Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 03

For every beginning, there is always an end

I tend to make some pretty odd blogging schedules for myself. Last season I must’ve thought it would be funny to blog 4 shows that aired one day after each other. This season, 2 shows come out on the same day. Since Madoka usually rears its head a tinier bit earlier than Fractale, I’ll probably tend to write about that first. Also, I have a LOT to talk about with Madoka. Who would’ve thought a magical girls show would get THIS INTENSE?

Remember that boy in the hospital bed in Sayaka’s flashback? Because now we get to learn what her deal was with him. To cheer up her bed-ridden friend who probably suffers from the common anime sudden-unnamed-disease-syndrome, she brings him rare CDs. Except, instead of cheering him up, it makes him cry as he remembers when he used to play the violin.

That, or he’s crying because he’s locked in Sayaka’s basement

Meanwhile, Mami successfully exterminated a witch familiar in front of Sayaka and Madoka again. Honestly, I’m beginning to think they just go to see if they can catch a peek up Mami’s skirt as she flits around or something. Mami presses them a bit to make a wish and stop following her around late at night, but they just turn the question back to her. Her wish was simply to have her life spared, as Kyubei appeared before her as she was barely conscious in a car crash wreckage. She didn’t exactly have time to wish for a pony.

Death is swift. Death is quiet. Death is furry.

Sayaka asks if she can wish for her friend, Kamijo, which causes Kyubei to pipe up “SURE, FINE, GO AHEAD! LEMME DO IT NOW!” Mami tells the unblinking furball to not rush them, since wishing for someone else has some obvious obstacles. As for Madoka, she complains to Kyubei about being dumb and useless while he watches her in bed. Without looking away. Kyubei’s stare is only broken by Madoka’s drunk mother stumbling home, which makes her all the more awesome.

So I can’t wish for him to become my sex slave? Darn.

Mami is still out at night (not drunk though) and she has a wee chat with Homura. The mood is terse at best. It’s the usual jabber: Homura doesn’t want more people involved in these fights and Mami WANTS MORE GIRLS. Magical girls, that is. Madoka seems to have a lot of potential, hence Kyubei’s obvious rush to contract her…

The next day, Sayaka and Madoka see a Grief Seed stuck in the wall of the hospital Kamijo is in. Sufficiently freaked out, Sayaka stays in place with Kyubei while Madoka goes and finds Mami. Sayaka ends up inside the witch’s maze, which is a mix of a hospital and a candy store. Odd mix, I know. Nothing much happens to Sayaka, so Mami and Madoka just have to stealthily sneak in to meet up with Sayaka. The catch is that Homura is there AGAIN. She tries to warn them about the witch, but Mami just practices her bondage skills on her so that she can’t do anything.

As they proceed through the maze (holding hands, no less) Madoka tells Mami that her wish is to just become a magical girl like Mami..someone people can look up to. Mami immediately lets go of her hand and tells Madoka how horrible of a person she is, which eventually leads to tears, hand-holding and all manner of pseudo-lesbian word exchanges. Now that Mami is finally happy, IT’S TIME TO KILL HER OFF.


The witch reveals itself at last – this time a much less jumpy creature. It doesn’t look that fierce, so Mami confidently fires shot after shot without much thought. She’s too happy that she got a pink-haired girl to hold her sweaty hand for so long. Of course, as she thinks about how happy she is, she ends up dying.

Kyubei tries to get them to hastily contract with him, but Homura steps in. She finishes the job Mami couldn’t, and obtains the Grief Seed. Instead of thanking her, Sayaka yells at her through her tears. Homura practically spits venom at them as she leaves the two girls.

More Mindfuc for Your Buck:

Madoka, so naive…to think that all I do is WATCH you when you sleep…fufufufu

I can make your wishes come true! I’m Kyubei! Kill your parents! Being a magical girl is fun!

Yeah, I’m not even gonna ASK where we are anymore


End Thoughts: BWAAAAAAA MAMMMMIIIII!!!!!!!!!! TT.TT WHYYYY!!!! HOW COULD YOU DIE SO SOON!!! Right until the end of the episode I was like “No way…she’s not dead…that death wasn’t even glorious, it ended in a flash…”…I still don’t want to think she’s dead, but given the direction of this show…she very well may be gone for good. If she ever comes back, it will probably be as a witch. What better way to show the consequences of being a magical girl better than the ultimate penalty? Will they ever accept Kyubei’s offer now? Well, yes, they will…but it’s gonna take some convincing and maybe a bit of moping.

