Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 02-03

Who cares about humans when we got hot youkai like Nurarihyon?

Sorry for no Nura update last week. The second episode really disappointed me to the point where I didn’t feel like posting about it. And I was over-exhausted these past few weeks because of some extra stuff that I DON’T have to do but still do anyway (>.<) So please, gomen, that I’m late with my updates T_T

There’s a beauty behind those, um, papers of his. I think.

Second Episode starts with Night Rikuo rescuing a maiden in youkai trouble. She’d been having youkai stalker every night. However, it was all a misunderstanding; the priest she’s using is actually the evil landlord that wants to harm her, and the youkai stalker is protecting her because she’s the descendant of the lord, the youkai stalker once served. Rikuo is impressed with Jami’s loyalty and decided to put Jami into his list of minions. This awesomely epic filler has been shortened into 5 minutes.

How the hell did they passed the hostess examination? DAT NOSE


Now that the trouble is solved, the Youkai Patrol leaves the maiden’s house. Meanwhile, Kurotabou and Aotabo is taking a walk in youkai’s red light district (which is, strangely, in human’s red light district too) and find their impostors. They realize that Nura Clan’s influence is better than before, now that they actually have impostors of themselves. Jeez desperate much? Being Rikuo-obsessed and all, they talk about the awesomeness and sexiness of night Rikuo, while drinking some youkai alcohol instead of playing with ‘em girls. Kurotabou gets distracted with the girls though, and Aotabo strides off from the hostess bar because them girls don’t like him. But I agree with those girls. While walking and wailing about his lack of harem, Aotabo finds his impostor getting beaten up by Japanese Men In Black. Realizing that Aotabo is a youkai, suddenly the homo couple starts to go batshit on Aotabo and attack him. Thus, Aotabo is defeated WITH his skull necklace on and gets thrown on top of a pile of trash. Kurotabou finds Aotabo’s story to be unbelievable, unless the humans are youkai exterminators. And they’re right.

I would be insulted if my best friend searched me inside the trash

Yup, Snackers

Magical girl is the new trend now

Missing Yura a lot, Youkai Patrol starts searching for Yura everywhere with the most ridiculous method of searching of lost people and at the most ridiculous locations. Damn anime. Only Rikuo is able to find Yura at an abandoned bowling place though. It turns out that she’d been practicing her exorcising skill. Suddenly Yura’s brothers, the exorcists that attacked Aotabo, appear out of thin air and start attacking Rikuo. Yura’s brother is telling her something that she refuses to accept: that Rikuo is a youkai. In the end though, Yura decides to believe Rikuo’s words of his humanity rather that her brother’s accusation of him being a youkai. Yura’s brother snaps and starts attacking Yura to the point where Yura’s almost dead. He definitely has high blood pressure. Rikuo, can’t stand that sight, turns into his night form and saves Yura from her brothers, revealing his true youkai form to Yura *insert dramatic songs*


Now onto episode three. Half of it is all about Yura’s brothers (Ryuuji I think that’s his name. And Mamiru) fighting with Rikuo. Picture spam is necessary to show the greatness of Night Rikuo in battle.

Now that Ryuuji is defeated, Mamiru’s planning to take Rikuo’s ass

After Ryuuji’s defeat, Mamiru goes berserk because he thinks that his love–er, evil brother is dead. Mamiru was about to blow Rikuo’s head off until Kubinashi the sexy beast appears out of nowhere and stops him. Not only him, but the rest of Rikuo’s One Hundred Night Parade is there too. Such dedication towards their master, aawww.

Even youkai can do SM play

Rikuo’s unsexy harem to the rescue!

Smart Ryuuji turns out to be alive because Rikuo slashed him with Nenekimaru, a youkai-only weapon. Ryuuji FINALLY tells Yura the reason why he’s there: Yura’s other brothers are dead, and she’d been summoned by the main house to protect Kyoto from Hagoro-Gitsune, the enemy of the Keikain household. While Rikuo’s heart goes ba-dum for a while and Gyuuki goes O.o when they heard that name, Ryuuji gives back Nenekimaru to Rikuo while he gives a message to the Nurarihyon head from his ancestor: “Don’t come to our house! We won’t give food anymore!” Ryuuji summons back his shinigami into the bamboo bottle and leaves with Mamiru. They’re like my OTP now. As for Yura, Rikuo tells Yuki-Onna to take her back to the main house to tend her injuries.

Yup, Yuki-Onna stabbed Yura

Which turns out with Yuki-Onna and Yura fighting of course, making her unable to tend Yura’s injuries. Stubborn Yura goes to the yard, only to find Rikuo doing his cool pose that always makes me faint. After some typical “I still believe you, whatever you are” anime talk, Yura leaves the main house to go to Kyoto. Of course she had to refuse Rikuo’s offer to aid her. Meanwhile, Nurarihyon hears about Hagoro-Gitsune from Gyuki, and he reminisce his past because of that. The past where he was a hot BAMF who has the ambition to become the true leader of the Hundred Nights Parade.


