Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 08

Familiar faces return for more Magic versus science!

Hello and welcome to the first Index season 2 review at Metanorn! Foshizzel here, one of the newest recruits! You can find me trolling and posting on here and there on various sites. I will be reviewing IndexII from here on out. I hope you enjoy the reviews.

Quick recap of the story so far, episode one through five go back into Index’s story with the whole Catholic Church and the many magicians still after her. Index gets kidnapped and Touma saves her in the first episode, he also bumps into Orsola a nun who is able to decode a book with some powerful spells, which everyone wants.

We also meet the Amasuka’s church group who kidnaps her but to only save her, making them the good guys and save Orsola from the Catholic’s leader Agnese, a loli nun who is quite the boss with all her evil grins! Touma gets to knock her lights out with an epic punch to her face ending the mini Index and Orsola arc. Highly satisfying.

This brings me to episodes six and seven, which takes a break from Touma’s right hand of doom and the magicians to follow more of Misaka and Kuroko. The Tree Diagram is brought up during these episodes and a new Teleporter named Awaki who shows off her move point. A power which allows her to move objects without touching them, she has an interesting fight with Kuroko and plays around with Misaka’s power using humans as shields to escape.

In episode seven Kuroko gets to have another round with Awaki until she gets shot and is later saved by Touma and Misaka who team up to save the girl. Awaki then retreats and runs into Accelerator who she laughs at and calls weak. Big mistake on her part which results in her getting punched and knocked out cold. Another satisfying end? I think so.

Highlights of episodes 1-7! 😀 Lots of people getting beat up and punched!

Now onto episode eight! We begin things with Touma’s parents and Misaka’s mom, all of whom arrive watch the schools compete against each other. Misaka and Touma also have a small bet going along with the local games, winner makes the loser do whatever they want, which makes Misaka a bit nervous wondering what Touma has in mind for her. There are also magicians on the loose in Academy city! Who are trading a weapon called the Stab Sword; it basically can own a saint in one swing so they are there to do a trade.

Hello Misaka’s mom! Also bottomless pit Index’s feeding time…

Touma then fires up his school to fight on! To cheer up their teacher Komoe Tsukuyomi who seems a bit sad after talking to another teacher. We also meet Seirei Fukiyose another school friend of Touma’s who seems to have a thing for him. What girl doesn’t have a thing for him? His class then goes to their first game and shows Misaka how fired up they can be as they win the first game easily.

Seiri drinks her milk! D’awwww sad Kormoe T_T

After the win, Touma looks around for Index and his cell phone, only to walk in on Seiri who is changing and gets a bag thrown in his face. Touma then meets up with Index to feed her but gets grabbed by Misaka and taken away from Index to help her win a race. Kuroko and Uiharu make an appearance too seeing the replay of Misaka sharing water with Touma, which makes her angry.

Index needs to feed….Kuroko needs to kill!

While looking for Index after being snatched up by Misaka, Touma then spots Stiyl and Tsuchimikado. He learns about the Stab Sword and how deadly it is if the magicians successfully make the trade. Index runs into Kormoe who feeds her and also plays dress up in the woods getting Index into a cheerleader outfit. Naturally Touma walks in and Index attacks him! Seire then drags him away to get ready for the next game as the two of them almost kiss thanks to being pushed into each other. Until she headbutts him making him land face first on Oriana Thomson at a choice angle. She’s dressed in some very tight clothing which distracts Touma for a moment till he shakes her hand and feels something odd about her. He then follows her and the episode wraps up.

Index Attack! And Touma’s soft landing…

Extra Screens

Dude we use the same hair gel?!

Do we have a HOTD screen mixup? Wet t-shirt and team sport? Check!

Touma’s getting lucky for a change

End Thoughts: So far I’m enjoying Index2 and like season one, the first episode was slow but things picked up then on. Touma is his usual self with the Imagine Breaker and getting over himself to help others. There are times that I think he would just die saving someone else but I guess, this is how the storyline moves and if you don’t like Touma and Index, why are you watching this anyway? Story wise the arcs are going everywhere but hopefully we will get more of a peek at our favorite characters.

