Steins;Gate – 04

High intensity computer shopping!

This weekend I’m getting my internet service upgraded, so I’ll be able to both download more and download it faster! Both of my computers are second-hand from my cousins so they’re not the swiftest of machines when it comes to carrying out my commands. But this means I can torrent everything faster and get to my CHRRISSTINNAAA in less time! 😀

Daru and Okarin are dumbfounded by the results from hacking onto SERN’s database, and these are only a fraction of the entire database. Daru tries to look at the Jellyman Report for further details on why a human had to die in the experiment, but can’t crack the code at all. He takes a break for now until Okarin remembers what John Titor said about needing an IBN 5100, and promptly shoots him a text with a photo of the code in question.

Hacking and behaving like a mad scientist is apparently quite rigorous, as the boys have accumulated a large pile of sweat-drenched clothes. Okarin and Mayuri go to the Laundromat together but run into the increasingly insane-seeming Suzu who insists that she is a soldier. We also learn she lives in the same building as Mayuri and even gave her a Rai-net card as a present.

John Titor suddenly texts Okarin back to tell him that he definitely needs an IBN 5100, to which he reacts by racing home and shaking Daru excitedly. He’s hot on the heels of his biggest lead yet, but Daru would rather sleep and Mayuri has work. You’re all alone, Ho-oh-in. All alone except for incessant texts from Shining Finger and oh wait, there’s Kurisu…let’s drag her along!

As much as the redhead denies that the microwave was a time machine, she is very curious in what Okarin has to say. Most notably, she has a kneejerk reaction when he mentions The Organization, but refuses to comment on it when pressed further. He manages to at least keep her with him all the way to the Laundromat (since she didn’t know where to find one) and almost convince her to come back to the lab. However, she seems to have her guard extra high because her dad was obsessed with time travel, and it got him nowhere.

Just you, me, washing machines and some awkward grabbing

Okarin is without a real lead until Mayuri of all people provides him with some useful information: Feyris knows about the IBN 5100. Instead of just being able to ask her, Okarin has to participate in some card game akin to Yu-Gi-Oh! or something else of the sort. Okarin initiates plan G-BACK which is just code for “jibaku” or “explode.” His brilliant plan was to just get Feyris to explain everything as long as he participates and therefore lose as quickly as possible to get his information right away.

Feyris saw an IBN 5100 at the Akihabara Shrine, and luckily Okarin can ask Ruka for a little favour. He’s on his way there when he calls a call from Kurisu, who is starting to believe Okarin more after she checked out this whole IBN coding thing with another contact. She asks where he’s going then hangs up as soon as he tells her. When he gets to the shrine, lo and behold, look who’s back for more.

Yo, who’s dis bitch and why is she all up in my shrine for?

They actually have the computer and are willing to give it to Okarin! Creepily enough, the person who donated it 10 years ago said a young man would ask for it one day. John Titor..? Anyways, Kurisu and Okarin lug the massive thing back home to get to work on phase 2 of their mission!

Bonus Screenshots:

This is getting ridiculous, we need to buy you some sunglasses or something

My thinking process is accelerated by 150% when I’m not wearing pants

Wait, no! You’re not supposed to be the yandere of the show!

Ugghh why is this box of porn so HEAVY?

End Thoughts: Here we have another episode that slowly and steadily builds on what happened from the last episode. This time, we might really get a lot answered in the next episode. Now that they have the IBN 5100 I just want to see them hack into the database and read all the secret documents!!! That is, if the computer even works (or if Daru can manage to use such a dinosaur of a thing). Even if IBN 5100 is a tease and ends up being a dead end, Okarin’s large number of useful contacts will probably come into play again. I think the time to spring something big should be near.

The current pacing is leaving me really curious about what’s the happen next. Steins;Gate clearly is good at building tension and keeping you roped in. This week’s hook that have my gears turning are Suzu, Feyris and Kurisu. I’m only a little concerned with Suzu, who is acting more and more like a nutcase in each encounter. I just want to know what her deal is. Feyris is potentially some sort of mastermind. Despite her nyan-nyan-supa-kawaii appearance, she’s shown with a serious expression in the OP. Also, if she’s the country’s best in Rai-net, a game I would assume is dependent on strategy, she probably knows a lot more than she lets on. She’s probably a bit like Okarin, who acts a lot more daft than he really is. As for Kurisu, I wonder what on earth her father was like. Once the characters are probably woven into the plot, I get the feeling they’ll be a lot less one dimensional than they seem at the moment.

I feel like Steins;Gate is dangling a carrot in front of me, only giving me a nibble every now and then to keep me interested. It’s working, that’s for sure. The plot is definitely a major pull of interest that keeps me going, but so is Okarin. I could watch him converse with any character, no matter how dull, for an entire episode. He’s such an offbeat character with an around-the-bout way of doing everything. His insanity is (for the most part) just a way he chooses to act because of..boredom perhaps? I don’t know how he got to act this way, but his interactions with everyone are a joy to watch. You won’t encounter many conversations in real life like those with Okarin.

