Happy Birthday, Ness!

Last Birthday Party of the month! We are going to PARTY HARDDD~

Kyokai: Girls just wanna have some fun~ Yep, we do! But, Ness is a TRAP so you never know what s/he wants but being in the Metanorn family, it means, loads of fun and an all nighter PARTYYYYYYYYY~ Also, wishing Happy Birthday to fellow animangoers: Ruby (Meta-buddy<333), Orange-sama and Aftersh0k.

I swear, I had made up my mind in drawing Kenshin for you because that is what clicked to me while stalking your MAL but damn, Hibari won points in always being your DP, so here he is with his little birdy, presenting you with a cupcake! It’s your choice to eat whatever first. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, V– NESS!! Hope you have an awesome time and truckloads of surprises. Weekend party on skype, YEAH! <3

Hoshi: Sorry if I made Hibari look too mad |’D It’s been forever since I’ve drawn him…anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESS! Though we haven’t really had long, deep conversations, I do hope you have a wonderful birthday and that all your birthday wishes come true~ Now let loose and PARTY! It’s your day! XD

Foshizzel: Happppppy Birtthhdaaayyy, NESS!! Wooooooooooo!! Well Ness in these short months that I have known you I always enjoy our chats together and the tag team reviews! Always a great time. Really happy to be apart of a team with you and all the others, have a great day! and eat some cake for all of us.

Hato-kun: Ness! Despite knowing the truth (or at least what I think is the truth, maybe I don’t know anything!) I and many others still refer to you as  Metanorn’s resident trap. I still don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m just taggin’ along anyway. Happy Birthday and congratulations on being however old you are! Man, our ages are really secret, aren’t they?

Hime: HAPPY B-DAY NESS~! I wish you an awesomepectacular birthday with hordes of cake, pressies and lovely things! *geifs cyber cake* If I sent a real one it would probably get squished ^^;

Overcooled: Ness, my birthday buddy, it is consoling to know that someone else is also growing older. XD Besides the morbid side of aging, birthdays are about cake, partying and FUN TIMES! So ignore the inching closer to death part and focus on balloons. They’re floaty and distracting. I would party it up with you but, alas, you are too far away. Which is a shame because bawww, partying with the awesome Ness sounds fun! Anyways, make the most of your special day you suave little trap, you.

Finally, Hoshi’s full sketch is revealed. Let’s PARTYYYYY~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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65 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Ness!”

  1. Bass says:

    Happy birthday girl! Hope you have a great time, and eat lots and lots of cake XD

    (Btw, how far did you end up getting on you know what? =P)

    • Tofu says:

      ARH! I thought I was first… I agree with Ruby now!!! xD

      RUBY!!! YOU were RIGHT!!! Bass is always the first one to comment!!! ><"

      • Ness says:

        Yeah, somehow Bass is just that awesome to get the first comment hehehe

        • Kyokai says:

          The Twitter power is strong in this one.

        • Ruby says:

          See! what did I tell ya? he’s so fast! Kyo you gave him the advantage by posting at night when everyone’s asleep! >_:3

          And I’m saying this now since I don’t want my comment to be way at the bottom XD Happy birthday Ness! :DD hope you receive lots of wonderful presents today and CAKEE <3

          • Ruby says:

            Since I’m so stubborn and don’t want to admit my mistakes~
            >_:3 is a new face, the “:3” which looks like it’s weirdly shaped and deformed actually represents a swollen eye from a bee sting LOL.

          • Ness says:

            Thanks Ruby and same to you!!! Well, I didn’t have cake haha totally forget but did get to have frozen yogurt ^^;; Maybe I’ll have cake later on hahah.

    • Ness says:

      Thanks very much, my fellow January b-day rockstar!~

      (Have yet to start on you know what, maybe in the summer<_<)

  2. Tofu says:

    WOOT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESS~!!!! xD DID ya have fun my fellow TRAP?? (Currently 8:15pm on the 28th of January over here in AUS) Party hard!

