Nichijou – 13

Yuuko fails magic school.

Welcome back, Nichijou fans! I was hoping to finally get a brand new opening song for this episode, but ah well maybe next week?! Well, we are almost into the brand new season, so far a few shows have finally ended. Other than that I am working on some original characters to draw! Trying to take a step back from fan art, but I do enjoy drawing characters from my favorite anime. Anyway, time to review solo this time! Enjoy.

Stories this week follow a sick Yuuko going to school and scoring a eighty on a test and gloating about it. Hakase learns that Nano has a sudden interest in going to school thanks to Sakamoto explaining to her. After a crazy thunderstorm the following day Hakase tells Nano she can go to high school soon.

Sakamoto-“This fish tastes funny.”                                   Hakase-“YAY DRUGS! IN THE FISH!”

Sakamoto wasn’t drugged in this review, only abused by crazy little Hakase. The episode starts out with Nano doing laundry and Hakase playing a trick on Sakamoto. Nano doesn’t really pay too much attention as she stares off at some students headed to school. Sakamoto comments on Nano’s new interest; she really wants to go to school, which causes Hakase to grab and cling to Nano. So much D’awwwww between them. After that we join a sick Yuuko who arrives at school and wants to show off some magic she learned, which she ends up messing up because she reveals all of her tricks without even realizing it! YUUKO, WHY!?!

Mio- “Look, Yuuko, I’m not in the mood….oh wait you are high again.”

Mio was so thinking about Yuuko wearing ace boxers.

Mio-“No, Yuuko, don’t or the planet will explode!”       Yuuko-“Watch me do some MAGIC…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

Yeah don’t even try to do magic as a job, Yuuko! Anyway after that, we follow Hakase trying to sleep during a loud thunderstorm, she gets scared of course and clings to Nano until she has to use the bathroom. And like most kids her age, she’s afraid of storms and going alone. Sakamoto offers to go but gets called weak, which shuts him down. Nano eventually wakes up and takes Hakase down the hall and a loud thunderbolt scares Nano, and Hakase doesn’t really make it to the bathroom…yeah good job.

I love the shark blanket there, Hakase! And Nano’s planets? I guess we know what she dreams of.

Sakamoto- “Quiet! I am dreaming of your demise, child.”

Hakase-“I don’t need the bathroom anymore.”                    Nano-“I will get the mop and bucket…”

The following morning Nano does some laundry and Sakamoto gets tackled by Hakase. Damn, more abuse for Sakamoto. Hakase informs Nano that she can go to school soon, even showing off the school uniform. The episode ends with Nano and Hakase hugging each other.

Mio- “YELLING CONTEST OMG I HATE YOU, YUUKO!!”                     Yuuko- “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Hakase- “Yes, you can go take over the school!”                       Nano-“Time for hugs! YAY!”

Sakamoto- “I wish I was a jedi, I would use my forces on Hakase right now…”

Extra fun!

Hakase wants to give everyone an internet high five!

Yuuko- “This paper has magical powers!”   Mai-“Yuuko, you are dreaming, girl.”  Mio- “Also you are an idiot.”


Hakase- “Nano Nano Nano Nano Nano Nano!”

End Thoughts:

What a nice episode this week, lots of love between Nano and Hakase, even though I know most people really find Hakase annoying and childish but she is after all only eight! Anyway it was good to see Hakase being somewhat nice to others even if she threw a few tantrums about getting snacks. Oh and Yuuko! Why did she go to school? Dhe was really damn sick, I was waiting for her to look through her bag and get sick inside of it LOL! But she wasn’t so bad even though she was failing horribly at some magic tricks. I cracked up when the dove was flying around the room and the full deck of aces, damn nice work Yuuko.

The storm scene with Nano and Hakase was so funny! I liked how Hakase was trying to cuddle with Nano but forgot about the key on her back, and also had to pull Sakamoto out from Nano’s other side. But damn Hakase was so mean to Sakamoto this week! So much abuse for him; I guess he enjoys the company? Or maybe Sakamoto just enjoys being the “boss” whenever Hakase and Nano get out of control. I did find it funny to watch Nano be afraid of the lightning, it sort of fits because she is a robot so I imagine it would scare a robot ahahah and she can have dreams too. I guess she must have some advanced technology?

I liked the ending the most though, when Hakase told Nano she can go to school soon. I was like YES!! FINALLY!! Because in the manga that already happens in a few early chapters, now that it’s not really a spoiler anymore. Nano in school is really fun because of the hilarious interaction between Mio, Yuuko and Nano. Surprisingly, Mai gets to do some stuff as well. Well now things will suck for Sakamoto! Stuck around Hakase forever ahahah poor cat, I wonder who will make lunches for Hakase? Unless she goes to school too as a teacher; LOL that would be awesome. Well, I hope to see a brand new opening and ending soon! Anyway take care readers!


All hail the pirate nations!

Next time crazy things happen as usual! Nano finally goes to high school and she will get to meet Yuuko, Mai and Mio!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Nichijou – 13”

  1. Jrow says:

    I have no idea what that subtitle even means at the end, but I like the crossbones added on! xD

    Isn’t Nichijou gonna be 26 episodes? Maybe a new opening will debut next week.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes I had to photoshop those extra flags in for the lulz the ending scenes are usually a random object from the episode, then they get voice over by someone acting as the object. They are usually funny xD

      Yes this series will continue, I was assuming 14 would be the halfway point in the series. I know Exorcist has a new OP coming soon!

  2. Moni Chan says:

    LMAO the straw hat flag i didnt see that in the episode but omfg if it was there. :0 one piece fan rages will never be the same

    • Foshizzel says:


      Naw it wasn’t in the episode I did some photoshop fun with some extra flags! Blame my current love of One piece, I have been spam watching it so far I got to 498 getting closeeeeer.

  3. Junko says:

    I feel like Yuuko right now. Need some cold pills.

    Also terrified of my house at night. So so terrified DX

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