Gintama – 208

T-shirts and epic transformations!

Welcome back to more fun with Gintama! Last week seemed to be the end to a new mini arc giving Ayame her own episode. Now to see what kind of crazy adventures Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi will bring this week!

Plot picks up from the previous episode with Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi and Zanzo protecting Ayame while she recovers from her last fight. They are soon attacked by some random assassins until Ayame wakes up to defend her friends from danger.

Zanzo- “We need code names.”      Gin-san-“Mine shall be strawberry milk.”   Shinpachi-“I wanted that!”

While Gintoki and Shinpachi have fun with the radio, Zanzo and Kagura are attacked by the first random assassins. Well, Kagura sleeps through the first attack and manages to beat one of them. The first assassin uses bombs inside pillows to attack people; these are some weak bad guys but still managed to make me die laughing!

Oh man, watch out… he is so dangerous with that crappy mask!

Kagura is sure to have some explosive dreams later…

Shinpachi arrives soon after to get attacked by a T-shirt Assassin. Yep, you heard me correctly A T-SHIRT ASSASSIN! I am not lying, this guy actually gets “killed” when he puts on a large shirt! Things start to become even more bizarre when Gintoki arrives to find some strange twin assassins; they specialize in frozen popsicles by stealing them from you as their attack. Yes these four “killers” are very special indeed!

Assassin- “Well, my mom says I am special…”      Shinpachi-“Wow! My mom said the same thing….wait…”

Zanzo-“Guess that must be a Death Note shirt! It says L right there”

What the– killer popsicle ninjas?!

These expressions are so priceless!

At least Gin-san and Zanzo got the cool finishing moves this week.

Finally free of the rejected assassins! The leader shows up and attacks Gintoki and the others; Ayame finally snaps out of her sleep and defends her friends. She then puts on the brand new pair of glasses that double as a super secret weapon.  Ayame also gains a suit of armor and a cool transformation scene thanks to these glasses, as she uses them to kick some butt! And of course, they defeat the leader.

Shinpachi- “No, I haven’t gotten my own episode yet!”     Gin-San-“Pssh! I am the main character here.”

Wait, Ayame is actually doing something amazing?!

Ayame is now a super hero!

Ayame uses her coke bottle glasses attack to defeat everyone…

Yeah, Ayame needs some practice with those powerful glasses

Extra laughs

Gin-san knocking people out with his fists!

Kagura-“How long do we have to stand like this?”       Shinpachi-“Forever and ever…”

Look, Gin-san wants to share with you, Anaaga!

Kagura must be dreaming about something good.

End Thoughts:

Great episode this week! Then again I don’t expect to have any boring episodes for a long time. It was great watching the character interaction between Zanzo and the others. I only saw a few episodes with him and they always managed to be quite funny. The random assassin characters even though they were so stupid, proved to be so damn funny especially with their style of attacking you with pillows, T-shirts and popsicles? Hahaha, so random!

We did get to see a few action scenes this time and I always enjoy watching those happen. You will find this series does that very well once things get going. It was strange to see Ayame saving everyone! Usually it’s Kagura, Shinpachi and Gintoki saving the day. Well, I did enjoy seeing someone else steal the spotlight for once; that was really fun to watch. Also, Gintoki did get to have some fighting parts this time so I guess he was doing something at least.

Now for the crazy ass transformation for Ayame! Damn I was not expecting her glasses to be so powerful! Hahaha, that whole part was so cool and that attack was also random, giving them glasses as a way of defeating them. Anyway, great episode this week; I really have no idea where the Mangaka of Gintama comes up with their ideas but from wherever, I love it!


Still love this damn ending theme; so good.

Next week, who knows? That is always the fun part of this series.

See you next Gintama!



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    Pillow bombs are srs bsns.

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