Ao no Exorcist – 03

Brotherly love, or so we thought…?

Hoshi: While school has ONCE AGAIN delayed me from watching a lot of spring shows, it can never grasp its soul-killing hands around my beloved Ao no Exorcist! Not only because it premieres on a Sunday, but because its awesomeness can not be stopped, seriously. Anyways, let’s move on to episode 3, shall we?

Hime: It’s that time again. Geez do these weeks seem long waiting for another episode of Exorcist to come out, but I can’t believe it’s been three already. I hope this one drags us out of the funk that episode 2 left me in. It was so god-damn depressing; I don’t think my soul could take another 20 minutes of Rin’s crushed expression. Make me smile, guys!

Hoshi: Keeping to his declaration of wanting to become an exorcist, Rin leaves the monastery, and waits for Mephisto and Yukio. Mephisto finally arrives, telling Rin that he’s taking him to True Cross Academy, at which he happens to be the principal of, to be a student there along with Yukio.

Rin takes the school tour for the freshman, where he also learns that Yukio is actually the Freshman representative. At the end of the tour, he comes upon on a dog that commands him to follow, and Rin does until they wind up outside. The dog suddenly transforms into none other than Mephisto. There, he gives Rin a key, telling him that it will get him to his cram school classes, also known as his exorcist training, from any door.  He also warns him that he needs to control his flames since no one else knows he is Satan’s offspring. With that, Mephisto shows him the way to ‘cram school’ and comes along with him to class in his dog form.

It turns out Yukio has some more secrets of his own when he enters the classroom as the teacher! In fact, Yukio has been studying Exorcism since he was seven, and has already become an exorcist, something Rin hadn’t known at all. Rin is so shocked, he demands Yukio to explain all of it. As the rest of the class waits outside, Yukio finally tells him that he too knew about Rin being a demon since he studied to be an exorcist under the guidance of their father.

An upset Rin causes Yukio to drop the vile of rotten animal blood that was going to be used for the Spirit Wound ceremony, and draws numerous hobgoblins out. Yukio quickly starts to shoot them down as Rin keeps questioning him. Yukio’s responses turn out to be very bitter, telling his own brother that he should give himself to the Order or just die if his intentions to be an exorcist are to avenge their father. He even says it was Rin’s fault their father died since Rin’s last harsh words to his father caused him to be weak enough to let Satan possessed his body. With that, Yukio points his gun at his own brother…

Rin finally snaps, unleashing his blue flames and his sword as a large hobgoblin appears behind Yukio unnoticed. Rin passes by his brother and slices the monster in two.

The two brothers finally calm down after Rin tells Yukio that he wanted to become an exorcist to be stronger; the same reason Yukio had gone down the path to be an exorcist himself. After class, Rin finally gets to his dorm room and finds out Yukio will be staying with him to keep an eye on him. Welcome to jail, Rin~

OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Gifs made by the awesome Hime~


End thoughts~

Hime: …Okay, so I’ve heard that Yukio gets a lot of flack. Now I don’t know why (as I see him through the totally non-biased ANYTHINGJUNFUKUYAMADOESISAWESOME goggles) but guys, come on, HOW BADASS WAS HE. IN. THIS. EPISODE? The answer: Supremely. HOLY SHIT, MAN. Someone needs to .gif the hell out of the gun-scene and spam me repeatedly with it. I mean, his Black Lagoon-esque gunplay was damn sexy. Bond ain’t that smooth dammit! And all the while the intensity is building until him and Rin really have it off with each other, Yukio trying to justify his anger, Rin realizing it was his fault but still not willing to fight his brother. Oooooh! It was another “shout at the screen” moment. When Rin did his demon power up though, that was epic. DAT TAIL. HHNNNG. Then the intense atmosphere just dissipates into something quiet and they are brothers again! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL *_*

Rin’s WTF-ing about the school was so cute, too, especially when people started whispering about him and he went all huffy, lol. Mephisto as a dog was…interesting. Tbh, I don’t like it much. For lack of a better word it’s…silly, and a bit too crackish but then so is Mephisto himself so I can’t really be surprised. He reminds me of a less sinister Break from Pandora Hearts. It’s kinda funny how you can hardly tell it’s Hiroshi Kamiya, he throws some weird inflection into his voice that makes it hard to place. Good news for me as I’d rather distance myself from the fact it’s him. I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but for other kinds of characters. The Spirit Wounds are an interesting concept, it was particularly cool to find out how Yukio became an Exorcist. And by cool I mean TRAGIC. I was BAWWWING so hard.

