Sacred Seven – 03

Power suits are so in style this year.

So far, Sacred Seven manages to be my highlight of the week next to Penguindrum and Nichijou. What do you think of this series so far? Enjoying it or hating it? I hope you are having fun with it. Well time to hit this review up, solo this time around. Enjoy.

Plot this week follows the mysterious blue suited guy aka Night Kijima, who squares off against Yuuji Kenbi (another rich member of Sacred Seven). Alma witnesses the fight between Kijima and Yuuji as his Darkstone powers take over briefly. They team up with Yuuji to protect the base from Kijima who needs a certain drug to keep from fully transforming into a Darkstone.

Ruri- “Sure, a nice nine hundred and ninety thousand pounds stone sounds great for lunch.”

The episode starts out with Ruri at a gem auction, where she makes the highest bid winning a rare gem. I guess she is running around thanks to recruiting Alma to her cause. Meanwhile, our mystery armor guy attacks Yuuji and Mikoto on the way to Ruri’s house. Yuuji transforms and takes on Kijima, seems these two have a bit of history between them, huh? During the fight Alma arrives after getting a strange feeling from the fight. Kijima spots Alma’s transformation and makes a quick exit after taking a few missiles to the face! The sudden change in Alma catches the eye of Yuuji wanting to learn more about him and Ruri’s connection.

Makoto- “How’s the mecha neck massage feels?”       Kijima- “You do not have permission to touch me!”

Kijima- “Pink looks soooo lame on you.”                       Yuuji- “Psssh whatever pink rocks!”

Alma- “OHHHH damn son, you got freakin’ owned in the face!!”

After the showdown with Kijima, Yuuji arrives at Ruri’s mansion to dissucss something with her about Kijima and his partner Lau Fei Zui. Both of them are constantly causing trouble for Sacred Seven, stealing drugs in order to keep Kijima from being taken over by his Darkstone powers. After agreeing to help, Ruri visits Alma who wakes up. Though, Ruri seems to only care about Alma’s body and no not in that way! She doesn’t want him to die just yet… of course, she has to secure her investments. She explains to Alma there are countless people all over the world with similar problems that Alma faces, and also how some abuse this power for evil while some use it for good and join Sacred Seven.

D’awww, don’t they look cute?

Kijima visits his secret lair and gets some drugs from his partner and explains to her that Alma is practically the strongest level of Darkstone there is, and that his power is very similar to his own. The next day Yuuji shows Alma and Ruri the Sacred Seven home base, where they are using some Darkstone powers for the good of the world. Everyone prepares for Kijima to arrive and attack the base because his medicine has almost ran out. And he does attack, giving us some new characters to watch. Their set trap to catch Kijima fails after he squares off against Alma and another random fighter. The episode wraps up with Kijima escaping the base. Though, it was not all in vain for him as it gave him a brand new goal for the next fight against Alma.

Kijima- “Honey, I’m home!”            Lau- “WHERE’S MY DINNER!”

Being evil ain’t easy! Time to kick back and relax.

Makoto- “Sweet it’s not like we’re going to get attacked by some worms, right guys?”

Makoto- “DAMN! My night is ruined now.”

Someone is having a really terrible day, poor Kijima.

Hell ya! Thanks GG for giving us the best subs ever.

Kijima- “We should team up!”                 Alma- “But you have glowing eyes so that means you are evil!”

Look at those awesome dance moves.

Kijima making his hot escape from Sacred seven.

Extra powers

Well, hello there, Lelouch! Looks like you did something with your hair.


This chick was awesome!

Check out that Mecha fan-serice… so hot!

End Thoughts:

This wasn’t the most exciting episode of Sacred Seven so far, but managed to show off some new side characters. I was curious to see what kind of other Darkstone people were out there and it was good to learn Alma and Kijima were not the only ones. Yuuji’s suit looked really impressive! Sort of reminded me more of a Halo style suit or something out of Tron. The glowing parts looked really interesting too. But damn Ruri, spending all that money, I agree with Hellbrick, she will end up using up too much or all her money to give Alma all these gems. Which makes me wonder about Alma’s gem, which he lost in the river, I’m guessing that will come in handy towards the end.

I have a feeling Kijima was probably experimented on when Sacred Seven discovered him, he does seem to have more than a grudge against them. Not to mention the photograph of him and Lau together, they literally looked like prisoners. He does make a comment to Alma about their powers being similar, both of them can walk through walls and change weapons on the fly. I guess these two are pure Darkstones while Yuuji and the random girl are fakes? They don’t seem to need a helper like Alma needs Ruri to transform. I did smirk when that girl said it’s morphine time! LOL GG I love your funny subs. I almost forgot the random commercials! What the hell was that?! Ahahaha Transformers Dark of the Moon and a random beer ad? Reminds me of Star Driver and Madoka commercials.

