Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 02


Still getting a feel for the odd character designs and sudden switches into some crack-induced backgrounds? Yeah, me too. I’ll assume everyone reading this made it in one piece through the field of man-eating cottonballs with facial hair. Let us venture forth into the lair of the booger-butterfly now! Take my hand (unless you have cooties) and come with me on this MAGICAL journey!

Whew, it was all a dream! Or at least, that’s what Madoka thinks until Kyubei greets her in the morning from amongst her stuffed animals. Just like episode 1, Madoka and her mom get ready side by side in their huge bathroom and indulge in idle chatter. Her mom can’t seem to see Kyubei, who is lounging off to the side, which makes things convenient. Now Madoka can always have the fluffy little flea-magnet with her ALL THE TIME!!!

As her mom casually scolds her for being home late last night, Madoka remembers her meeting with Mami. After the fight, they all went to her apartment (which is gorgeous) to mooch off of her and have everything explained. She explains that each girl gets a Soul Gem as proof of the contract. The contract? Kill evil witches and get your wish granted in return. The catch? You might die in the process of witch-hunting.

Since this is quite a big decision to be made on the fly, Mami offers to let them tag along on a witch hunt so they can see what they’re getting into. They eagerly agree, then carry on going to the school the next day. Sayaka, Madoka and Mami now share a TELEPATHY LINK! Mandatory Mahou Shoujo Powah #51! With this link, they can all keep their eyes on Homura in case she tries anything fishy.

Sayaka and Madoka talk on the roof, with Sayaka suddenly going off on a serious monologue. She doesn’t have a wish, so isn’t it unfair that she is one of the ones chosen to be a magical girl? Why wouldn’t someone else who needs their wish granted have been picked? Talk about selfless coming from someone who said she wanted immortality as her wish a few scenes ago. ANYWAYS, Miss ‘tall, dark and emo’ struts in all of a sudden to stir things up by…not really stirring things up. She leaves just as soon as she arrives, only adding to the mystery surrounding her.

Once school ends, the three of them don’t waste any time using the soul gem as witch radar. Well, okay, they waste time in a restaurant laughing at Madoka’s weeaboo drawings. But after that, Mami leads them on the hunt. Madoka seems a little reluctant though, and wrapped up in thought about Homura. Is she really so evil? Maybe she was trying to protect Madoka…

They end up in a desolated area (thank goodness it wasn’t the red light district. Then they’d REALLY learn what Mami has to do to get her wish granted hurr hurr). where a witch may have affected a stray victim. It’s not long before a lady tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building. To remind us that suicide and magic girls can indeed go hand in hand, Mami swiftly transforms and saves the woman. From there, they head into the building and find a witch portal staring straight at them.

The sad truth is that Mami steals the wallet of everyone she saves

If it was spring, I’d tape little moustaches to all the dandelion puffs in my front yard and see how many people get the reference. From clean lines to a crazy art project gone awry, the girls are back in the sinister magical world. Mami is there to protect them again, and she kicks some SERIOUS ASS.

They make it to the boss in one piece. The boss resembles a giant booger, a butterfly, and rotting garbage ALL IN ONE. Mami leaps into action right away, pulling guns out of her skirt and her hat and unleashing rapid fire (well, one shot per gun, so as rapid as it gets). She gets tentacleraped for a bit, but responds with tentacles of her own. She finishes off the witch with a GIANT GUN and then lands with a CUP OF TEA in her hands.

Any other anime, and you’d be getting an eyeful of blue stripes by now

The world dissolves around them, and Mami picks up the fruit of her effort…a Grief Seed. She uses it to suck the darkness out of her Soul Gem and restore her power. She throws it to the shadows after using it, right at Homura.She emerges from the shadows then tosses it back at Mami. Why did she stay there for so long if she didn’t do anything is beyond me. ANYWAYS, the episode ends with Madoka wanting to be as nice as Mami as a magical girl. Is it contract time now?

Creepers gonna creep

Contract Details:

This is Soul Bling. Kyubei gives one to every girl to know which hoes belong to him.

Dats right, girls, I’ll grant your wishes if you kill some dirty bitches…I mean witches…for me.

He has ears coming out of his ears, and HE WILL HEAR YOU if you try and run.

