Amagami SS OVA – 01

Junichi the Pimp is back

Yes, that super duper late Amagami SS special post is all for this OVA. The only reason why I wrote that is because I realized I can’t make this post without writing about that special xD Anyway, at least I write them >=D This OVA is a compilation of short stories of the days before Junichi had his Christmas date with the girls. The first OVA is about Morishima, Kaoru, and Sae.

Morishima and Junichi are having lunch after school. Since this is, you know, anime and all that, rule number one is having lunch in a restaurant where one of the waitress is your friend. While Morishima orders her weird parfait, Junichi prays that Karou won’t be the one who will serve the parfait. But god is always cruel in anime; his wish isn’t granted, and Kaoru is the one who serves the parfait. Morishima, being a nice girlfriend, hides under the table when she finds out that her boyfriend’s friend works in that family restaurant. While Junichi tries to get his ass out of trouble when Kaoru serves the parfait to him (“Haha you’re weird” etc.), Junichi can’t help but peek under the table (more like between his legs) non-stop just to check on Morishima. She is one bold woman, positioning herself between Junichi’s legs. JUST OPEN THE ZIP AND-Ehm, finally, Junichi has no choice but to lie to Kaoru that he will eat the parfait with Umehara. Yaoi in my Amagami again. YES~

The second part is about, of course, Kaoru. Junichi is looking around the town, only to end up seeing her selling cakes with… neko-eared Santa Claus costume? Hey, that’s sexy. Anything sexy is excused in anime. Anyway, since he got caught staring at Kaoru’s smooth smexy legs, Junichi is forced to sell the cakes with her too. After they’re done, Junichi and Kaoru both wonder whether they should ask each other about the Christmas date. Alas, being too shy with each other, they end up saying nothing and just go home like that.

Last part is Sae’s, about Junichi sulking inside his closet because nobody is home for his birthday, and his family didn’t even bought any cake for him. Birthday in December? Why not celebrate it at the same time with Christmas? Saving money and all that (Cheap Asian here)… Anyway, even Junichi’s self-reflection time is taken, since someone is ringing the doorbell. Who is it? Of course, it’s his gal, Sae! She remembers it’s his birthday, so she comes over to his house just to bring his gift! And what is his gift? It’s a picture album full of pictures her cosplaying…and that’s a special just for Junichi! Sly dog. And Sae, of course, becomes happy when Junichi tells her that he likes the gift, even though he falls down and ends up face-planting on Sae’s boobs. Nothing  can stop a maiden in love being happy, no matter how wrong the scene is.

Extra Screenshots:

If you didn’t think of something dirty when you saw this, then something is wrong with you

Oh look, it’s the cat woman from Marvel!


Apparently, men love nurses

Obligatory Miya

End Thoughts:

Oh wow, such a short OVA about the girls. So, I guess one girl is around five minutes then? Anyway, although it’s short, I really did enjoy this OVA. This is the Amagami SS I want. This is how Amagami SS should be: fun and entertaining. I just love how these girls, especially Morishima and Sae, do the unexpected.

The only problem I have with this OVA is how sometimes it becomes a picture drama instead of having the scene animated. That gives the impression of laziness, and damn it’s an OVA, not a freakin’ VN. I want animated scenes! The most boring part here is probably Kaoru’s. All she did is, what, have a new part-time job? And then force Junichi to help her since Junichi peeked at her skirt? That’s nothing compared to Morishima’s. Although I find the end part (where they can’t ask each other about the date) to be cute. But dang, Morishima is so unpredictable, as usual! What she did seems to be fun, I would like to try that too nishishishi.

Though, Sae’s part is the best. The fact that I like Sae’s part the most surprise me, since in the series, I don’t like Sae’s part at all (and Rihoko’s too). Sae in this OVA is so cute and daring, just for Junichi’s sake! I guess this is where the saying “love conquers all” applies, eh? And another reason why I like Sae’s part the most is because of the narrator. He is just so damn hilarious, the narrator is probably the number one reason why I like Sae’s part the most :3 Morishima’s part is also great, but my mind falls into the gutter right away when I realized that she’s, um, between, un, Junichi’s legs. I don’t need something that makes me feel like a pervert more than usual, just give me the pure Sae (>.<)

So yeah, I had fun with this OVA. With the exception of the picture drama, I have no problem with it. I just hope that the second OVA (Rihoko, Nanase, and the Class Rep) will be like this too. Don’t want another boring special *coughcoughMiyacoughcough* Oh, did I mention my most favorite parts of this OVA? It’s when the camera shows Risa stalking Junichi. Those scenes are PURE WIN.

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  1. Karry says:

    If you didn’t think of something dirty when you saw this, then something is wrong with you

    Well, believe it or not, there was a time when you wouldnt think anything dirty…and today…some nations are like, half faggot land.

    • anaaga says:

      I had one of those times too, when I was small
      Then the internet happens
      and LOL half faggot lands. more like 3/4 of this world? xD

    • Dan-go says:


  2. Foshizzel says:

    It’s perfectly normal to hide under tables! And yes I thought the same thing ahaha.

    I loved this ova xD

  3. Jrow says:

    You know what would’ve made that Haruka scene better? Have her bump his leg just a bit and then he goes insane and bumps the table, spilling some of the parfait all by his crotch. Then Haruka licks some of it.

    Sae’s gift is like the best gift ever.

  4. Kyokai says:


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