It was pissing me off that 2 pre-teen girls couldn’t even think up ONE wish after a few days. Just as I thought Sayaka had a perfectly noble wish she was like “NOPE, I WANNA DO IT MYSELF” as if she can magically heal his imaginary anime disease. Madoka’s wish was pure too, but she must really be unambitious to not want anything else but a good rolemodel. At least go for the cake, man. THE CAKE. In this sense, Sayaka actually seems like she has more dimensions than Madoka, who is far too innocent.

While I still think Mami was a bit on the “bad” side (especially given how much more cunning she seemed this episode. She seemed to have changed quite a bit since episode 2, or is it just me?), I don’t think she was fully aware that what she was doing was wrong. She was genuinely happy to have Madoka with her, and she seemed to just be lonely. It can’t be easy to have to fight garish apparitions night after night just to survive, and not get to so much as whine about it to anyone. Kyubei probably caught onto her loneliness and used it to get what he wanted…more hoes magical girls. Kyubei seems RIDICULOUSLY suspicious this episode, since almost all of his lines were based around wishes or contracts. Heck, he even seemed to see Mami’s death as nothing but a perfect chance to convert the two girls into his slaves. Homura seems more blatantly like a character on the “good” side too.

3 episodes in and the main girls haven’t become magical girls yet and it’s STILL badass. They have an awesome ED now too! I don’t see any signs of this show slacking in any department. I mean, come on, that fight was wicked awesome. I can’t wait to see Madoka and Sayaka in action. Witch familiars, Madoka’s power, how hungover Madoka’s mom is….these are all things I WANT TO KNOW!!! But for now…I must sleep.


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58 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 03”

  1. Bear says:

    Hell. Yes.

    They’ve 1-upped themselves again. My slight grievances with the previous witch design are now gone – this badass clown-worm-ren-and-stimpy-otherworldly-witch was beyond awesome, not to mention its initial AHHH Real Monsters! chibi puppet form. It’s not like the design itself was anything mind-blowing for the medium but the way it was colored and the way it moved just felt so out of place in the real world. Dug it.

    Didn’t think we’d see a death so soon but because it happened so easily.. so quickly… so painlessly, I have to think that Mami will be back in some way, shape or form before the series ends. I’m actually starting to doubt all of my initial doubts about Mami; the writers here are really making us work. It’s not often a series comes along where you truly have no idea which direction it’s going in. Bravo, SHAFT and Nitroplus. Not to mention the music which is as crisp and awesomely timed as ever. What the hell is the game they are playing?

    If I could have ANY show licensed from Winter 2010, it would be this one. Even as fantastic as Level E is, this show just has *IT* for me, whatever it is. Been a long time since I’ve been so excited about a series as it aired.

    • Bear says:


    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, this time we could actually see the witch move :3 Hopefully they stick with this type of design more often than not. My only complaint is that it needs to look a little more fearsome…especially if it’s going to kill off a main character T.T

      I still find myself unable to believe that her death was that soon, but it’s not the first anime to have a character die off so soon and never actually come back. I’m kind of on the fence if they’ll actually bring her back or not…Madoka can wish her back if she’s dead, but that sounds so…convenient.

      But I agree, the overall combination of pretty much every single aspect of this show makes for one hell of an anime. It’s my favourite from this Winter, THAT’S for sure :3

  2. Liza says:

    I was actually very surprised when Mami died. I definitely couldn’t believe she was dead. I kept expecting her to pop up at the end of the episode with the consequence of lost magic or something for being “defeated” in the labyrinth. However by the end I had to finally accept she was dead.

    After Sayaka’s “wish” thing was revealed I thought in the scene after Mami died, she would step up to the plate and become one and although I could understand why it didn’t happen I hated that it didn’t happen. I’m hoping that one of them becomes a magical girl soon though so there can be action and I’m curious to what powers Sayaka and Madoka have.

    • Overcooled says:

      I still can’t shake that feeling of “no way she’s dead” but…she is. I don’t think she’ll come back normally, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked if she did make some sort of re-entrance into the show.

