Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kira OVA – 01

That’s right Keiichi cry! Because you fail.

Whoo Higurashi! I can’t quite remember, but I’m pretty sure this is the anime that changed me from an extreme maho shoujo fangirl into a psychological horror lover. … Or maybe that was Elfin Lied. Anyways, judging from what I’ve read, this is supposed to be about magical cat girls, so I guess this comes around full circle for me. I doubt this will be a serious OVA, but the animation from the opening looks pretty good, so that’s something to look forward to.
Well hello there, Kara! I think this is our first tag project together, very exciting! Anyway another Higurashi OVA which recently released but is it worth the long wait? I guess you will find out soon! Sadly this probably won’t be your normal Higurashi, you know the one with the physco kids running around trying to kill you every five minutes?! I have seen the other horrible Hugurashi OVA so I have an idea of what direction this one will head to. Anyway, onto the review! Enjoy and yes Kara that Opening video was great, nice animation at least. 

Plot centers around Keiichi like always only this time it plays out like one massive daydream. Things start out with Keiichi wearing a random police girl cosplay thanks to those fail penalty games they are always playing. What follows afterwards is a string of random perverted fantasies surrounding all the girls, thanks to Kuraudo, Jirou and Kyousuke who end up fueling Keiichi’s ecchi mind with all these new penalty games to turn on the girls. Will Keiichi wake up from this dream!? Find out!

Keiichi- “Why do I look like Kira Yamato?! WHY DEEN!!”

Things start off with random people falling from the ceiling! Or as I call them the trio of idiots consisting of Kuraudo, Jirou and Kyousuke. They are here to try and cheer Keiichi up after suffering through another embarrassing penalty game. I would say why doesn’t he move away but we all know what happens if he tries! Anyway each of them bring their own thoughts on how to spin the penalty game into Keiichi’s favor and how you ask? With the power of perverted imagination that’s how! The first victim is the ever so cute Rena, who is pictured wearing a bright pink maid uniform. The embarrassing part for her? Feeding Keiichi with a spoon of pudding from her mouth of course.

Idiot trio team assemble! Time to put on your pedo-bear costumes.

Of course it has to be white pudding! Ahahaha

I would be lying if I didn’t think Rena’s outfit was nice. The next girl to get the imagary penalty game is Rika with a very very creepy idea from Jirou. We see afterwards Rika in a strange maid uniform? I think that’s what the cafe workers wear. She is basically to clean the classroom windows with her butt! Yes her butt and this gets nosebleed reaction from the guys! Now those guys are the true lolicons here. After Rika’s window cleaning adventure, we follow the twins Mion and Shion my favorite crazy girls! Only they aren’t so crazy right now as one is fully naked with fruit laid on her body. As hot as that sounds it turns into the other twin licking the cream off the other! I would say out of all the fantasy ideas that one is the most extreme to me.

Unseen footage of Rika trying out for a role in Star Driver, poor girl.

Keiichi-“OH MY GOD! It’s not even my birthday why am I screaming!?”

After the epic cake party, the guys move on to the next two targets with Satoko in a very odd bath scene with Keiichi scrubbing his back. They even throw Hanyuu into the mix making her wear paper clothing so Keiichi can chase her around with a water gun to basically make her outfit fully transparent, she should have used those demon powers to mess Keiichi up or something like that. And now we are left with the last remaining girl to get the Keiichi treatment, the town nurse Miyo shown wearing a bright red bunny outfit playing a flute between her breasts, yes a flute! Can we get any more suggestive, Deen?!

Satoko, don’t drop that sponge! It’s your only weapon!

Hanyuu- “Can’t I just move to another village please!?”

Miyo-“I dare you to touch this flute, I will bite your arm off, seriously.”