Moar Youkai:

New Pokemon balls design

No, Ryuuji isn’t planning to blow himself up

I never knew water can be that powerful. I should start drinking water then

Bitch got style, but…

…We all know Snow Women is the shit

End Thoughts:

Let’s rant about the negative of episode two first. Good things can come later. Yes, I was so mad at DEEN for what they did in episode two that I wasn’t able to finish writing about it last week. If I had an episode two post, it would have been all about bitching DEEN and how they treat NuraNoMago. Episode two was just that bad. First, they skipped Jami’s story. Like WHAT THE FUCK. Jami has gotta be one of the great fillers they had. Just look at that youkai! He has papers all over his face! And Jami story screams YA.O.I! How could they skip that! (>.<) Second, I wasn’t able to feel any spark of excitement when I watched it, the opposite of what happened when I read the manga. Episode two was just like season one all over again. Boring and dull. Either they have the wrong BGM, wrong highlighted moments, wrong scenes or what, but episode two is boring as hell. Which is weird, remembering how I was practically jumping up and down every time a new NuraNoMago chapter released (and I’m still doing that. It just gets better and better). Maybe because episode two is just the beginning of the main story?

But episode three covers up the flaw of episode two. The opposite of episode two, episode three is great and exciting. Maybe because the Night Rikuo is in the whole episode or what (since I’m such a Night Rikuo fangirl), but episode three was able to keep me entertained. There’s not many fighting scenes, but we can see the awesomeness of Ryuuji’s shinigami here. We learn more about the Keikain family- Mamiru the robot, Ryuuji the cold-hearted exorcist that feels insecure when it comes to his ability, and Yura who’s just so dense yet talented just like Mamiru. I definitely like Ryuuji. I can see that his character will develop later on. Mamiru is meh, but I can see that he’s affectionate to Ryuuji. As for Yura….she’s still the type of character I don’t like. But I know that her ability will develop later on, so it’s all good. At least she’s not as useless as Kana. Grr that human girl. And Hagoro-Gitsune (or Kitsune)…it seems that she’s the enemy of lots of people. Enemy of the Keikain family, and it seems that she has something to do with Nurarihyon’s human wife? From the look of the preview.

Obviously I like episode three more. Moar youkai actions, more things are being cleared up there, and the animation is obviously BETTER than episode two’s. I like all the BGMs in episode three so far, they remind me of Sengoku Basara xD And I’m actually liking the OP too… Which is funny since I was like hating it like crazy. And HOMG FUKUJUN SOUNDS SO SMEXYYYY~~~~~ I am slowly becoming his fangirl, just like Hime. Oh, and one more thing. I just found out that Kubinashi’s VA is Sakurai Takahiro (Oshino Meme from Bakemonogatari…And Claude from Kuroshitsuji II and Misaki from Junjou Romantica)*faint* PURE WIN RIGHT THERE. No wonder Kubinashi’s voice is SO SEXY. All hail Sakurai Takahiro and his sexy voice. Fuku Jun too, but Hime fangirled about him enough. Need moar fangirling for Sakurai Takahiro <3


Lucky woman


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13 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 02-03”

  1. Elyon says:

    I really can’t believe it took Yura so long to figure out Rikuo is a youkai. How dumb can you be?
    I liked episode 3 better too. Night Rikuo <3

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Lol magical girls and Snickers! Are they watching Nichijou? They had the same sponsors xD

  3. Hime says:

    I am so hungry for Snackers, you don’t even know.

    Fufu~ the only good thing about episode 2 (aside from Snackers) was teh cuteness of Day Rikuo.

    Episode 3 was much better, so much sexy Night Rikuo, (OH JUN JUST GET IN MA PANTS) and Nurarihyon HHNNGG. I agree with DEM FACIAL TATTOOS. I couldn’t help myself and made a gif of it >.<

    • anaaga says:

      what? Day Rikuo isn’t even cute. He’s short!

      NEED GIF.

      • Hime says:

        Well I think he’s adorababble :3

        I’m weak against Jun’s insane levels of cuteness! Don’t judge me! D:

        Will send you GIF, and that drama CD track where he makes out with himself.

  4. Mina says:

    episode three was good, I mean I can’t even remember episode two
    I really liked the part where Ryuji told Rikuo that ‘Message’ for his jii-chan xD

  5. amado says:

    this is why yura comes after tsurara as my pairing for rikuo. kana is not an option, really, see the manga for yourself.

    yura and tsurara get along quite well if not for being a bit uneasy about the other. they even team up quite well in the manga.

    call her tsurara not yuki-onna.

    • anaaga says:

      having kana as the main girl just doesn’t make sense. it will totally wipe out the youkai blood in the Nura clan. Rikuo only has a quarter of it (>.<)

      Oh yeah, her name is Tsurara. Totally forgot xD

  6. bautrey says:

    Episode, 1, 2, and 3 were all amazing!!!! Quite ur bitching about it. And stop comparing it to the manga, this is anime, not manga.

  7. Gemmalyn says:

    I still think that kana is a better choice. Yura second. Yuki-onna…. -_- she annoys me

  8. […] “The opposite of episode two, episode three is great and exciting. Maybe because the Night Rikuo is in the whole episode or what (since I’m such a Night Rikuo fangirl), but episode three was able to keep me entertained.” – Metanorn […]

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