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Ness: Nobody wanted this Yu-Gi-Oh! Ripoff, so the almighty Kyokai called for some brave souls to step forward. This trap and the loli mustered up the courage to tackle this yet another card battle anime.

Captain: Man, this really brings back memories. The times when I used to be a Yugioh fanatic. Card games, demons, and monsters. Seeing that none of our seniors really wanted to review this, Ness and I have taken it onto our hands to have a first impression post! Heehee! To animated / imagined card battles! Here we go!

Ness: Clash! We have what appears to be a card battle but the battlers are taking in the form of their cards (which is misleading). It’s a cocky Juggernaut versus the overpowered dragon thing. As the Juggernaut is about to get owned, we have our awesome j-rock opening theme.

The battle ends and we see the actual card players in a card store. As the loser Morikawa (Sugiya Noriaki – Fate/stay night: Shirou Emiya and Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke) whines, Kai (Satou Takuya: first time in lead role) the winner of the battle starts to leave but only to be stopped by a friend named Miwa (Morikubo Shoutaro – Bleach: Tensa Zangetsu, Hakuouki: Okita Soji, and Naruto: Shikamaru) who makes it known to everyone that Kai is the best player in the store after confirming it with the uninterested shop girl that there’s no better regular members. After Kai exits the store, we get the usual “how boring, aren’t there any strong players around” kind of thoughts.

Cards have become a natural part of peoples daily lives that in class the teacher is lecturing about the Sengoku period using cards as props. The instructor asks a question and calls on our potagonist, Sendou Aichi (Yonaga Tsubasa – Ookiku Furikabutte: Mihashi Ren and MM!: Himura Yukinojou) who’s shy response makes the class laugh. After taking his seat, Aichi brings out his precious card Blaster Blade and daydreams. A few seats behind, Morikawa opens up a new card packet with useless cards and start to rage over it until he sees at the Blaster Blade card Aichi is holding.

After lessons, Aichi is in a secluded area of the school with Morikawa who bullies Aichi into showing his Blaster Blade card which (of course) gets taken. Morikawa runs off to have a rematch with Kai but Aichi runs after him saying that the card is important and given from ‘someone special’. Morikawa trips Aichi and continues on his way.

That’s right beg! Beg like the weak little boy you are

Arriving at the shop, Morikawa challenges Kai who refuses until Morikawa puts the Blaster Blade on the line. Meanwhile Aichi is dragging behind in search of Morikawa. (Off note rant: WTF Mihashi voice, go away!!) As Aichi arrives, Morikawa already lost and Kai is in deep thought about the card. Aichi’s world is shattered upon Kai’s refusal to give the card that he won to Aichi.

The guys around the table start to feel sorry for Aichi as Kai explains the situation. Still Aichi wants his card back and Kai explains that a card lost in a Vanguard fight can only be taken back by a Vanguard fight. (FIGHT NOT DUEL!HAH). So of course, Aichi challenges Kai who agrees. Aichi is a noob to playing the game but has a deck just in case.

Kai generously decides to explain the rules of the game as they play and even loans the Blaster Blade card to Aichi because the deck would be incomplete.

“Picture it in your mind, the two of us in spirit form on a planet similar to Earth called Cray” – WTF, I’d rather not.

“We each draw five cards from our deck” – Oooo the scholar guy looks cool!

“And there’s a second power given, the ability to possess units with our spirits, called ride. The units that we possess are called our Vanguards.” – Digimon transformation GO GO!

The card fight continues on with more explanations of the rules and I refuse to go into detail on it.

Eventually when we think all hope is lost, Aichi draws his next card, embracing it to his chest, Aichi expresses his enjoyment mentioning Kai’s name which surprises the guys in wonder on how Aichi knows Kai’s name. Aichi then says how he’s always wanted to fight Kai and yahari~ “You are Sendou Aichi”, says Kai. Aichi confirms and reveals the card that Kai gave him in the past. Aichi then plays the Blaster Blade card and… to be continued.

Deleted Scenes from the not produced Yu-Gi-Oh! Alt Retelling:

Obligatory Duel Pose…


Trust in the heart of the cards!~

*Sweat drop* I SUMMON this Barbie Dog!!

End Thoughts:

Ness: Woooo Captain, my first tag team with you. Exciting~

Captain: Haha! Yeah! Exciting it is~ Alright, let’s get started then 😀

Ness: Yeah, so Cardfight!! Vanguard?! The opening had me going “…” and then they showed the opening theme which wasn’t too bad.