The fact that it was really Rin who didn’t know anything was handled really well. You get all his frustration and guilt and sympathies, but I also got where Yukio was coming from. I mean, you’d be sore too if your brother pretty much cursed you from birth, even if it wasn’t his fault. And the fact he was inadvertently the cause of their Father’s death. It’s angst but it’s well written angst, so it flys in my book, haha. Their wordplay remains my favorite, (not just cause I’m just totally for their literal bromance, honest) but because it’s just so sweet and natural. While I wished we could have seen a bit more of his classmates, (the guy with the dyed moheikan, I WANT) the episode really had to be about the brothers, but now that it’s over, and judging from the preview, we should get more of a taster to the other characters next time. Until then~ I’m away to watch this episode again. And again. And again. And again…

Hoshi: Yukio, you can be my warden ANYTIME Honestly, Hime has taken the words right out of my mouth when it comes to Yukio, but Yukio, oh Yukio, you deserved to be fangirled about over and over AND OVER AGAIN. That gun action; HOT DAMN THAT BOY HAS MOVES. He kicked so much butt all the while looking extremely serious with those gleaming glasses of his like a total bad-ass. If you didn’t like Yukio now, I’m pretty damn sure you will now (plus as Hime said, JUN FUKUYAMA~). Coupled with the fact Rin pulled out that sword and sliced that hobgoblin so awesomely this episode, these twins can make one pretty bad-ass exorcism team. Who are you gonna call? Not Ghost Busters, that’s for sure.

While I extremely fangirled over Yukio during their dramatic confrontation scene, I was also pretty mad at him for saying those things to Rin. Yes, I do get where this is coming from, and it’s understandable, but I just couldn’t help but get so angry! Poor Rin, being blamed by his own brother, HIS TWIN, over their father’s death. I really wanted to scream when Yukio also told him to just die ;A; I am glad though that this didn’t completely ruin their bromance, but I know there’s still going to be some tension over this, especially if Rin gets out of control.

Now that I’ve heard more of Mephisto, I can definitely hear Hiroshi Kamiya’s voice.  I just don’t know how this man does it, changing his voice so much that a majority of us fangirls couldn’t even recognize it. I think I’m in love with Hiroshi Kamiya even more now…Also, is it just me or did Mephisto just get even more cooler? He’s so quirky, I LOVE IT. You can tell this guy has a lot up his sleeves though, and I’m excited for that day when he reveals it~.


It’s time for the Kana Hanazawa character to appear as the adorable Shiemi will be introduced! So why are the brothers in this garden, and what does our cute looking female lead have to do with it? Until next week then~!


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44 Responses to “Ao no Exorcist – 03”

  1. Overcooled says:

    WHAT, another KanaHana character? ANOTHER ONE? DOES THIS WOMAN EVER SLEEP?

    I think this is one of those shows where I’m going to be excitedly screaming at the screen a lot. Or at least wanting to. I’m a sucker for sexy gun moves (Devil may cry, anyone?) so that whole Yukio scene was just brilliant.

    If I didn’t know Mephisto was voiced by Kamiyan beforehand, I might not have guessed he did the voice at all. You can hear his usual tone if you listen for it, but it’s quite different from his usual voice. Good to see him try new things, even if Mephisto is kind of…um. special. He should go to the financial district and hang out with Masakaki. They can trade pink accessories and drink tea together.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~THAT’S WHAT I WAS THINKING…She obviously is catering to her fanboys by being in ANOTHER anime.

      Same here for both statements x’D Yukio+sexy gun moves=WINWINWIN

      Yeah, I’ve heard a bit of that Izaya tone on certain scenes, but you really have to listen to it. Oh yes I can certainly imagine them chatting about odd things in their colorful outfits~.

      • Hime says:

        I don’t usually follow female seiyuus but I have noticed her name popping up a lot. LET HER TAKE OVER BEGIN.

        • Kyokai says:

          She doesn’t sleep. She drinks and sleeps animu…. ano onnah… =.=

    • Namika says:

      Devil may cry? Yes, please! 😀 handshake for the sexy gun moves sucker!

    • MikADo says:

      as i said before she has the most shows this season 😛

  2. Moni Chan says:

    Yukio’s gun skills … SO HAWT

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT? Best gun scene of the season (at least so far)<3

      • Hime says:

        *swoon* He needs to get angry a lot, so we can see more of his kick-assness.

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    God damn it, can Kana Hanazawa just take a day season off?
    Glasses + Guns + cool little brother = Yukio

    • Hoshi says:

      ~LOL seriously, this women needs a break…
      and DEFINITELY~ xD

  4. Reaper says:

    When you have Jun Fukuyama, everything is awesome. Spice and Wolf, Code Geass and a few others more for lol (like Working!! and MM!), it’s great he’s taking a more serious character for now. Really though, why hate Yukio? Because he might just be a better character than Rin? (Not including the whole gun-awesomeness of course:)) Waiting for Kana Hanazawa, truly she does not sleep when there are characters to be voiced. That’s one committed seiyu, and we all love her for it 🙂
    Mephisto’s transformation was funny but if Izaya was his alternate form…:)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I really loved when Jun played Lelouch, uwaaaah. Since then I’ve been a bit of a fangirl for him as well. I don’t see how people can hate Yukio! And if its about him being better than Rin, truly these two are a pair and share the same awesomeness xD I don’t think one is better than the other at all.

      • Hime says:

        I don’t understand all the hate either, HE’S BADASS. But then it is Jun, so what would you expect?

