First Impression – Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

Protruding Objects

Fosh: Oh no not another vampire themed anime! Yes vampires are popular as always. Usually I pass at that genre of anime, but maybe this one will this be fun?! Time to find out with Hime and Anaaga enjoy this awesome tag review!

Anaaga: Yay, a vampire anime! I’m actually a fan of vampire-related things (except Twilight. That’s a shame of the vampire), so I’m pretty excited for this anime. There are couples of bishies too, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this anime a lot. So sharpen your fangs, and let’s get started!

Hime: While I am a huge vampire fan, the sheer amount of shows cashing in on this craze really cheapens my love of the genre. Because of the panty shots in this I normally wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole, but alas …Jun Fukuyama. MA ONE WEAKNESS. So, here we, go…-sigh- Itsuka Tenma – fucking – no Kuro Usagi.

I know this is a really boring thing to note, but I love the font

We start out with two children, the boy asks the girl if she’s going to suck his blood. She laughs, saying no, she’s going to poison him. Cause that’s so much better! The poison will bind them forever, and the boy is fine with this because he likes the vampire, Himea, and is quite happy to spend eternity serving her.‏

Flash forward to highschool, where the boy, Taito, has grown up into Ayumu from Spiral, only with blue hair. His friend Haruka is all about ignoring the friendship barriers and this leads to the class thinking they’re going out. The two are pretty close though, and he confides in her about the dream he had at the start of the episode.

A bunch of panty flashing fangirls crowd around Taito’s evil twin, i mean Gekkou, a hawt bishie which is this schools equivalent of Sasuke from Naruto. Taito is still having flashbacks to his dream, and Gekkou is glaring at him, probably jealous that he stole his hairstyle.

Screw you guys, I’ve got a rebellion to plan and a blind wheel-chair bound sister to save

It turns out Taito used to partake in judo or karate tournaments but was badly injured. He reminisces about Haruka always being by his side. D’aww. Then it’s…to Panty Shot Central. Well, on the other hand, Gekkou is being sexy and badass. Yay! Gekkou’s lackey goes out to get them some drinks but is almost ran over by a truck, Taito pushes her out of the way and gets hit instead. Meanwhile Himea is trapped in a magical Loli-shocking box and calling for Taito because she’s lonely.

Saving lolis you don’t even like from surprise buttsex cause you’re a fucking top guy

Taito meanwhile is having an out of body experience…literally. Despite having lost his head (oh, puns) his body still responds to him, so he picks up his head and reattaches it. Naturally, he’s a little disturbed by what’s happened. However, whatever it was freed up Himea. She adapts her body to make up for the time since they last met, and Taito vehemently attempts to track her down feeling guilty for making her wait all these years.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight…

They reunite in the park, and there’s hugs and what took you so longs all round! It’s all very emotional, that is until Gekkou shows up and stabs Himea through the chest. Well, Taito is not impressed, and charges at him just as the episode ends.

Taito is mildly put out by the fact his vampire girlfriend just got stabbed


A wild Metapod appears; to rape you

Using interdimentional portals for Cola, you would too.

Zombie Breakdancing


These two are pretty cute ~


Wow, that was so much less painful that I thought it would be. That being said, there was still a detestible amount of panty shots, shown to us up close and personal and in excruciating detail…Well, this is ZEXCS we’re talking about. What was I expecting? A bit of class? Ha! This is the same studio that brought us Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Which, if you remember correctly…was terrible. It was full of homolust, though. Involving a character voiced by Jun, so I suppose I can’t complain too much. Besides that, though, you can tell it’s them because they have a definate hard-on for magic circles. Now, I can’t tell if it’s exactly the same ones they used in Legendary Heroes, but it’s not far off. They do look good though, even if it doesn’t make much sense. Is everybody an alchemist or something?

Onto the good points; this show looks amazing. The colours are so lush and vibrant, it’s just beautiful. I already said I liked the font, and it’s just another well done design element. Himea looks a little too much like Karin but her attitude luckily helps detract from that a little bit. She looks like a loli she doesn’t nessisarily always act like one. Unlike a certain other little brat that I hope gets decapitated in the very near future. Gekkou’s little loli sidecake seriously made me want to quit watching this. What a whining brat. Gekkou seems to share my opinion though sho maybe he’ll run her through like he did with Himea at the end of the episode. That was something that could have been thought out better. Guys, she’s a vampire, she’s not going to die. And more imortantly, did you honestly think we’d buy that you’d kill her off in the first episode?

Aside from Himea’s hair being like a disco ball, and therefor reminding me of terrible sparkling vampires, I like her design and I like her character. Taito is also very likeable in that he’s funny and not particuarly bothered by the fact he was poisoned as a child and made to serve a vampire. If he’d been the rebelious type it would really have dragged the pace down, but as it stands this was a pretty solid first episode in terms of how fast or slow it went. While I am extremely impatient to get to Jun’s character, I don’t think Kuro Usagi will be too much of a chore to sit through every week. It is relatively interesting, and Gekkou is just so badass and evil I can’t wait til he whips out his weapon (no pun intended) a little more. I want to see yo battle moves, sunshine! Satisfy me until Jun gets here.

