Deadman Wonderland – 07

Some new friends come out to play~

Huzzah, I’ve finally caught up with my blogging backlog that I accumulated thanks to Anime North! I hate having unfinished work lying around for too long, it drives me crazy. I have to finish EVERYTHING RIGHT AWAY AS SOON AS I GET IT or else I feel like a lazy bum. My obsession with not being late aside, let’s see what Ganta’s up to this week, shall we?

Forget what I said, this episode opens up with Shiro. Or at least, Shiro’s other personality. The old man rips out the tubes connected to his body, allowing him to use his Branch of Sin to fight with Shiro. Being practically 90 years of age, he loses and just gives the viewer raspy, vague comments about Shiro as she dons her Red Man costume.

As all this chaos is going on, the whole prison starts to shake and conveniently causes a myriad of extremely sharp and/or heavy objects to fall on a defenceless Minatsuki. Yoh dives in to save her, much like he did when they were little and their mom chose a flowerpot over them. Not wanting to be left out of the fond memories, Ganta decides to have a flashback of his own about Shiro. Honestly, how could you forget being friends with a herculean albino girl?

Ganta leaves the siblings alone and bumps into Crow, who gives him some fighting advice and even names his attack the ‘Ganta Gun.’ From there they start talking about Ace Man, a superhero from a TV show they used to watch. Cue full on flashback where Ganta recalls Shiro breaking his Ace Man toy, getting attacks by a reject hellhound from Hellsing, and then saved by Shiro who pretends to be Ace Man. Under all the fluffiness is the suggestion that Ganta’s mom is doing experiments on the poor girl.

Tamaki continues to hide things from Makina, although he himself still doesn’t know everything, such as what’s under the Wretched Egg’s mask. He figures once the old man has croaked he’ll have 100% control of the prison though, so it’s all good. Sadistic doctor lady (still undeserving of being called by name) gives Tamaki a little report about the composition of the red crystal found in Ganta’s chest. They’re not nanomachines, but femtomachines, and they only show crazy blood shooting powers if they come from the Wretched Egg.

Yoh goes through quite a bit this episode. First his sister is nice, then she kicks him where it hurts because he offers to help her shower, and then he has to hear Ganta talk about Shiro like she’s a sweet little puppy. As if he could tell someone that oblivious that Shiro is actually as docile as a rabid grizzly bear with chainsaws for arms. Because that’s not quite enough, he just has to run into Tamaki who just so happens to mention that G Block prisoners cannot shorten their sentence. As he tries to retaliate, Tamaki’s newly brought in ULTRA PRIEST blows Yoh away with THE HEART OF THE CARDS.

Everybody hates Yoh

Ganta gets punched in the gut by a passing girl, who then drags him to her room. When Ganta wakes up, she introduces herself as Karako and her friend with the mechanical voice is nicknamed Owl. They ask Ganta to join their rebel group, the Scar Chain, and fight against the cruelty of Deadman Wonderland. It sounds all nice and peachy, but Ganta has the attention span of a goldfish and tries to leave and save Minatsuki from her punishment game before they can finish.

Owl stops him and makes him watch the game on TV, only pausing momentarily to pull out a WALKIE TALKIE OUT OF HIS MOUTH. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING, JUST LIKE LOSING A KIDNEY AND STOMACH ISN’T SHOCKING AT ALL. Anyways, he manages to pull some strings so that the only thing Minatsuki loses is a few inches of hair.

It seems like a happy little gathering until the crazy priest barges in. He warns Owl to stop conspiring against Deadman Wonderland and sends Karako flying with his weird air gun thing. Ganta tries to attack him, but reflecting Branches of Sin attacks seems to be his specialty. Aaaaand cue cliffhanger!

Ultra Screencaps!:

First reaction to this scene: OH MY GOD SHE’S GONNA SHOVE THAT INTO HIS EYE

This post has Crow’s seal of approval

“and so that was my childhood. Wait…when did you get naked?”

She wasn’t even sure if it was POSSIBLE to bite someone’s face off but dammit, she was going to at least try

End Thoughts: It’s odd of me to talk about the plot being good for Deadman Wonderland, but this episode actually had some decent plot points. Shiro and Ganta’s childhood relationship was nothing short of adorable, with Shiro continuing to act as Ace Man to continue to protect Ganta. I know I’m going out on a limb to say she’s still protecting him when she dismembers everything in sight, but she still hasn’t killed him…so…

Another nice introduction was the crazy priest and the rebel organization. I swear that priest is the offspring of Sanzo from Saiyuki if he did it with Gojyo.  Ultra priest now sits at favourite character slot number 3 after Yoh and Crow. Kansai-accent girl is now at number 4 (I’m assuming her odd manner of speaking was Kansai-ben. Please correct me if I’m wrong!). This show really needed new characters too, I was getting tired of just Ganta Ganta Ganta.

