Toaru Majutsu no IndexII – 20

Accelerator and Vent, the craziest characters!

After last week’s episode I can only hope they keep the flow with this arc! So far things are getting really exciting again thanks to Accelerator. I spent some time reading chapter thirteen of the light novel and till now they are keeping true to that even down to the subtitles, hahah.

Plot this week has Touma paired up with Last Order as he “fights” Vent, while Accelerator makes his escape from Amata and gets a bit of revenge against the Hounds.  He lures them into a railway factory, where he picks them off one at a time. Tsuchimikado is also up to his own investigation of Academy City and Vent’s master plans.

Accelerator-“Hey… I like this song; don’t screw with the radio!”

Amata is just sad that Accelerator didn’t say bye.

Vent laughs at your sucky aim there, Amata

Accelerator pulls off an amazing move and slings himself into a nearby van and kidnaps one of the soldiers, well more like shoves a pipe into his back and demands him to drive. Accelerator also grabs Index as they drive past, saving her from Amata. And yes, they want Last Order for their evil plans not Index; then again who would want Index anyway?! She would eat everything.


While Accelerator plays hero to Index, Touma is left with Last Order and the two of them are suddenly attacked by more members of Hound dog’s cleanup crew. The two of them escape into a nearby restaurant for cover until Vent arrives and tears up the place! And damn, she does have a very unique voice, not as bad as some other characters but still. Of course she knows all of Touma’s little tricks for his Imagine Breaker, until she wears herself out and is forced to run away.

Last Order has now fused with Touma.

Well, at least it can’t get any worse….

Vent demands to play!

Not the most exciting battle ever, but still fun listening to Vent ramble on.

Accelerator is having his own kind of fun after he dumps off Index, leaving her with the frog doctor aka Heaven Canceller and the two of them share a conversation about Last Order and the danger she is in. ‘Course Accelerator has his own things he has to deal with, mostly Amata and his dumb hounds that fall for a trap getting them owned! Strange seeing Accelerator use guns this time around, but he really has no choice.

Soldier-“Alright, we can take one guy right?!”

WRONG! Accelerator loves to play extreme call of duty!

Tsuchimikado’s expression is great! He’s ready to bust that ghost.

Wanted for being too BAMF for this anime series.

While making his escape from the rail factory, a member of Anti-Skill spots Accelerator and witnesses his last attack and gives the order of him being a prime murder suspect. Episode ends with Tsuchimikado spotting some strange ghost! Not sure what that thing was but Vent was having a hard time near the end.

Extra Powers!

DJ Accelerator! Dropping some mad beats!

“I wonder what this person had for dinner…”

Uiharu-“Huh, hidden camera in Mikoto’s shower?!”              Kuroko-“OH, FFFFFFFFFFF!”

Index, what are you doing between Accelerators legs??! DO NOT WANT!

End Thoughts:

Such great progression so far! Well, mostly on the action front and the tiny bit of story thrown in. The best parts of the first half for me mostly involved Accelerator, he finally gets to be his over the top badass we all have grown to cheer for. At least I have grown to like his character improvements over the first season. Of course, this isn’t his series so we have to include Index somewhere, still I wish, she would get a clue and do something! Sigh writers of Index…

Vent versus Touma wasn’t that exciting as the opening shows us; then again she didn’t really stick around to continue the fight. I have a feeling that light ghost is somehow connected to her, so hopefully we get to see Tsuchimikado do some magic against it. I am waiting for Mikoto to do something too! Hopefully she bumps into a few Anti-Skills next week!

Not much else to say, I did enjoy that very cool night vision mode during Accelerator’s game of tag, hahaha such an epic and bloody scene. So happy to see Accelerator going all out! Then again those soldiers are weak so he is toying with them anyway. Hope everyone else is enjoying this arc as much as me, sadly I don’t think we will get a true ending to this series until they crank out another season.


Preach on Touma!

Next week seems to be more Touma and Accelerator on their own separate missions and Vent having some problems, coughing up blood. Probably swallowed one of her million piercings? And Accelerator is a wanted criminal now. More BAMF points!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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21 Responses to “Toaru Majutsu no IndexII – 20”

  1. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Finally some intense action and I really do hope that Mikoto gets into some of the action as well.

    And as always your screenies and captions are awesome 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes lots of intense action this week, mostly happy to see Accelerator kicking ass again! and not getting beaten. YES I want Mikoto to fight I miss that awesome railgun power 😛

      Hahah thanks! I try to have a bit of fun on the captions xD

  2. Reaper says:

    YES! Moar ACTION!
    Before the praise, must point out, like a certain salarian. This is going to be the last arc for the season, and, don’t quote me on this, they might play it out to fill out the other episodes. I don’t mind if there’s more action, with Accelerator and Touma’s Imagine Breaker (aka Revealing Hand ahum!) Show ▼

    The action continues to develop, and, even though I wish JC Staff would learn a thing or two about story pacing from Shaft’s Madoka, it’s doing well at it’s own, though next season, please do not do another six-episode spiel for one arc.

    Now, the praise! Accelerator’s taking up the mantle of the anti-hero, though nothing so basic as that. A flip of Touma’s personality, it’s great to see a character seen so sadistic before is given so much depth! This is not a university level essay but I have to say, it’s better than just watching Touma and Index all day, since Accelerator actually would act the way we all would when a certain little girl just gets too annoying. (bonk on head)
    But he’s still human, even if he doesn’t think he is one, hiding his true feelings away from a little girl so upfront and understanding of the one responsible for the deaths of (i think) ten thousand MISAKAs. With Accelerator, I sorta of feel a connection to his character, though I wish I could just destroy things so easily, fu fu fu~~~

    Now, all I want is a smashing of Railgun added into the fight and the story between science and magic would truly begin.

