Happy Birthday, Junko!

Party o ware ne~ The second birthday of this month, of our Gachapon’s!

Kyokai: The month of July is not quite over yet and we still have some special posts and awesomeness for our readers like the first episode of Anime NTM Cycle3! But before that, time for some in-house partying as it’s Junko’s birthday~

Fosh: Happy birthday Junko! I wish you the best on your awesome day! Get plenty of sweet things, I don’t know to much about you but we do both seem to love mechs! And of course we both love to draw! HIGH FIVE On that! Well I hope to learn more about you as you continue to do things with Metanorn! Here is a random birthday drawing of Mugi from K-on! Enjoy.

Overcooled: Metanorn’s artist hits another milestone! Happy Birthday, Junko! It’s your day, so do whatever you want with it. Eat cake, sing, dance, play video games and kick Hato in the face (you have my permission. Not that you needed it in the first place). I know the colour scheme is a bit off, but I drew your gachapon version. Colour mistakes tend to happen when I’m stressed and busy with work..forgive me!

Hime: Dear, Junko! Artist extraordinaire! Tanjoubi Omedetou! *throws confetti about* Do I even need to say how awesome you are? Not only are you talented but you are also absolutely lovely and I hope you have one awesome birthday! Remember that birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest 😉 <3333

Jrow: Happy Birthday Junko! Without you, there isn’t a comic version of me that I can look at and go, “look at that cool dude!” It was a good time hanging out with you and most of us New Bloods on episode 5 of the podcast, and I have to give you props for staying up super-duper late with us while I was just making breakfast and starting the day. Hope you’ll be able to join us for a future episode, and I’m also a figure collector like you, so I’m curious as to what your collection is like.

Ness: Otanjoubi omedetou, Junko~! I hope you have a wonderful b-day filled with loads of fun. So got any big plans? I know we haven’t been able to get acquainted with each other much but you know what? You’re already awesome in my book xD The awesome comic artist for Metanorn who has turned made a comic version for myself! Haha. Well, I’m unsure about Hato’s depiction of my comic character but the drawings are always great. You can bet that I’m one of your fans teeheeeheee :3 But anyways, hope you have a good one and take cares. Happy Birthday~!

Hato: Junko! I’ll probably say this a million times when I actually see you on the 21st, but Happy Birthday, again! Have an awesome day and I’ll try get that present to you ASAP. The one in the box sitting on my computer. That you pretty much packed anyway. Man, I’m bad at this present thing. Again, Happy Birthday!

anaaga: Happy birthday to our Artist! I don’t really know what NZ people do on their birthdays (drink?), but do have fun on that day :3 Of course, you can always celebrate it with a dose of yaoi sex from the internet. Yaoi can be enjoyed at any time. As a yaoi fangirl, you should know this 😉

Kyokai: Hato, you made her pack her own gift? Shame on you! =P Anyways, Junko, wishing you a very awesome birthday 7hours from the past. The future looks bright and shiny–almost kagayaku~ I highly appreciate the awesomeness that you brought with Metanorn Comics and quick turnaround for some Met’Amour stuff even. Keep up the awesome work and let you galaxy shine, always! Otanjobi Omedetto~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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34 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Junko!”

  1. Elyon says:

    Happy birthday 😀

  2. Zabobinator says:

    Happy Birthday Junko! I hope it’s been awesome! 🙂

  3. Renn says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  4. Karakuri says:

    Happy birthday Junko!!!!!

  5. Hime says:

    Happy Birthday, Junko! Have a good one

  6. Hoshi says:

    ~Happy birthday Junko, you fabulous artist!(*´▽`*) Hope all your birthday wishes come true<3

  7. Amutofan123 says:

    Happy birthday, Junko!!

  8. anaaga says:

    Happy birthday Junko! :3

  9. Overcooled says:

    Once again, Happy Birthday, girl! I like how the PnS soundtrack came out around your birthday…now you can party to Fly Away.

  10. Alynn says:

    Happy birthday! Have an awesome one! : D

  11. Tofu says:

    There’s sure been heaps of June and July babies XD

    Of course, Happy Birthday Junko!! I hope you enjoy your special day as it will only come around once in a lifetime (hey, you can only turn [insert age here] one in a lifetie right?) xD Hato, it’s Junko’s day so you must have 100% obedience to wahtever she tells you to do >:3

    As a late bday present, I’m going to be presenting a very special certain anime figure over at Sekijitsu this coming weekend ;D Hope you enjoy and keep a look out on Sekijitsu’s page during the weekends! XD

    • Junko says:

      dfasdfjhaf exciiiite 😀 Thanks tons Tofu!

      And Hato will be a very good servant today, you can bet on it

  12. Toori-chan says:

    Happy Birthday Junko!!!

  13. Junko says:

    asdfsgsdaaa I love you all marry me. Be my harem. Have some of my cake and continue to be amazing ;u; <3<3<3

    • Junko says:

      Also, I will be taking all those boys home. Especially Ginga Bishounen. Especially him. <3

      • Kyokai says:

        Mwahahahaaa. I prepared him and Date Masamune especially for the after party~ :3

  14. Snowley says:

    Happy b-day!

  15. Yvoon says:


    oyanjyoubi Ometedouuu, Junkoo!~

    ur turning 21? sweet~

    hope you don’t get drunk on booze and have a blast! dont forget the birthday cakes and wishes! XP

    continue to sparkle with ur awesome drawing skills!~

  16. Dan-go says:

    Happppy 21st! wheres my invite? par-tehhh? ahaha, loving what you’ve done so far for the bishi sucking hell that is metanorn 😉

  17. Foshizzel says:

    Happpppy birthday again! Even thou I already said it on DA as well ahaha 😀

  18. amado says:

    happy (belated) bday junko!

  19. Mad Chemist says:

    Happy birthday! Well okay, late birthday, but still. Hope it was a good one!

  20. jGLZa says:

    A very belated Birthday to you.

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