We’ll have to wait a week to see just what computer can do. For now…El Psy Kongroo.


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14 Responses to “Steins;Gate – 04”

  1. MikADo says:

    me and my friend was guessing about wat will happen next in SteinsGate, and guess what? we were right about IBN 5100 😀
    trying to guess who john titor is too, and i hope i’m right so i can laugh in his face XD

    oh and yeah i think Feris is very suspicious too XD
    she is like the only one who can see through Okarin’s true motives with out much effort 😛

    btw why is ChristinAAAA getting debuffed on anime so much : (
    she looks so much better on the game
    and i agree on the carrot 😀 i want moar SteinsGate plox

    -el psy kongroo

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, good job Mikamika~ I hope John Titor is Okarin so I can get the satisfaction of being right as well.

      The artwork is overall much more lush in the game, it’d take a big budget to make an anime like that, I would think XD Oh well, it’s not like the art is BAD.

  2. Foshizzel says:


    Fun episode this week and of course Neko maids! Always a good thing xD

    Now to wait and see what this IBN 5100 has inside!

    • Overcooled says:

      I love seeing Okarin coverse with THE ZOMBIE. XD

      Yes, let’s hope this IBN 5100 actually has the ability to crack the code!

  3. Elyon says:

    Oh wow, it never even crossed my mind that Feyris might be suspicious, but now I see what you mean. o.o I thought she was just the obligatory fanservice maid, but it would be interesting if she was a bad guy or something.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think EVERYONE is suspicious, but I only started to notice Feyris recently. I just wrote her off as the token cat-maid until recently XD

  4. Joojoobees says:

    This show has a good way of making things seem suspicious. What exactly is up with Suzu? If she really is a soldier, she is either with The Organization, or she is from the future (or both). And Shining Finger, she could easily be searching for the computer to destroy it, so noone can reveal SERN’s secrets; plus she has yandere written all over her in glow-in-the-dark ink.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m questioning just about everything and everyone. I think Suzu is more likely to be part of the Organization or SERN than from the future. It makes more sense for her “soldier” claims. I swear everyone is giving off yandere vibes…I pegged Shining Finger as someone who also wanted to crack SERN’s code and go against them, but I could just as easily see her on the other side. Oh boy. All the possibilities…

  5. amado says:

    theres a bit of mistake over there in your post.
    “He’s on his way there when he calls a call from Kurisu”. it should be gets.

    feyris can be cute while “christina” can be hot but im still in the mayuri bandwagon.

    • Overcooled says:

      Alright, thanks, I’ll get around to fixing that.

      Feyris is just annoying to me…I like Kurisu because she’s both smart, pretty and nice (to everyone except Okarin, who deserves a healthy dose of scorn). Not that Mayuri isn’t adorable. DU DU RU~

  6. Reaper says:

    The more we watch, the more our questions are answered with more mysterious questions…I’d say I quite like that, though for Okarin, it would be quite annoying (imagines mad scientist raving whilst ChristINA! gives him an ORZ look) 🙂
    Hah, even genii can’t notice the TRAP! I’m guessing Shining Finger and Suzu (god I keep thinking of Suzu from SYD being the character) are going to be part of next ep, less on Feyris since she’s already given a major plot cookie to Okarin Show ▼

    Waiting to see how ChristIIINNNAAAA! (or if she was Feyris-tan, ChristiNNYYYYAAANNNN!) reacts not only when they turn on the IBN5100 but when she finds out someones hacked into SERN’s database. Perhaps she person she was talking to was from SERN?

    • Overcooled says:

      Yep, for every question answered, we get yet another question. But that cycle can’t go on forever! Give us more answers, dammit!

      Now that Okarin has the IBN 5100, I could see how Shining Finger might somehow catch wind and go crazy trying to get it. I feel like Kurisu was talking to Shining Finger on the phone instead of someone from SERN…I don’t know, the voice seemed familiar. That might be how she figures out Okarin has the IBN on his hands. Suzu might overhear them, but I’m not sure if she’ll play a big role…Kurisu will be there for sure since she’s helping Okarin now. Ahh, I hope it works!

      Her dad might have given it to someone else who then gave it to the priest. This someone else probably being future Okarin aka John Titor!

  7. Kyokai says:

    I love Okarin’s crazy laugh and I won’t ever get bored with it but mannnn, I want some PROGRESS and soon. I guess, being aware of the time paradox and black hole creation via anti-matter that is the theoretical result of LHC is making me itch for more. I hope we get to get to the bottom of this soon.

    Also, Luka is an awesome trap. :3

  8. […] “I feel like Steins;Gate is dangling a carrot in front of me, only giving me a nibble every now and then to keep me interested. It’s working, that’s for sure. The plot is definitely a major pull of interest that keeps me going, but so is Okarin. I could watch him converse with any character, no matter how dull, for an entire episode.” – Metanorn […]

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