Holy cow! What an awesome first episode, now I am not too familiar with Zexcs production other than them because I have only seen Chrome Shelled Regios and Legends of the legendary heroes. Both of those were just meh series for me so I don’t really have high hopes for Itsuka Tenma being anything amazing. Now to the animation! I was sitting there going whoa! Look at Himea Saito’s awesome multicolored hair and how freaking long it was. Sure Himea is the loli character of course but she doesn’t stay that way forever, looks like another anime for summer season that uses bright colors! So they win a few points right there from me. And what was up with all those CGI magic circles? I didn’t mind that too much but they were EVERYWHERE! But I will overlook that because they looked damn cool.

Story is very nice two! Himea you can tell isn’t a evil vampire for the most part and she did “poison” Taito guess that’s just her way of making you her mind slave or something like that. It seemed like she was trapped inside Taito’s mind? Not sure but I guess Taito just up and forgot about Himea, damn how could you forget a loli vampire biting you Taito? Then we have Gekkou Kurenai the bad ass student council member and his short side kick Mirai Andou with those odd colored stockings. Out of those two characters I liked Mirai the most she seems to be the usual hyper girl character I tend to love watching. She is voiced by Iori Nomizu aka every ones favorite magical girl, Haruna from Kore wa zombie. Speaking of Kore wa zombie THAT TRUCK! Anyone else automatically think about Aikawa? Damn if only Taito had his voice then things would be perfect. I did laugh when Taito pulled himself back together and Mirai just watching in amazement! As expected from our Haruna.

And yes since this is ecchi themed show we have lots of random pantsu shots! Although most were taken away by that damn EVIL SUNBEAM! Anyway it wasn’t so bad in this anime, well we will see how over used that censor beam will be. I was happy Taito got to meet up with Himea at the end, but I did not see that whole Gekkou appearing and stabbing Himea like. Way to go! Killing off your main character in the first episode! But we all know she is going to be like oh that’s just a scratch. Maybe we will see the dark side of Himea? I sure hope something like that happens, or for our immortal Tatio to kick some ass for her. I did read they have to kiss to unlock their partner’s powers, well that and Mirai did demand Gekkou lay a kiss on her. Overall fun episode really want to see what else happens around our two main characters and of course I want to see more of Mirai’s character.

Ow man, I actually enjoyed this more than Mawairu Penguin Drum (but not more than No. 6 of course. That BL show is still greatness). Maybe because I like this kind of genre the most (supernatural). The beginning was all “WTF but YEAH” to me, ‘cuz nothing touch my heart more than an old childhood promise. No, really, I didn’t find that part to be cliché at all. Nope, I didn’t. It was all smooth and boring until she bit Takuto, then I get up and start to watch it more intensely. That’s a really great way to catch the audience’s view: childhood memory filled with fangs and magic circles and hot kiss. Yeah~

Then it all ends up being a dream. But of course, most dreams in anime are real forgotten memories. Everything’s back to normal now. Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing Takuto. At first I wasn’t too fond of his disheveled appearance, but his attitude grew on me. His life is boring, he had a childhood tragedy, yet he didn’t fall into a great depression unlike most anime characters; he’s content with his normal life. Now that’s something. You don’t come across these kind of anime characters very often, where they’re actually thankful of their normal boring life. Then when he remembers about Himea, he becomes HIme’s knight, trying to find Himea. Oh god, nothing makes me more “D’aaaaw” than moe and romance. God, I just love these kind of supernatural romance. And what’s better, Taito didn’t go all “I refuse to be your slave now!” to Himea (*coughthatguyinVampireBundcough*), which is so sweet. Oh god, I think I’m having a crush on Takuto right now. He’s just my type of guy . And Himea, good god, I have a feeling she’s going to be a yandere, and I was right. She has a little bit of yandere-ish feeling around her. But who cares, since her hair is SO FUCKING AMAZIN WITH THAT PINK BLUE COLOR. I just love the design on Himea; her face, her clothes, her shoes, her hair- they’re perfect. I just love the color mixture they have in Himea, from her hair to her shoes. Gah, she’s so cute! Gekkou is all right, he really needs to work with his language; obviously he’s a total S too. But since he’s a bishies, it’s all right. The characters I don’t like the most are the Gekkou’s cat girl and Haruka. The car girl is just plain annoying, and Haruka is such goody-two shoes it pisses me off. And what’s worse, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing her often, since it seems that she’ll be an important character. My antenna tells me that. Which is a shame, since I hate her as much as I hate that girl from 11Eyes. God, both of them are like mirror to each other, so damn similar. I wish Haruka to be gone already…

Aside from the annoying cat girl and Haruka, I like everything from this anime. Those magic circles are so damn kewl, they totally remind me of Densetsu (And Fosh, how could you not like LOL heroes? T_T). There is so much blood in this anime, and I’m fine with that. I like it, actually. That car accident is just a pure win, with Taito’s head talking without its body. The revival is pretty cool, but too bad they censored that part (which is a good thing actually, that part is actually pretty grotesque). Since this is ecchi, I guess I’ll have to bear with the panty shots of the cat girl. Ugh. But I’m not going to let that disrupt me enjoyment. I really really like the first episode, and I am so watching this thing until the end.


