First Impression – Mayo Chiki

Yes, Subaru is a trap. He is She.

Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m watching this because of the trap. I’m not a big fan of ecchi comedy shows, but I’m giving this a try anyways. Traps make everything better. XD
WOOH THIS SHOW! I’m really excited actually. Mayo Chiki is about cross dressing! Who DOESN’T like cross dressing?! This is another Kana Hanazawa show, which is pretty awesome! I’m counting on this as my humor-fix so this better be good.
Team Freshies! I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with these wonderful gals on Mayo Chiki! And also nice that I don’t have to deal with any BL mess. 

Mayo Chiki came off to me in our preview as a funny show, so I checked out the manga some. Though no nudity, situations can be quite promiscuous, so with so much good drama going like Usagi Drop or No.6 or Kamisama Dolls, I love shows like Mayo Chiki that can take the edge off and make me laugh.

Kana Han… er, Sakamachi Kinjirou’s sister Kureha wakes up him up like any good sister would… by giving him an Ass Stomp. After talking about their mother being an excellent wrestler, it’s time for our main dude to go to school.

Alarms are annoying in the morning, but imagine Kana Hanazawa putting you in a leg lock >:-(

Suzutsuki Kanade is seen exiting a limo escorted by her butler, Konoe Subaru. All the girls swoon over Konoe doing the most ordinary of tasks with her master, but Kinjirou fails to understand why there are even butlers nowadays. Later in the hallways, as a girl approaches him saying he has a piece of string on his back, he quickly backs away from her, leading his buddy Kurose Yamoto to think that he likes the ole Pen 15. Running away from the situation, Kinjirou bumps into a beautiful, busty neko by the name of Nakuru Narumi. Jrow is in love. <3

With such a sexy neko striking fear upon our hero, he goes to the bathroom to straighten himself out. His stomach growls, so it’s time to well, cut to commercial as he takes care of some business, right? Hope he brought his PFP with him. When he opens the stall door, he sees Konoe in a very embarrassing position as he… or wait a sec… she, is pulling her pants up. Don’t pick stalls with broken locks. Cut to the opening,

Hey uh… could you spare a square please? Maybe in the Blu-Ray version?

Wondering if Subaru’s family makes him… er, her, wear panties, Kinjirou presumes that he… er, her, is a pervert and walks away. Now that he knows of Subaru’s secret, she plans to erase his memories using the Butler’s Memory Erasing Technique, which is basically a beatdown like no other. After taking a big punch to the gut, Kinjirou runs and hides in a room and blocks the door. Because Subaru is super-strong, she kicks down the door and continues her assault on him. As the battle comes to a pause, Kinjirous jokes about her awful ability at naming techniques. A jar is about to fall on Subaru. Kinjirou saves her by tackling her down, and in the midst of that, her clothes come undone and he is groping her chest. Squeeze it while it’s in your hands, buddy, because you’re about to get another falcon punch in the face and a fire extinguisher thrown right at ya.

Kinjirou can take a Falcon Punch, no prob. Subaru takes one tackle and she’s KO’d and nekkid.

After coming to, Kinjirou finds himself tied up to a nurse’s bed (left arm free). Kanade is sleeping next to him, and after she wakes up, she starts toying with Kinji by blowing into his ear and comes oh so close to stroking wood. Kanade would like this secret to be kept for a certain reason, so she’s just making sure Kinji won’t speak up. Kanade discovers that Kinjirou, now nicknamed Chicken-kun, easily nosebleeds and continues to toy with him so that he won’t blow her cover.


To explain why Subaru is a butler and acting like a male, she was the only sibling in her family with no other male to inherit the job of butler. After Subaru pleads with the Suzutsuki family, they accept her under the condition that she not be caught by anyone at academy as a female. Oh anime… with your intricate plot details and your strong character developments. Hahaha…

My Little Butler Can’t Be This Cute!

Chicken will be needing to clean his underwear after this ordeal

Back home, after another ass stomp by Hanaz… er, pardon me, Kureha, Chicken walks into the laundry room to find a fully naked Subaru doing laundry, just like how I stand in front of my washing machine. Kanade has ordered Subaru to stay with him, and Subaru dishes out yet another punch to the face. Convenient censoring disallows us the ability to see Subaru’s nether region as Chicken tumbles to the floor. The price you pay for groping. The episode closes out with an ending by .

Traptastic Extra Gallery:

Jrow so swooning right now~

Wait… where’s it at? Like… did you hide it somewhere?

This would be badass if they didn’t draw the silly dot eyes on her.

So much for that “safe” word…


….First of all, how retarded is Kinjirou to not notice right away that Sabaru is a girl? HE WAS STARING RIGHT AT HER UNDERWEAR, HOW DID HE NOT NOTICE THE LACK OF BULGE?! And just where does Subaru hide all that hair?! The length difference when she has it up and when she wears it down is just not consistent. Lololol that aside, this was way better than I thought it would be. First off, yeah the humour was ecchi based (HOOOLY CRAP was not expecting the ojou-sama to be a complete sadist), but it was still pretty funny because I just was not expecting it. Also, the whole ‘you must like guys’ thing was funny because it seems that Subaru and Kinjirou are going to be hanging out a lot more often from now on and you just know this joke is going to pop up again.

The characters are pretty interesting too and none of them are boring so far. I still can’t get over how well Subaru’s seiyuu does a guy’s voice. That’s some great talent there! And it’s refreshing to see Kana Hanazawa play a role that doesn’t involve her being a painfully shy/moe character. Okay, fine, she’s still moe but its more ‘D’aww how cute, she’s beating the crap out of her older brother to wake him up’ rather then a ‘D’aww, she’s blushing for the 5000th time this episode’ way. Totally wasn’t expecting the action sequence either and it was surprisingly well put together. Overall, it was unexpectedly good and I will definitely continue to watch this.