Captain: It kinda brought back memories for me xD You know, the Yugioh stuff and all. I was SUCH a fanatic.

Ness: I wasn’t a fanatic but yes, I did like Yugioh! But when I saw the guy who won the card fight, I was like “That ain’t no Seto Kaiba! GTFO”

Captain: TRUTH!

Ness: But the cards that they showed in the opening was kinda cool looking.. a mix of like digimon and pokemon looking hah

Captain: Oh yes. I kinda want those cards now >u> The picture covers most of the card! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Ness: Yeah! So how about Sendou Aichi? Think the creators are aiming for a timid, no self-confidence but if pushed can do it kind of character.

Captain: Actually, throughout the episode.. I think Sendou Aichi could do quite well off in a yaoi anime. I mean..he makes quite a lot unnecessary noises. But yeah, I have this feeling he’s going to be something like that.

Ness: Well that and it’s the same seiyuu that plays Mihashi from Ookiku Furikabutte><; Totally ruined my image of Mihashi now even though it’s a different anime. Mihashi had low self-esteem too! But still he was funny and cool with pitching hah.

Captain: Yep yep! I guess the voice actually fits Aichi xD

Ness: Anyways, also what the heck is with that teacher?! He’s lecturing using cards as a prop!

Captain: I didn’t actually realize that they were teaching about the Sengoku period at first! I was like, “Seriously, a card school?”

Ness: I know! I thought it was a card school too at first. But those cards looked kind of cool too, such nice art for a card.

Captain: I REALLY WANT THOSE CARDS. I hope they’ve been released already.. Geez, I’ll have a deck in a week if they are.

Ness: Hahah, yeah maybe for where you are you can get a hold of them XP

Captain: So far the character art isn’t too bad either. Not pointy like Yugioh xD But well, the card art owns everything..

Ness: Yeah, the card art makes up for the non-creative character designs. Also, WTF with Aichi showing that Morikawa loser his card. Totally knew he was going to get mugged.

Captain: Aaaaaand Morikawa runs off with his Blaster card. Poor guy. I’m betting Morikawa loses — Yep. I was pretty amused when Kai called him a dog at the start of the show though xD

Ness: Haha, yeah and Aichi has to win back his precious card but doesn’t know how to play the game! But we got to see even cooler card art then :3 The magician looking guy looked cool!

Captain: COOL CARD ART. That’s the best thing of this show to me! It’s fun to see how different the magician guy looked when Aichi summoned him and how he looked on the card.

Ness: Yeah! So what did you think of the actual battle? I think the card rules aren’t too bad it was cool how somehow the card changes while you play to tell you your results. But that whole play in your mind in a world called Cray stuff was like.. WTF?!

Captain: The card rules are, well, easy to remember. But I swear, I wouldn’t imagine Cray while playing AT ALL. Especially if I’m going to get blown of my own seat like Aichi did if I do xD It’s a cool game.. OH MAN, I REALLY WANT THOSE CARDS. *spasm*

Ness: Hahah yeah!! Also, I think the board for the cards is pretty cool, all glowy and when you place a card over the previous it changes.

Captain: Despite being just a piece of paper. I WANT THAT BOARD AS WELL.

Ness: HAHAHA! So I guess it’s different from Yugioh and Battle Spirits in the sense that the cards don’t project onto a screen but maybe they do but we haven’t seen it yet?


Ness: HAHAH Me too!

Captain: I think they’ll save it for later, heehee. I hope they don’t do that, I mean.. it’s kinda overused.

Ness: Yeah it is. So next episode, think Aichi will win?!

Captain: Probably, yes! Okay, maybe not.

Ness: I wasn’t surprised to find out that Aichi and Kai knew each other in the past

Captain: I think there shall be a miracle win, like in every show, now that he’s got his special given-to-him-by-Kai card out…You know how Aichi said that the card was given to him by a “special person”? AND KAI IS THAT SPECIAL PERSON? Special person..really?

Ness: YOU CAN BE MY SPECIAL PERSON CAPTAIN! We can collect the cards TOGETHER FOREVER.. Just like Aichi and Kai~

Captain: OH MY, I’M SO FLATTERED! And we cards..somehow. Through air mail, perhaps? We’re so off topic xD

Ness: Hehehe~ But anyway, I think that I’ll watch the next episode but doubt I’ll continue reviewing it.

Captain: Probably..yes. Should be the same with me. I mean.. I’d stop watching it too. OR PROBABLY CONTINUE BECAUSE I WANT THOSE CARDS.

