Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 04

Now he’s made me weak and he says to me ‘Yeah, you wanna play my game?’

If any of you caught that lyric reference (Devil Got My Soul by Fake?)..well…you’re my soulmate. XD So, are you guys enjoying the parade of January birthdays? There are a loooot of people with birthdays this week! Amongst my friends I have a slew of early February birthdays, so I’m going to be broke again from buying stuff. So all my birthday money is going to be used up. ^^; Oh well, tis for a good cause! Future parents: don’t have unprotected sex 9 months or so before January! JANUARY IS ALREADY OVERLOADED WITH BIRTHDAYS!

Festivities and parenthood planning aside, (I have no idea how it came to that.) you all came here for Madoka. And Madoka you shall receive! Well, for now..Sayaka. She goes to visit her love interest, but he’s in the rehabilitation centre. Sayaka laments not being able to help him, and sets an overall dark tone that persists for the rest of the episode. Madoka isn’t coping so well either, and she cries at the sight of an egg yolk. Her dad must be dumb or something, because he thinks it’s his cooking. Seriously? Even the 2 year old knows something is up.

Sayaka acts as normal as she can to avoid any awkward questions from her friends, while Madoka openly mopes. Once they’re alone on the rooftop, Sayaka lets some of her sadness show as they generally vent and cry on each other. Kyubei must not like yuri, so he ditches them for some other chick. I’m sure their fear of becoming a magical girl will diminish once they realize how useless they are on their own fufufufu~

Madoka breaks into Mami’s apartment and goes around sniffing her cushions and sobbing. Okay, maybe she doesn’t sniff the furniture, but…she could’ve. She runs into Homura when she leaves the apartment, which actually turns out to be a…nice conversation. Homura has seem many mahou shoujo die, and her goal is actually to save people. As noble as this sounds, she doesn’t seem very positive about the roles of mahou shoujo in life. She also tells Madoka that she is “too kind.”

Yeah, because being “too mean” isn’t a problem either

Please tell me someone else had that WTF ad in the middle of their show. PLEASE. Because I generally do not want to see crippled children cutting themselves preceeded by MORNING RESCUE!!!!!!!! Luckily, the sudden turn from what we thought was a kind gesture on Sayaka’s part to Kamijou lashing out was strong enough to make me forget the near-luminescent beverage. His convenient lines of “if only miracles or magic existed” were…convenient. But it was enough to push Sayaka into the contract, with Kyubei appearing at just the right time. Does he know this will happen or does he MAKE it happen?

Sayaka, I have a confession to make. About the music you buy me.


Madoka runs into Hitomi on the street, but notices something odd…She has a witch’s mark on her neck. She drunkenly stumbles off to commit suicide, while Madoka follows. Madoka, you don’t have Homura’s phone number, but you know what number you do have? 911. <_< Anyways, Madoka bravely follow them right into an abandoned warehouse where they start pouring noxious chemicals (i.e. Mr. Clean) into a bucket. Hitomi convinces Madoka that the fumes will take them all to a better place, and to just relax.

We’re just cleansing our soul. GET IT? CLEANSING?! Ahhh, we’re committing suicide just for this pun, you know.

Well, Madoka is having none of this bullshit, so she grabs the bucket and tosses it out the window. It quickly turns into Left 4 Dead as the infected stumble towards her. She shrieks and hides in the safe room…but it’s not so safe. She slowly delves into the witch’s realm, where she becomes listless. Why not use this chance to atone for her sins? As this OH MY GOD AMAZING acid trip of the week flashes across the screen, Madoka is left helpless.

Come back! You took our only source of puns!

That is, until her knight in shining armour appears! Sayaka! BADASSERY ENSUES! She beats the hell out of the Witch and saves her damsel in distress. Madoka is mostly horrified that her friend is now in danger, and so is Homura. Homura, like Kyubei, pops up EVERYWHERE. This is rather unsettling, and I’m beginning to wonder just how good she is…

Kamijou regains the use of his hand, which must’ve been Sayaka’s wish. He looks kind of like he’s going to pluck out his own eyeball though. What a weird expression to have after having healed miraculously. At least smile, bro. Unless…something else is wrong? Kyubei, meanwhile, is chilling with another girl who he called over to replace Mami. She was late though, and now Sayaka is taking over the area. The red-head, Kyoko, proposes that she just defeats Sayaka. Kyubei doesn’t seem to mind. SHOW MOE FANG AAAAAAND END SCENE!

