Nichijou – 14

Nano loves school!

Fosh: Hell,o Nichijou fans! Summer anime season has offcially started! Well, so far I have only seen Kamisama no memochou and Ro-Kyu-bu! which was really boring! Anyway the other series that are going to continue all have brand new openings and endings songs, really awesome stuff so far as I liked the new Beelzebub opening and ending. And of course my favorite show ever, Nichijou got a brand new one as well. Anyway time to review episode fourteen! Enjoy.

Ness: Oh wow, it’s been a while since I have been able to join in on a post. Yep, I dropped Denpa Onna, if you haven’t noticed but also been really busy lately with work. Yet, somehow I managed to catch up on Nichijou and now here I am! Finally the story is moving on…

Fosh: Stories this week follow Nano as she finally gets the chance to go to school! Isn’t that amazing? While Nano is enjoying the new environment Mio and Yuuko have a heated argument about each other! Screaming and yelling takes place in the class room.

Nano’s uniform doubles as mecha battle armor, I just know it!

The episode starts out with Nano getting ready to head out to school. She’s extremely happy, I guess everyone is that way about school for the first time then we all quickly learn to either continue to like it or hate it forever! However Hakase is having some last minute regrets about it, and steals Nano’s school bag. Of course she has some last minute bribes to free her bag from Hakase. Nano rushes off to school then stops outside as she completely forgot the key on her back and gets nervous around the students. She should just tell them I am a robot! Ahahaha.

Hakase- “OM NOM NOM NOM KITTY SO SOFT!”         Sakamoto- “AHH HELP kitty in danger!!”

Ever get the feeling you are being watched??

Battle of extreme nervous characters!

Poor Nano! Freaking out at the start of the class. After that fun bit with Nano’s first school experience, we find the soccer club gained a new member. I guess that club is starting to grow. While that is going on Yuuko is running to school after she got Mio something for lunch; sadly she ends up losing both of her shoes and screws up Mio’s food order. Mio, you shouldn’t have given Yuuko such a hard task! So the two friends begin to yell at each other. Mostly picking at their own flaws with Mio calling Yuuko dumb and Yuuko making fun of Mio’s perverted artwork. That is until Mio and Yuuko begin to throw compliments at each other.

Yuuko- “What’s that?!”           Mai-“That’s the greatest thing ever!”        Nano-“No you can’t touch it…”

Mio- “That’s funny, I swear I ordered chicken nuggets not A FISH!”

Mio-“Are we really going to do this??”                          Yuuko-“IT’S ON, MIO!”

Toaru no Nichijou! Next summer.

Mio- “I like your -uhh hair Yuuko”                        Yuuko- “You can draw some amazing pictures, Mio”

Ah yes friendship! Brings a tear to my eye. Well after Mio and Yuuko patch things up between them Nano heads home to talk to Hakase and Sakamoto. Hakase of course is very curious about school and they have a chat about it, and sure, Nano asks Hakase once again to remove the key on her back and gets nowhere as the episode comes to an end.

Nano- “I will win Rock-Paper-Sissors this time I swear!”           Hakase-“Muhahahahah…NO.”

Extra laughs

This will make you puke rainbows! D’awwww so cute Nano and Sakamoto.

Nano is powered by Snickers candy bars.


Nano, are you falling apart on us??!

End Thoughts:

Fosh: What an amazing episode! With that brand new opening song it really feels like a brand new season of Nichijou has just started. I did spoil myself and quickly hit up youtube to find the video! Damn it’s such a fun and exciting song, I think it just recharged the series for me. Now to see if it can held on to that energy and can give us some epic comedy! This was a fun episode to get Nano started in her new life as a high school student. I do think Yuuko, Mio and Mai will learn eventually that she is a robot. But we shall see what happens with that, she does fit in well with the other students at the school.

I loved how excited Nano got while getting dressed for school, it was funny watching her acting out a scene of someone asking her to hang out and do karaoke and get ice cream! And Sakamoto’s expressions! He actually got some love this time instead of being abused by Hakase, so I thought those parts with Nano and Hakase hugging Sakamoto very cute. And I figured Hakase would act that way with Nano wanting to leave the house, just like when kids have to see their moms and dads go to work. They usually freak out and cry for hours. Well, Hakase did get a few bribes out of Nano. Damn that child is so sneaky when it comes to food and snacks.