    PS Sorry for the potentially overload of blabber and if my spoiler tag didn’t work. I never used it before…

    • Reaper says:

      As for dear Vento of the Front…I think that’s one girl Touma does NOT want in his harem!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Unless Touma’s punch can knock her brain loose and completely change her personality? xD But ya the piercings so nasty….

    • Foshizzel says:

      That’s what I love about Index/railgun the fighting! Well most of it anyway.

      Yeah figured this would be the last arc to wrap up the second season, with the usual filler-ish episodes to follow after this awesome progress.

      Accelerator is so much fun to watch! I like that they gave him so much more screen time in these past episodes, and agreed there I love seeing that sadistic side of him. With Last order away he can go all out! Well within his own limits.

      Last Order isn’t as bad at being annoying as Index can be, especially if she’s hungry. But both characters have their flaws and likes too, and that is true Accelerator does have to atone for what he did at least to himself.

      Yes I want to hear that Railgun sound effect going off instead of Touma’s imagine breaker haha

      No worries! We love big comments! 😀

      • Kabitzin says:

        Yeah, this arc should be exciting. The first season definitely finished with a bang, so I can’t wait to see Aleister mess up Vento’s plan while smirking upside down.

        Accelerator-“Hey… I like this song; don’t screw with the radio!”

        Haha, Accelerator is such a backseat driver. You know after they dropped off Index, they hit up a fast food drive-through, since Accelerator didn’t have enough money to feed all of them.

        Accelerator with guns was kinda weird, but I guess he needed one for a crutch and he likes to multi-task.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Indeed! Best arc so far I wasn’t really a big fan of the church crappy arcs, these science related ones are so much better. I would like index more if she used more of her damn magic, I started to have high hopes after that scream spell she used.

          Lol yeah I can see that happening, she would eat the whole menu if given a chance xD

          Agreed! It was weird but guess he had no choice haha

  3. MikADo says:

    I swear im going to kill them and tear them into pieces
    how can they let this episode go like this?
    first of all, i can’t believe they are cramming
    volume 13 in just 3 episodes…even that worthless volume 7 got like 4 episodes how the hell are you going to put volume 13 in 3? It’s the freaking most important chapter that leads to the 3rd season’s episodes!! Next, the part with Vento VS Kamijo, the store had to be FULL of PEOPLE!! and the best part was SUPPOSED to be Kamijo rolling his body into ruins while trying to save the poor civilians, and display his way of protecting justice…and they made it look like as if they were playing CATCHBALL?!?!!! CURSE YOU! And what happened to depiction? where is the tension?
    The Accelerator part was the worst..It should have been a part where tension is so thick, the viewers could almost grab it. It was supposed to be a part where Accelerator finally shows the dark side of the city, and shows his messed up mentality by slowly, using panic and fear, kill off each one of the HoundDog members…on the show, all he did was shoot guns…. very funny >:(
    I’ll remember this JCSTAFF u piece of not reading the actual book junk!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah they did cram all of chapter 13 into this episode, like word for word too seemed a bit funny to me. Yeah sadly things look like they are headed into another long ass season, I don’t mind another season it’s the wait I hate!

      Lol yeah now that you mention it the level of detail from a novel or manga just doesn’t get translated well, but you probably can blame production costs for most of that.

  4. Dan-go says:

    this…was pumping, ngl…AND FINNALLY SOME DEATHS…oh jesus touma’s unwillingness to kill anyone even if they’re after his blood, good ol’ accelerator with his bit of lack of respect for human life always gets me goin

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahha yes people die this episode, of course it’s mostly side characters! But still there was some death.

      Touma just gets cursed being the main “hero” that’s in his character to befriend every bad guy he comes in contact with. Either that or he has to talk them out of doing whatever it is they wanna do.

      Yep Accelerator leaving a bloody mess is always fun!

  5. Rackenspiekle says:

    I felt kinda sorry for those female hound dogs.

    What a waste of good tail.

  6. Ican helpwithindexquestions says:

    I think the reason why JC Staff made her attacks look like wimps was because she was trying out his imagine breaker. It’s true that I too am very dissapointes that JC didn’t give this arc 4 or 5 eps. But hey we get too see GROUP. And to let u all know. This is accelerators debut as the second main hero so if third season comes you’ll see more of him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh yeah sort of getting a feel for what his ability can do? That works for me she did know about. Well the episode titles all seem to be shooting for 3 or 4 episodes of this current arc, sounds awesome I would love to see more focus on Accelerator’s story.

  7. Alynn says:

    This episode made me so happy. I LOVE psychotic Accelerator. Haha, and Vento was just just a bonus.

    • Foshizzel says:

      This episode made a lot of Accelerator fans happy! He needs a spin off series… And Vento was also fun, I do love all the crazy characters so far.

  8. Junko says:

    oh shi-oh shi-oh SHI-JUST GOT REAL!

    Oh Index, I’m so proud of you, where has this action been all your series? GO GO, MIKOTO, GO!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahha yes it did! Yay!

      It has been hidden behind the church mostly, agreed go Mikoto go! Charge your railgunz!!

  9. bobbierob says:

    You’re definitely right. Accelerator is too BAMF for this show. Not that I’m complaining.

    On another note, I’m not so sure about another season of this. Well….at least it probably won’t have too much filler.

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