Bonus Screenshots:

She is the one named Sailor Moon~

Homura takes “wandering eye” to a whole different level. It wandered OFF OF HER FACE.

So, funny story. I was drunk and I got this tattoo on my neck. Also, there’s a party at an empty warehouse! WHEE!

Mom, you sure know a lot of ways to kill yourself…

End Thoughts: Oh my God. My God. OH MY GOD. YOU GUYS. CAN I JUST SAY HOW AWESOME THIS EPISODE WAS? WELL, IT WAS AWESOME. I NEED TO FANGIRL OVER THIS WITH SOMEONE, LIKE, NOW. Most magical girl shows rush having the characters contracted as a magical girl without much thought. Madoka Magica is content to wait until the characters reach an emotional epiphany before they accept. Sayaka had hers, and soon Madoka will have her own turn of events that set off a cascade of emotions. Despite being 4 episodes in and Madoka not zapping things with pink bubble or whatever her power may be, this show is still superb. It takes a lot for a show about MAGICAL GIRLS to still be good when there aren’t even MAGICAL GIRLS in it half the time.

For example, this episode was about the aftermath of Mami’s death without much magical shenanigans until the end. The girls reacted pretty realistically…Madoka being scared out of her wits, and Sayaka desperately masking her sadness as a coping mechanism. While Madoka spent the whole episode crying, I couldn’t find any opportunity to be mad and call her a crybaby. Her friends head was gruesomely torn off right before her eyes – OF COURSE she’s going to be sad and afraid. She still carried on with her life and tried to save Hitomi though. The drama was very well-done, considering how shallow most mahou shoujo drama is. (OH, NO, I’M BEING IGNORED BY MY FRIENDS! BOOHOO!) But really…everyone should stop comparing this to NORMAL mahou shoujo by now, because this is anything but that sort of thing.

I’m glad Sayaka became a magical girl, although I know I am really going to regret saying this soon. Why? Number 1: Kyubei’s wishes almost certainly have some sort of horrible price to pay for getting them granted. And it’s not just becoming a mahou shoujo, there’s some catch that Homura seems awfully familiar with. Are the wishes temporary unless they keep finding Grief Seeds and killing witches? Is that why they’re so desperate for territory? Number 2: That Kyoko chick is going to kill her. I am feeling some bad vibes that she will destroy Sayaka and prove the “Death Clock” theory right. She sounded like she was foreshadowing her death in the elevator…I’m still a bit doubtful that everyone on that clock will die in that specific order, but regardless…Sayaka is in serious trouble. Just when she got a badass outfit too…

This show gets darker and more delicious by the second. I would talk at length about the quality and depth of some of the monologues of Sayaka and Madoka here but…I don’t want to assault everyone with a wall of text. Basically, the script = WONDERFUL.

I predicted the red-head to be a nice girl acting as the Mami replacement, but I guess she’s the rowdy one whose favourite passtime is ass-kicking. Huh, funny how things work out. Also, Homura’s description of mahou shoujo surprised me. Are mahou shoujo really just greedy people fighting because they want their wishes granted? There’s no glory or heroism? That’s pretty bleak, if it’s true. Again, I think Homura has some beef with the whole wish thing.

Can I really wait a week for the next episode? The answer is yes, yes I can, but as soon as it comes out I will POUNCE ON IT AND WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY. See you guys then~


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59 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 04”

  1. Yvoon says:

    woah man…how dark….

    that’s emo man, cutting urself in a rehab centre…


    nice review. think i might watch it for its emo story.

    haha!! 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      See, I told you. I TOLD YOU!!! Well, now you kind of spoiled it for yourself, but I’m sure there will be enough plot twists to make up for it from now until the final episode.

  2. bakuhasu says:

    3 episodes really did pay off for this one didn’t it? I need to say… this episode sort of showed off everything in terms of it’s dark tone that Urobochi Gen, SHAFT, and Kajira Yuki is known to do, and it SHOWS! Episode 4 is awesome simply my girl Sayaka *KITAMURA ERI* gets to finally become a Mahou Shoujo!

    • Overcooled says:

      From what I remember from that DDD episode, you guys were pretty “meh” about Madoka. See? SEE?!

