Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 12-13 [END]

So, who really dunnit?

Isn’t it fitting that my first post of the new year is the last post of my first series? No? Oh well, I tried!

Picking up where we left off, Yakumo recieves the red contact lense from Haruka and tells her that Isshin is registered as an organ donor, and his organs will be harvested if Yakumo gives consent. Until he sees Isshin’s ghost however, he won’t consent. While they’re standing at his bedside the two see the ghost of the little girl that’s been appearing in the hospital. Giving chase, she leads them to Yoshiko’s room, the little girl that Nao befriended.

One of the doctors sees them and exposites that unless she recieves organs soon she’ll die. She also gives away that Yoshiko is the daughter of the doctor who operated on Isshin. Out in the parking lot Yakumo spots a suspicious car, Oooh I smell a plot point. Nanase Miyuki is back on the prowl as well as two police find the ambulance she stole. She does a kick that would make Spinzaku jealous and escapes yet again.

As Yakumo continues to brood over Isshin, Gotou tells Haruka about Yakumo’s attitude when he first met him, and that he hopes he won’t fall into that darkness again. He didn’t see Yakumo for quite a few years after he stopped his Mother killing him. So he doesn’t recognise Yakumo when he comes across him getting beat up its only when he gets a good look at him that he remembers his red eye. Gotou then tells Haruka that he thinks she was the one who changed him. Plueeeze~

Back at the hospital Yakumo, does something rather ballsy. He accuses the doctor of purposfully sabotaging the operation. Yakumo also explains that he knows about the doc’s daughter and that she is, rightfully enough, astro-projecting. He follows the doc down to the parking lot where he also accuses him of stabbing Isshin. He knows this because the wing mirror of the doc’s car has been clipped, and the one that clipped it was Yakumo when he was racing to the temple, and the doc was the one that hit him, in his rush to get back to the hospital in time.

The doctor flees, pursued by Gotou and Haruka now, who spotted him trying to run. Yakumo corners him on the roof of the hospital where the doc tries to justify his actions. There’s a lot of “Dad’s doing awful things to save their Daughters” in this show isn’t there? Anyway, he pulls out a scalpel, cause ALL doctors carry them ALL the time, and proceeds to attack Yakumo. Yakumo knocks him out and his father appears.

Join me and we can rule the anime network, Father and Son!

Doing the whole “demon on their shoulder” bit, he describes how he manipulated the doc into doing these terrible things. Que epic battle! (and star wars quotes!) We finally see Dante (I’m calling him that now) through Yakumo’s red eye, and see he is indeed a spirit. It’s just then that Nanase Miyuki shows up, gun in hand, and shoots. GASP!

Episode 13 starts off by showing us who got the bullet. Oh noes! It was Gotou. After seeing him shot before his eyes, Yakumo is seemingly consumed by dispair and Yakumo’s father reveals his plan. To bring Yakumo down to his level of emotions so that he can possess his body! EEGAD! AND IT APPEARS TO WORK! In what is, tbh, totally badass (I didn’t know Yakumo could make lightning strike with just a roll of his fabulous shoulders) Yakumo turns around with a haunting smile on his face and two red eyes. He beckons Nanase towards him and embraces her, she’s in euphoria thinking her love now has a body.

The darkside has epic neon contact lenses

Just kidding! Yeah, Yakumo trolled us. He’s not really possessed. He manages to get the gun from her and tosses it over to Ishii. She’s not about to give up there though, picking up the scalpel she takes a shot at slashing Yakumo, who dodges masterfully – of course! Nope, they’ll be no devouring of souls today, I’m afraid, Dante. Anyway, Gotou, despite being shot, tackles the bitch and maybe not so subtley enourages Haruka to go to Yakumo.

He apologizes for making her worry and explains that his other eye is red because he used Isshin’s to bluff. EW MAN. That’s totally been in someone elses eye! Nasty! Nanase gets a step down in her awesomeness level as she starts to whine about not getting what she wanted, boo hoo. Dante is shown behind Yakumo, his spirit all patchy and not very healthy looking. He’s still trying to wined Yakumo up but Yakumo just tells him that the only father he recognises is Saitou Isshin.

