Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – 05

Get your tissue boxes ready kids.

I have been waiting in EXTREME ANTICIPATION for this episode because I really wanted to see the reaction that Yukiatsu would have over getting caught cross dressing and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. THANK YOU A-1 PICTURES!!!

So, after they all find Yukiatsu dressed up as Menma, Jinta walks down to talk to him, asking him if he’s alright. In response, Yukiatsu grabs him into a chokehold and starts yelling about how it was his own fault that Menma died and that, if anybody, Menma should have appeared in front of him. He’s crying at this point (OMG T_T) and Menma decides to talk to him through Jinta telling him that she is in front of him, “thanks for the hairclip” and that she’s sorry. This appears to shock Yukiatsu and he leaves. It is revealed that Tsuruko knew the whole time that Yukiatsu had been cross dressing as Menma.

He’s actually…dare I say…kind of pretty…

Back at home, Yukiatsu goes back to the day that Menma died. After Jinta left, Menma chased after him and Yukiatsu stopped her. He told her that she wasn’t ugly and gave her the aforementioned hair clip…and confessed that he loved her. She rejected him and kept running after Jinta. Oh my god. Poor Yukiatsu. Remembering this, he bursts into tears. At her place, Tsuruko tries on the same hairclip and it doesn’t go well with her glasses. Hmmm…

Meanwhile, Jinta goes off to buy food for Menma. As he shops he and Menma have parallel thoughts about how they had just accepted things as they were and did not give any thought to why she had appeared before him. After he brings the food back, Menma tells him one more time that she wants him to fulfill her wish. Jinta tells her that he’s busy and he’s doing all he can…even though half the time he’s playing video games or sleeping…

The next day at school, Anaru’s “friends” want her to hang out with them and mention that she’s been awfully cold to them lately and that they were thinking of quitting being friends. Uhm…what. Some friends you are! Tsuruko and Yukiatsu are in school as well and Tsuruko’s drawing a picture of what looks to be Yukiatsu dressed as Menma. Huh. Interesting…

I say ditch the bitch(es).

Yukiatsu and Tsuruko miss the train back home so they sit down and he notes how she’s been very normal about the whole cross dressing issue.  They notice Anaru walk by with her friends carrying a change of clothes. Tsuruko notes that, like Yukiatsu, there are some things that people cannot bear without wearing different clothes.

It turns out that Anaru is at karaoke with her “friends.” One of the dudes decides to ditch, taking her along with him to a love hotel. She’s surprised and tries to get away but he won’t let her go.  Things aren’t looking too good for Anaru and then a hero arrives! Yukiatsu comes around the corner and saves her. They get on the train together and discuss their feelings for Menma and Jinta. Yukiatsu concludes that they have been “left behind.”

Meanwhile, Poppo stops by Jinta’s house for dinner and to talk about Menma. He doesn’t think that it’s a good thing that she’s here and that maybe it’s because she can’t rest in peace. He asks Menma to appear in front of him too and this causes her to burst into tears as she cannot explain why she is here. Dear lord, this made me cry so hard. She must feel so helpless…

I can’t take it! *sobs uncontrollably*

End Thoughts: Wow. This was one hell of an episode. Then again, I wouldn’t expect any less of AnoHana. It’s quickly proving to be one of the best shows I’ve seen this season. It’s already been my favorite and all but plot wise; it’s definitely at the top of my list.

Clearly, the fact that Menma has appeared only in front of Jinta is fast becoming an issue. For one, the circumstances by which she appeared are kind of odd. I mean, I think that she appeared to bring them all together again and not forget about her, but  it’s still probably very emotionally stressful for her to be seen and heard by only one of the people who are very important to her. Not only so, but also, I like that AnoHana takes the realistic approach to a dead childhood friend appearing before only one of the friends. Not every believes it and the ones who do are slightly concerned that it even happened and that she’s not appearing before them either. Their responses are all very realistic. I like that.

