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Heya peeps~! Not much up lately besides work and online summer class. I’ve actually had a small break from working on Meta stuff this past weekend but I’ll set time aside to work on some Top Secret Meta stuff xD But not a lot of time because I have a in-class midterm exam from my online class booo. Anyways, Nichijou! Good stuff!
Oh boy! More Nichijou and things are sure getting exciting now for this series. So far I’m really enjoying the new story arc. Yes there is not much of a real story but they are putting Nano in school so that has to be something at least. So has anyone dropped one of the new summer shows?! Anyway let’s get things going with another fresh tag review of Nichijou with Ness. 

Plot this week follows Nano around at school with everyone in class including the teachers, thinking she is a robot. We get introduced to Nakamura, the science teacher, who attempts several times to examine Nano resorting to drugs and traps. However, they all fail and backfire on her. Nano also has several modifications done to her, which she demands off Hakase to take care of. Sadly she is getting nowhere with that ever…

Mio- “Yuuko, why do you talk to me all the time?!”        Yuuko- “I swear I saw Nano riding in a Gundam!”

We start things off with Yuuko and Mio as they chat about the possibility of Nano being a robot. Yuuko decides to ask Nano a complicated math problem thinking she will solve it instantly. That is until Nano breaks out an old school abacus making Yuuko and Mio fall to the floor in shock; even Mai gets in on the fun giving Nano oil and a monkey wrench. Nano of course, sits there getting a bit annoyed at the three girls, but realizes they just want to be friends. Well, Mai did put a screw inside Nano’s soup, not sure if I would be friends with anyone after that.

Nano, counting down the Metanorn hits one at a time…

Yuuko- “I need a break from being a fool…”                   Mio- “Take a break forever please….”

Nakamura- “I want to steal a Gundam today…”

After dealing with the girls, Nano drops off some papers to Nakamura who offers some coffee to her, but the main goal for Nakamura is to capture Nano and examine her. After putting in some drugs into the wrong cup she of course drinks the WRONG one! I think we all saw that coming, poor Nano she has enough mad scientists to deal with. Nano returns home and has a chat with Hakase to remove the key again, and discovers some new attachments! Like a machine gun and some snack from her other arm and a few other things…

Nakamura- “Son of a B–!! I forgot to change to decaf, also the room is spinning.”

The day Nano snapped and killed off Hakase…

Hakase- “I will defeat you!!”                                            Nano- “Never! Prepare to die again!”

The next school day, Nakamura attempts to kidnap Nano again; this time using electricity to try and knock her out. Like all evil plans they get screwed up and she accidentally shocks the mohawk kid and runs away leaving the scene. Damn, what a tricky teacher she is! We then follow Takasaki as he watches Sakurai talking to a random student; of course Takasaki mistakes their talking as dating and he freaks out over it. Annaka tries to pull him away to save a student, after she explains that boy is actually Sakurai’s younger brother.

Shocking developments this week! I figured his hair would glow afterwards…

Takasaki- “Whaaatt?! She’s into younger guys?! Noooooo!”

Annaka- “That’s her brother!”                                Takasaki- “She’s into INCEST?! WHAT THE–!!”

Annaka- “Creeper alert!! Run away!”

As the school day ends, Nano returns home to once again ask about her removing the key again but Hakase plays around with her. When Nano asks to take the key, Hakase takes a picture of it. Yes that’s what she wanted a picture… Nano reacts to the jokes thanks to something new Hakase installed on her and the episode ends with Nano taking off like a rocket after the last bad joke from Hakase.

Hakase is afk… please leave a message.

Nano needed to get some fresh air anyway.

Extra laughs

Snack time with Sakurai!

This is some gangster moe shit right here yo!

Yuuko- “I am so time traveling, watch out future, here I come!”

The face of a moe mad scientist!

End Thoughts:

Well, wasn’t that a fun episode?! I really do enjoy seeing Nano in school as she seems to be fitting in quite well. Finally get to meet the new faces from the opening like the science teacher Nakamura; she was fun to watch and I couldn’t help but laugh at her failing to accomplish her goals. Not sure if kidnapping is the best way to go about examining Nano, and watching Yuuko, Mio and Mai talk to Nano well more like annoy her! I remember reading that already in the manga but it was still great. The screw in the soup! What the hell not sure if Mai wants to make friends with Nano or scare her away and the oil… LOL, good job, Mai.