He denounces the darkness in his heart and tells the doctor that he will allow him to have Isshin’s organs for his daughter on the condition that he turn himself into the police afterwards. Nao even hugs him a bit. D’aww. Dante of course spoils the good vibe by saying he’ll be back and dissappearing in a flash of light. Nanase Miyuki also makes a getaway, hotly pursued by Ishii. A doctor is called for Gotou (uh, guys, there’s already one of the roof) and Yakumo faints.

Take a key and lock her up, lock her up…Nanase Miyuki drives into a lake just as the police reach her, back to being completely mental. Gotou’s operation goes well and Yakumo leaves the contact lense beside Isshin in the hospital, having consented to the use of his organs. At the hospital Gotou and his wife decide a chat is in order, with Nao sleeping by his side. Nao has all the best d’aww moments!

The funeral commences and everyone is rather reflective and quiet, but even Gotou shows up, aided by his trusty Ishii. The cops speculate that Nanase Miyuki may have survived though the possibility is low. Dante is also compared to a demon because of the nature of his existance. The essance of pure evil. But the doc shows up with his police escorts just like he said.

Gotou is talking to Yakumo and tells him that he and his wife are going to take in Nao. Yakumo comments that if they do that it’ll be like they’re family. Gotou bashfully states that they were like family to begin with. Yakumo then tells him he’s gonna have to quit smoking if he’s to raise Nao. Haha, yeah Gotou, clean up the habit!

Afterwards when they are all back at Isshin’s having food, Yakumo leaves the table abruptly. Haruka finds him in the temple where Isshin was stabbed talking to no one. It as pretty clever the way they did it just with the candle blowing out at the end. Haruka comforts Yakumo when he starts to cry, saying he’s not alone.

In the epilogue, I guess, we see that Yoshiko is alive and well and that she remembers Isshin. Ishii however is still being abused at the police station but at least he’s doing well, I guess. XD The Gotou’s are doing well too, with Nao now a bonified member of the family. It ends with Haruka coming to Yakumo with yet another supernatural problem for him to solve, so the cycle goes on.

And that’s Yakumo. All major plot points wrapped up. The childless Gotou family now have a child as a result of Isshin’s death. Yakumo’s heart is clear thanks to Haruka and her intense blandness. Ishii has finally grown some balls and might actually survive as a police officer in the real world. Everyone is sorted, concluded, so why am I not satisfied?

Final Thoughts: Yakumo is one of those shows that you wish would just go all out mental, train-wreck endings and such. And while I knew it wasn’t going to happen, akin to Casshern SINS ending, finishing on a quiet, solem note, I still wished for something more. While the final confrontation of Yakumo and his Father was AWESOME BEYOND AWESOME it only lasted about 5 minutes. XD I know they had a lot of emotional stuff to wrap up but, c’mon, gee us sae more action! They also kept sequel-baiting which was a shame too since it’s probably never gonna happen.

I wish I could have blogged Yakumo from the start since I think this show needs way more love than it gets and could inspire some interesting discussions. It set out to do different things than just being a supernatural crime drama, delving into subjects that you wouldn’t expect. Like the episode with the woman ghost in the apartment. (the episode with the tasty manservice!) I think the side characters were fleshed out well, though the two that should have been fleshed out more than others were unforgivably neglected. Haruka did nothing in the last episode to break out of her shojo stencil. In fact, I think she got worse. She just stood there the entire time, looking threatened. Even after Yakumo gets possessed she’s still relying on him to protect her. Honey, give him a break he just got mind raped, how about you protect him for a change, huh?

We still don’t know how Yakumo’s dad died, I’ve heard theories that Yakumo’s mum killed him, understandably so, but then who bricked her up in the house? I wanna know!! xD They’re still teasing me with this loose thread! I did like his plan though, there was so much mystery and build up if it had sucked I woulda been so cheesed off. But I liked it. Phew. The best arc IMO was the Nanase Miyuki arc, just because she was so EPIC. And insane. Can’t forget that. It was odd for a sidekick to get so much attention, but I’m not complaining as she was given a colourful enough back story to keep it interesting and stop me pining for the other characters.