    Also, if you guys are also following. Today is the day when the finals in the Australian Open for the women start!! LI NA from CHINA!!! WOOT!! GO LI NA!!!! xD FOR CHINA!!!

    • Ness says:

      Thanks much!! I woke up early this morning just for you guys~ Yepp, partaaaying tonight for sure!! :3

      I wish I could get into watching real tennis, but I can’t><; Though, I <3Ryouma Echizen~!

  3. anaaga says:

    wait, three guys all sticking up together??? WITH CAKES??? >:D

    ehm, happy birthday ness! have a gggggrreat birthday day!!! try not to be trappy today. celebrate it as a giiiirlll!!!!

    • Ness says:

      Mmmm yes, three guys with cakes. It would kiler if it was Hibari, Subary (X) and Setsuna (Gundam00).. then I’d faint and never be a trap again. But it’s sooooo coool, these drawings and such hehe. Yes!! Partaaaay tonight :3

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Happpppppppppppyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!! Ness! Hope you have a fantastic day 😀

    • Ness says:

      Thanks much, I’ll do my best to have a fantastic and worry free day. In fact, I think that I’ll treat myself to a yumm lunch and gooood anime hehee.

  5. baka_girl says:

    Wooooow, another birthday!! *throws confetti*
    Happy Birthday Ness! Wish all the best for you 😀
    Seriously, you’re so lucky, having same birthday with Hiroshi Kamiya-sama! XD

  6. amado says:

    im finally on time to say: happy bday!

    • Ness says:

      Hahaha, thanks much! And even if you weren’t on time, I’d still be just as grateful :3

  7. Starburst-chan says:

    Happy birthday Ness! Have an awesome one!

  8. lotti says:

    Happy Birthdayy! 😀 Have a lovely day.

    Btw, I have always wondered.. Who drew that amazing pic at the top? Its so yummy 😡

    • Ness says:

      Thank you, I’ll have a great day for sure and already am so far.

      I think that picture is fanart, dunno by who though haha

  9. Mizorui says:

    Happy birthday Ness!! May you have a great year of life =]

  10. Namika says:

    Another birthday! *0*
    Omedettoooooo~! I wish you as much million dollars, as old as you are! XD *random, I know* ^^”
    I’ll just leave it at that, not to say something too bad. I’ll just wish you a happy birthday ^^

  11. Xiao says:

    Happy Birthday! ^^

  12. Alynn says:

    Happy Birthday!! Have a good one!

  13. Nayu says:

    Happy merry birthday xD

  14. Ness says:

    Uwaaaahhhh, Hibari and Izaya flooded Metanorn this week. So cool!

    Thanks very much everyone, I really appreciate and especially, thank you to my meta-fam and the awesome drawings :3 This morning has been the best so far and even a french boy tried to seduce me on skype just now teheeh.

    As well, today is Ruby, Orange-sama (Daifuuki) and Afters0k’s (Anime Instrumentality) birthday!! Yaaaayyy, such an awesome day :3

    • Ness says:

      Oh and Kyo, I think that I’ll eat the cupcake for now and save the good part for last…. ^^;;

  15. Mint says:

    Grr I always comment after the birthday girl does an answering-all-the-comments-comment. /nonsensical rambling

    Happy birthday Ness~ LOL you can’t trust those french guys. And happy bday to Ruby, Aftershok, and Orange-sama too (phew).

    • Ness says:

      Sorry Mint, next time I’ll wait a bit longer for you~<3

      Thanks much!! Yeah, those french guys hhmmmmm hehehe XD

  16. Carla says:

    Happy Birthday, Keep doing your awesome job :3

  17. Kushi says:

    Happy~Birthday~Ness! 😀

  18. Gunny says:

    Happy B-Day!! 8D

  19. ichigopockysticks says:

    Happy BIrthday

  20. Yvoon says:

    happy birthday, Ness!!!

    wow, three birthdays already all in the one month. XD

    have lots of fun and hope you get lots of pressies from families and friends. 😀

    its funny how the past two birthday are all bishie fanart.

    i like it!~ ahaha!!

    happy birthday! 🙂

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