Also, Yukiatsu definitely grew on me this episode. First off, that display of emotion at the start of this episode was just absolutely heartbreaking. He really thought that it was his fault that she died. Props to Takahiro Sakurai for voicing that perfectly. And just, seeing him as a child with his adorable puppy love for Menma was SO CUTE. Not to mention he saved Anaru. He can still be a bit of a jerk but he’s growing and developing as a character.

It took me a little while to really understand what Yukiatsu meant by him and Anaru being “left behind.” It’s easier to get in terms of Menma in that she left them all behind with her death. With Jinta however, I think it’s because of how he became so emotionally withdrawn after Menma and him mother dying. I don’t know. I’m still pondering that one. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it? xD

Right now, I’m still most curious about Tsuruko and Poppo. We are seeing bits and pieces of how Tsuruko feels each episode but we still don’t know the full extent to which Menma’s death has affected her. Same with Poppo; I feel as though he’s hiding something. His happy go lucky façade cracked a bit there at the end of this episode. I guess we’ll find out soon!


Awww…I want a Menma hug!


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13 Responses to “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – 05”

  1. Jrow says:

    I’ve loved AnoHana so far, but didn’t quite get the tears people were shedding watching it… until this episode. That Ghost Whisperer-esque moment with Menma thanking him and the end had WaterWorks almost open for business.

  2. baka_girl says:

    That Yukiatsu bastard almost make me cry in this episode!! Unforgivable! :p
    I agree that Sakupyon reaaaaally did a great job voicing Yukiatsu 🙂

    Tsuruko become more and more mysterious, I wonder how she really feel about Menma and Yukiatsu. How come she also has that hairpin?!

  3. Balloon Thief says:

    Great episode. I can totally relate to Jinta being on the Internet all day.

    I also find it interesting how the other characters react to Jinta’s ability to see Menma. Most of them don’t really believe that Menma is really talking to Jinta. Anaru seems like she just doesn’t question that idea. Tsuruko doesn’t believe in it but wonders why he’s seeing her. Yukiatsu wants so badly to believe that Menma is still there that he accepts it immediately. And Poppo is so cool that he just automatically accepts because he wants to help. I think Poppo is a badass.

    Yukiatsu seems like he will end up being the type of character who starts out creepy/crazy and become the smart/helpful character by the end. Though honestly I don’t really want that to happen because it doesn’t seem realistic. Severe mental trauma is not something that you can fix just like that.

    I think I know what Yukiatsu meant when he told Anaru that they were being left behind. He means that Anaru likes Jinta and he like Menma but the feelings aren’t mutual because Menma and Jinta like each other.

    I payed special attention to the intro video and all the characters remembered playing with the group of friends except for Yukiatsu who only sees Menma. I just noticed that and now it makes perfect sense. The next episode can’t soon enough. Great post.

  4. Joojoobees says:

    I like the fact that there are a lot of interesting characters in this show, and they have a complex situation that needs working out, but there is something that really bothers me about it. Jinta bothers the heck out of me; I just can’t understand what he does (or doesn’t do).

    The scene with Menma crying was a perfect example. Poppo was clearly trying to be helpful. When Menma cried, not only didn’t Jinta make any effort to comfort her (which is cold), but he also didn’t bother to explain what was going on to Poppo, DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD! GRRRR. Jinta pisses me off. And No. I don’t consider something ambiguous, like “give it a rest,” to be an explanation of anything. Poppo doesn’t know what Jinta is seeing, and he sure doesn’t act like someone who is seeing his friend cry.

    Another example is his not listening to Menma when she wanted to talk to him about her wish. WTF? Then he plays video games. What a freaking ASSHAT.

    Okay, I’ve calmed down now.

  5. amado says:

    meh, popo’s actually troubled like the other characters. he’s living in a delusion that everything is the same as it was back then and they’re all still friends, just that menma is hidden.
    but its not as simple as that anymore.

  6. Mad Chemist says:

    I’m glad that the show is treating Yukiatsu with respect and not just using him as the bad guy in this. He’s clearly not a nice or particularly well adjusted person, but it’s interesting to see the emotional issues that’ve led him to this place. I really liked the scene in the train where he and Naruko finally got to be honest about each other – they definitely know that they’re living in the past and I think they admit how pathetic it is, but it’s hard to break free.