  5. cassi says:

    This episode was so awesome. Yukio was cool but I think I prefer Rin. He looked so badass when he killed that big demon. More I need more!!! BTW how many episodes does this anime have? Don’t tell me it’s just 12?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I agree, Rin did look pretty awesome killing the hobgoblin, and when he took out his sword all cool like XD
      Ah, it’s going to have 24 episodes, thank goodness!

  6. zabobinator says:

    All I have to say is that I want Mephisto’s car. That is all.

  7. bakuhasu says:

    Hiroshi Kamiya Dog win that is all…. Also throughout these 3 episodes this series has been the surprise of the season. One more thing! I swear the Hanakana disease just can’t stop touching anime.period. Again just be READY READY READY! FOR…THE TAKEOFF!!!!

    Also I should comment more on Hoshi (kpop buddy) Ojousama’s post…orz.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hiroshi Kamiya Anything is a win. I actually expected this to be good from when it was first announced because of all the hype, but of course I did have a bit of doubt. And, oh you Hanakana fanboy…

      Also, yes you should…

  8. Elyon says:

    Megane, Jun Fukuyama, and black hair all combined together and NOW ON TOP OF THAT HE’S A BADASS WITH GUNS?!?! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- I can’t take it anymore. His sexiness has reached new levels. XD Seriously, someone should make a gif ASAP.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!! Yukio has climbed up the sexiness ladder X’D I’ve actually been trying find gifs of his gun scene but I can’t find any surprisingly!! Hell I’d make them myself if I could D8

      • Elyon says:

        If there’s anyone out there who knows how to make gifs, PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR REQUEST!! XD

        • Hoshi says:


          • Hime says:

            lol, you’re welcome. IT WAS TOO SEXY NOT TO.

    • Namika says:

      Don’t forget the moles!
      Man, Yukio is the greatest younger brother in history! *0*

  9. Balloon Thief says:

    The hobgoblins look awesome. I want one as a pet. They look only slightly evil but they are incredibly cute. Imagine seeing someone walking their hobgoblin. That would be weird/awesome.

    The gun thing is cool and all but it seems sorta cheap. Yukio gets a gun and Rin only gets a sword. He’s bringing a sword to a gunfight or however that saying goes.

    Mephisto is so quirky. He turns himself into a lap dog and his limo is pink. I want to see him when he’s serious because right now that doesn’t even seem possible.

    • Hime says:

      They were surprisingly cute. I think if someone saw you walking your hobgoblin they’d call the men in black.

      • Balloon Thief says:

        Crossover episode! I would watch an ao no exorcist and men in black combo in a heartbeat. Would it be called black exorcist, or men in blue?

        • Hime says:

          MEN IN BLUE. It sounds more hardcore…like smurfs..

  10. Namika says:

    *0* This show makes me fangirl so much!!!! YUKIO, WILL YOU MARRY ME???? Just wait, I will drag you out of the 2-d world and……. He was so BADASS with those guns! *weapon fetish* And his shiny glasses! *megane fetish* KYAAAAA >3<
    Amazing, just amazing. And I'm finally sure about the OST album. I am SO getting it. The BGM is gorgeous!!! Just as everything else!!! <3 Can't wait 'till the next week!!!

  11. MikADo says:

    woot bromance is in the air XD
    but i promise you, as a guy with a brother myself,
    brothers do not develop relationships like that

  12. Kyokai says:


    I went on a rampage of their fanart yesterday, while chatting up with Hime (Hoshi, you should have been around and we would have had triple the fun! xD). I think we squealed a lot over our finds but these two are SO worth fangirling over. The most amazing thing is the pacing of animu that is keeping everybody on their toes. You just can’t rest or yawn. Can’t wait to get all the character introduced.

    And yeah, awesome gifs, Hime! <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Awww really?! ;A; Damn school making me miss out on fangirling…

      Yeah so far the pacing is wonderful. I have no complaints with that. And Hime’s gifs are AWESSOMEEEEEE<3 When she emailed them to me I literally squealed x'D

    • Hime says:

      DEM TWINS & DAT ANGST. Could it be any more perfect?

      The fanart is so good…Kyo I got a couple of pages of some doujins (They are NSFW tho, lol) I shall keep an eye out for when the full ones become availale for HGGNNG’ing.

  13. Vivi says:

    Kana Hanazawa is sooo cute! Although it’d be good for her to have a break now and then, she is just too cute, I sort of want her to show up every season haha. MOE ♥ Now I can’t wait until the next ep XD

    also, fyeah BROMANCE

    Mephisto is a cool dude. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least one person at AX cosplaying as him this year. dat pink

  14. Foshizzel says:

    Wooooo! This was a fun episode things are progressing very well for Rin, and finally some new characters xD

    Hana again?! WHATT Awesome xD

  15. Mina says:

    yeah Kana Hanazawa is everywhere at this moment
    I like her voice, it’s cute, but it’s tooooooo much. Hearing her every and every time I watch an anime xD
    I feel so cool right now since I realized Kamiya right from the start, yeah I am so cool
    haha Fukuyana Jun is badass, and Yukio is badass, so that’s pretty much a perfect combo, no?

    • Hime says:

      It is the most perfect of perfect combos! 😀

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