Yumekui Merry Character Songs – Isana & Yumeji

Yumekui Merry Character Songs of Isana and Yumeji

Artist: Kayano Ai (Tachibana Isana)

1. Tooku Niite mo
2. Pastel Macchiato
3. Tooku Niite mo (Instrumental)
4. Pastel Macchiato (Instrumental)


Artist: Okamoto Nobuhiko (Fujiwara Yumeji)

1. Owaranai Yoru wo
2. Nani-iro In Your Dream
3. Owaranai Yoru wo (Instrumental)
4. Nani-iro In Your Dream (Instrumental)


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5 Responses to “Yumekui Merry Character Songs – Isana & Yumeji”

  1. Tofu says:

    YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Isana~~~ <3 I'm soo getting these!! And as always, much thanks to Kyo for putting these up ^^

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Normally I would avoid these, but sure why not lets see how these turn out xD

    @Tofu I second that! YESSSSS Isana! <3 Now to wait for Yui/Merry.

    They need a Chaser John Doe character songs hahahah

  3. Overcooled says:

    Buhyyoooooo~~ Isana why are you so cute~~~? <3

  4. MikADo says:

    OMG ISANA MAID ver. !!!!!!!
    MOE MOE KYUN~ <3 <3 <3

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