    It looks like Poppo is more perceptive than I thought, too. As goofy as he is he really serious’d up this episode, and he is right about Menma’s return causing about as much pain for the group as it is good. I wonder if he wants to see Menma because even if the group gets together, if only Jinta can see her things still aren’t back to normal.

    • Joojoobees says:

      “if only Jinta can see her things still aren’t back to normal.”

      No kidding. ‘Cuz Jinta is terrible at communicating things to other people. Menma might as well have appeared to someone who is unable to speak. He has a special responsibility to convey her wishes since she isn’t able to do so without his help.

  7. Foshizzel says:

    Wow! Such a dramatic episode this week I already want episode six already! Like NOWWWW!

    That ending was so sad T___T

    We can tell Jinta really doesn’t want to let Menma go at all he probably would keep her around forever! Which is well wrong he needs to let her move on.

  8. Kyokai says:

    I can’t hate Yukiatsu forever because he’s voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and man, does he do a good job on all his roles?! His character is finally clear and I like the now version than the previous uptight one.

    Being left behind, pretty much means that Anaru and Yukiatsu were never really loved by the people they always liked. Anaru always liked Jinta, while Yukiatsu always liked Menma but their love was never reciprocated and thus, even if Menma is not alive Jintan is pretty much fixed on her. The second fiddles were left behind… man, this pains me like Honey & Clover… ;3;

  9. Reaper says:

    Defs agree with you on Tsuruko and Poppo. Poppo’s little chink in his happy-go-lucky armour must have some relation to Menma, whilst Tsuruko…I get the feeling she’s been jealous before but maybe festering guilt about Yukiatsu (i forgive him now too, especially since he has to believe Yadomi after the whole hairclip confession) and his feelings for Menma. Really wanted Anaru to say ‘Screw you two, I’m stamping on your cell phones now!’ but glad to see Yukiatsu’s turnaround (also probably because of the hair clip) in saving her, Show ▼

    I agree with Kyokai with Yukiatsu and Anaru with their whole unrequitted love and being left behind…it’s really painful, especially when you can relate…sniff, sniff…oh AnoHana, how you pull at my heartstrings…

  10. MikADo says:

    Popo is being so considerate, yet ironic that those feelings are hurting Menma the most.. thats because he probably is stuck in his own world, and those not try to change his thoughts as people around him changes, or rather he doesn’t notice the change at all
    ;ㅅ; put me in tears that scene

    Yukiatsu has finally moved on from Menma’s shadows (Tsuruko: As planned *death note smile*) and i guess it is an improvement, and high spec and intelligent as he was before, he would now be an important advisor type character to everyone’s problems, especially Jintan

    Anaru,however still sticks to her normal life, refusing to change. And this brought problems…thx to Yukiatsu she was saved though.

    Jintan shows hints of his origin, perhaps, of problems, telling the viewers that his complications are not only those obviously seen, but there are fundamental things that has gone either wrong, or broken in his life, thus giving the state of which he is right now…but i guess thats obvious considering the anime’s genre :3

    Being left behind huh… it took me a while to swallow that down too, for me, i think it means that those two are still hanging on to the old days even as of today, while all others moved on mentally, the leftovers, the unchangeables… though Yukiatsu was able to move on one step with Tsuruko’s help and Anaru clearly recognizing the state she is in with the help of Yukiatasu..

    Oooooooh too much thinking!! anyways the show was great like always, heartbreaking, touching, sentimental, and delicate. this is going to be hell of a show

  11. Dan-go says:

    DRAAAMAAAAA OH GOD OH GOD THIS IS SO SO SO GOOD (and some day i will give it the rather long analytical comment this show so richly deserves…but for now…MENMAAAAAAAA!!!!! (that is all)

  12. Elyon says:

    Yukiatsu T.T I felt so bad for him when they had that flashback where he confessed to Menma and she ran after Jintan instead. I love how strong the cast of characters is for this show, but like you said I hope we get to see more Tsuruko and Poppo, because it seems like there’s probably more to them.

    Geez, Thursday couldn’t come fast enough >.<

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