Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 04

Younger Nurarihyon falling in love in less than a month

Woot. Our manly youkai for this season is finally here! I’m pretty excited to see the younger Nurarihyon being animated :3 I’m so excited to the point where I ignored my drowsiness and watched this when I’m supposed to sleep. I mean, look at that tattoo under his eyes. THAT’S HOT.

He’s so fly

The episode continues the massacre of the evil youkai who attacked a human, which happened in the third episode. We get to see the Nura Clan members in action, with a little bit of slutiness from Yuki-Onna. That woman screams desperate.

I-I swear, I didn’t put this because it’s yaoi-ish or something like that

Nurarihyon’s harem is full of pros

Coming to Yohime (Princess Yo), she’s a pro healer and thus her being used by his father to heal people for money (like the child in question). Suddenly a youkai attacks Yohime wanting to eat her liver while she’s alive, but the youkai is slashed dead by a Keikain. Yohime’s power is so famous to the point where the Ikigimo worshippers (youkai who eats the liver of infants/princesses/priestess while the human is alive in order to gain more power), from all over Japan visit Kyoto, just to get Yohime’s liver. But of course since Nurarihyon is the star right now, he gets to see Yohime without the trouble of being slashed and all that. Main characters don’t die after all. Seeing how Yohime’s a beauty (HOW!?) and her fierceness when she cuts Nurarihyon with a youkai sword, he starts to act like a stalker and visits Yohime every night. Sounds like prostitution to me.

“I have chosen this boy as the new magical girl.”


Next time I see a hot man having an injury, I am sooo taking care of him

The peace won’t last long though. Yodo-dono, the concubine of Toyotomi Hideyoshi is preparing to attack Tokugawa. In order to do so, she needs more power. As she tells her youkai minions this, she takes out a liver and eats it. Yes, Yodo-dono is actually Haguromo-Gitsune, and she needs more power because she’s pregnant of a half-youkai child. She can only have stronger livers if the humans have special powers, such as Yohime’s power.


Meanwhile, Nurarihyon kidnaps Yohime for a night to let her sees the outside world AND to see his minions. Ignoring the jealous Yuki-Onna, Nurarihyon approaches Yohime and proposes her in front of his minions. After dropping her back in the morning, Nurarihyon hugs Yohime and tell her that he wants her to be by his side and he’ll see her again tomorrow.

“Minions, this is my new hoe.”


Yuki-Onna wants it to be a threesome

But that tomorrow never comes. Messengers from Osaka Castle arrive at Yohime’s house, wanting to buy her as a concubine of Toyotomi’s. Greedy father is greedy, so Yohime’s father wants her to be a wife instead of a concubine (he wants more money). Yohime’s father did get his money, but after the messengers reveal his youkai form and starts to beat the money on Yohime’s father until the he dies. When Yohime’s bodyguard, the Keikain dude, arrives, it’s too late. The barrier was broken, onmyoujis are dead, and Yohime is kidnapped. Arriving only to hear that his beloved is kidnapped, Nurarihyon goes batshit crazy and does the cool angry pose, preparing to attack Haguromo-Gitsune.

“Oh no! He fainted from the sex!”

Extra Screenshots:

Sorry, but I don’t do women that can freeze my little brother.”

The first thing I noticed is her chin


This is sweet. Lucky woman

This is called crapola

End Thoughts:

This episode is still as good as the third episode. It’s perfectly the same with the manga, which is good. The only odd thing I noticed is how the Keikain dude arrived at night, when Yohime is already kidnapped. Isn’t he supposed to guard Yohime? Where did he go or maybe it’s one of those moments where the mangaka has to make the character disappear for a while. Don’t like that kind of stuff…*le sigh*

Nurarihyon is such a BAMF, I can’t help but drool at him. His every movement is so gorgeous I always get dazzled by his movements. His hair is gorgeous too LOL. Seriously, every time he flies/jumps/doessomething like that, I will look at the hair and then start LOL-ing. It’s just soo flexible and inflexible at the same time, going back and forth but still staying sideways. Nevertheless the younger Nurarihyon is still a cool gigolo. Just like that Gyuki said, Nurarihyon’s carefree personality is his plus point; he doesn’t get tied down easily by the “rules” that are made.  Yohime on the other hand… She’s cute all right, but she’s so passive. I understand why she’s so passive, but I’m not into that kind of characters. So far she’s all right for me, but sometimes she reminds me of Kanna, especially her huge eyes =/ NOT a good sign.

I never realized this before, and I just realized this is kind of related with the whole Sengoku Period. I find it interesting how Shiibashi-sensei is able to retell the Sengoku story in a youkai style. In case you don’t know, Yodo-dono is the concubine of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and she’s the daughter of Azai Nagasama and Oichi (sister of Oda Nobunaga). Later on, she bore the successor of Toyotomi named Toyotomi Hideyori. If Shiibashi-sensei wants the story to fit with history, he has to make some events so that Yodo-dono’s power isn’t being strengthened. In order to fit the history, either Yodo-dono’s practice of Ikigimo fails OR Yodo-dono has to die. I guess this is where Nurarihyon comes in. And let’s face it, what I said is NOT a spoiler. It’s a speculation of something that obviously will happen. Yodo-dono’s bound to die anyway. Nurarihyon still lives until now, and Tokugawa was the one who united Japan.

Oh wow I’m rambling a lot. Sorry, but I’m a history fan. And since I’m a history fan, I definitely like the Nurarihyon’s Past Arc. I greatly enjoyed this episode, and it’s actually giving me lots of knowledge about the Sengoku Era (I never knew Toyotomi had a concubine). I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy the next episode too and we’ll get to see some action too next week, fufufufu. Can’t wait for the fifth episode! :3


Someone’s ass is in trouble


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8 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 04”

  1. EGGY says:

    passive princesses are not my type either. they are just so… passive. ugh.
    i love the under eye tattoo though! (drools

    • anaaga says:

      At least Yohime can stab. I really don’t like the extreme passive ones, where they don’t do nothing except stare, panick, then scream

  2. Kencana says:

    I like Nurarihyon x Youhime pairing….

  3. amado says:

    I really enjoyed setsura here. she looked so cute when she was jealous and made a blizzard before leaving. with her red eyes and flirty way with nurarihyon.
    nurarihyonXyouhime is still better and sweater though. but I do hope rikuo ends up with tsurara especially with current events in the manga…

    • anaaga says:

      I prefer Youhime over Setsura. Setsura is giving me this “I will do whatever you want of you just marry me!” vibe.
      I read the latest manga, and I don’t like it. Well, I don’t like how Kana is there. Like gggrrrrrr why is she there!? (>.<)

      • amado says:

        setsura is more similar to her daughter than it seems. while she openly flirts with the master, she gets jealous, turns red, makes a bit of a fit and gets funny and cute scenes just like her daughter.

  4. kinjal says:

    i love nura and kana-chan togather.

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