Keep in mind I’m judging the show on standards are set in the scale of what is good for Deadman. I KNOW this show is ridiculous and can’t tell whether it wants you to take it seriously or not. It has a blink of decent, psychological trauma and then promptly decides that a priest with a guitar gun is awesome. It’s like someone wanted to include as many badass things as possible without thinking how they’d fit into the story. Sometimes it results in badassery and sometimes…well…It’s not a BAD show but I had to lower my expectations to enjoy it. :/

I don’t really understand why Shiro and the old man had to fight, or what she’s going to do all dressed up with nowhere to go as the Red Man. She can’t go and torment Ganta just yet, right? Speaking of the little dork, I hope he joins the rebellion. As deceiving as first looks are in this prison, they seem pretty darn legit. Anyone with a denture cellphone can hire me ANYTIME. Plus, the chick was a nurse. I know that says nothing since she’s in prison and didn’t hesitate to punch the snot out of Ganta, but I’m getting good vibes from them. Better than the vibes I felt about Minatsuki, who is suddenly as sweet as a pussycat aside from her speaking manner. Damn, that headbutt knocked the sadism right out of her.

Preview: ANOTHER NEW CHARACTER! Perhaps another member of this rag-tag rebel group? Bowlcut boy aside, Ganta seems to be really sussing out the rebel group to see if he wants to join. You might also catch a quick screenshot Shiro back with the gang again. What’s going on here?

I honourably request that you wear a less hipster outfit, sir.


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30 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland – 07”

  1. Hime says:

    I thought that about Yoh too! One minute him and Ganta are just chatting then it’s like he’s flashing some shoulder. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? After Minatsuki’s glorified underwear shots we need some male strippage to even out the balance. It’s for the good of the universe, really.

    Nagi (Owl) is one of my favorite characters from the manga. I hope they have time to show the interactions between him and the Ultra Preist, they are…very slashable.

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL agreed. Sudden nakedness syndrome. If there is a cure, I don’t want to know.

      I will never be able to unsee that pairing now. I look forward to this…hehe

  2. Alynn says:

    I love young Shiro and Ganta. SO CUTE.

    That old guy terrifies me. So scrawny and doesn’t blink at all.

    askhaeh OWL. I love him alreadyyyy.

    • Overcooled says:

      The stupid old guy ruined the cuteness of Shiro and Ganta as well as the coolness of Owl. How dare they put him in the same episode!

  3. amado says:

    I think next ep is gonna come soon.
    it was supposed to be “super monk” in the manga.

    and I was right with the yohXminatsuki.
    seems like incest is getting more attention this season.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, “cho” is just a trendy word for “super” so it can be translated either way. Super, Ultra, hyper…anything like that.

      …Oh dear God, there is no incest, Yoh is just a NICE SIBLING. <_<

      • amado says:

        sure… getting in the shower with your sis is just a brothers natural act…
        im a brother myself and I do not do that with my sister.

        • Overcooled says:

          Because she has organs missing and shouldn’t be going around doing things by herself after taking a beating o__o

  4. Karakuri says:


  5. Foshizzel says:

    YAY Another new character! Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo!

    Great stuff so far and finally “some” background information on Shiro even thou that damn ending video spoils the fact that they knew each other as children.

    Agreed everyone hates Yoh hahha poor guy xD

  6. Miyu says:

    We’re finally getting to know more about Shiro bit by bit. xD She’s still my favourite character 8D I’m really curious as to how Ganta will react.

    And why hello there crazy priest. Insane characters with long, red hair have been the “in” thing recently, haven’t they? xP

    • Overcooled says:

      I like Red Man Shiro more than ditzy Shiro, so I don’t mind her right now. If the show ends with Ganta finding out about Shiro and not showing his reaction, I will be MAD.

      • Miyu says:

        I will FLIP HAHA.
        I hate all those cliffy anime endings which leave you to ponder over all the possibilities yourself =w= Cliffy EPISODE endings are okay but cliffy anime endings can be.. ):

        On a random note, I think the OP is quite suitable in the context of the anime, but it’s not a song that I’ll download into my iPod. Maybe it’s because I don’t like metal. D:

  7. Carla says:

    “and so that was my childhood. Wait…when did you get naked?”


  8. Kyokai says:

    The rebel leader has such a Urahara vibe. You just need a hat to complete that hipster outfit.

    About Shirou, is she having MPD due to some trauma or the jiji actually did something to her to cause the Red Man status over her personality? It’s becoming hard to lay off the manga but I’ll wait! >.<''

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha yes. I don’t watch much Bleach but he does give off those vibes.

      I don’t know what causes her personality change…I’m guessing that her personality changes when the lullabye isn’t playing? I don’t think the old man did it, because he wasn’t around when she went crazy and killed all those people.

      • Hime says:

        I think the mother goose system is what plays the lullaby that keeps the Red Man under control, and when it’s stopped that’s when Shiro goes yandere. That’s what I can guess from the name anyway, it sounds like it’s supposed to soothe him/her/it.

  9. Elyon says:

    The best ending: Yoh gets the crap beaten out of him for the last time, pulls a Homura and suddenly acquires an army’s supply of weapons, then kills everyone in the show except Crow, who then becomes his lover.


  10. MikADo says:

    two comments: the dog was scarrrry (but stupid), and humming bird was cuuuute :3

  11. Namika says:

    I need more Crow, godddamn it! ><"

    • Dan-go says:

      didnt you just LOVE his reaction to ganta fighting with the undertakers?

      • Dan-go says:

        oh crap…ummm dont read the above post if you havent seen episode 8 yet…

      • Alynn says:

        I loved it! It was the best! Freaking LOVE Crow. : D

  12. ashley says:

    You are now 1 of my favorate people in the world mostly because yoh crow and the prist guy are your favorates but also because you make good points that I’ve thought of some to and this is a really good page I feel so bad for yoh he has not gone 1 episode without getting hurt but I love how he was randomly shirtless

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