Awww, Hitomi, you can sign the “contract” and do all sorts of “things” like them too! =D

End Thoughts: YEAAAHH THIS SHOW IS GREAT! XD It really picked up the action in this episode too. Mami is just too awesome. Did you see how sick her guns were? Maaaan. I wish I could hide weapons under my skirt and in my hat that effortlessly. That battle scene was nothing short of gorgeous, as the psychedelic backgrounds have become more than just a gimmick.

SHAFT isn’t just screwing with our minds with the menagerie of colours and images, it’s a legitimate representation of the dangers and horrors of this magical world. Unlike most magical girl shows, the consequence of losing isn’t “try harder next time” – it’s death. I love how Madoka deals with concepts like death, murder, and suicide – perfectly balancing moe with an actual sense of danger. Being a magical girl isn’t all sparklies and rainbows (although, yeah, MOST of it is XD)…Homura will probably be a testament to that when her past is revealed. I don’t think she’s as evil as they want us to believe.

As for the cute moments, they hit the mark of being sufficiently adorable. Not as cute as K-ON!, but cute.  Even when they just talk it’s well done…The backgrounds and lighting are beautiful, the music is GODLY, and the seiyuu are all experienced. Which means I like almost everything. I’m almost 100% accustomed to the character designs too, it just takes some time. I can already feel this show growing on me more than last week…Looking forward to next week~


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56 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 02”

  1. amado says:

    this show is great, I like the fight scenes, has a little dark atmosphere and has some hidden depths in it. also the way SHAFT does it.

    plus I love the yuri subtext.

  2. Elyon says:

    I also got the feeling that Akemi is probably just trying to look out for Madoka or something like that and isn’t actually evil.
    Also, Sayaka, for a short-haired, energetic best friend character, is surprisingly not annoying.

    • Overcooled says:

      So far her intentions actually don’t sound that bad, she’s just really cold and callous to everyone else. Sayaka is one of the few side-character friends with that personality type who is NOT annoying, I agree XD

  3. anaaga says:

    LOL i never realized kyubei’s ear design! that’s actually creepy though >.>

    this show is just too EFFIN GOOD!!!! the graphic isn’t bad either. i’m not used with the animation of the witches and their labyrinths. that is new to me.
    my favorite character is probably mami. she just flipped her skirt and then guns came out from the skirt. she just swing her hat, and tons of guns appeared out of nowhere. and then when she used her riboon to cut the vines from the witch… HOW COOL IS THAT!? i like how creative SHAFT is with mami’s weapon. she’s so eco-friendly, basically using everything near her as weapons.
    and it seems like sayaka has some deep past right there. i see some scene with an unknown white-haired person. zeron from vampire knight? xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I thought they came out of his forehead before but nope…<_< Mami is so badass. She used only guns, and only one real type, but used them in so many creative ways. SHAFT is blowing me away with this one. It seems Sayaka knows someone who would need the wish more than herself. Why can't she just wish for that person to get better/get what they want? <_< I wanna know who it is tooooo

  4. VucubCaquix says:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but the words that were scribbled on the walls in the 2nd half right before the encounter with the witch are excerpts from Faust.

    If you’re unsure of what Faust is, it’s a legend with it’s most famous version written by Goethe, a story about taking out a contract with the Devil in exchange for power. Rather telling considering many people’s reservations about Mami and Kyuubey…

    Weh! weh!
    Du hast sie zerstört,
    Die schöne Welt,
    Mit mächtiger Faust,
    Sie stürzt, sie zerfällt!
    Ein Halbgott hat sie zerschlagen!
    [102]Wir tragen
    Die Trümmern ins Nichts hinüber,
    Und klagen
    Ueber die verlorne Schöne.
    Der Erdensöhne,
    Baue sie wieder,
    In deinem Busen baue sie auf!
    Neuen Lebenslauf
    Mit hellem Sinne,
    Und neue Lieder
    Tönen darauf!

    • Overcooled says:

      I completely ignored it since I couldn’t read it, to be honest. Now that you’ve explained it though, that’s some pretty darn clever foreshadowing. I never once doubted Mami, with her laid-back style, but now I’m curious if SHE’S the bad one and HOMURA is the good one. And then it just becomes one big gray area of what’s good or bad at the end.