      But really, this episode is one of favourites so far (I know there’s only 4…) in terms of execution. It’s like none of them are slacking at ALL, so we get to see their full potential every episode. I think I like Sayaka more than Madoka, even though I like Aoi Yuuki’s voice a bit more XD

  3. Bear says:

    Still loving this series and this episode is no exception. The first half was by far the strongest; my only qualms came in the second half with minor-character-boy’s over the top emo outburst and then our new girl having the dumb fang design. The series has been so awesome at straying away from all the cliches that plague the genre and medium and yet they fell into two here. Just distracted me from the atmosphere of the show a bit.

    Minor nitpicking of course because the episode was still great overall. More Homura screen time = happy Bear.

    • Overcooled says:

      I thought it stayed pretty consistent throughout. Kamijo’s emo outburst was actually pretty awesome. He’d been penting up all those feelings and they just let loose all of a sudden. I’m a bit of a sucker for fangs, so even the red-head’s appearance wasn’t a dip in quality for me XD I would rather she have a fang than be a textbook tsundere case.

      I’m sure I’d find something wrong with this episode if I thought about (it can’t be perfect!) but right now it’s…pretty darn close to perfect XD

  4. amado says:

    im hoping that kamijo will grow cold to sayaka or maybe something bad will happen like he’ll go crazy. then sayaka gets sad and miserable and then madoka will comfort sayaka. then they(or at least sayaka) will find love and finally real yuri happens.

    thats what I hope will happen more or less.

    anyway, doesnt this pic look like something from the ED song of bakemonogatari?

    • Overcooled says:

      I really doubt things will go well between Sayaka and Kamijo. Something BAD is going to happen to him for sure, and Sayaka isn’t going to be able to forgive herself. As for yuri, well, they hugged on the rooftop. Getting slightly closer? XD

      And yes, it does. Or even a scene from an episode. That is some crazy city skyline. XD

  5. Metalsnakezero says:

    Talk about depressing episode and it was something I wanted after what happened last week. For Madoka not making a wish yet makes the moment she does a whole lot more exciting and also is part of some major plot point.

    The relationship between Kamijo and Sayaka may go cold judging from his reaction to his hand.

    Sayaka was badass with her sword, fancy cape, delicious bare shoulders (did I say that out load >_<).

    Kyuubey, you just happen to be there when Sayaka wanted to make a wish and happen to ask another Magical girl, Kyouko, to take over the area, to which she declares that she will fight Sayaka for the land. That evil furball is setting things up here.

    So anyway expect a fight Kyouko vs Sayaka, Fist Show ▼

    vs sword.

    • Overcooled says:

      Mmm hmm, I don’t mind her not making a contract yet, because it makes it feel like the decision is all the more important. I wonder why Kyubei wants them to fight? Does he think that will get Madoka to become a magical girl if Sayaka dies? Anyways, it will be a fun fight to watch if only to see Kyoko’s powers. Fists would make sense given her attitude…XD

  6. Yumii says:

    The way Homura reacted when Madoka said she will always remember her makes me think something like..
    Show ▼

  7. Kabitzin says:

    Endless Madoka + Mom mirror!!!

  8. Xiao says:

    I was very surprised another magical girl showed up so soon. Not to mention right after the death of Mami and she seems to fit the exact description of what Homura said to Madoka on magical girls. Haha, this is getting really interesting. Maybe they’ll start fighting each other soon. That’d be pretty awesome. xD

    I’m glad they showed us the breakdown of Madoka’s naivety about fighting as well and she really is a kind girl for saying she’ll never forget Mami since Mami doesn’t have anyone to remember her anyways. That’s so sad! ;__;
    Same goes for Homura, too, on comforting her. But now I’m curious as to what past relationship she had with Mami before this sorta grudge she currently has…if there is one at all.

    Finally, the more I think about Sayaka’s wish to heal Kamijou’s hand, the more it reminds me of the Monkey’s Paw. But I guess it’s just cuz it has to do with his hand. >.>;
    Anyways, her “debut” entrance was awesome (so cool, Sayaka~ x3) but with Kyoko’s arrival, I’m afraid if she’ll be really overwhelmed by the difference in experience and get pwned that way. Kkkk, Mami, why’d you have to die?! ;___;

    And I don’t know if anyone brought this theory up yet probably did but I think Kyubey is a witch.

