Nichijou – 12

Forgotten homework and angry little scientists

Fosh: Welcome back to the crazy world of Nichijou, yes if you don’t already know this by now then I will tell you! Nichijou will continue on through summer anime season. I am really happy with this and I just hope we can continue to have some fun with this show. In other news we have a few special things headed to Metanorn in the future, so stick around to get more surprises from us soon. Time to join Ness and tag team this up! LET’S GO!

Ness: I’m back! Yeah yeah, you thought last time I was back but now I am back again! Well, I was so busy working on the Summer Anime 2011 Catalogue and the night before it was posted, I gave Kyokai my short notice request for a mini-vaca and went on a road trip on Tuesday. Got back Friday morning and man I’m still recovering. Anyways! Nichijou~! It’s not bad but here we go…

Fosh: Stories this week begin with Yuuko forgetting her finished homework and losing her wallet at an amusement park with Mio, and Annaka getting tricked at a local shooting game. In the mean time Hakase tries her best to imitate Nano by wearing a large key on her back as well, only to have it backfire on her afterwards.

Yuuko- “On time and ready for class! Or am I dreaming all of this up??”

We open this episode with the afro-kid complaining about the heat, yep summer time and that means HEAT! Stay cool everyone! We then switch back to our regular characters and join Yuuko who finally completed her homework she was fighting off. Sadly after all that work she still ends up forgetting her homework! FAIL Yuuko! She does attempt to get some help from Mio, only to have the teacher walk in before Yuuko can rush home. Someone needs to get Yuuko a damn folder or something…

Mio- “Please, Yuuko, don’t be so dramatic. I AM TRYING TO READ THE NEWS!”

All the Yuuko’s across time have failed at life forever.

And it wouldn’t be a Nichijou episode without Yuuko messing up and having to stand in the hall. She does attract a random dog this time. I do see a common theme with Yuuko in the hallway she gets visited by deers, birds and dogs maybe she can work at a zoo? Meanwhile Annaka has a section of her own. Not that I really care too much about that character, but she did actually talk more this time. She is trying to win a prize at a random shooting game, only to get tricked by the owner who nailed down some random egg plants and caramel candies! After she reveals that he cheated her he tells her to never come back again. Damn poor Annaka, I think she will just be the character everyone will eventually get to troll.

Dog-“Believe in the dog that believes in you, Yuuko!”                   Yuuko-“WHAT THE FUUUUUUUU–“

Sasahara- “Look, Misato, I told you this is a vending machine they don’t sell bullets…”


Annaka- “The next person that trolls me, I swear I will go Yandere-mode on your ass!”

Damn Annaka always getting tricked like that, but she isn’t the only one having a terrible day! Yuuko and Mio are are tripping to the amusment park together. That is until Mio ends up losing Yuuko’s wallet, which makes her have a terrible day while Mio enjoys the park. Damn Yuuko, you can’t even trust Mio! Then again Mio does take a lot from her friend.

We can’t have an episode without having some crazy fun with Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto. This week Hakase wants to be more like Nano. Even wearing a large key on her back to complete her cosplay; however, Nano wants to act more like Hakase even eating all the snacks. Of course Hakase doesn’t like anyone eating her stuff and quickly gives up her short game. The episode wraps up later with Mio and Yuuko playing another random game at a local restaurant.

A trip to Deadman Wonderland makes all the kids smile.

Yuuko is actually having the best time ever! The animators just got tired of drawing her face.

Nano- “Mine is actually a lot bigger than that.”                     Hakase-“LIES ALL LIES!”

Hakase and Nano having a heated argument over time travel theories or expiration dates on snacks.

Mio- “Holding this face for long periods of time really hurts.”                      Yuuko-“Seriously… I know.”

Actually the true ending of this episode does give off a few random yuri vibes! With Yuuko waking up from a nap in class and Mio saying something about sleeping beauty waking up with a kiss, which makes Yuuko ask why not? Which causes Mio to blush; can anyone say, D’awwww friendship…?

Yuuko- “Hey, Mio, ratings are dropping, we better yuri this scene up.”               Mio-“….whhhhaaaatt?!”

Extra fun!

Hakase- “YOU DARE SHINE ON MY EYES? Time to blow you up again, Mr. Sun.”

Sakamoto ate the experimental head growth cat food this week.

Misato- “B…b…bullets. Can you know!!”

Hakase angry! ROAAARRRR!

Hakase drinks a bottle of vodka LIKE A BOSS

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Great episode this week, finally Yuuko did her damn homework! Well, she did forget the most important part, actually bringing it to class would have been quite amazing. That part did make me laugh because I have done that a few times before, she needs like a reminder to bring it next time. I think what I love most about the Yuuko scenes are the crazy expressions. I think my folder for expressions grows with each episode; I have quite a few for drawing references mostly. I didn’t mention the random sections with the Things we think are cool! Like the Super-ball anyone ever see Today in class of 5-2? They have a this episode around the same subject, enjoy.

