Gintama – 211

Time to fight in the rain!

Welcome back, Gintama fans! So far the current arc is turning out to be really fun, even though there are a few characters I don’t really like but it’s fine. Loving the scenes with Pirako as she really does seem like a fun character; not sure on Jiroacho as he does give off a few badass vibes hahaha. Anyway nothing much outside of Gintama, well I did recently see some great news on Kore wa zombie desu ka! Getting another season so that was exciting news; and word of another Gundam series in the works, great news for Gundam fanboys and girls. Anyways, it’s time to hit this review for Gintama! Enjoy.

Plot this week continues the setup against the gangs waiting to fight each other and big reveal about Pirako’s background. While that is going on, Jirochou has a short talk with Otose at the local cemetery near her husband’s grave. Gintoki arrives much later to have an epic fight against Jirochou!

Tokumori- “Otose! Can you give me some makeup tips?”   Otose-“…..Hell no! Do it yourself.”

Pirako-“If you drown, Gin-san, can I give you CPR?!”    Gin-san-“Oh….I’d rather drown thanks!”

We start things off with Pirako as she reveals to Gintoki and a few other members of Jirochou’s gang that she’s daughter of Jirochou! Which does seems a bit strange to me; I guess she looks more like her mother. Gintoki manages to leave after Pirako attempts to recruit him as a member of the gang; though, she soon leaves him to have a chat with her father and the other remaining gang leaders. Otose tells Kagura and the others at the snack bar to head out without her for now; unknown to them she heads to pay a visit to her husband. Pirako does give the other gang leaders a short story about her father, we learn that Jirochou was the one that killed Otose’s husband years ago! Damn I was waiting for Otose to be her mother ahahaha.

Gin-san- “Wow! Uhh sorry, Pirako, I don’t think we can be facebook friends anymore…”

Reverse staring game! First one to open their eyes loses the game!

Jirochou-“Sorry guys my daughter doesn’t get out much! She lacks people skills.”

Jirochou soon heads off to have a chat with Otose at the grave of her late husband and he warns her to leave the city. However Otose refuses to leave, after all she has gained a new family while living there. Gintoki sadly arrives too late because he enters the cemetery to find Otose leaning against a headstone bleeding. This sets off Gintoki, who hears Jirochou behind him and throws a mean punch to start off a short yet amazing battle between them. During the fight, Jirochou proves to be a bit too much for Gintoki to handle, as he gets knocked back against a wall leaving Gintoki to crawl back to Otose’s body. The episode wraps up with a few sad flashbacks of Gintoki meeting Otose years before at the same grave.

Otose-“We should be sitting this with drinks!”       Jirochou-“I can only have fruity drinks…”

Run, Gin-san, run!!

Gin-san-“You have five seconds before I kick your ass old man!”

Gin-san says hello to Jirochou in a special way.

Welcome aboard air Gintama, next stop blood in your face!

Blood and fists of anger from Jirochou.

Rest in peace, Otose! You will be missed.

Extra Gin-san

Pirako would love to give everyone reading, lots and lots of flowers!

Otose-“That was the anime producer! I have been cut from the show!”    Kagura-“Can we eat something before I eat Shinpachi here?”

Gin-san is filled with RAGE!

Otose- “I swear I will haunt your ass forever if you don’t defeat Jirochou!”

End Thoughts:

Whoa! What an amazing episode this week! Plenty of story and plot with the right amount of action near the end. Starting with the big reveal about Pirako’s past and connection to Jirochou, even though I did spoil that after looking up her name; I noticed they had the same last name. Yes, epic fail on my part, anyway it wasn’t really anything shocking for me not sure if anyone would care about that connection. I do wonder if she will fight her father? Not really sure as she doesn’t seem to have anything against him, unless Gintoki talks some sense into her near the end of the next episode. I do wonder if Jirochou had feelings for Otose years before? Pirako did mention something between them; it might have been a bit interesting if Gintoki was related to Jirochou but I am glad they didn’t use that cheesy plot.

Now we have to see how everyone takes the loss of Otose, after seeing the ending video a few times it does spoil somewhat of the sadness everyone will face next time. Not sure who will end up taking over the snack bar next, probably Catherine since she was the closest to Otose. Not sure anyone will want to fight Jirochou as much as Gintoki unless they have Kagura and Shinpachi snap and jump into the fighting.

Now the awesome fight between Gintoki and Jirochou! Even though it was really short, it does show off Gintoki’s fighting skill; I kind of wish it was a bit longer. Well, I don’t think we have seen the last of mean old Jirochou! Unless he ran away, which I don’t think he would do. Now Otose is not my most favorite Gintama character but it was sad to see her get killed off! Unless she gets up and wakes up in the hospital; hopefully that does not happen. Anyway great fighting, story and drama this week; I guess we wait next Monday to see round-two with Gintoki versus Jirochou.


Gin-san unleashed and ready to kick some ass!

Next week! The aftermath of Otose’s death and some more one on one fighting from Gintoki. Tune in next week!




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Gintama – 211”

  1. Anonomyous says:

    Gintoki only lost because he had a piece of wood for a katana. If his was a real katana, the outcome would have been different

    • Foshizzel says:

      True! But that’s why I love Gintoki he doesn’t need to carry a katana around to be a badass character.

      But I do trust he will find a sword to use against Jirochou ;D

  2. anaaga says:

    FUCKIN AWESOME been a long time since I saw Gintoki filled with rage

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes amazing episode and agreed it has been quite sometime since Gintoki had so much rage! Great stuff, hope he gets to kick more ass next week!

  3. MikADo says:

    Gintama FTW!!! i told you this arc is going to be a blast!!

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