Gintama – 206

All aboard the Gintama express!

Welcome back to more strange fun from Gintama! So far things have remained true to the formula of Gintama with the right amount of comedy and story. This week looks interesting, seems we are going to give lots of the side characters their own themed episodes, which works for me up to a point anyway, hopefully we get some more Gintoki stories! Now it’s time for the review.

Plot this week centers around Catherine meeting a new guy who wants to marry her. I know right, that Catherine? Yes, she gets all pretty on us overnight! We also get to see how Otose reacts to the thought of losing Catherine as her “daughter”.

Catherine got all hot!?

I think everyone had this same reaction to Catherine’s new look!

Gintoki is having a drink with Otose when Catherine walks in shocking Gintoki. He is a bit freaked out how she went from scary looking to cute. I guess all things are possible there, Gin-san! Otose learns that Catherine is dating a guy named Suejiro and apparently he is trying to start his own. However things seem fishy to everyone that Catherine is head over heels in love with the dude.

Gin-san is in stealth cool dude-mode!

Time to get to work, you guys

While Gintoki and the others leave for the day, they witness Otose and Catherine having an argument. She doesn’t really want Catherine to leave her bar and refuses to give her blessing to her new happy life. It’s not till much later Otose regrets kicking her out after all the help she gave her. Catherine sees otherwise and agrees to leave with her new boyfriend to another town. Sadly things don’t go so well after that.

Catherine- “OH IT’S SO ON, OLD WOMAN!!”

Otose- “What was that? I can’t hear you, over the bottle owning your pretty face”

Gintoki- “It’s officially happy hour!”                          Otose- “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Catherine leaves after saying goodbye to everyone except Otose and Gintoki who share a drink between friends, not that those two are the best of friends. Catherine arrives in the new town where no one greets her, she also finds out her bank account has been drained to zero. Quickly she begins to have a sinking feeling she was being fooled from the start; turns out her new boyfriend is actually a con artist! Well, Gintoki doesn’t take kindly to anyone messing with his friends and arrives to kick some ass! Sadly we don’t get to witness this BAMF scene.

Poor Catherine! You may not be my favorite character ever but still a very sad scene.

Taizou- “THIS IS AWESOME! Good thing I have glasses on so I can’t see that facial hair….”

Gin-san- “Did someone call for a BAMF hero moment?!”

Otose walks out to find Catherine sitting in a box and walks up to her and asks for a drink and the two of them share a nice moment together happily crying while drinking. The episode ends with Gintoki throwing a checkbook he found in the air! Time for some shopping!

And now a very touching moment to the less popular characters.

Shinpachi- “When do I get my arc? Huh, guys?”                      Gintoki, Kagura, Tama- “……………”

Extra Gin-san!


Kagura feels comfortable anywhere she goes.

Old man- “I liked you better with a uni-brow!”

Gin-san- “What the hell Ichigo and Orihime haven’t hooked up yet, DAMN IT!”

End Thoughts:

Well, that certainly was an interesting episode this week! If Gintama does anything well it’s the dramatic filled episodes, they tend to stand out the most for me. You wouldn’t think a show that always pokes fun at several shows could pull off serious moments but every once in a while they can surprise the fans with it. Catherine may not be my all time favorite girl but I felt really bad for her! She was all happy for a short time and then BAM! Out of nowhere drama happens. Then again who really thought that guy was going to be any good?

Otose also isn’t a fan favorite of mine! She is just plain freaky looking, but I am happy they have people of all ages from oldies to children. Anyway she does have that motherly feeling towards Catherine; after all she basically restarted Catherine’s life from a two bit thief to a solid bar worker and thinks of her as the closest thing to a real family. I think everyone was actually sad to see her leave, even Kagura; well, maybe a tiny bit.

Now Gintoki arrives to save the day and kick people around. I like that about Gintoki, he really doesn’t like Catherine all that much either but even he knows when things need to be set right. That makes him a really fun character during these drama themed episodes! However, I rather have the action and fighting going on but these episodes are a good change of pace from laughs and parodies to serious moments.


Glasses are quite powerful in anime! They can make you moe!

Next week our crazy ass stalker Ayame gets a new pair of glasses. Also expect lots of strange and bizarre thoughts of Gintoki and herself doing things… well, in her mind anyway.




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Gintama – 206”

  1. Hime says:

    Gintoki is an excellent BAMF and I totally lol’d at him reading Bleach, haha!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yep Gintoki is awesome when he gets into fight mode! Not like other characters he’s more calm and relaxed. You should check out episode 50! They parody some of the bigger shows it’s great xD

  2. Valerie says:

    I love how this episode was a bit more serious, but a bit similar to the previous episode with Yamazaki living on anpan and watching that girl. And in the end, Yamazaki and Catherine were both tricked and yeah.
    Gin-san is the hero in the end, hooray~

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Gintama has quite a few of these serious themed episodes, they really stand out a lot for me anyway.

      Lol anpan for what was it 30days? HAhahaha so damn funny, YES GIN-SAN so awesome at the end 😛

  3. MikADo says:

    but well, it was good, and the next ones gona be funny anyways XD love you gin chan 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep serious episode here xD

      Oh god with Ayame? YES that girl is freaking crazy as hell! xD

  4. xochandaox says:

    Ahh The reactions in Gintama are priceless.

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