HAHAHAHA!!! THIS SHOW! THIIISSSS SHOW! Can you say HILARIOUS? I’m not watching very many comedies this season, so this is definitely verrrry refreshing. First off, this show definitely brought to mind Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, though not for the reasons you may think. Both shows had this hilarious shock factor that instantly had me laughing my ass off. Remember how in Kore wa Zombie, Ayumu got hit by a fat bus? In Mayo Chiki, we’re barely 10 seconds in, and our main dude is beat the hell up by his younger sister as a wake-up-call. This dude’s got it rough yo. And this show is a lot more upfront about its ecchiness than I expected as well (seeing as we’ve got a bare-boob grope in the first episode!). I actually…like it. It’s funny as hell!

Gender benders are always super fun. Ever since Ouran, I’ve always loved these sort of storylines. The best part is always been the person gets found out. I could totally tell that the butler was a girl. I mean, how could you not? She looked very feminine – her hair was so long!  The way that Chicken-kun found out though was HILARIOUS. Like, come on! Why would you wear girl panties in a boys bathroom and NOT lock the stall?! However, what made the moment even better was how Chicken-kun came to the automatic conclusion that Ms. Butler was simply a pervert. Wow. That’s brilliance right there. xD

To my surprise, the animation in this show is really nice. It’s very crisp. The character design is not really the best that I’ve seen but, as I said, the animation is smooth so it works. I didn’t particularly like the music much, but it fit alright, so it’s fine. Either way, I’ll be keeping up with this show! IT’S SO FUNNY!!!!

I came into Mayo Chiki expecting some good fun, and that is what I got! MC is pretty much all I expected, which is a good thing since I always need a show like this to balance out some of the more dramatic shows like Usagi Drop or whatever. As Karakuri mentioned, the ecchi-centric comedy was funny in the first episode as arguably trite jokes like “You like guys!” and “You’ve seen me naked. You must pay.” still had that funny feel to it. I wasn’t expecting Subaru to be trained in the martial arts as she showed off after being found out.

The anime seems to redo scenes from the manga in the first episode, sometimes for the more risque, sometimes for the less, so I’m a bit concerned about the choices the anime is going to make. There’s no nudity in the manga, so don’t get too hopeful on that account. What I do like is that the anime looks slightly more matured than the manga; I imagine the feeling of watching this is a little less, well, pedo than reading the manga. And maybe it’s just because I’m so remembering of Charlotte Dunois’ awful act of pretending to be a male, but I credit Yuka Iguchi and the show for at least making an effort to sell Subaru as a guy.

And lastly, I must speak of my Neko Love. I’m crushing so bad on Narumi right now, I mean look at the picture above. Dem sexy legs… those big & beautiful blue eyes w/ megane… her lovely & warm bosom… long flowing blonde hair with neko ears… and that sexy light-mocha skin. Mayo Chiki might have the most alluring female cast of the season. And yeah, that’s including Hibino-san from Dolls, the Manyuu Hikenchou and Idolm@ster groups. I won’t be blogging this weekly as my blogging focus is towards Penguindrum, but this is gonna be a fun ride.

Episode 02 Preview:

Next week, we’ll get to know Subaru’s 3 sizes.


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12 Responses to “First Impression – Mayo Chiki”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    This is really silly but it is very much a guilty pleasure show. Also reverse traps are usually the hottest characters so I’m kinda in.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    LOL. This looks extremely funny. I’m so on board. Dude, there’s serious sexual harassment here. Someone’s going to hurt. Lol, and about the question of when did this become a hentai, we’ve seen similar cases. High School of the Dead and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, anyone?

  3. Kyokai says:

    I enjoyed this, mindless laugh riot, which is going to be fun.

    Throughout watching this, I was sure that the character design dude was the same as Kore wa Zombie because they are so similar and I have proof from ANN too, I was right. :3

  4. Milistaier says:

    lol you said he…er…her, and you had to say either he or she but ya said her xD aswell really now…the main dude took an falcon punch and some other hits, and was okay, and subaru fell down so easly?it’s clear, she has so resistance, and in an anime like this it doesn’t really matter the gender from brute power point xD so yea she weak in resistance for a human.

  5. Tofu says:

    Despite the ecchi-ness in the series, it’s almost hilarious how Mayo Chiki executes them XD I’m definitely enjoying this show. Episode 2… ROFL!!

    BTW, I don’t see any silly dot eyes in the screenshot of SWubaru holding the extinguisher… I believe that little black ‘dot’ is just her hair.

    • Jrow says:

      I will give you that it’s her hair strands, but how they are lined up relative to her face and the mouth open the way it is, it does make her look derpy.

  6. Foshizzel says:

    First episode! Soooo much fun so far a bit predictable but hey these shows are fun like that, I will follow this series! And that whole nurses room scene LOLOL so good I died laughing 😉

    Nice tag you guys!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Fosh, take a closer look. Jirou is the new Aikawa. Harem anime with the male taking all the over the top abuse. Lol!

  7. jGLZa says:

    Cat ears remind me so much of Kanokon. Nice tan she got too.

  8. T.K. says:

    I heard there’s a sadistic ojou-sama voiced by Kitamura Eri. ‘Nuff reason for me to jump in. XD

    • BlackBriar says:

      Sadistic is right. Her red eyes make her look like a demon.

  9. […] “I came into Mayo Chiki expecting some good fun, and that is what I got! MC is pretty much all I expected, which is a good thing since I always need a show like this to balance out some of the more dramatic shows like Usagi Drop or whatever.” – Metanorn […]

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