Now for the long ass yelling match between Yuuko and Mio! I guess they have been getting at each other a lot in the past episodes, I still don’t know why Mio gives Yuuko easy tasks. She is always going to screw things up. I figured they would patch things up fast and I was right. I died laughing when Mai randomly put that cup on Yuuko’s back and then she sent it flying at that mohawk kid ahahah so damn funny. Last thing! That new ending song’s really awesome and I remembered where I heard it before! Evangelion 2.22! Really awesome song. Not sure if that was a one time deal or not; I guess we will find out soon. Also that ending video reminded me of like where’s Waldo! Overall fun episode.

Ness: Somehow, it felt like this episode went by way too fast. But! It was a pretty good and interesting episode. The new opening song is just as cool as the first one and matches so well to this anime. Seems like there will be some new characters introduced as well. Wonder who the science sensei is, seems kind of mysterious. But yeah, finally Nano gets to go to school but it figures that it was because Hakase wanted to get rid of Nano’s restrictions and scolding. The whole hugging love scenes between them was so… sparkly…

The time differences of when certain random scenes happen in this anime feel a little off. We saw Yuuko chasing after her shoe and then Nano being introduced to the class. Then when Yuuko finally comes back to school, it was during lunch because she went out to get lunch and never met Nano. But oh well, Nano’s first day was so amusing. The lies she told and lies she said she lied about with the screw was so funny. But if she’d just ignore it, she’d get by okay since people don’t really care and she’s just making a big deal about it. Just like Hakase, I think that the screw is kawaii! HAH!

The intense Yuuko vs Mio fight was so funny. It’s a fight between best friends and ended the way it should have but in a different way then we would normally do so with our friends. Insults leading to compliments, now that is something. But seriously, who would mistake yakisoba for yakisaba? Especially when that yakisaba doesn’t look so appealing hahah. Also, Buddy running away and it’s owner chasing him and seeing the destination of the dog to pat Yuuko on the should was just funny. Really now, I think being patted or pitied by a dog is just sad. Poor Yuuko is that much pitied for her misfortunes that most of which are the cause from her own stupidity. Oh well, another good episode and can’t wait to see the girls and Nano’s friendship develop.


The life of a soccer ball is hard work!

More fun adventures with Nano going to school! Will Sakamoto be safe? Probably not.



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12 Responses to “Nichijou – 14”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    ohh yea first comment

    the new opening is just AMAZING hyadian is AMAZING and the ending song is tsubasa wo kudasai from K-on! i thought that was interesting

    OHHH yea it’s hyadian’s birthday today (july 4th ) 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Congratulations! First master ;D

      Agreed that new opening so damn good! I had to watch that a few times, can’t wait for some singles to come out for it. Yeah that ending is in several shows and movies I only remembered it in Eva 2.22 at the end when Shiji’s suit is about to activate 3rd impact.


      • Dan-go says:

        omg omg omg cant wait for 3.3 Asuka pirate mode activate! (the teaser trailer has me so excited) MONI CHAN HERESY! burn at the stake for not knowing the various forms of tsubasa wo kudasai! repent immediately by watching clannad, evangelion, it goes allll the way back to 1966, and was used as the japanese football teams anthem in 2002
        and is covered by virtually every japanese artist on the planet 😀 (EVEN SUSAN BOYLE AHHAHAHAHHAHA)

        • Moni Chan says:

          tsubasa wo kudasai was way back in 1966 and for FOOTBALL i had no clue and SUSAN BOYLE!!!! OMFG thanks for telling me – ive learned something new 🙂

        • Foshizzel says:

          Whooaaa awesome I guess they picked a popular ending theme! LOL epic at games, whoa damn that is cool xD

          Yes 3.33 is going to be awesomeeesss <3 Pirate Asuka.

    • Dan-go says:

      Such a versatile song, in Evangelion it was so haunting and creepy, and seemed to have religious overtones, in the KON version its so happy and uplifting, and in nichijou its just your everyday upbeat happy go lucky song (did anyone think habbo hotel or something at the ed?)

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah seems you can make that song fit anywhere huh? I forgot about the whole K-on version, I just remember Eva guess it stands out with the scene involved guess I will hit up youtube and see all the versions thanks!

  2. Dan-go says:

    Oh god who lold at the snickers ad, loving the new ed. i just love tsubasa wo kudasai

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL yes I saw it on the ending credits Snickers ahahah did Nichijou get some extra money for candy?! Lucky bastards…

  3. Moni Chan says:

    nichijou was brought to u and part by…SNICKERS

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