So many fantasies so little time for Keiichi who wakes up from his daydream. I think they watched Inception a hundred times to come up with the plot to this OVA because Keiichi can’t figure out if he is dreaming or fully awake. He does figure that out rather fast after some unexpected events begin to happen after he plays baseball in a maid uniform. We have Satoshi appearing in his own bunny outfit to feed Keiichi pudding like Rena. Creepy blonde guy? Well, the girls need something to drool over to in this crazy adventure. Keiichi finally wakes up in the hospital as the girls arrive to rescue him from Miyo! Or they wanted to chop him up? Either way Keiichi runs away and attempts to call Kuraudo from a phone booth, only to have the call cut after the girls catch up to Keiichi giving him evil glares through the glass, ending the OVA.

Some epic man-service for the girls out there.

Oh man, Yuu Kobayashi was so hilarious during this scene! Really made me think of Maria Holic again.

When you have a kidnapping DO NOT send Mion or Shion to rescue them, unless you hate that person.

Look, Keiichi, they want to give you lots of free hugs! Just open the door… NOW!!

Extra killer loli’s

Again don’t even try to take that from Miyo, if you value your fingers or arms.

Rika-“Look I really am like thirty years old, stop calling me a loli please.”

Not sure if this is safe for work guys or girls.

Keiichi-“I had a remix dream guys! I was wearing a maid outfit. WAIT THAT WAS REAL?!”

End Thoughts:

…..Disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now. IF I WANTED TO WATCH TWINS LICK WHIPPED CREAM OFF EACH OTHER, I SURE AS HELL WOULDN’T BE WATCHING IT FROM STUDIO DEEN DAMN IT… Not that I would be watching that in the first place, but an entire episode dedicated to fanservice? Really now? Good lord, this didn’t even have a plot to it. I would have forgiven the fanservice if there was at least a logical explanation for it, but NOOOOOO it’s just Keiichi’s delusions.  Nope, sorry, no plot here, just a room of lolicons imagining small children cleaning windows with their asses.

Okay, okay, so there were (VERY FEW) good things to this complete fail of an OVA too. The animation quality was fantastic compared to the rest of the Higurashi series. THAT IS THE ONE REDEEMING FEATURE. There was one part in the story that didn’t make me want to strangle children (the whole Satoshi thing was pretty funny), but by then I had just given up on trying to like this. I will be watching the rest of the OVAs to see if this show at least tries to reclaim its dignity though. Seriously, by now, I’ll be happy if the next episode magical girls thing has
a half decent plot.

I might have enjoyed this if I was male and watching Higurashi for the female characters and fanservice. However, I am not and I watch Higurashi for the extremely intriguing plot that was completely absent in this OVA. I hope Ryukishi07 is out there facepalming right now, because this is just a terrible representation of the series. So yeah, if you enjoy watching pointless fanservice and a bunch of creepy old men fantasize about every female they know, watch this. Just don’t expect any of it to make sense

I don’t know why I even look forward to watching Higurashi anymore! Every OVA that gets to see the light of day ends up being a massive failure, not sure why they decided to go with so many hardcore scenes. Sure there was no nudity, not that this OVA needed such fanservice after all the licking of whipped cream off Mion or Shion we wouldn’t need anything more. Well you can really tell where they were aiming this to of course guys, when you have so many girls to play off from things like this are bound to happen. Easily the worst scenes had to be Rika cleaning the windows! Really a little girl cleaning the window with her butt? I did laugh but afterwards was like damn that was so wrong! You can tell all the older guys are total lolicons.

I am with Karakuri on the good points of this OVA the animation got a huge upgrade espcially on the character designs, they really did a great job in that department and the opening and ending videos were not so bad. Well I didn’t like how they had the twins twitching for a few minutes like that! It did seem really creepy but entertaining. The only scenes that were entertaining for me would be the twins, yes I know totally bad scene with them. And no I didn’t enjoy it like THAT; I meant it made me laugh seeing the guys reaction on the sides to the girls. The other favorite scene was with Hanyuu as she has always been a favorite of mine and it seemed to be the most safe penalty game Keiichi could have come up with.