      I bet Mami’s death would have been prevented if they had decided on their wish earlier so they could have helped her fight -_- Indecision really is a killer. If Homura hadn’t showed up, I bet they STILL wouldn’t have contracted with Kyubei. Since Mami is gone, they’re probably going to have to make a contract soon :3 Yay~

  3. Jo says:

    I reckon Madoka’s wish would be to bring Mami back from the dead…
    It just seems like something she would do given the circumstances…


    • Overcooled says:

      That could definitely happen. My only worry is that Kyubei might not grant wishes as he is supposed to, and something goes wrong…

  4. Kabitzin says:

    Does he have a disease? I got the impression he was suicidal.

    • Bear says:

      I didn’t really think about it but that’s a pretty good observation. You may very well be right. No support machines really, a bandaged wrist and the fact that Sayaka says something to the effect of “That’s pretty rude” about not being able to see him. I don’t know why she would consider the staff rude for not letting her see him if he were just in bad health. You’d think it would be worry instead of complaint.

      On the other hand, the room seems very high up and he’s left completely unsupervised next to that open window…hmmm. Definitely an interesting thought.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, this would make more sense than him having a disease. Not only because of what Bear pointed out, but because then it makes a lot more sense for Mami to ask if Sayaka wants to grant his wish herself. If that’s the case, then she may actually be strong enough to support him and change him…whereas if he was just sick then good luck finding a cure. lulz.

      I tend to just automatically assume “boy in hospital bed = sick” now.

  5. amado says:

    see, I told you guys mami is not with kyubei. she was just a girl who really just wanted more allies/friends since being a mahou shoujo is lonely.
    she even warned the girls about the kind of wishes they’ll make while kyubei was trying to persuade them everytime.

    good thing sayaka didnt go through for that wish, otherwise maybe my OTP for this series would have been shattered. im thinking her wish would be to protect madoka instead while madoka might wish for mami’s revival(unless its impossible).

    all in all, SHAFT has really come up with a great anime.

    • Overcooled says:

      I must admit, I thought she was playing a more sinister role in this whole thing. I was pretty convinced that she’d be just misguided in the end though, not a direct minion of Kyubei. So I’m half right, and you were all right, amado :3

      I bet things would go TERRIBLY if Sayaka made that wish. I can just see Kyubei, the devil he is, twisting the wish around so it makes everyone miserable >_< I'm under the impression that ANY wish is acceptable (although it would make a lot of sense if reviving people wasn't), but not sure that Kyubei will grant it properly. Maybe he'll bring her back, but not as the Mami we know. Maybe I'm just looking for bad ending though because I like them XD

  6. soyokaze says:

    At least go for the cake, man. THE CAKE.

    The cake is a lie.

  7. MikADo says:

    UROBUCHI U BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. VucubCaquix says:

    I’ll just leave this here…

    • Overcooled says:

      OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The fate of all the characters are based off of a clock that was shown for all of 5 seconds! Farfetched, yet crazy enough for me to panic!

    • Gunny says:

      WHY SATSUYA??? D:

      • Yumii says:

        Oh mah Gah! I knew it was something weird with that clock! The different colors represent the characters and episode they die in TAT

        • Overcooled says:

          LOL Oh mah gah! indeed. I just hope this prediction isn’t true. If we wait a few episodes I guess we’ll see…

  9. Nayu says:

    This is just getting better and better. Even though Mami’s gone now T_T. It’s good that it managed to stay so good even though the girls still haven’t become magical girls. I want to see Madoka’s pink dress somewhere else than the opening (and on that drawing in her notebook)!

    If this were any other magical girl show, Madoka would wish for Mami to come back. But since this is Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Kyubey is probably going to say that bringing the dead back to life is impossible or something. Or actually no, it could be that it’s because it’s Madoka Magica that Mami is going to come back to life. I don’t really know what to think ^^”. The easiest would be to have here come back as a spirit guiding the girls or something.

    Thank god Mami lives alone and seems to have no family. Otherwise what would they think ? That their daughter disappeared ?!