The first episode was a bit dull and boring, but had a few good comical moments with Touma and his homework left me laughing. Index’s mini arc was also very interesting, nice to see them expand a bit on that not a lot but good enough, then switching gears to get more into Misaka’s story and show Kuroko being her usual crazy for Misaka. Who I kind of like, even though she is my least favorite character of this series. I also like all the Touma and Misaka interactions; I find them to be very cute and funny. Not many like this pairing or Touma for that matter, lol.

Episode 8 was kind of a boring episode for me but nice to see them adding more characters to the series, mostly with Seiri who seems to be here just for laughs and fan service, not that I’m complaining as it wasn’t bad as HoTD. Index even gets into the crazy fun with her dressing up as a cheerleader, thanks to Kormoe which was also very funny for me. Also that name for the sword was a bit of a huh? Seems like they could have tried for a better name than just Stab Sword, but it works for me I guess as I’m invested in this series already.


Next episode looks like more action than talk and random moments. More games between schools and Oriana Thomson might be getting in on the fighting. I am hoping to see Misaka fight some Magicians this time instead of Touma saving the day, but I will not hold my breath on that too much. Also want to see Seiri’s power, wonder what she can do? If she fights that is.

Well, thanks for reading, Hope everyone enjoyed my first post on Metanorn! Catch you next Index episode.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Toaru Majutsu no Index II – 08”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Finally some Index on Metanorn! I so have to catch up to this episode but damn, the fanservice sure increased this season.

    • foshizzel says:

      Yes! so far things are going well with the series a few boring episodes here and there, and I noticed that too 8 was really filled with fanservice 😛

      • Kyokai says:

        I hope they concentrate on the story more. >.>

        So, finally yeah, welcome to the team~ xD

        • Foshizzel says:

          Haha yes yes I hope they do to…need more Index related story, as much as I like Mikoto’s story we need more info on Index.

          Thanks again 😛

  2. Overcooled says:

    I still cringe every time I see Kuroko…*shudders* Other than Kuroko, nice job with your first post. Maybe you’ll make me want to start season 1~

    • foshizzel says:

      Lol yes yes Kuroko makes me do the same thing xD but I do like the comedy she brings to the series so far, long as she doesn’t get to many episodes dedicated to her.

      Thanks! I still gotta get used to the whole screen shot set up with the posts.

      Season one wasn’t to bad it definitely got me to watch Railgun.

  3. Tofu says:

    *GASP!* It’s.. it’s omg the anime BL was taalking about where the guys have there own lolis O___O AHAHAHAHAHAHA I guess in this way it’s more safer to read Foshizzel’s episodic so I know what I’m up for ;D

    Nice first post Foshizzel (this is your first isn’t it?) The animation and action scenes in this anime seems pretty intense but there’s a lot of boobs~

    • foshizzel says:

      They do have their fill of Loli characters in this series xD they are all over the place! ;D

      First post here yes, they do have some great animations for the fights lol yes lots of boobs in this episode xD maybe the animators were wanting more HoTD girls! or something…

  4. Alynn says:

    Yay Index : D I love this anime, so glad somebody is reviewing it on Metanorn! I’ll be looking forward to future posts, yes!

    So that’s Misaka’s mom, I see. I was wondering who she was in the opening.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I love this show too lots of fun stuff happening.

      Yep! I wondered the same thing…when I saw her in the opening figured it was a older clone lol..

  5. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Just for covering this ILU! rofl

    On another note now that we’ve seen Misaka’s Mom I think Touma and Accelerator better start investing in their Misaka Loli/Misaka/Misaka Imouto’s respectively :-]

    Congratz on making the team and I look forward to your new posts.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yay! thanks 😀 ilu too!

      Oh I hope they all meet up some how lol…that would be quite epic so many Mikoto’s O_O id go crazy.

      Thanks episode 9 review soon….:D

  6. MikADo says:

    i have been waiting for this day :))))))
    ofcourse as a reader of the originals, i want to complain
    on how JC staff isn’t doing a great job so far,
    but i beg to differ on this arc, since its one of the bets
    i have ever encountered
    btw, congrats on first post 😀

  7. Dan-go says:

    YAY YOU PICKED UP INDEX ILY ILY ILY you’re now my favourate of the newbie posters 😀

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