Yumekui Merry – 13 [END]

Merry goes streaking.

Welcome back, day dreamers! Well, after the disappointment of episode twelve, let’s find out what Merry does in the final episode. Really hope J.C.  Staff can get their act together for this, so far it hasn’t been so good with the progression. Anyway onto the review for the final episode of Yumekui Merry! Enjoy.

Plot follows the events of episode twelve, with all the cast inside Yui’s dream world, where Yumeji discovers a hidden power inside himself. This inspires everyone else to give it their all as well. The battle inside Yui’s dream world comes to a quick end for Mistilteinn.

Mistilteinn- “Tag, you are it, human!”                         Yumeji- “Ouch, you play too damn rough!”

You can’t make friends if you always kill people, Mistilteinn!

After Mistilteinn knocks Yumeji down, Leon jumps in to fight her instead and finally put his plan to shoot her with his secret weapon! Unfortunately for them, Mistilteinn has some thick skin. All those crystals and nothing to show for, it’s just lame. Of course, I knew this all along that would be just too easy as the gun comes with side effects; anyone who fires this gun lose their soul too. So, Chizuru lost her soul and her dream demon in one shot… so lame.

Oh snap! The gun is now gold, must be more powerful?


Mistilteinn- “WOW! I can’t look away… so damn pretty!”

Apparently Magical bullets are super ineffective against plant demons.

Poor Chizuru! Guess she should have aimed for a headshot.

With the failed mission by Leon and Chizuru, it’s up to Yumeji and Merry to pull something together. Merry jumps up to fight then gets swallowed by some large plant thanks to Mistilteinn! This puts her into a sleep mode where she has a few flashbacks, nude of course! Because we all know that’s completely normal?

Merry- “Who took my clothes?! I can feel a draft…”

Merry goes streaking in the wheat fields.

What happens next is where things get really strange! Yumeji stands up and summons up some new hidden powers. Actually summons up John Doe’s sword into the dream and fights off Mistilteinn on his own; that was strange how all of a sudden he knew how to do that. We learn his true dream is to never give up! This gives him a boost to withstand her attacks. Merry also gets out of her depressed funk and runs into fight with Mistilteinn and actually does some damage for a change.

Ryouta- “Look how creepy I can get! Muhahahahahah!”

Yumeji- “Want to see a magic trick?”                           Mistilteinn-“Ooooooh, I love magic!”

Still doesn’t compare to epic chainsaw from Kore wa zombie! Close enough.

Thanks to Yumeji believing in Merry’s speech, she feels full of fight and challenges Mistiltienn who runs away and eats Isana’s dream demon, Yes, she literally eats him in one bite, maybe she is part shark? Merry then punches Mistltienn in the stomach and releases the demon; somehow this punch sends the little demon back to his own world. But the credit isn’t all Merry’s as Engi flies in to finish off Mistltienn for good!

Mistltienn- “Hmmmmm tastes like chicken? Or beef?”

Merry-“Awwww feels so light and fluffy!”

Merry- “Hey! Let’s play a game!”                       Mistiltienn-“Uhh I don’t feel like playing!”

Merry uses taunt attack!

Mistiltienn takes a critical hit! Player defeated!

After the defeat of Mistiltienn, everyone returns to the real world, except the teacher! Wonder what happened there? Maybe he wasn’t even real or he was destroyed along Mistiltienn? Everything seemed to end quite well to everyone with Yumeji inspiring the remaining dream demons to never give up! This also refuels Merry’s beliefs in returning to her own world. The episode wraps up with Chizuru and Isana rebuilding their unique relationship to become friends again and Merry blushing happily at Yumeji.

Isana-“I am so stalking you this time…”               Chizuru-“Well, aren’t you just a creeper!”

Dat blush and those eyes! So damn Cute! I will miss your happy personality, Merry.

Extra Dreams!

Creepy smile there, Mistiltienn! But you were so damn cool, right up there with Vent from Index II

Kind of wish Yumeji pulled out the mask too! Oh well, maybe next season?

Anyone else get Dragon ball z vibes here? Thinking Gohan and Goku during the Cell saga here.

Run like an airplane, Merry!

Final Thoughts:

Well, the final episode was both amazing and boring at the same time, not to mention the animation kind of messes up too. Not sure why but I feel J.C. Staff kind of dropped the ball around episode ten, the progression of the plot died off during the episodes leading up to the final one. I did enjoy the moments with Yumeji finally using that hidden power; I know I always hear how there is some connection between himself and John Doe. Sadly the build up to this important event didn’t feel as dramatic as other shows like this, hell Ichigo’s first time using Bankai was more amazing than Yumeji summoning his weapon.

Merry got to do some good fighting this time around too, which was nice but also not as great as I really wanted it to be. It was nice to see her doing something instead of standing around looking cute; they still didn’t give us a full explanation on what she really is! I was a bit disappointed in that fact. They could have given us something, but I think it’s clear she has a hidden power to send demons home with her fists. Also was happy to see Chizuru sacrifice her soul to defend Isana’s dreams, guess she really cares for Isana a lot.

