Natsume Yuujinchou San – 03

Love is something unexplainable. Can happen anytime, anyplace and with anybody.

Now that the other priority stuff for Metanorn is half done, time to get down with Natsume and Nyanko-sensei to explore another heartwarming story. Of course, I’ve been off twitter at the release time to be saved from spoilers but I saw some people crying about. I don’t like sob stories but knowing Natsume, it might just be one of those touching ones. If you just dropped on this review, I suggest you go over the first impressions and brief background that I presented of this series. It’s enough to get you down pat even if you don’t want to watch the previous seasons.

Bring me CAKEYYY or you DIE!

We begin at the Fuijiwara household, where Touko informs Natsume that its Shigeru’s birthday and he should be brining strawberry shortcakes on his way back home and of course Nyanko-sensei wants a piece too, disregarding his fat belly. Natsume though is unable to follow on Sasada’s recommended bakery as it’s too girly, while he hangs his face to his two friends (Nishimura and Kitamoto), he’s intercepted by Shibata who knows him from his primary school.

Childhood trauma is never good >.<”

Murasaki: “Ara~ What are you guys doing in the bushes?”           Shibata: “Nothin’ homolusty, I swear. Teehee~”

Gimme New York cheeses shortcakes now!

The grainy flashbacks open Natsume’s wounds of being called a liar when he was a kid because he couldn’t explain the existence of youkai to people around him. Shibata remember this specific trait about him and literally blackmails him to tag along to a place far from his school. His mission? Finding out if the girl he likes is really human or youkai. Way to go bro, first you call Natsume a liar, blackmail him to come with you and then ask such a giant favour? You should be glad that Natsume’s quite nice to disregard the threats and help him out. The girl named Murasaki seems normal to Natsume though he’s pretty much distracted by the fact that he would run late back home and he had to even buy the birthday shortcakes. With Shibata help, Natsume quickly buys the shortcakes and runs home to have a homely dinner with his family (Fujiwaras + obligatory Nyanko-sensei).

Megumi, GET OFF TOHRU NAO! Oh wait, wrong anime.

When the time comes, Nyanko-sensei can pounce royally too~

Though, things do not remain peachy, as he dreams about Murasaki eating Shibata—nothing gross sadly just some shadows. Natsume does get premonitions and visions when he comes in contact with youkai so he becomes certain that Murasaki is not human. His confronting the youkai in park, where she’s usually found confirms this fact and he even warns Shibata about the truth but he doesn’t want to believe it because he has fallen deeply in love with Murasaki.

When time calls, Madara doesn’t leave any punches

Truth is bitter. Truth is sad. Truth is a lot of things mixed into one.

Seeing no way out, Natsume decides to confront and even fight Murasaki if need be to save his friend. That is when he finds out that she’s a yamafuji tree youkai and her minutes are even numbered because the tree has almost become lifeless. She took human form to lure a human so that she could eat them for survival; however, she met Shibata with whom time spent like seconds and she almost forgot about eating him because time stood still whenever they were together. It was as if Shibata knew all along that she was not human, yet was attracted towards her and wanted to be close to her heart.

After all the revelation, Natsume helps Shibata meet Murasaki one last time before she completely fades from existence. For the last time, she held hands with Shibata and happily disappeared towards the sky, knowing full well that there was someone who would always remember her and keep her in his heart.

Extra Hearts~

The many HNNGG faces of Natsume

Stalker fangirl: I want yo’ babies!

Oooh, working the bath tub there, Natsume, nyaa~


Fact: Hair drying is not good for cats


End Thoughts:

Oh this episode… made me quite emotional. This is the perfect example of why I love Natsume Yuujinchou so much. Even with fantasy characters, it’s able to pull up a heart touching story, the feeling of love and longing so rife that you have no other choice but to feel it and heartwarmingly so too. The beautiful goodbye was simply brilliant. Not to mention, Natsume gained another friend, something that he always yearned while growing up.

Some flashback really helped because you get see how Natsume has been helpless with his ability, not knowing when to speak or show his emotions because everyone called him a liar. Being unique is a curse but for Natsume, he has coped well with the whole situation and even better than Reiko because her stance was more of I-hate-humans rather than let-me-understand-humans as Natsume does. Actually, he has the same policy for youkai too because one way or the other, he keeps on helping them pass on as well.

