had countless ones before, but keeps failing because he’s so gar, he can slice a tea cup in half with his bare hands and apparently that’s an unwanted trait for marriage partners (oh and the whole looking like he’s going to kill them in their sleep thing). It also doesn’t help that he isn’t good with words and gets super nervous under pressure.

The first thing the Sket do to help him is teach him to smile, which is a complete failure because the guy’s face hardly moves. They also try to get him to be more bright and cheery but he ends up sounding creepier than before.Switch’s solution? Earn moe points by having a gap between appearance and character. Himeko asks if there’s something that J-son sensei has anything he’s unexpectedly good at.

…This will be appearing again in my nightmares.

So just what is J-son sensei’s secret talent? Horror movie sound effects. This obviously does not build up moe points so the Sket decide to just accompany him to his omiai. Right from the start he scares his potential partner (Omi Aiko lol) by smashing his tea cup with his face while attempting to bow.After J-son gets first aid, he apologizes for being awkward and Aiko forgives him saying that she saw his picture beforehand and isn’t scared of him.

The Sket thinking their job is done, just about leave but while trying to converse, J-son sensei starts rambling about his unhealthy obsession for saws. J-son then decides to display his hidden talent- imitating the sound of a chainsaw. Aiko is justifiably freaked out by this and runs away screaming. Needless to say, J-son is once again rejected.You can’t say that he didn’t try though.

Some time after, J-son is depressed, cutting up poor defenseless trees and the Sket are cleaning out some shed. After they finish, Kura (Yagi’s friend) runs to them saying that she thinks someone needs help. She points to Gackt a new character posing oddly. Turns out Gackt him and Kura go way back and he’s also bad at expressing himself. When the Sket ask for his name, he answers ‘Fallen Angel’ (Datenshi). Kura says that his name is actually Date and that he’s a visual kei fanboy so he likes speaking cryptically and pretty much all in kanji. The Sket force him to introduce himself again and he calls himself Dante.

Kura ditches them and the Sket are left with Dante and his problem. Only, when they ask him what his problem is, he only answers ‘descended’ after Himeko beats him up for a little bit, Switch suggests that he might have dropped something. Dante nods and it looks like progress. However, this is Sket Dance and the rest of the conversation goes nowhere after Dante mentions he lost his ‘Wings’. They end up talking about food while trying to fix Dante’s kanji speaking problem. They also learn that Dante’s favorite movie is Naruto (What?! You mean this wasn’t censored!?).

Bossun’s patience finally runs out and he changes the conversation back to Dante’s request. Dante says something about ‘Embrace the Heart’s Key’ and after much abuse via Himeko, they work out that Dante has lost a key holder. Bossun uses concentration mode to figure out that the key chain thing Switch found while cleaning out the shed. The Sket all celebrate for solving Dante’s request and he just kind of sits there stunned.

Kura explains that ‘Dream of Lie’ is actually a visual kei band and that all of Dante’s cryptic nonsense was actually just names for things in the band (‘Wings’ are what the call tickets and ‘Embrace the Heart’s Key’ is the name of a tour). So basically, Dante lost the ticket to a band he wanted to see. However, the Sket are convinced that they solved the case and like hell will they let Dante tell them otherwise.

Final Thoughts:

This was definitely a wtf episode, but in a good way. It was definitely funny, but I think I found the manga funnier. It just seemed like some of the jokes were drawn out way too long and most of the episode was Himeko beating people up. The pacing of the entire episode felt off and it seems like things were taken either too fast (like the explanation afterwards to Dante’s problem) or too slow (the whole pre-omiai thing with the teacher felt really drawn out). The random backgrounds with Dante posing were a nice touch though and I did enjoy the ending of the episode despite it being really fast. Or maybe it was funny because it was fast. Well, whatever.

Gackt sure had an easy job this time around with all 7 or so sentences of dialogue he had this episode XD. I wonder how much he was paid.  Anyways, Bossun’s seiyuu (Hiroyuki Yoshino) just keeps getting better and better. He’s had a lot of lines in that past few episodes that have been spot on emotion wise. Also, Tomokazu Sugita is doing a great job as Switch so far too.  It’s a great contrast to the (once again) failing art they had this episode. Yeah, I don’t have much else to say. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with episode, but it’s more because I like the original material and not because the adaption was well done.


Everyone starts a band for whatever reason and apparently Himeko can play the guitar.


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  1. Elyon says:


    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha someone needs to go and make chainsaws moe. And Gackt was extremely awesome, there’s no denying it.

  2. berrish17 says:

    gosh, i love every episode of Sket Dance but this one especially made me laugh!!!!

    It was funny when Dante was making confusion on every

    J-son sensei’s such a nice guy but cant help it.hahaha

  3. Kyokai says:

    Oh god, this episode is made of win! I need to catch up like nao!

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