    • Overcooled says:

      Usually magical girls show have the main character becoming a magical girl as soon as possible (episode 1), but things are still fresh and our main characters haven’t so much as fought anything yet. (aside from with a baseball bat). I DO want to see Madoka and Sayaka transformed though XD

      Either Kyubei is gonna refuse to do it, or he’ll do it…but not the way as expected. I’m still convinced he doesn’t grant wishes properly, and will probably wish her back as like a witch or not as a human or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back as a spirit to guide them either though :3


      • Gunny says:

        I think Her Parents died at that car crash. Well, She is not going to be missed. LOL.

  10. Metalsnakezero says:

    NO Mami! ;_; you’re too good to die. We just learned a part of your past and how you really feel and now your dead. I have a feeling that Madoka will revive her but there may be a twist to it judging from how the tone of the series is.

    Good to see Sayaka and the boy together to get a better understanding of their relationship.

    Now Kyubei is getting really suspicious as he keeps talking the girls to making a wish. Also the bit on Madoka being the strongest may lead to either being a good thing or a bad thing (that Ending showed her being in a eye makes me wonder if someone is going to use her power for destruction).

    A little hint on Homura past made me think that her wish was to get rid of some people who she hated. I bet its her family but I can only guess.

    This series is getting deeper and deeper every episode and the fights still look great. Also if you look carefully, they change some visual bits in the Opening. One more thing, the ending showed 5 girls and one of the silhouettes is of the popsicle girl with the red hair in the opening. I bet that she will/is a magical girl. What do you thing.

    R.I.P Mami (Unless you do get revive in the next episode)

    • Overcooled says:

      AWWWW just as you got your Mami avatar, she died. D= I also think if she’s revived, it won’t be in the typical way.

      I think that there’s a reason Homura is trying to stop Madoka from being contracted, and that’s so she doesn’t use her huge amounts of power. She’s super gullible, so Kyubei will probably be able to control hr and get her to overpower all opposition. She would never willingly do harm though, so it depends how well she is tricked.

      I’m pretty sure Homura has family issues (based solely on the fact that Fate from Nanoha did, and they seem like simialr character types lulz) and that either her wish or a witch caused her a lot of pain.

      Ah, yes, they quickly flashed a bunch of images in the OP, I was wondering if it was new or just that I hadn’t watched the opening since episode 1 XD I think it’s highly likely that Kyubei will contract more girls as competition since SHAFT is good at dealing with big casts of characters. So by all means, the popsicle girl could end up being the next magical girl.

  11. Ifrit_Burner says:

    Ohh damnn, this just assured its place on my animes to root for this season XD. I kinda expected mami to die when she began to feel optimistic, bizarre how people with such giddy joyful mood die with anticipation. At the very most this just proved that the mahou shoujo franchise isnt just about cutesy little loli’s for lolicons to facinate about, its about kicking asses and well expecting gruesome head choping death. Mami’s death was still depressing, to think that she’d die the moment she found people that could support and join her, to make her feel more stable and secure T_T. Just makes me feel like shes wont kick the bucket till madoka makes her contract wish

    • Overcooled says:

      As soon as a character thinks “I belong~ I’m so happy~” they die. This is another rule of anime. Just having a magical girl die (whetehr she is revived or not) has just set a new standard for mahou shoujo anime. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone ever done this before? IT’S AWESOME!

      I’m still a bit suspicious about it being as easy as wishing her back, but we’ll see.

  12. Xiao says:

    Kyubei always has this “It’s going as planned~ :3” face that it’s hard not to suspect him. That little devil under sheep’s clothing. His constant nagging about the girls to hurry up and think up their wishes already along with zero reaction to Mami’s death makes me wonder if this how magical girls vs. witches deal is just some small play for something bigger.

    In any case, I’m marking him down as evil~.

    And I want Mami to come back, too. ;___;

    • Overcooled says:

      His expression NEVER CHANGES. All those close-ups to his face scare the wits out of me too @[email protected] I have no doubt that Kyubei is using the girls for something…else. What it is, I’m not sure yet, but it’s probably something big.

      I miss Mami already…D=

  13. Gunny says:

    Yeah, no Satsuya-tan again… but do I really need to complain for that? This show is becoming epic (at least till now for me). AND MAMI DIED! OMG NO!!
    For now, I was expecting that Madoka would wish to bring mami back to life, but this would kind of ruin things, I think (And if it was for she to wish this, she would’ve done that in this episode still, so no more Mami (at least the way we know her) for now). And about Sayaka, maybe now she is too scared to even think about turning into a mahou shoujo…or not. So I belive that for the next episodes we will be getting more Homura+Madoka interaction and the latter is going to get more and more pression by Kyubei to take the contract already (And she will accept it for Homura’s sake… I’m betting that that dream dream from episode one showed us the moment that she would FINALLY take the contract).