      I AM. EXCITED.

      • Nameless says:

        I also found it strange that Mami was so easily able to find that suicide girl just in time. I really get the feeling that Mami and Kyubei don’t have very high standards for their Magical Girls, as it seems the only reason Sayaka is being considered is because she happened to follow Madoka. Seems like Kyubei needs them for some other reason than to fight witches.

    • anaaga says:

      doctor faust. the only reason i remember it is because i failed my literature quarter test xD but doctor faust is a good book, though.

      the whole contract with kyubei thingy is kinda the same with doctor faust. you basically have a contract with kyubei so you can have one of your wish, like doctor faust’s contract with the devil to “take over the world” *remembers the pinky and the brain* that’s probably another way to describe the contract with kyubei? and the whole you-can-die-in-the-battle-though thing is just like how in the end, doctor faustus’s spirit was taken into hell? bleh,

      imo, kyubei is the most suspicious anime mascot i’ve ever seen. he just pops out randomly and say “hey, you! wana be a magical girl?” really, even sailor moon doesn’t do that. the whole random-magical-girl thing to me is just so, weird…but i guess there’s a reason behind this, meh.

      • Overcooled says:

        I never would’ve thought Madoka would create intense discussions, but wow. I was wrong.

        Kyubei is suspicious in that his sole purpose for living seems to be in contracting girls. He’s almost desperate for them to side with him. He should have no reason to care about what the hell witches do to humans, why would he want to stop them? I agree with Nameless, he probably has an ulterior motive.

        Does anyone else think that witches are magical girls who have lost all of their powers? Mami said the Grief Seed restored her powers after using so much of it, but it took darkness OUT of her soul gem. So..if she uses all her magic will it become a Grief Seed? I was thinking about it last night…

        • Nameless says:

          Having the Magical Girls turn into the witches would be a great idea and now that you mention it, it seems completely plausible. But, its hard to imagine SHAFT taking the series that far.

        • anaaga says:

          ia that makes sense. you actually thought abt madoka before u sleep? xD

          and mami kinda scares me too. well imo she’s kindaa suspicious. she comes out out of nowhere, suddenly start helping them and all. well, it is normal to do that. i don’t know why but there’s something about her that kinda scares me >.> maybe because she smiles 25/8? it’s been proven that the characters who smile a lot are actually evil xD

        • Overcooled says:

          I have no idea how crazy SHAFT is going to get either, there’s a limit to how dark a magical girl show can get without becoming a bit odd =P

          …Quiet you. I just happened to think about Madoka as I was dozing off XD Mami is overly helpful, even taking them along on her witch hunt. She’s so nice, it’s hard to believe…especially if she follow the “if they smile a lot, they’re evil” rule of anime.

        • Juliancan says:

          I did not really fully understand the concept of the grief seed though :/. I mean, if the grief seed restores all her powers by sucking the darkness ou of their pendants, so where in the world did that darkness come from? And what happens to the grief seed after becoming inefficient.

          Yes Kyubeii does seem suspicious, if we were go back to episode one, in the beginning where we are presented with Homura fighting a witch in an apocalyptic setting that eerily resembled a contemporary city, very different from the settings that are presented later. Why is Kyubeii there and why does he seem to know the full extent of her abilities? And why does he desperately wants Madoka to sign the contract, as if Homura will eventually be killed. He says that she can repel these negative emotions but for what cause? This dream inevitably leads us to the Faustian legend about how spirits are destroying the planet Earth and how a saviour from the same planet will eventually eradicate these “spirits”.

          • Overcooled says:

            Hopefully they explain it in detail later on, because we know next to nothing about it. >_< Maybe it disappears when it's used up... My best guess is that using powers not only drains the user but somehow raises the "darkness" of that person. Where that darkness comes from - I don't know. <_< Kyubei might not actually be showing Madoka something that's true...maybe he made that dream just to coax her into being a magical girl. Kyubei is probably the one who made her a magical girl, so he probably knows about her powers. As for why he needs to combat negative emotions, well...that's the suspicious part. I really need to look up this Faustian legend now, don't I? XD

          • Juliancan says:

            LoL I feel like a spammer here.