    • anaaga says:

      once again:

    • foomafoo says:

      if Kyubey is a witch though, Homura should have finished him off even after Madoka hesitated to be a Puella Magi (after Mami died). (Then again, Homerun-chan is still too mysterious.)

      • Overcooled says:

        Yeah, Kyoko does fit Homura’s description to a T. XD Maybe Homura knows her and had her in mind when she gave her little monologue. I have no idea though, Homura is still too mysterious for me to get a real reading on her…I don’t even know her relationship with Mami!

        Kyubei’s wish granting is a lot like the monkey’s paw, yes XD He is certainly quite evil. If Kyubei is a witch, my mind will asplode. I’m not sure why a witch would make people kill witches, or how it would have to power to make magical girls (which also kill witches) though. The definition of “witch” that Kyubei gave was so vague though, almost anything could be one at this point. XD

  9. Nayu says:

    This episode just made me love Sayaka even more :D. She’s an interesting girl.

    And this isn’t a magical girl show any more. It’s. . . I don’t know what it is *too lazy to think of a creative name* but it definitely is a new sub genre of magical girl anime. Dark magical girl ? Interesting magical girl with no transformation sequence and with a suicide theme? Whatever its name is, it’s awesome 8D.

    Madoka is such a realistic character ! The way they made her be depressed by Mami’s dead was. . . Quite moving. It’s nice how they showed two different ways of reacting to the event. The pretend you’re cheerful way (Sayaka) and the openly sad way (Madoka). This show does a great job on portraying emotions 🙂

    I really want to know what happens with Kyoko. At this point, I don’t even feel like making theories about what’s going to happen since they’ll probably be all wrong anyway (although I love reading other people’s theories). Maybe Shinbou is reading everyone’s predictions and making the ending a completely different thing. . . Who knows xD ?

    • Overcooled says:

      I love Sayaka too! She seems like she’s a lot more mature than Madoka in an odd way. She handled herself really well when Mami died, although she was obviously hurting just as much inside. The two different reactions to Mami’s death were both pretty realistic, I liked it =D

      This genre needs a new name…it excels at showing even the darkest of emotions~

      The fun thing about speculating is that ALMOST ANYTHING GOES! Hahaha who knows what Shinbou is thinking? XDDD

      • Nayu says:

        Sayaka is like Madoka’s older sister in a way. . . It’s like she’s acting positive even though she’s hurting inside to give her friend courage. And the way she hugged Madoka on the rooftop was very older sister-like. Of course, that emphasizes the fact that Sayaka is a lot more mature than Madoka. Sayaka is definitely one of the best anime friends I have ever seen 😀

        Shinbou is probably busy thinking up a new name for this genre he created (at least I hope so because I have no clue how to name it)~ I wish I could know what crazy ideas he has for the ending. . . Heh, maybe he’ll actually make it something really ordinary, since most people think it’s going to be something out of this world :P.

  10. anaaga says:

    never. ever. ever. say. that. homura. is. a. sailor. moon. NEVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR EVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR

    i feel like killing kyubey and barbeque him and the spit him out just to spite his dead soul.he’s probably the source of all evil. look at him, going from one girl to another. desperate much? and he’s not even saying anything when kyoko told him that she wants to kill sayaka! as a proper contractor, he’s supposed to make everything smooth and peaceful.

    and death clock theory? am i missing something when i skipped all those parts when madoka goes bawling and sobbing. sorry, but she’s just boring.

    • Gunny says:

      Oh, if you dunno about the death clock thing, it is just a an odd clock that showed up for like 2 seconds at the first episode. People are saying that it predicts what is gonna happen in all episode. (things like who’s going to die and such)
      Kinda scary tough. :3
      Show ▼

      • anaaga says:

        hmmm but madoka’s family too? or probably something will happen in madoka’s family that will breaks the family apart.
        unless, kyoko decided to be on a rampage to all the magical girls in that city >.>

        • Gunny says:

          YEAH SHIT D8
          I couldn’t belive that they’ve putted Satsuyan-tan in the middle of this :(…
          This all was based only into colors associations and shapes I think. We can only say that these characters are going to be the principal focus in their respectives episodes… So yeah, I see divorce. /jk
          I think that we should replace episode 7 with Kyuubei and place Homura at 12, if based on the colors… but still.

          Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:


      Kyubei is the ultimate pimp, with all those girls under his contract. Not even gonna stop dem betches from etaring each other apart. Tsk tsk.