And Sasahara makes an appearance with Misato! Damn these two always make me laugh, even though Misato is our generic tsundere type, she isn’t original. But she has some of the best guns ever! Compared to Aria I think Misato is the best tsundere with guns this season. We need more of these two! We do get a short bit with Annaka, thankfully she didn’t stand around with her mouth open making some odd creepy sound effects this time. I am surprised the random side characters are always fun to watch, I like that they don’t focus on the main cast every time; sure they get more screen time than others but still they do show others off too.

Poor Nano! She almost tricked Hakase into removing the gear from her back, better luck next time there, Nano. Not that it would have worked in the first place unless Nano bribes Hakase with some snacks. So overall this episode was great but it also wasn’t anything mind blowing either, lots of short comedic bits did fill up enough laughs for me this week. Really wondering how they are going to maintain the next twelve episodes! And looking forward to a possible second opening song and ending theme. Well, I’m still loving this series, it brightens up my weekend every time! Even if the episodes lack in over the top fun.

Ness: I have mixed feelings and thoughts about this episode. Nichijou is either hit or miss and this episode had a good amount of misses for me. I randomly came upon a a tweet today from Aftersh0ck on how “some parts of the latest episodes of Nichijou are some of the biggest wastes of animation talent since Panty and Stocking” and I now agree after watching this episode. Hakase and Mio scenes felt so boring and a waste of time. Or maybe this is supposed to appeal to moe lolis like Fosh… HAHAHAH j/king. As well, the whole fair scene with Mio and Yuuko was funny at first but then it dragged on. I mean, I know we’re supposed to think it’s funny that Yuuko lost her wallet but finds it but there’s no money and ends up having a dull reaction while Mio is having fun on the rides. But it just wasn’t that funny.

But anyways, the opening was pretty amusing. What attracted my attention wasn’t how the afro kid kept on being annoying but his damn afro. IT WAS ON FIRE! I was hoping that Nakanojou would really hit his friend but hit the afro and something funny like his hand burns happens. But no, we were cut off. Ah well, it was some amusing stuff. As well, I liked the epic reaction of Yuuko can’t find her homework and keep on finding that daihuku flier. Poor Yuuko, I know how she feels to not be able to find homework.. well maybe the fear of not being able to find your homework. Thus, I’m careful and make sure I double check stuff before I leave the house.

It was cool seeing Tachibana and Sasahara again but thier scene was too short and not that funny. Actually, I’m starting to feel that the pair is too obvious now that we can totally see Tachibana’s feelings openly. As well, Annaka’s appearance since the previous episode and now in this one with the shooting booth was pretty funny. Though, the voice sounds like Mio but the character is interesting. Anyway, with the direction that Nichijou is going, I feel like there’s no need for it to continue on to the summer season with 20-whatever episodes. But for the sake of having gone this far watching Nichijou, I’ll be following it through summer with Fosh.


I think there is a spirit haunting this bottle, better drink it fast.

Next time: More crazy and random events! Thanks for reading!



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10 Responses to “Nichijou – 12”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    FIRST COMMENT YET AGAIN the reviews for nichijou post really fast unlike GOSICK or anything else. LIKE A BOSS

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Congratulations on the first comment xD

      Yeah this is my favorite show after all, Gosick not so much sorry Hato and other fans.

      • Dan-go says:

        duuuude gosick is getting really intense atm, central plotline, not the boringas random pointless and predictable mysteries. i actually look forward to each ep

        • Foshizzel says:

          Trueeee well I wont stop you or bash it for fans of Gosick, it just didn’t keep me interested! I tried got up to 8 or so then just quit caring about it maybe I will try again one day.

  2. Elyon says:

    There are two things I really want more of from Nichijou: Sasahara talking about GOATS and the EPIC PRINCIPAL. XD
    I liked this one a lot though. I thought the amusement park thing was pretty funny.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes more Sasahara and the principal! Agreed they need some more love, I really want to see more with Mio and Sasahara!

      Yeah that amusement park scene was funny, guess Yuuko needs to learn to keep track of her own stuff lolol.

    • Ness says:

      Yes! I want more of the Principal epic scenes like against another animal or something haha. Also more pranks pulled by the vice principal xD

    • Toori-chan says:

      The only scene the principal gets is that he goes “*Breathing deeply* Haa… Haaehh…” Still, thumbs up to randomness.

      Though I want to see more of Sasahara, but I prefer knowing what other epic guns does Misato have. They come in package anyway.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Oh man I remember that scene so good! And the voodoo doll ahahaha so epic and fun xD

        YESSS More Sasahara! And Misato <3 <3 <3

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