Ao no Exorcist – 05


Hime: Sunday should henceforth be christened AWESOME DAY, as it is the day our beloved Exorcist comes out. These episodes just keep getting cuter and more badass, can’t wait to see what this week has in store~

Hoshi: AND SO SUNDAY WAS CHRISTENED AS AWESOME DAY BY THE EXORCIST ANI-BLOGGERS…Anyways, I honestly ever have doubt that when an Exorcist episode is released that it will bore me or make me want to cry severe fangirl tears because it was just that bad. So far, this show hasn’t given me one episode I can call ‘bad’ or ‘horrible’, including this week’s.

The newly christened AWESOME DAY’s episode starts off with Shiemi running away from…zombies?! Just before they can lay their hands on her, Rin, looking pretty bad-ass and bishounen-y, comes in and saves her with his cool blue flames. The other students in their class come in, congratulating him with meat! Just as he does his happy dance, he wakes up to find himself in class, being scolded by the teacher.

His nodding off catches the attention of not only the teachers, but another student with dyed hair and piercings. He finally comes more into light when showing off his high test score to Rin’s 2 point score. Rin immediately gets irritated which also sets off the guy, who tells him while everyone else is serious about being an exorcist, he’s slacking off. Rin retorts back and the two come close to fighting, but the others pull them back before they start anything.

Outside, Yukio mentions that he, Ryuji Suguro, is on the same scholarship as him, and that he’s the heir to a famous temple in Kyoto. He even goes farther to say that he’s definitely working harder than Rin. When Yukio leaves, it’s only Rin and Shiemi left, who eventually get to talking, but are interrupted by Suguro’s sarcastic remarks. Of course, these two hot-heads get irritated at each other once again…

It continues on into Physical Training class, where the two are practically racing as they are being chased by a frog demon. Rin takes the lead until Suguro kicks him down, starting another fight between the two. It takes the teacher and Suguro’s buddies to break them apart.

As Suguro talks privately with the teacher, his friends talk to Rin about Suguro’s serious behavior and his goal of wanting to become an exorcist to defeat Satan. They also explain that he wants to rebuild the temple that was destroyed in the Blue Night, an event sixteen years ago where Satan slaughtered the world’s prominent clergymen. Their high priest saw the event as an apprentice, and runs the temple now, but because of the incident, it’s now been called the Cursed Temple. The three of them had decided to become exorcists to help rebuild the temple.

Before the rest of the class can continue on with practice, the teacher leaves suddenly for some important…business, leaving the class to practice by themselves away from inside the arena. Suguro ends up picking another fight against Rin, but this time the stakes go up a little higher as he wants Rin to prove his determination by going and touching the frog demon without it noticing or attacking him. Surprisingly, Rin says no to the challenge, claiming not wanting to risk his life doing something stupid.


This extremely irritates Suguro, and brings back a memory of him as a child hearing what others would say about his father’s (the high priest) temple. While his father laughed it off and continued on, Suguro couldn’t stand it and was determined to defeat Satan, but was even laughed at by his father. Without warning, he slides down into the arena and confronts the demon, but his confidence is swept away when another student laughs after he proclaims his goal. The demon immediatly reacts to his doubt, and goes on the attack, but Rin jumps down in front, scaring the demon.

Rin manages to calm the demon down and save Suguro, but of course with these hot heads, everything goes back to normal with their constant arguing.

Meanwhile, Mephisto meets with Earth King Amaimon, his brother. They chat quite calmly about Gehnna and Mephisto tells Amaimon to tell the rest of their brothers that he’s taken Rin, their youngest brother, under his wing. Before he leaves, Amaimon asks when he’ll return to Gehenna, but it seems that Mephisto won’t be returning for a while.~

(And because Hoshi needs something to fangirl about….Favorite faces of the episode<3)


End thoughts~

Hime: Excuse me if my gaydar’s constant beeping was distracting you from watching this episode, but today’s bromance was off the charts. I’ll get back to that, though. First off I LOVED the way this episode started out. Major lols were had at Rin’s fantasy where he was all hardcore and bishounen, as well as his first impression of Suguro as cool. Oh Rin, you’re so naïve. I wanted to slap Rin though when he said Shimei wasn’t his friend. God, there are too many pairings to ship in this series…Rin/Shimei are soooo adorable together, but my yaoi brain is pulling me towards Rin/Suguro…and lets not even get into the wincest…

The action was great this time around. FIGHTING GIANT FROGS, FTW! Seeing Rin and Suguro’s rivalry actually become dangerous though was pretty intense. I literally gasped when that frog grabbed Rin in it’s teeth and start to om nom nom on our resident demon boy. I was really impressed with Rin’s maturity of not accepting the challenge at first, as well. It proves he is actually trying to behave, showing he has just as much determination as Suguro but just a different way of expressing it.