Now for Ruri! I really think she has a hidden agenda with Alma, after he woke up from passing out she only worried about his body she didn’t even ask how he was feeling! And the comments shared with Hellbrick on the plane about destroying all the Darkstone, which includes himself and Alma too. This does make her seem very evil and cold, so she could just be using Alma at this point putting him through all these fights just to save her sister. Then again maybe she just doesn’t want to get too close to Alma? The previous episode does make them appear to be getting closer after all Ruri did blush when Alma was holding her. I have a feeling Sacred Seven has some dark secrets, which they do not want to leak out, probably going to find out they did some nasty experiments on Kijima and Lau. So overall not the best action episode, because the fights were not really fights, more like tag and run away, but this was a great story episode giving us plenty to chew on for plot ideas.


Rooftops always make students look depressed.

Ah yes the school festival themed episodes! Remember the one in Code Geass? Well, I have a feeling this one will be pretty much the same type of thing going on.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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14 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 03”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Why are the love interest short girls? Do they just like them short.
    Also what kind of a name is Night? Wasn’t there anything better?

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Alma is so damn tall! I laughed last episode he was looking down at Makoto was funny. I dunno I don’t mind short girls <3

      Yeah that is a terribad bad guy name, guess evil armor dude was already taken lolol

  2. Hime says:

    The horn thing…my god, can’t. take. seriously.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Muhahahhaha poor double unicorn power man! I just think it’s a bit strange how they do that, then again we don’t see it every time.

  3. Reaper says:

    Mm, blowing what looked like 9.9 million pounds (it looked like that in the anime, I know what they said was different but…can’t argue against the numbers) on a single stone, has to be at least able to kill two birds, right…? Bad pun, sorry 🙂
    It’s good that there are new characters, since it opens up the story more, instead of having a monster battle a week kinda of arrangement, but I have to say this; that guy in the suit is just too suspicious, and his SP (what does SP mean?) is just too awesome. Agreed with the gg subs, perfect for the girl’s attitude.
    As for Lau…she’s probably the cutest character present, especially with the Lelouch-alike (he’s got the hair, the glowy eyes and loves to walk around with a shirt on…wait, scratch the last one). Can’t help but get the Hei/Yin bond between them, which is good if it’s done right. School Festival ep coming next, wonder what will happen…giant pizza anyone?

    • Foshizzel says:

      The more expensive the gem the greater the power? I have no idea then again anime money can you ever run out? Unless you live in the C world then yes.

      YES! New characters are always fun to see and lack of a weekly monster made up for the first two weak ass monsters. SP? Would that be Sacred power? or something like that? Not sure but yes! It’s morphing time made me laugh! New girl was so lazy…

      Right I can see the Hei and Yin thing with Lau and Knight’s character, oh god if someone falls into a thing of tomatoes I will die from laughing xD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    First episode, a statue. Second one, dragons. Third one, centipedes. I guess Kijima’s been getting his ideas for Darkstones from Inuyasha. Tandoji has found his rival in Kijima. Haha, Nobuhiko Okamoto, I recognize his anywhere. There’s no mistaking it.

    When there’s a superpowered battle, they always turn the into a warzone/graveyard and anyone caught in it is considered collateral damage. The fights are pretty intense. This is one of the reasons I love anime.

    As usual, Hellbrick is always good for a laugh. Lol.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah at least the monsters continue to be different! Imagine if all Alma fought were dragons??! That would be so lameeee, yes lots of inuyasha type monsters xD. Yes I recognize him all over now thanks to Rin from Exorcist and of course my all time favorite Accelerator from Index!

      Yeah the fight was alright this week it is refreshing to see Alma struggle against someone else rather than one shot victory.

      Hellbrick is awesome I always look forward to seeing what that dude says xD

  5. amado says:

    I was glad it turned out that lau turned out to be a girl. I thought she was a boy and then it would lead down somewhere I dont want to think about…

    it seems kinda clear that yuuji might be the actual bad guy while kijima and lau are good deep down. it reeks of that standard cliche…

    so all-in-all, while there was more action, it seems kinda… typical.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Yes Thankfully Lau was a girl even thou she’s a loli! Still it fits after all Alma has Ruri who is so damn tiny! Then again Alma is so damn tall lolol

      Yuuji yeah he does give off that feeling that oh I want to “study” Kijima when really we all can see the whole Yuuji wants Kijima to gain more power down the road. I have a feeling were going to get into some drama soon, as in which team is actually good and who’s evil.

      Right I sort of expect to have some action in most of the episodes, unless we get some Stardriver themed episodes which are slice of life/beach/school themed xD

  6. Moni Chan says:

    omg there’s 2 horns this time. double unicorn POWAH

  7. stickfanatic says:


    It’s not bad, but im always comparing this to Code Geass…its like every episode just introduces and resolves another tiny conflict.


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