Yumekui Merry – 09

The truth behind our dreams?

Welcome back to more Merry! Currently I am listening to the character songs for Isana and Yumeji and so far I’m enjoying them! Usually I avoid character songs, not sure why but just always have. After the light and fluffy episode of last week, let’s see what Yumekui Merry has in store for us this episode!

Plot this week picks up with Engi and Merry fighting against Maze, our crazy eyeball demon. After he explains some shocking truths about dreams, everyone gets ejected from his dream world. Yui talks to Yumeji and Merry to plan out the next move, while Isana has a few discoveries of her own and more secrets about their teacher and Chizuru are reveled near the end.

Never knew sunlight could make you look so…creepy!

Yes, Isana, finally enters a day dream for a short while

As pictured above! After finishing up the counseling class with Ryouta, Isana falls into a mini daydream briefly; he snaps her out of it and she walks off to look for Yumeji and Merry. Part of me was excited about Isana but then shocked! Thankfully she does not stay long in her dream world, but I am curious to see what her demon could be.

Maze-“…I Love the feel of cold steel….Bwahahahaha

Maze likes what he sees! Wonder if he has contacts?

It was quite shocking to discover that the only way of survival for dream demon is human possession without which they can’t material in the real world; rather they are stuck in the dream world. Merry is an exception and I would love to know the cause of that. After Maze is saved from Engi’s blade by Yumeji and Merry, they are ejected from his bizarre world. Engi gets angry at Yumeji for getting in her way from defeating Maze. They learned the truth thanks to Maze about the dreams and the demons connection to the vessel. They have been killing people’s dreams by defeating the various dream demons; well most of us already knew this. The demons also look for humans with the biggest dreams and the drive to fulfill those dreams.


Shortly after leaving Maze’s world they enter Engi’s world to talk things over. Giving Yui and Yumeji time to talk as well, learning a bit more about how Engi and Yui got together. I like Yui but Isana and Yumeji make the best couple or Merry and Yumeji? So many choices… so little time to choose!

Engi-“… Let’s play a children’s card game”                         Merry-“OH SNAP! I will win!”

Behold! Yui the shiny new god of this world!

Angry Merry is also very Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeoooo!

Isana can also be very Moe while angry! Look at those twin tails!

After the fun in Engi’s world, Isana shows up to take Merry and Yumeji home. Yui gets to meet her new rival, then again she probably doesn’t think of Yumeji as boyfriend material! After all she has enough to worry about.

Treesea is extremely happy to see her friend!

Treesea-“… WHERE’S MY MONEY?!”

Looks like someone has been busy!

We then jump to another random student on her way home, as she enters a dream world we find Treesea grinning.  She makes quick work of the owl demon and we get a few shots of Chizuru standing there, holding something (Pistol? Collection device?) as it collects a crystal.

After Chizuru leaves the dream world, she spots Mr. Ryouta but something is off about him. She watches him kick the student with a huge evil grin on his face and gives her a warning; he knows about her dream demon and informs Chizuru about a girl with dreams of being a painter becoming his next target! Of course she knows that is Isana’s dream. The episode ends with Yumeji and Merry listening to Isana’s story about her daydream and the two of them find out that she has been marked by a dream demon.

Yes! Finally you show your true colors! I did enjoy these scenes.

Shocked and confused Chizuru, maybe she isn’t really bad?

Damn, I knew this was going to happen! Nooooooooooo! Isana! T_T

Extra Dreams!

Merry-“…Uh, there can only be one cute dream demon around here!”


Yui-“…I will have three boyfriends before this series ends; I have to build my reverse harem!”

This picture will haunt your dreams forever!!

End Thoughts:

Such a massive chunk of information in this episode! Really love the story progression so far. Thanks to this episode, Merry and Engi finally know more truth behind the dream demons and the special connection they have with humans they contract with. However, we all already knew something like this was happening; I still like to think Merry has a special hidden power to send them back to their world. I keep coming back to the key ring she had as a weapon! That has to be something special.

So, now Engi and Merry have to rethink how to defeat the demons, not sure how things will play out after that. Does this mean Merry won’t ever fight again?! I hope not, that would make things boring. Maybe they can talk to the demons? Hahaha… please no. I’m really happy to finally find out more about Chizuru, but she already was called right off the bat for being evil.

I guess we have to see how things play out around Chizuru; will she help Isana before something bad happens or will she take a crystal from her dream world? Also finally seeing the teacher’s real side appearing this episode was great! But with a series like Merry the creators kind of spoil who will become the key bad guys in this show, just by putting them in shadows or odd lighting effects. I still want to see the teacher’s true role; maybe he prepares them and let the demons do the rest of the work? We’ll find out soon!


Maybe she is an ally of JUSTICE!

Next week! Find out if Chizuru is really a good person or straight up evil! Also more of the teacher’s role hopefully will be explained. Also, I can only hope that Merry and Yumeji don’t stay depressed all day over Isana’s future dream visit.




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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5 Responses to “Yumekui Merry – 09”

  1. Hime says:

    How can you not like character songs Fosh?! It’s like fanservice…for the ears!

    Also, obvious bad guy is obvious. Though his crazy faces are rather epic.

    I don’t really care about Isana so I’m totally “meh” about this plot twist, but I do love that we got to see so much of Yui this episode. She’s cute without being annoying. I like her.

    Yumeji’s starting to sound like America(Hetalia)with all his hero talk, hehe

    And hurrah for my favorite crazy ass bitch! Treesea, I love you <3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well most character songs I avoid, but I have started to get more lately.

      Yes! I like the crazy faces!

      yeah lots of Yui this episode, she isn’t a bad character but I still like her a bit more than Isana for now.

      Hahah yes Yumeji does have a few heroic speeches, just not as bad as another male lead from a magical show…

      Teesea is great! Can’t wait to see more of her.

  2. Junko says:

    Isana’s kill face is probably the only thing I like about her. Otherwise she’s kinda shallow.

    Merry is a sweetie, and always will be. A badass, dream eating sweetie XD

    • foshizzel says:

      True! Isana does have a cute face lololol and that hair…yes!

      Yep very much so! Cute and badass in one! Seems strange but hey it works for this series.

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