The other big HOLY SHI- moment for me this episode was seeing Yukio quietly put away his gun after Rin subdued the frog. WHAT CHU DOIN MAN…ಠ_ಠ HE’S YOUR BRUV. Speaking of bruvs; Mephisto’s is so cute with his dopey little face. He’s also got a cone head like Lenny from Shaman King, lol. I love it! I was d’awwing so hard at the end when Suguro came to Rin to apologize…he was even blushing! Then when he gave Rin the hairclip to keep his hair out of his eyes while he’s studying…Unf. GO MARRY.

Hoshi: OMFG RIN AND SHIEMI. JUST…ALKSFJGAKFJGKFGJKF THIS IS MY OTP FOR THIS SERIES. Screw making yaoi couples, screw Shiemi x Yukio; I SUPPORT RIN AND SHIEMI ALL THE WAY. They would be just too cute together, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever been such a big fan of a heterosexual couple in an anime before (WHAT IS THIS).

-cough- Well, it looks like Mephisto’s secret finally comes to light! Though, even if I hadn’t read the manga, you could most likely guess he was some sort of demon by his pointy teeth and ears, which are too similar to Rin’s. I had actually been waiting for this reveal for quite some time, and was completely giddy as I watched it. I was also really excited to finally see Amaimon, who’s another favorite character of mine. Can’t wait until we get to see more of him, heehee. He’s another character though where I’m really bothered by how they animated him. He looks too emo-ish, and his face is too expression-less to me, if that makes sense. I don’t care much for his voice either…

Speaking of animation, did anyone else think it just suddenly got…better? For instance, the faces were particularly good-looking than from the previous episode, even Shiemi looked a bit better! Plus, their movements and such were nicely animated as well. I’m guessing they up-ed the quality for a bit more action-y episode than last week’s? I don’t know; maybe I’m just cracking from school stress. Overall, a pretty decent episode! No serious story complaints I have, and I have to say I like these frog demons a lot better than that flower one from last week, heh. I mean, who doesn’t want a demon that reads the minds of their prey?~


I don’t think I have ever found a preview as hysterical as this one, so there’s a reason for the 4+ screenshots. Looks like it might be Ao no Exorcist‘s first filler episode concerning food and some weird…demon…creature…thing. Until next week then~!


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33 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 05”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Woooo Hooooo great episode! I already wish it was sunday…Ah well xD

    I have said this on other blogs, but I really get lots of Harry Potter feelings from this show! Mostly from the teachers they all seem to be fun! Oh and the demons being used for the training. Man I loved those frogs! So cool looking.

    Guess were in for drama! When the others finally get to see Rin’s blue fire, but that’s cool we need something fun to happen 😛

    Rin x Shiemi Yes! Agreed so cute together <3 <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think a lot of us wish it were Sunday already LOL.

      Really?! I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention the teachers and demons, it does seem that way xD

      I’m really worried for that day they do find out about his blue flames ;A; I think it’ll be a really sad scene depending on how they react…

      YESSSSSS THANK YOU<3 I must gather more Rin x Shiemi lovers, heheheheh.

      • Hime says:

        Only 4 more days~!

        The classses are a little HP-esque, but other than that I never noticed the connection.

        I almost thought they were gonna reveal Rin’s demon flames this episode when he attacked the frog. If Suguro found out it would so quash their bromance, man. Sad times. I hope it stays a secret.

  2. Hime says:

    dem hips in the preview…¬¬

    • Hoshi says:

      ~HNGGGG I know right?

      • Hime says:

        I am looking forward to seeing domestic Rin immensely. Yukio’s casual wear is so totally cute, too.