            After 1 hour of nonstop thinking about THIS anime as well as reading all the comments *ehem*, I think I found a fairly valuable basis on why Mami is helping them.

            If we were to conclude that Witches are indeed fallen Magical girls, then can we presume that they give out grief seeds after being beaten? If yes, w00t w00t more loot and power for Mami! The reason why there are so many witches is that there are so many fallen magical girls that had contracted Kyubeii, being contracted seems to be very easy (Sayaka becomes one just by protecting Modoka), and Homura does not want unnecessary anymore bloodshed so he tried to kill the creature.

            And then Mami herself will eventually rule the world!!! >D


            • Overcooled says:

              lulz no way, posts are here for people to discuss! XD I love getting to talk in-depth about anime with people :3

              I think their soul gems turn into Grief seeds when they become witches, so yeah, more bling for Lil Mami XD Mami said they only “sometimes” have them though, I think…so either only some witches are magical girls, or some of them just lost their Grief seed. =p

              Oh my, if the outbreak of witches is the work of Mami and Kyubei then they are eeevillllll. Mami just needs girls as a constant power supply then. Let’s hope Madoka and Sayaka get a chance to hear Homura’s side of the story before it’s too late. @[email protected]

    • Gunny says:

      holy God. You scared me now. O_O
      I completely ignored it since I couldn’t read it [2] but I still wanted to know what were the meanings of those things. Now everything makes sense. 8D THANKS

    • VucubCaquix says:

      Wow, looks like I really stirred up the nest, haven’t I?

      • Overcooled says:

        It’s like the comments section of my Shiki posts all over again~ :3 I guess I should thank you for bringing up the Faust tidbit, I completely overlooked it. I wonder how crazy things will get this Thursday now XD

  5. lvlln says:

    lol, I didn’t notice the double ears before! “Yo dawg, I heard you liked ears, so I put ears in your ears, so you can hear while you hear.”

    • Overcooled says:


      But seriously, as I was screencapping I realized that something was coming out of his ear…AND THAT THING WAS ANOTHER EAR. =O

  6. Bear says:

    This is hands down my favorite title of Winter 2011. SHAFT would have to REALLY screw up to change my mind. The Faust reference is pretty awesome, I didn’t pick up on it either. Really just reinforces what seems to be the general sentiment about Mami and bokubunnyfox being too good to be true.

    Digging the background art and the trippy ass tentacle monster but I hope the battles later on are a bit easier to distinguish (like the dream sequence in episode 1). Still, it was better than what I imagined when I first heard witch – Loli in striped stockings riding a broom or a voluptuous long-haired lady friend with a mole under her eye.

    With a Nitroplus writer at the helm, it’s likely the tentacle witches that exist in alternate planes of reality actually have a true form or something we might see later.

    Anyway, nice entry here; the summary bit was clever. Most of the blogs I visit aren’t giving Madoka much love because it’s just as cool to hate SHAFT as it is to hate moe.

    • Overcooled says:

      I can honestly say this show is clearly above everything else airing right now…at least for me (Kimi no Todoke fans might disagree). Even if I expect Mami and Kyuubei to be evil, it will STILL blow my mind when the betrayal comes.

      What do you mean by battles that are easier to distinguish? Do you think the background art is really distracting when they fight? It’s a bit of a visual overload at times, but I find it just adds to the chaos of the fight, even if my eyes are darting everywhere to take it all in :3 Thanks goodness the witches aren’t cute lolis…Oh God, don’t tell me their true forms are innocent little girls somewhere, who are also contracted for something (I very much doubt this, but I’m getting paranoid of twists now LOL). I never thought of the witches having physical forms, but that would make a lot of sense.

      Thanks Bear! (I am reminded of .hack//SIGN by calling you this, fufufu). Metanorn could never abandon Madoka. Or at least…I wouldn’t.