I do wish Yumeji’s power was shown a bit more rather than only getting seen in the FINAL EPISODE! They really missed the chance to make him an awesome character. However, if they did show off his powers early it wouldn’t have left a huge impact on us. I did notice Engi was completely healed! I think it has something connected to her dream world getting healed up, so maybe having home field advantage helps in this series.

Overall, Yumekui Merry started out strong with the first few episodes, until they dragged Mistitlenn’s character on through roughly seven episodes. That’s about where this series began to lose steam, the story was decent the idea of dreams was a great idea! Just wish it was planned out more. Unique character designs and fun music really kept this show entertaining for me; I just did not like the last five episodes as much as I wanted. This felt like it was going to be a twenty six episode series; anyway this was a semi fun series to follow, thanks again readers and also Hime for joining me briefly on this.

See you next season? Stay cute, Merry!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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17 Responses to “Yumekui Merry – 13 [END]”

  1. spazer says:

    Everything with Mistitlenn is anime original, which explains the suckage. Yumeji’s discovery of his power (lucid dreaming) happens earlier in the manga, and is far, far more epic. Like I can’t even describe how epic that scene was.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ah well now I can read the manga just to compare the differences! Can’t wait to check it out. Well often translating from manga to anime you tend to have suckage sadly =(

      I shall look forward to it 😀

      • Hime says:

        Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did they do dis? D: spazer is right, the lucid dreaming thing was crazy awesome. Why did they taunt us with so little John Doe?

  2. amado says:

    I dont know where to begin…

    to be frank, it sucked. only yumeji had the ability to bridge a dream demons realm to another one. merry needs her keys to send demons back. engi cant heal that easily even with yui. and most of all, john doe was supposed to be the there when yumeji learns how to borrow his weapon.

    the diff of the manga and anime: http://randomc.net/image/Yumekui%20Merry/The%20Perfect%20Reason.jpg

    this is one of the most disappointing endings ive seen. I would have been fine with an anime original but this was very bad. not to mention they didnt even mention heracles.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I only had experience with the anime, the manga is another story for me hahah but I will read it just to see what everyone liked from the manga vs anime.

      So that’s what his power can do? Interesting stuff! I will probably start reading it tommarow then.

      Yep this ending was pretty bad I can agree, they should of had a few shots of Heracles grinning or something! They have to do another season. I didn’t really hate this series just was so damn slow! And lame animation for “fights”

      • amado says:

        they screwed up the canon too much to make a 2nd season. unless they really diverge from the manga, which doesnt end well for them either way. they’d have to change: john doe’s entrance, the hints about yumeji and merry, yumeji’s actual power, isana’s experience, yui’s abilities, merry’s real power, etc.

        to hint what yumeji’s power is:
        he says “il borrow it” when he uses his power. just change that phrase to “trace on” and you can guess what he’s power is. assuming you watched fate/stay night.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Well they haven’t even met up with Heracles so they have to give us something, unless they plan on ditching this completely? They probably will do something way different than the manga if they wish to continue it, right lots to change if they do it.

          Yeah I can kind of figure that out, going to read the manga soonish once I am caught up on my reviews xD

        • Foshizzel says:

          I just read through the manga! Wowwwww that is all I have to say! Damn so good <3 <3 <3

  3. Kyokai says:

    The ending was meh for me as well. I mean, I expected better from this. No knots were tied and well, the badass factor just died. I am disappoint.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep most of us are thinking the same, could have been so much better! Ah well started out strong but died off.

  4. McTricky says:

    I didn’t even pay much attention to the ending (post-fight), but I’m sorry, Yumekui Merry was such a disappointment. What started off as a great show, quickly lost its steam.

    And yes, it would have been awesome if Chaser was actually present in that fight. Way to go J.C. Staff.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nope I agree with you it was great at the start then fell apart quickly near the end, why!! Oh well I still had fun reviewing this.

      Hopefully John Doe gets to do more next season? If they even make one.

  5. edru says:

    not to mention a lot of scenes is reused. the anime also has LOTS of merry’s midriff.

    at least I found the manga….

    • Foshizzel says:

      True we had lots of reused animation in a few episodes, which isn’t to uncommon lately. Of course! Well it could have been worse, they could have done a ton of panty shots with Merry.

      Yep going to start reading it as well.

      • edru says:

        at least panty shots would natural and make more sense like she’s jumping around and we see it.

        and yeah, manga is better yet again. I vote for yumejiXisana.

        • Foshizzel says:

          True, and agreed the manga is way better! The major problem with JC Staff from what I can tell from all of their shows is simply to much story being shoved into 13 episodes! Index had 24 and they still need a third to get the point across.

          Yes that pair works well 🙂

  6. […] “Yumekui Merry started out strong with the first few episodes, until they dragged Mistitlenn’s character on through roughly seven episodes. That’s about where this series began to lose steam, the story was decent the idea of dreams was a great idea! Just wish it was planned out more.” – Metanorn […]

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