      And as Gunny pointed out…The Death Clock theory predicts the deaths of all the characters based on a clock that was flashed briefly during episode 1, I believe. Sounds REALLY far-fetched, but it’s proving to be…true…so far…I can see the mom dying, but Satsuya? Like, come on. SATSUYA?! <_< If they make a season 2, I will watch the hell out of that. Ghosts as sins would be cliche, but oddly interesting. Although I have no idea what the hell the first ghost would be in terms of sins.

      • anaaga says:

        hmmmm usually…USUALLY, little children get hits by cars in animes. or accidentally got hit by one of his parents when the parents are fighting, then die. also, setsuya is between 8 and 9. i can imagine divorce happening. the parents even have separate rooms. or maybe madoka’s dad turned gay, since he’s a perfect gay material right there. LOL

        season 2 would be nice, but i don’t want season two if the last episode has madoka turned into a magical girl. NO, i don’t want to see madoka fighting monsters and sobbing while doing that. having an evil madoka would be nice though…

        also, i notice that madoka is trapped inside someone’s eyes in the ED? i wonder who that it….OMG, HUMAN FORM OF KYUBEY IS REVEALED xD

        • Overcooled says:

          Ew Satsuya is like…3. Who would let a 3 year old run out into the street. <_< Parenting fail if that happens. I don't think the parents will divorce since the dad says he still loves the mom, even if she does stagger about drunkenly. But yeah, he'd make a good stereotypical gay dude with his womanly skills and looks pffft. I don't care what happens in season 2, just give it to me. O___O Maybe I should actually watch more than 5 seconds of the I wonder who it is too....(Human Kyubei would be a fat, hairy man wearing white underwear)

        • Gunny says:

          Man… YOU… CAR HIT… Just dont go out there killing my Satsuy-tan…don’t even talk about it… ;_;

          SO… THE ED. The music itself is enoguh to make me watch it till the preview D: lol. Now, about the HUMAM FORM, people belive that the owner of they eye that madoka ends up inside is Mephisto’s mask… or something like that.
          Just see it here :3

          • Gunny says:

            Show ▼

            Now the link to the ED’s analysi…

            Show ▼

          • Gunny says:

            DELETE IF THIS IS DOBLE POST 8D… or just Edit *3*

            Show ▼

            and let the rage begin. lol

            • Kyokai says:

              Edited your post for BB code. Easiest way is to type and highlight the text you want to add in the spoiler tag and just hit the spoiler button above. The / part comes in closing.

            • Yumii says:

              About the clock tho, I think they got Homura wrong. Red/White could be the Kyoko (her puella magic outfit is red and white too) I thinks Homura will be there until the ending atleast.

              I’m really wondering how Kyuubey is gonna mess Sayaka’s wish up.
              I mean take Mami for example, I’m sure she wished something like “I wish the car accident never happened” but did her parents still live? NO

            • Overcooled says:

              @Gunny: I like the song, I just…can’t sit there and listen to a song unless I’m doing something else. XD Which sucks for me, because it turns out the ending is full of symbolism and foreshadowing according to all this. I wouldn’t be surprised at them tossing more of that Faust stuff in there. I might wanna read up on that before episode 5 comes out…

              …I’ll probably go and check out those links when I’m done my homework too XD Hopefully all this speculation doesn’t make us expect some crazyass ending only to end up with something notmalish.

              @Yumii: I don’t think all of the Death Clock placements are right since it’s based off of a one-coloured number <_< I really, really don't see Satsuya dying XD Homura will probably survive a lot longer, I agree. Kyubei sucks at granting wishes. Unless Mami just said "I wish that I survive the car crash."

            • anaaga says:

              @Gunny: i would be sad too if satsuya dies. SATSUYA IS LIKE TEH CUTEST CHILD ALIVE. WE NEED TO MAKE A FAN-CLUB JUST FOR HIM <3
              i wish i haven't look at that clock now. i'm depressed over it now ;____;

              the ED is really full of speculations. it's pretty obvious why mami sat down, and why homura tries to reach for madoka. but the whole mask thingy is still confusing. thanks for the link! guun is my magical hero now!

              @OC: what if…the door is accidentally opened and something? man, i watched too much captain tsubasa xD
              and you haven't read dortor faustus yet? man, that thing is awesome. you should read it!