    R.I.P. Mami. Forever in our hearts. lol. (Oh, c’mon! I died from laught when she died. It was so fun. )

    • Gunny says:

      and sorry for my english. It sucks. Show ▼

      • Overcooled says:

        (Fixed the code for you XD Hooray, editor powers. Also, your English is fine, so stop worrying. Get well soon, Gunny!)

        No Satsuya-tan, and yet we saw the rest of the family XD Probably better he doesn’t see his drunk mum stumbling home.

        The both of them are probably going to get over their fears the next episode, yeah. They’ll be depressed at the start, but Kyubei will probably convince them somehow to “make things right.” or “avenge her death.” Of course, he’s a liar <_< Homura is the only magical girl left so hopefully we learn more about her too! YOU LAUGHED WHEN SHE DIED?! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! DX

        • Gunny says:

          Death is funny. I was like “SEAREOUSLY?!” when she got bite and then burst into laught when I saw the other girls face Show ▼

          OHH THAT WAS hillarious. ;p

          so… I just saw this somewhere and decieded to put it here

          Imagine the following conversation:
          Kyubey: Madoka has huge potential, but I’m failing to convince her.
          Mami: I got an idea! What if I got myself killed?
          Kyubey: WAT???
          Mami: Madoka is a goody-two-shoes, she will certainly wish to revive me and BAM she’s in and I’m still alive.
          Kyubey: Brilliant!!! Let’s go with that…

          plausible? I think yes. Even tough I liked Mami and she died, it doesn’t mean my suspects on her vanished.
          Just gimme epi 4 now.

          • Overcooled says:

            This is one of the few deaths I couldn’t laugh at. Sure, it was a non-threatening monster, but it still managed to be shocking. Mami T.T

            Mmmm maybe, but I don’t think Mami would agree to get killed to help Kyubei. In her inner thoughts, she genuinely thought about how she was finally happy (which is different from saying it, because you don’t think of lies in your head). Her reasons for wanting Madoka to be a magical girl are different from Kyubei’s…Kyubei just likes hanging around her because he can use that to his advantage.

  14. qwe says:

    RIP Mami

    ep 1-3

    • Overcooled says:

      3 episodes was all it took for me to get attached and then she has to go and get eaten by a rainbow snake -_-

  15. Juliancan says:

    Hah! As I said bet she’ll become a witch xD. Now more information has been given, seems as if the witches’ always bear these grieve seeds right? And it is their clones who don’t bear seeds. I think witches are actually fallen magical girls or people who have died, that did not want their life to end. And their death leaves this grieving ache in their heart, thus making them transform into witches.

    Also, the labyrinth in this episode seems to have been from Sayaka and Mami’s wish/dream. First, Sayaka’s wanting to get her friend healed and second Mami’s wanting to celebrate Modoka’s transformation with a big cake, a type of patisserie.

    As for Kyubei, he really creps me out. YOu know he’s one of these characters who act nice and sweet but their evil-ness is seen from miles away. I wonder how she will pursuade on making Modoka a magical girl…

    • Juliancan says:

      On a side-note, the ribbon that Homura have been imprisoned seems to have transformed into blood, another symbolism?

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m totally with you that witches are fallen or deceased magical girls. The transformation may occur due to their feelings, or it could just happen automatically if they die, regardless of how they feel. It’s more likely that it has to do with how they feel though.

      It makes sense, since it was a hospital/sweets mix. I assumed the hospital part was because they were right by a hospital and the sweets part was just to be stylistic…and then that in turn gave Mami the idea of wishing for a cake. It would be cool if the people who enter the labyrinth shape how it looks though. If that’s the case, I wonder why the previous ones didn’t resemble at least Mami’s desire. o_o

      Yeah, as soon as Mami died the ribbon melted off to resemble blood (or maybe it turned into actual blood). It’s probably to signal Mami’s death.


      • Juliancan says:

        HAH! Kyubei’s face changed in episode one when he stumbled. That means that he is ENTIRELY capable of describing his emotions O.o!!! Omg He IS getting freaky.