      • Bear says:

        Ahh – about the distinguishing tidbit: I absolutely love the backgrounds and the butterflies and the moustached plant-life, especially in contrast to the pastel characters. It was just the witch itself that felt a little bit off to me. The shape they gave it and the skippy way in which it moved just made it feel like there was too much going on in any given frame and made it hard to tell exactly what the enemy was doing thereby removing some of the intensity (for me, anyway)

        I’m glad they were original in the design choice, but a fight like the monkey paw fight in Bakemonogatari came off as much more intense to me because you could clearly see the movements and the intent of the enemy ragdolling the protagonist. Which just brings me back to the fact that maybe there’s a reason they’re hiding these witches from us (notice that there is no witch in the episode 1 dream sequence). All just my speculation to make the viewing more fun for myself of course. 😀

        • Overcooled says:

          Ah, I see. Yeah, the witch’s movements were very jerky and hard to follow. I wonder if they could keep the same stylization but make it more streamlined…or just make the witches in the same style as Madoka and Sayaka for clarity. Because now that I compare it to the monkey paw fight, the sheer uncut violence of it all is what made it so good.

          I predict a lot of speculation in my future posts too lol. I already have my theory on how the witches came to exist now XD

  7. Metalsnakezero says:

    This show is getting deep with the subject of witches, magical girls, and Goethe’s Faust. I’m both excited and scared of where things may go. Also if you though Mami’s Unlimited Musket Works was awesome, checkout Fing BIG GUN.
    Guys, I think I found my waifu :love: :love: :love:

    • Bear says:

      I love the details of her transformation as well, like how she kicks up flower petals despite the dark and foreboding atmosphere. Still, it’s Homura I’m oggling! Hope we get to see her in action soon. Hell, all of the characters are ridiculously cute.

    • Gunny says:

      I love your avatar. :3

    • Overcooled says:

      This is going to be the most intense magical girls show in history. Not Cardcaptor Sakura intense, but a different kind of intense XD

      Ahahaha I swear Kyubei will cut you up if you come near her. XD

      • anaaga says:

        what kind of intensity does CCS has? O.o
        what the freak i think i’m the only one here who likes sailor moon the most D: well, the anime does sux….but still! >.>

  8. Robert says:

    Man, this show is proof of how good shaft is (they even made me interested in mahou-shoujo type anime) LOVE SHAFT!

  9. cassi says:

    I’m giving up. Episode 1 was at least funny and had a lot of action. This time it was just too much talking and I don’t like the character design to watch them go on and on why anybody should become a magical girl. The background art looks stunning but that’s simply not enough to keep me watching.

    • Overcooled says:

      It has a moderate chunk of talking, but most of it is rather interesting. It needs to be there to set the tone for the show that failure = death if you’re a magical girl. As for the casual conversations, they were just little things you’d find in an slice of life anime….pedestrian, yet oddly charming.

      Oh well, SHAFT’s mahou shoujo isn’t for everyone. If you’re only looking forward to the funky backdrops, I’d probably tell you to drop it too =P

  10. Homunculi says:

    Something that caught my eye this season, you barely get any interesting mahou shoujo anime’s (aside from the kore kara zombie anime). I believe my last one was…ermmm Card Captor Sakura and Tweeny Witches but never actually got to finish the tween one

  11. Gunny says:

    WHAT??? WHERE’S MY SATSUYA-TAN??? D: [one of] the cutest thing I’ve ever saw didn’t show up in this episode??? WHYY D: Aw okay. But c’mon. Mima is so badass that she just made it up for my Satsuya fix of the week. You know, the way she uses those guns is so awesome… and that ribbon-to-BIG-GUN transformation WAS EPIC (yeah, my jaw fell down) and it reminded me of Panty and Stocking (clothes-to-weapon transformation)…

    Homura is still creepy as always, but if you judge by the first scene of episode 1, that dream where she was with that shield and was beaten up by something, I should say that she is at the good side… So in the end Mima and that cat-with-4-ears are the bad guys… or not? AHGRH D8 I DON’T KNOW. Still, This is so good *-*

    • Overcooled says:

      XDDD Awww, maybe he’ll be there next week? Don’t know if we’ll ever get more of him, but I’ll be sure to screencap him for you LOL

      Mami is so pro…how did she even have tea at the end of it? @[email protected]

      Mami and Kyubei are getting more and more suspicious. Why would Kyubei show her Homura getting beat up though if he’s against her? Hmm, weird. I still don’t trust them though.

  12. edru says:

    guys, its possible for both homura and mami to be good.

    mami believes she’s doing the right thing and maybe she is doing the right thing, killing witches who cause despair and saves people. she is willing to risk her life to do it.

    homura however has seen the dangers, problem and maybe even a dark part of being a mahou shoujo so she’s trying to stop girls from being one of them or to spare them the pain.