  3. Yvoon says:


    i just LOVE RIN!!

    he’s so adorable! and the faces he makes….NNNNGHHH! SO CUUUUTE!!!! X3

    i LOVE this screen shot:×365.jpg

    kyyaaa!! <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Rin can look totally adorable at times; it kills me.
      AND THAT SCREENSHOT IS JUST PRICELESS<3 I wish I could print it out, hahaha.

  4. MikADo says:

    The froggy was so funny looking i forgot what the episode was about XD

  5. Carla says:

    I found myself a new weakness: Okimura Brothers :3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh boy, those two are a weakness for a lot of fangirls, myself included, heh.

  6. Kyokai says:

    I have a feeling that Ao-ex is going to be this year’s best shounen. I mean, it’s got all the ingredients that you require for a good action and whoa the brothers! They are just so entertaining; their chemistry is akin to Dean and Sam and man that is SOME CHEMISTRY!

    Yeah, I’m so fangirling this! :3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~DEFINITELY; I have no doubts what so ever. It’s a really well-put together series, even if the plot line is very cliche/typical Jump story. You just fall for those entertaining characters, especially the brothers as you said.


      • Hime says:

        Dean and Sam’s chemistry was wonderful, Rin and Yukio are definately comming in close sceond! I want to see Yukio more torn about his dihlemma when it comes to Rin, though.

        Instead of just being a creeper…

        He was like some crazy spy in that scene. xD

  7. Jo says:

    Rin is so cute..but I wanted to kick him when he said Shiemi wasn’t his friend…


    • Snowley says:

      I understood it as he said she wasn’t his girlfriend, not a friend, but something more… but at the same time her face looked like she got rejected, maybe she misunderstood too.

      • Hoshi says:

        ~I think they both misunderstood as well, especially because it was bad timing.

  8. Elyon says:

    Arghhh I can’t wait for Sunday to come >.< This episode was awesome, but I felt bad for Shiemi when Rin said he wasn't her friend. WTF MAN- BEING GAY FOR YOUR BROTHER IS FINE AND ALL, BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO BE RUDE!
    Speaking of Yukio, that moment where they showed him lurking in the shadows was just awesome XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT? Every time it’s Sunday, I wake up and run to the computer to start that Exorcist download LOL.
      SERIOUSLY I WAS LIKE RIN YOU MEANIE ;A; And then Shiemi’s face when he said that…-SOBS-
      I actually got scared when they showed Yukio in the shadows because he was going to shoot Rin and that’s just ;A; He looked like a bit of creeper through x’D

  9. Moni Chan says:

    TIGER VS. DRAGON who will win

  10. Alynn says:

    Bon and Rin’s rivalry is definitely the bestt.

    I liked those giant demon frogs… don’t ask why.

    • Hoshi says:

      Yeah their fights are just downright hysterical. wouldn’t mind seeing more xD

      Same here! There’s just something about them…

  11. Amutofan123 says:

    Ah, Rin/Shiemi FTW!!!! They are just adorable together! But Rin is such a meanie for saying that he wasn’t her friend. And that poor face she made… ;_; Rinnnn, why? She’s so cute! Anyway, I loved this episode! I think I’ll go read the manga because I’m tired of waiting each week to find out what happens! This is probably my 3rd… maybe 2nd favorite anime so far this season.

    • Hime says:

      I know right! Shiemi needed such a hug this episode.

  12. Balloon Thief says:

    I thought this episode was better than the last two. I didn’t really like the constant bickering between Ren and Suguro. But I liked how Ren showed some amount of intelligence and didn’t take the bait to stand in front of the frog. That shows some amount of self control which hasn’t really been apparent in other episodes. I wonder if he’ll turnout more like Zolo from One Piece. Really serious in battles but kind of goods off otherwise. The part where Yukio Puts his gun away doesn’t make me think he was going to shoot his brother. I think he was just there in case Ren couldn’t stop the demon. I wonder Mephisto is evil. We know he’s a demon but remember Ren is one too and he’s good so maybe Mephisto is good too. This was my favorite episode so far.

  13. Namika says:

    this show is making my life beautiful at the moment. but…. Yukiooooo~ Mephistooooo~ please, don’t let it be something I am foreseeing…. TT^TT Not that bitter taste of double crossing TT_TT

  14. Dan-go says:

    So…is everyone related to satan now…D:

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