The concept of love in this episode is quite unique and rarely found because it’s remnant of something close to unconditional. Contacting Natsume was the confirmation that Shibata searched for after getting to know Murasaki. In his heart of hearts, he knew that there was something off about the girl he liked. But, seeing the openness and the calm he brought to her with his presence; he never had the courage to confront her. That is when his past beckoned to him and he looked for Natsume and finally found out the truth about her. Even till the last minute, he remained strong and brought a smile on Murasaki’s face. This was a short relationship in terms of time but really touching—with a signature feel of the Natsume series.

Hosoya did a brilliant job with Shibata (pro tip, go watch No.6 or Katanagatari to listen more to this guy), as I instantly connected with playfulness yet seriousness of this character. A short role but well played. Also, didn’t I tell you Natsume is kind? He really does go out of his way to help out people but that is his best trait. If it weren’t for Nyanko-sensei, I would have been quite depressed after seeing this episode but good to see the sake-shout in the end. Keep at it, nyaa~


Another flashback story of Natsume? A youkai that he remembered even after growing up. This is one of my favourite chapters from the manga so expect a review of this very soon! Ja ne~


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13 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou San – 03”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    I loved this episode! Nice to see some romance themes and yesss so much bro-mance going around with Natsume and his tsundere friend lolll

    Waiting for next week! Also Nyanko was so great in this episode wanting some Cakeyyyy <3 I want a cat that eats cake and gets drunk ;P

    • Kyokai says:

      I’m all for bromance but you haven’t seen Tanuka and Natori yet. There’s more when they are around, Shibata’s just arrived! His story was so heart felt though. ;–;

      Next one would be up very soon too! :3 I love Nyanko-sensei and I can foresee many gifs on their way.

  2. Hime says:

    Shibata started out as unlikeable but became pretty sweet towards the end, it was good how his bad opinion of Natsume got reversed. HOW CAN ANYONE BE BAD TO NATSUME, I DON’T EVEN.

    shower scene, hnng. I mean, Natsume seems to be getting into more potentially violent situations in S3. He’s been grabbed, cursed, strangled and molested dragged into a tree and mounted…and it’s only episode 3!

    Am I awful for enjoying seeing him in peril? I squee, with a mix of horror and excitment xD

    Another amazing episode, anyway <3333

    • Kyokai says:

      I think I was biased from the beginning because I knew Hosoya voiced him and I love this seiyuu so much! :3

      I’m squeeing with you for all the excitement because the pacing as per Natsume’s previous seasons have definitely picked up. I love watching him in peril and some youkai or Madara saving his butt! >////< This episode was definitely cute and every episode, I fall in love with this character more and more. =3=

  3. Yvoon says:

    aww, this episodes was so sweet! X3

    i like how someone not able to see youkai FINALLY understands Natsume. How can anybody NOT like Natsume? He’s like the most lovable character out there!

    sigh, the power of love~ X3

    another great episode!~

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right! You rarely see romance in Natsume but this was so bittersweet yet lovely! :3

      No one can hate Natsume and they are a bunch of idiots, if they do–like those mean kids who kept on ragging on him. Also, Nyanko-sensei is kawaaaiiii desu~ <333

  4. Snowley says:

    lol Madara at the bathtub reminds me of The Grunge XD

    Sweet, sweet episode. I love how Natsume is not all helpful-positive when he realise somebody doesen’t fully respect him. That makes him not a shallow character.

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahahaaaa! There was such a creepy expression on his face! xD

      The thing with Natsume is that he’s inherently a very nice person but he won’t offer you his other cheek because he has already had a hard life, though he will give you the benefit of the doubt like he did to Shibata.

  5. anaaga says:


  6. 2PacFan says:

    This episode was sweet if anything. I think this is one of the few times they showed romance :0

    Ahaha, it was EPIC, just like the rest of the series. The bush scene was funny. It’s hilarious how Natsume just rolls with the flow (most of the time).

    • Kyokai says:

      Definitely, romance is rare for this series but whenever it’s there, it becomes even more sweeter.

      This was such a nice and lovely story, perfectly suitable for the brand of series with its tranquility and sweetness. And yeah, Natsume is sure easy to get along with because he’s a very good adapter to different situations. The reason I fangirl him so~ :3

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