        Now the more I think the more I realise that Modoka’s meeting with Kyubei might also have been orchestrated, displaying Homura as the bad one while evoking sympathy to Modoka for him…

        • Overcooled says:

          Can’t read my, can’t read my, can’t read my poookeerrrr faaaceeeeeee

          Maybe someone else is higher up than Kyubei and he was the one who arranged Kyubei to meet with Madoka too? I think the whole point of that dream was to convince Madoka to be a magical girl too. =P

  16. anaaga says:

    man, i feel so bad now for mami because i used to think she’s all some bad girl and all that. turned out that she’s just a lonely angel that just want a girlfriend. when she finally got one, she’s dead. i knew something were gona happen as the narrating changed into mami’s PoV, and she was saying that she’s happy and all that. R.I.P mami, please don’t come back as a with. though i have a feeling that’s gona happen. well, i’m glad mami has the best fight she ever had. and it was fuckin awesome too. except guns that came out from her chest. i find that too extreme~

    and as for sayaka and madoka? dear god i’m slowly hating them now. all they can do is cry and cry and cry. they can’t make up their mind, even when they already have a wish. especially sayaka. GRRRR. when homura was being a bitch, i was hoping that madoka would stand up and go all “i have my wish. i want mami-san back. now kyubey, turn me into a magical girl!” and take mami’s seed back. but i guess she’s just too shocked for that. i’m having this feeling that i’m gona hate madoka the most. just…ARRGHHH

    homura is still being a mean bitch as usual, but i kind of get why she’s like that now. that having your head almost being eaten by weird creatures as your daily life will definitely make homura like that.

    and kyubey us definitely evil. he didn’t cry or change his expression at all when mami’s head got eaten in front of him. unless he’s cursed with one expression and can’t blink his eyes, which is unlikely

    • Overcooled says:

      I was so suspicious of her too, but it turns out Kyubei just used her as a way to get friendly with the girls -.- I should’ve known she would die as soon as she found peace *sigh* She died so soon!! I will miss her gun-slinging antics. I don’t care where the guns came from, SHE WAS BADASS!

      I don’t hate them, I just want them to make their wish already XD They’re just scared and indecisive. Also, Madoka is that shy kid who isn’t good at anything so she has nothing she wants LAWL

      Kyubei is the devil. THE DEVIL, I SAY.

  17. edru says:

    im expecting that girl in the OP will show up next ep. she will be a magical girl and might become a rival of homura.
    she might also take the girls under her to protect/train them, if homura wont.

    • Overcooled says:

      She’ll probably be the trigger that makes them contract, unless they get over Mami’s death on their own somehow. I don’t think ANYONE is gonna be on Homura’s side just yet…she wouldn’t elt them even if they tried to befriend her, I’ll bet.

  18. wonton jr. says:

    Whoa didn’t see this coming so soon in the anime. I think it’s already obvious how Kyube is pure EVIL. I mean jeez, look at those creepy close up scenes of it!

    ;A; Why did Mami have to die? Only she can awesomely pull out a shit-load of guns.

  19. Foshizzel says:

    This just got real! peeps be dying and what not xD I didn’t see that coming with Mami dying like that was a shock.

    Not sure whats up with Kyubey, honestly I think he is wanting more magical girls to die? maybe he is collecting something from them. But he seems to be like oh she died meh oh well, like he has been through this before xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Kyubei is kind of a dick about everything, so having girls die is probably great fun for him. Whether he’s harvesting their souls or something when they die, I don’t think so…his plan seems to be to use their actual powers for something.

      • foshizzel says:

        Oh for sure! Kyubei never leaves that girls shoulder so not like he has been “away” to do much of anything. I think kyubei has another master somewhere who wants more powerful magical girls to join.

        Either way if Kyubei is a good guy or not they sure make a point to push things more in the evil side, after he happened to show up when Mami was in danger has a bit of a Grim reaper feel to him.

  20. Reki says:

    0:44, I just notice that the background changed, in the 3rd episode.

    I love this anime but… WHY MAMI…?! ;;___;;

    • Overcooled says:

      Now that I didn’t notice. I only saw the flurry of new scenes they added in one part.

      I swear we need to hold a funeral, I just feel so bad…TT_TT

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