            • anaaga says:

              *just read the witch from episode one*

  11. Foshizzel says:

    Great episode! little depressing and sad then got better near the end! Great stuff so far.

  12. Gunny says:

    I’ve stayed up to late waiting for this episode to be released… and YES I was rewarded \õ/ really need moar people to like the greatness of this show *,* you know, it’s my fave of this season *O* It needs more love *-*

    So, I was all focused with the hospital visits of Sayaka and the crying scenes from madoka, both too depressing… and then MORNING RESCUE! That was so WTF… it could’ve broken all the deepness of this episode, but madoka magika is too badass to let it’s atmosphere to be destroyed (at least, not completly) by some random orange guy falling from the sky LULZ. Also need to love Satsuy-tan for him to be more insightful than his father. * 3*

    Now, more thoughts. The face of kamijou when he realised that he could use his fingers again… boy, I felt like he was going to get insane, kill some nurses and then play violin till his fingers bleed and lose motion ability once again; Codon-chan (aka Kyoko) is going to be the first “villain” of this show that we know is a bad guy and actually act as one; I still have the feelling that Mami is the same as Kyoko, just that she makes the line of a kind girl only to lure new mahou shoujos to became her food. And Kyoko just made me belive even more that Kyubei WANT to see the magical girls vanishing as fast as possible. Yeah. the question is: WHY? WHY THE HELL?! KYUBEY IS THE DEVIL.
    and, again, sorry if it is incomprehensible.

    Show ▼

    • Gunny says:

      Oh, and Madoka’s almost rape. By zombies. And one of her best friends.
      I felt bad for her. But now looking at it, it’s funny. 8D

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I stayed up late writing the post XDDD IT’S JUST THAT GOOD!!! I feel like a lot of people wrote it off and didn’t watch it…but as soon as you get someone to watch it, they should instantly be converted :3 I swear the ONLY reason people don’t like it is because of the CHARACTER DESIGNS -_-

      MORNING RESCUE owned me too LOL.

      Yeah, Kamijo looked psycho there XD So Sayaka has to deal with a crazy Kamijo and a murderous Kyoko. It’s hard to tell who is good and bad in this show, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s a bad one. As for Mami, I’m still not sure if she was ever on the bad side…Hmm…

      Glad you feel better, Gunny~ That was you can enjoy your vacation more…while I have exams T.T

  13. edru says:

    I dont believe in the theory that magical girl = witch.

    it seems to me, like its too obvious, typical and clear to the plot that I dont think magical girls become witches. maybe has similarities, yes, but I dont believe that they are fallen magical girls.

    • Overcooled says:

      Witches don’t really have a set definition yet, so it’s possible they aren’t fallen magical girls. Personally, I think it doesn’t seem too typical to be true to me. It’s certainly not the first thing I assumed when Kyubei explained witches.

  14. wonton jr. says:

    I’m still not over the fact that the awesome Mami is dead, I mean who else can pull out a crap load of guns just like that? ;A;

    Despite that, this episode was amazing. It’s official ; Kyube is gonna kill Sayaka, I mean, isn’t it obvious that he’s the evil monster? Those close-up shots of him are seriously freaking me out. =-=

    • Overcooled says:

      I miss Mami too…Sayaka’s sword is cool but….GUNS! D= And then if Sayaka is next, where else will I get my magical girl action fix? QUICK, HOMURA, KILL SOMETHING!

  15. foomafoo says:

    I see this episode now as some sort of point of no return for Madoka. Madoka’s aware already of these things about witches. Not only that, she’s still capable of that telepathy she got from Kyubey (although I see this as Kyubey’s conspiracy so Madoka would still change her mind). If she already knows these things — might as well fight them off right? I mean no one else would do it other than them — that is, if they wish to protect the town.

    • Overcooled says:

      If Madoka chose to ignore everything and try to live a normal life, she would be going entirely against her character. She really has no choice, you’re right. She likes helping people and feels responsible for all this. All that’s blocking her is the fear of death. Once her desire to help overrides that, she’s good to go. I think logically she knows she has to fight them off, but emotionally she’s scared stiff.

  16. Sebz says:

    reminded me of Kuroneko’s commentary on Meruru and how this is akin to her stand, yet very freaking awesome. xDDD

  17. anaaga says:

    and why the hell is justin bieber mentioned in my fav show? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO

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