    • Gunny says:

      You may be right. Maybe Mami is really what she’s showing up, but I’m starting to think that Kyubei is the the bad one behind this all. Or maybe someone is controlling him too. Dunno. Only 2 episodes aren’t enough for me to formulate logical conclusions about this. Still, is funny to try to predict how things are going to happen. (:

    • Overcooled says:

      We’re only 2 episodes in, so just about anything is fair game. There will probably be a lot of gray areas and character thinking they’re doing the right thing…but that doesn’t end up necessarily being the case. I can see how Mami might just be misled, while Homura has a better handle of what is actually happening. Mmmmm, I wanna find out~

  13. Juliancan says:

    Mmmm I think that Mami has actually something in her mind.
    Remember when she that the more magical girls there are the more competition there will be? So why help them then? It seems that she has something under her sleeves…

    Having said that, as edru said they both think they’re doing the right thing,Homura thinks that there will be unecessary bloodshed while Mami wants allies that will help her vanquish the monsters for the greater “good”.

    I just hope that Modoka’ll stop bein this clamp mahou shojo archetype that she is. I mean this cliché is getting kind of stale and does not really fit the serious tone of the series. How can she smack butt with that kind of attitude?!

    • Nakande says:

      Wow that made me think something terrible.
      If witches are fallen magical girls, then it could be possible that Mami plans to turn Madoka and Sayaka into witches and harvest their magical power.

      That’s probably wrong but its so creepy.

      • Overcooled says:

        I only went as far as to think of where witches came from….but then if Mami wants to find people she can turn into witches and betray?! I…I really hope this happens!

        • Gunny says:

          lol. In the end, Mami must be a psycho yandere. Just saying~ (and wishing for this to happen). > 3>

    • Overcooled says:

      It might just be that she’s really nice, like people who help their rivals study or train, but that’s probably not so. Mami had a really dark expression on her face when she was explaining the contract to the girls, so she seems to have a plan all laid out in front of her.

      Madoka will be another show that doesn’t have one big boss who is evil as the main focus…but rather plays with the concepts of morals, making it harder to tell what’s good or bad. And I loove things like that, where both sides think they’re doing the right thing, but it doesn’t seem that way to everyone else~

      Yeah, Madoka could be replaced with Nanoha and no one would even notice. =B Ah well, at least she’s cute.

  14. Foshizzel says:

    Great stuff! Very good stuff so far, and the double ear thing rofl what the hell were they thinking xD

  15. anaaga says:

    goddamn this show AND this post is so fuckin intense now. i can’t even think straight anymore >.>

  16. Dan-go says:

    OH MY GOD, BEST BACKGROUND MUSIC BEST ANIMATION AND GIANT GUN WITH A CUP O’ TEA PIP PIP, wot wot, this stuff is smashing, top o’ the season so far

  17. Kiss-Shot-Heart-Underblade says:

    I have a theory about Kyubei and Mami’s motives. What if Mami is controlling him or manipulating him. Maybe the dream was of his future self who realized Mami was up to something and is trying to warn Madoka before it happens. And that thing Homura is fighting is MAMI! Something happened and she willingly? became a witch and is tying to destroy the world. I agree with maybe the witches are fallen magical girls. I think that fighting the witches taints your jewel-thingy because you’re supposed to help, not kill them and when it becomes fully tainted you turn into a witch too. Kyubei in the dream could also have been twisting what was going in the dream so what was going on COULD happen. Before this discussion I only got bad vibes from Mami but maybe it’s also Kyubei.

    • Overcooled says:

      Another possible theory! Nice one. I guess after Kyubei contracted her some..stuff…happened to make her turn evil. It’s definitely a possibility, although WHY Mami would do this is still obscured. Hopefully by the time episode 3 rolls around we’ll have more to work on and then even MORE theories will be flying around XD

      Hmm, but if you help the witch you can’t get your Grief Seed to restore your power anyways. I think the witches might be beyond help.


  18. Spoilarz says:

    Hey, you know that witch Homura was fighting in the first episode’s opening sequence?

    That was Sayaka.

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