Anyone else find Takasaki’s freak out over Sakurai to be funny? I did laugh more when Annaka arrived and tried to get him to help with the shocked student. I lost it with the draw on his eyes with the marker to be hilarious. And of course we have to listen to Annaka’s EHHHHHHH again, but it was funny watching Takasaki returning the same sound effect at her. There wasn’t much of Mio and Yuuko this time and usually we have several minutes of them together. Well, she wanted to push that button on the bus to stop but got that taken away from her. I found her ripping the dates off the calendar to be kind of random, I guess she wanted to tear something up?

Now for the bits with Hakase and Nano! You would think at this point in time Nano would just give up asking about her key. I mean she probably will never get through to Hakase to actually remove it, unless it’s something random like it has to be there? Not really sure it actually has a purpose or not. I can tell some people are probably getting annoyed by that long running gag between the two of them. I can agree it is getting worn out. I did grin a bit when Nano shot Hakase with her new gun! She got some revenge for once! Good for you, Nano. New ending song to this week and I checked ANN to make sure that Nano, Hakase and Sakamoto are singing the ending theme this time. The song was strange, I never heard of it before; anyone know that it is from? Sounded like an anthem or a special song for a special event.

I have to think for a moment to recollect my thoughts on what happened in this episode, despite just finished watching it about 15 minutes ago. Yes yes, I know that’s sad. It’s not like this episode was bad but maybe I’m just mentally and physically tired. But yeah! So Nichijou is finally moving along.. thank goodness. Still the usual random stuff but Nano and Hakase are getting more screen time this time around. Though, I’m not a big fan of Hakase and Nano but seeing Nano’s school life is fun.

Finally some other random people are introduced. Oh man, I thought that Nakamura science sensei was a man, I guess I didn’t see the skirt. Did you notice that in the opening when they go to Nakamura’s scene, the music changes a bit dramatic creepy? So cool. But yeah, Nakamura is funny with wanting to kidnap Nano but failing. Wonder how that she will react if she found out that a child was the creator of such a moe robot. As well, Yuuko for once is right in something but too bad she’s proved wrong in trying to prove that Nano is a robot. I sense this robot thing will persist for a while. As well, Nano’s whining about wanting to get her screw removed is getting old. I actually think it’s cool! But not being able to lay on your back must suck. But good job to Mai for being so bold to buy oil and a wrench for Nano. That’s so like Mai, so awesome.

Really, I don’t know what else to say about this episode. Aside from Nano and Hakase’s boring time with Hakase’s adjustments to Nano… the rocket ending was actually cool. I didn’t laugh, but I think that feature for Nano was cool. Anaaka and Takasaki’s scene about Nakanojou passed out was just funny. It was probably my favorite part of this episode. The ending song was alright but I liked the Tsubasa wo Kudasai song from the previous episode. But I do say, it’s pretty cool how Nichijou has different ending songs. Anyways, see ya next week~


I would assume fire is your boss…

Next week the fun with Nano in school continues! Maybe we will finally meet the pink haired girl from the opening?!



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5 Responses to “Nichijou – 15”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    omg this episode made me relize that Yuuko and i had simmular experiances this week. i was on the bus from school ( summer school ) and i was going to make a requested stop but someone did. and behind me i heard some boys talking about how they always play around with the request button. when i was getting off the bus i hear the guys talking about how they helped someone AGAIN. i had an emotion less face the rest of the way home

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha Niceeeee! Well not to nice but wow that is crazy, yeah I guess Yuuko is a lot like most of us in real life xD

      Dawwwww <3

  2. RP says:

    This was the first really good episode in a while… maybe ever. I really like them putting Nano in school – definitely gives them more material to work with. I hope Hakase never removes the key >_<

    • Foshizzel says:

      True most of the episodes have been well weak, but agreed Nano in school is so much fun right now. I hope they have plenty of material to work with now, and poor Nano I don’t think Hakase will ever remove that key xD

  3. jreding says:

    Actually my favourite skits are the ones with Annaka, her ridiculous ribbon and her EEEEEEEH sounds!

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