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17 Responses to “First Impression – Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Ahh, vampires, my favorite kind of supernatural being. Just when I think I’m out of it, they pull me back in. Can’t get enough of them.

    It seems in anime, the human x vampire relationship is working a lot better than the usual two human relationship. They need to give a genre name for this. And we need to make a list of loli vampires. There’s so many.

    I can’t believe the boy just brushed off the fact that she’s a vampire and let himself get bitten. What’s going on in that head of his? And the zombie breakdancing had me laughing until I was nearly out of breath.

    This season’s gathering a lot rogue, Sasuke-like characters like Taito and Nezumi from No. 6.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Oh, my bad. I meant characters like Gekkou and Nezumi.

      • Hime says:

        I think the human x vampire relationship has a bit more edge to it. Personally I can’t really get interested in normal romances, so having the vampire gimick is a big plus. There are so many vampire lolis, like Karin and whats-her-face from Dance in the Vampire Bund.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Yeah, I love that edge because there’s always the constant threat of being killed as long as you’re still hanging around the vampire. But if you’re the human in the relationship, you’ll be either the vampire’s lover, slave, food or plaything. Pretty intense selection, huh?

          I agree, there’s a lot of vampire lolis out there. Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund), Sunako Kirishiki (Shiki), Hazuki (Moon Phase). Another thing, they’re all accompanied by a full grown male character.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep lots of Loli vampire girls can’t forget the one off negima! Evangline? or something like that, that might be more of Japan wanting to get more guys to watch >.> half naked Loli’s = big money well used to be that way.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Arrgg vampires! Nooooooooo! Jkjk they are alright not my most favorite supernatural creature but in anime form they can be more fun! Like Alucard from Hellsing <3

      This one seems more master and servant style, and our main hero being immortal maybe a more serious kore wa zombie? We shall see.

      Ahahah yes! We have lots of "Sasuke" like characters for summer, then again every hero character needs a good bad guy to fight! I think there is a similar character in Sacred Seven.

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL. It’s so true. In anime, vampires rock. It’s all right with me if they tone down the movies, no problem at all, just as long as the animes keep going. I’m a complete sucker for the manga and anime versions. Always ready for those kinds.

        But brace yourself, Fosh, because it doesn’t look like this craze is going to lay down and die. The Japanese have a strong fascination and passion for these bloodsucking immortals. The more people read, the more they’ll want. Mangas keep coming in every week and it’s only a matter of time before another anime adaption comes along. When it does, I hope it’s in Hellsing or Shiki’s alley of awesomeness. Or it can be Rosario + Vampire or Moon Phase. There’s two mangas I hope that will be adapted soon: Bloody Cross and Yougen no Chi. They’re really good.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ohh for sure I do always give the vampire themed anime a shot and I know what you mean they won’t ever go away! People do love their vampires xD

  2. Oracion says:

    Well, I was totally thinking Eff this when I was looking through the summer catalogue at the beginning. I then, however, gave it a chance and began to like it enough to finish the first epi. It was totally different thing. The whole decapitation and walking around was totally epic. Not fully liking Taito’s character right now, but since he’s got two possibilities of girls, I can’t wait to watch. I’m a little iffy with Gekkou, thinking oh he sucks to oh he’s cool. His lackey reminds me of yui from Angel beats for some reason. anyways, will keep watching.

    • Hime says:

      It did seem to surprise a few people, which is always a plus; when what you think will be a bad show turns out to be better than expected.

      I feel bad for Taito’s friend Haruka, it’s pretty obvious she’s secretly crushing on him. Can’t compete with a vampire though!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I thought the same thing when I saw the original artwork I was like Ewwwwwwww no thanks! But I gave it another go and really found it fun well I didn’t like the screaming…

      Ohhh yes! Walking around with no head ahaha good job, either this company loved Durarara and Madoka or they tried to mimic Kore wa zombie it did make me laugh.

      Yeah! she does remind me of Yui from Angel beats if so I will love that character’s crazy personality.

  3. Jrow says:

    I was pretty surprised at how much I loved this episode. Penguin got a lot of praise for its colors, and I really like the vibe that Rabbit has going for it and actually want to watch more.

    The inconsistency when it comes to censoring is dumb. I always thought it was a matter of detail, but some panty shots are preserved while a couple others are lighted out. Especially the scene where it looks like she’s taking it backdoor, why is that ok?

    • Hime says:

      Maybe all those schoolgirls weren’t wearing pants.

      …it’s a possibility. NO PANTS DAY at school, didn’t you ever have that?

  4. Kyokai says:

    I actually enjoyed this… What is up with this season? I have too much to watch already! >.<'' Also, Yuuichi Nakamura as a baddie? Sign me up honey~ :3

  5. […] “Wow, that was so much less painful that I thought it would be. That being said, there was still a detestible amount of panty shots, shown to us up close and personal and in excruciating detail…Well, this is ZEXCS we’re talking about. What was I expecting? A bit of class? Ha! This is the same studio that brought us Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Which, if you remember correctly…was terrible.” – Metanorn […]

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