I’m sad to see Yakumo go as it was a nice break from all the other mainstream shows airing this season. It was a nice gritty crime drama with some supernatural flare, which combined are like my dream show. Anyway, to wrap things up, I love Yakumo and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. I hope you all had a good Hogmany. See you next season! Hime Out~


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9 Responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 12-13 [END]”

  1. Junko says:

    Yakumo, Shiki and TWOGK finishing is begining to wrap up my ‘ghost themed anime’ binge that I didn’t even mean to start. I managed to pick those three series up on top of Ghost Hunt and something else I forget.

    I agree that the ending was a little lackluster, especially since the Shiki ending was so freaking wonderful all over the place, hard to compare too. But I did like Nao and Gotou’s adorable little connection, effing cute. Being the romance fan I am, I would’ve liked them to have like even ventured just a bit into Haruko and Yakumo’s relationship (altough it would’ve helped if Haruka was a little more…interesting, haha). But something a little more crazy and heartbreaking would’ve made a nice ending too.


    • Hime says:

      I know what you mean, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s not that kind of show. I suppose it could even be taken as a good contrast to Shiki’s ending. Since it was so quiet and contemplative.

      I think the writers kinda wrote themselves into a corner with Yakumo, in that any sort of romanticness would just seem weird coming out of him. xD Whenever he spouts his “love friendship and heart of the cards” speeches it just seems so out of character. So while the changes he goes through are legititmate and fun to watch it is hard to break too much out of his stoic personality.

      He does soooo have a thing for Haruka though, when she smiles at the end he’s all like “ahh brain menlting from the cuteness!” XD well, that what it looked like to me anyway.

      • Junko says:

        Well Haruka is sure going to have one hell of a time trying to get into his pants get him to go on a date.

        Atleast his dick of a biological father didn’t take him over, man that would feel awkward. Then again, if ‘daddy’ did succeed, they could’ve always got Kami-niisama of TWOGK to ‘capture’ Yakumo, ahuur ahuur cross overs lol.

  2. Carla says:

    I knew it wasn’t going to happen (like always), But I was waiting for sex between Yakumo and Haruka…
    Hhahahahaha, okey, not, but I just wanted to see a kiss
    Why does it never happens ?
    I know, i am just a pervert…
    I loved your post, Thanks for all.

    • Hime says:

      XD Sex woulda been awesome, cause with that attitude you know Yakumo’s never had a woman! Maybe that’s why he’s so grumpy all the time, it’s not his traumatic past, he’s just a frustrated virgin.

      Writing about Yakumo was a pleasure, no thanks nessisary.

  3. Kyokai says:

    I agree, this needs more love. I still have to catch up on this so didn’t even look at the episode summary but I will.

    A series finished, woo! XD

  4. Nadia says:

    I wasn’t completely satisfied either for some reason. But it was nice, nonetheless. My favourite part is probably when Yakumo’s talking to Isshin in the temple. That part was sweet. <3 And I think the Gotou's will turn out to be an awesome family with Nao included. :3

    I have to agree with you, Hime, Haruka is way too bland. She makes the show boring, as much as I hate to admit it. Usually in anime you have the pessimistic guy like Yakumo and an interesting female character that somehow opens him up, but Haruka supposedly cleared Yakumo's heart by doing absolutely nothing. -__-;;

    Anyways, very nice post, Hime! ^__- I love your humour. xD

  5. Mushyrulez says:

    Minor note, but his contacts were put in that weird bottle thing – i.e. they’re clean 😛

    I, for one, thought the minor ending was a brilliant end – a show with such a small beginning, such an amazing climax, and really, after that no more antagonists, there’s no way to better end it than on a soft note.

    After all, when you look at it, this isn’t just any spirit-anime, is it? It’s a spirit anime where the main characters keep on living their lives. Transitioning into those boring, normal, and happy times – that’s an ending that I’d expect.

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