Ahaha yeah sorry Karakuri, you are right I think only guys and maybe a handful of girls would really enjoy this type of thing. If only for the mindless entertainment of watching all the Higurashi girls put through some random situations like this. They did drop the ball on this OVA! I don’t think we are ever going to get another real plot driven Higurashi series anytime soon, which really sucks! I know that got me into this originally was the mystery and awesome character personality flips. Ah well we can keep our fingers crossed and hope someone takes a crack at doing this series some justice! Anyway boring OVA, skip this one if you hate pointless fanservice.


I don’t even know you anymore, Higurashi! Go back to murder and killing.

Well more random stuff next time! Guess see you for the second failure of a OVA series! Thanks.


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22 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kira OVA – 01”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    DAMNIT i need to watch this even though it looks like … im not sure what it looks like but its higurashi. even if it seems like a faliure

    • Karakuri says:

      Now that’s dedication. Good luck… that’s all I can say. Even this post doesn’t quite describe how terrible it was.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep that’s why I watch them! I am a big Higurashi fan even thou every ova has been terrible!

    • Snowley says:


  2. anaaga says:

    Higurashi Ew. Whut

  3. Elyon says:

    30 minutes of these guys demeaning themselves..DEEN, don’t you have any shame? I want to watch Shion torturing people again…

    …and that whole thing with Rika’s butt was just embarrassingly bad. >.<

    • Karakuri says:

      If this OVA has taught me anything, it’s that DEEN has no shame. … Yeah I really want to see people dying again too…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha yes! I would love to see more of Shion being crazy again, guess Deen ran out of ideas for this series.

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    THIS EPISODE UGH…oh Higurashi, I really do like this series (the originals I mean), but this OVA just really REALLY was utter SHIT. I mean Rei was okay, but compared to this it makes it seem like a goldmine >.>

    • Karakuri says:

      I hear you completely. The originals weren’t animated that well, but at least the storyline deserved respect. This just completely takes away from the series.

      I still have hope (AHAHAHA that’s a lie) for the rest of the OVAs though… A very very very very very small ammount of hope.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah so far all of the OVA’s have been pretty bad, this one is probably the most extreme due to the pointless fan-service.

  5. amado says:

    man this one was really far from the old one.
    the animation and design was diff and weird, I prefer the old one even if it wasnt good quality.
    plus this isnt the kind of fanservice that amuses me. kore wa zombie ka desu OVA shows how to do it and even the bromance there was ok for me.

    I only liked after 3/4 in when takano said he got the true syndrome and when the girls went yangire on him.

    hopefully next one is better. especially since its rika and satoko. PLS. GIVE ME SOME RIKA/SATOKO NEXT EP!!!!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah impressive artworks and designs! Really nice job on that part, true about the fanservice lol xD

      Yeah hopefully the next one is less fan-service more laughs!

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah…. it barely even resembles the original series. This fanservice was definately unamusing. Yangire, however, is ALWAYS amusing. You’re definately right on that one.

      Yes! More Rika!!!! The next one should be better….. hopefully….

  6. Hime says:

    Think of all the trees that had to die for this, DEEN’s Higurashi wet dream, to be made.

    Really makes you fucking hate the world.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah those poor little trees! Doomed to make this damned ova! D:

      LOL Yeaaahhhhhh T___T

  7. Moni Chan says:


  8. Amutofan123 says:


  9. Lorenzitito says:

    First the anime is violent and blah blah blah
    Second:the anime lost his gore and started making friend
    Ova(rei):I said”Well atleast they maked a good anime”
    ova(kira):My face :WTF?From gore to a magical girl???????????
    There are alot of changes

  10. […] “Disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now. IF I WANTED TO WATCH TWINS LICK WHIPPED CREAM OFF EACH OTHER, I SURE AS HELL WOULDN’T BE WATCHING IT FROM STUDIO DEEN DAMN IT… Not that I would be watching that in the first place, but an entire episode dedicated to fanservice? Really now?” – Metanorn […]

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