Ness: HAHAHA, watch it and make a list of what cards you want. YEAH YEAH

Captain: WELL I WANT THAT DRAGON / WYVERN ONE FOR SURE. It. Shoots. Bullets. What dragon shoots bullets, hey?

Ness: Uhh it was kind of a mechanical type dragon, so I think it’s ok. IT SURE WASN’T NO BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON LOL!

Captain: OH YEAH, THAT DRAGON! I know I don’t want the dogs, though. They look..stupid. And pretty useless even though they’re not. I want the magician too :>

Ness: Hehehe, well good luck on collecting those cards!

Captain: And good luck to you on watching it! Other than that, though.. if the cards ARE released, anyone willing to trade with me? Heehee!

Preview: Though I don’t think that we’ll be covering Cardfight!! Vanguard, here’s a preview of the next episode. The card fight continues on and we learn more about Aichi and Kai’s ‘special’ relationship.


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22 Responses to “First Impression – Cardfight!! Vanguard”

  1. Kyokai says:

    OHMYGOD! Is that Data Masamune?! No shit.

    Another ripoff anime that I am staying the hell away from. Also, I want to preserve my Oofuri experience. :3

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    Funny thing is that this card game is partly made by the creators of Yugioh. However, this was not as fun as Yugioh was so I give this a pass.

    • Ness says:

      Oh I did not know that. Usually I do some sort of research of an anime before I watch it if it’s something I will be interested in but not this time! Yeah, it wasn’t as good as Yu-Gi-Oh! And we all know why… teheeee~

  3. cassi says:

    Looks flashy but I was too obsessed with Yugi-Oh to watch a boring rip-off. Maybe if they had some cool Seto Kaiba-like character…

  4. anaaga says:

    card school. just like starry sky with its astrology school. i want a yaoi school, RIGHT NOW

    the drawing for this anime is so simple it brings back memories. when i used to love yu-gi-oh and i actually broke the school rule just for buying dem cards xD and when i used to LOOOOOVVEEE kaiba soooo muuuuuuccccchhhhhhhhhh

    anyway, didn’t even try to download this. didn’t even click it. JUST….no…

    • Ness says:

      Well it’s not a card school but that cards are a normal thing part of daily life that the teacher uses it as props and lectures using a card battle scenario to explain the Sengoku period haha,

      • anaaga says:

        hmmm then i want a school where the girls fangirl about yaoi and read yaoi at recess. if that happens, my world perfect!

  5. Sebz says:

    sticking to Yu-Gi-Oh. and I’m watching ZEXAL this April.

  6. Overcooled says:


    Thank you, Lolitrap combo. I like how half of this review is just you guys fangirling over how hard you want the cards. LOL. Nice one, guys, loving it XD

    Also, that screencap of Aichi on his knees looks like he’s reaching out for that guy’s crotch. JUST SAYING.

    • Ness says:

      Hahah it was more of Captain wanting the cards and me admiring the art of it while agreeing. But hey! We covered the basics heheheee~ It was fun, I hope to do more chat reviews with the other staff too and also that was only Ep 1 of Metanorn’s Loli and Trap tag team XD

      That screencap did look odd and I thought the same thing as you, but I still added it! HAHA. :3

      • Overcooled says:

        No need to cover the basics, it’s a card game. NO ONE CARES. Tag teams can be fun, although in the end it takes a lot longer to get the post up due to time differences and such =P STILL, worth it for the amusement.

        I look forward to when the loli and trap combine their powers once again? XD

  7. Kushi says:

    lolz another studio taking advantage of a new generation. For some reason I’m reminded of pokemon…

    oh yeah, Ness and Captain, good job with the screen-caps and review

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Watched this today! not a bad show although I did make fun of all that wacky old school DBZ hair LOLOL.

    Overall, interesting card themed show. Will try to follow this xD

  9. Trusx says:

    This made me want to rewatch YuGiOh. When I was younger I used to be such a fan of YGO… Actually I kinda still am because I still loooooove SetoxYami (YGO was my start line for my yaoi crazyness)

    Anyway. Precisely Ness! That is not Seto Kaiba!

  10. Snowley says:

    ITT This season HOMOLUST show?

  11. Vanguard says:

    Reviewers! you come across as being a prick to me, cramming in stupid jokes into your review for a few cheap laughs (not impressed), it was made by the author of yugioh:r so its bound to have a yugioh vibe to it, but it doesnt stop it from being enjoyable anime to watch

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