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This show has been neglected quite a bit, hasn’t it? I have been keeping up with it and it has been a great show, so why hasn’t it been updated on Metanorn? Because I was lazy at the time. But here I am, back a refreshed ready to update you on what happened so far! I’m going to update you on the arcs that have passed (There have been two!), but I’m not going to update you on the fillers. You’re gonna have to watch those yourself!

So in the Kanon Arc, we are introduced toooo (you guessed it) Kanon! She’s an idol whom Elsie is obsessed with and it just so happens that she attends the same school as her and Keima. Kanon and Keima meet rather unfortunately and it seems that Kanon doesn’t really take well to people not knowing who she is. Because Keima isn’t a fan of her she attempts to convert him by performing just for him. Unfortunately, he isn’t enjoying it and plays it up, fall asleep and not paying attention. And because of this, for some reason she disappears?

Of course not. People can’t disappear in real life. She just goes a little translucent and tries to kill Keima again. It seems that she has a few more problems, especially when she was younger, when people wouldn’t recognize her or just not see her in general. We see this a bit more during her live performances and when Keima learns that she has a concert coming up, he pieces two and two together. Armed with some back story about her past he continues his conquest of Kanon and all goes smoothly and they become quite close. And hours before her performance she disappears. Vanishes without a trace. And that is when Keima can see the ending.

Her crew search for her like crazy, running around like headless chickens as she quietly slips out of the building looking for Keima so she wont be invisible to people anymore. At the same time, Elsie and Keima are running around as well searching high and low. Thanks to some of Elsie’s friends, we also find out that Kanon used to be in a group with two other singers, Lime and Yuri. She became a lot more popular than the two and eventually went solo, and that’s where she got this complex from. Thankfully, Keima eventually finds Kanon sulking a short way from the stadium. When he finally confronts her about what’s going on, she’s so pleased that he understands her. However, he’s not letting it stop there.

He abruptly and quite forcefully tells her to stop relying on other so much, otherwise she’ll always be invisible. With a bit more silly moaning and Kanon saying that she can’t do anything without Keima, she finally comes to her senses, realizing that because she’s a mega-ultra popular Idol, she’s actually accomplished something on her own. She’s happy, everyone’s happy and then she kisses Keima, thus releasing the lost soul. She goes on to perform a really bright and sparkly show. It hurt my eyes. And ears.

End Thoughts

Hells yeeeeeeeeah!

Best caption wins a cookie.

D’awww, makes him look so harmless.

This single scene here was absolutely incredible. Great reference.

A longer arc this time, eh? Well, that’s certainly welcomed. My only complaint with this one was the amount of goddamn times we had to hear that song of hers. Even now, weeks after it actually airing it’s still stuck in my head. Though as far as annoying qualities, that’s about as far as Kanon got. She was actually a really funny character and she was probably the most developed out of all the characters. She had a good start point as a character, a development and where she ended up. She also changed aesthetically around Keima, which was kinda sweet.

Keima has actually been an interesting character to watch. He’s changed over the course of the episodes, though it’s not quite as clear if you look at the surface. He’s because a lot more accepting of his situation. He hates ‘real’ girls, but he does actually just comply with Elsie’s requests. At times it even seems like he’s enjoying himself and at times even falling for some of these girls. Maybe all of this is actually taking a toll on his cold, hard otaku heart?

Either way, the show must (and will) go on. With the second season already green-lit, we know we’ll see a lot more of Keima. Though, in my opinion the Kanon Arc wasn’t the best. It had some good moment and being one of the first arcs to show development of a character over time was really great. Sadly, I’m not seeing much use for Elsie towards the end of this series. She was nice as a comedy relief character but she’s sort of worn out her welcome. Though, she might have a bigger part in season two. Or something rather interesting could happen between Elsie and Keima? Hmmm? Hmmmmmmm? Smexy. However it’s time we departed, so keep a look out for the next Arc’s review, coming soon!

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10 Responses to “The World Only God Knows – Kanon Arc”

  1. Junko says:

    Ffffff- I don’t like Kanon, she just needs to harden up and BE A MAN ABOUT IT.

    Shiori kicks her ass, nuff said.

  2. Tofu says:

    Kanon arc reminded me of gundam in a way, flashy singing and yeah… But either way, we really got to see the more depressed side of things in this arc and how it can lead to being INVISIBLE~ I’m not sure if people out there are writing down notes on how to win a girls heart through Keima’s ways in the anime… I’m definitely not one of them…

  3. Overcooled says:

    Kanon is ADORABLE, especially with her glasses on. Okay, maybe that doesn’t exactly make up for her singing six thousand times – but it turned out to be a great arc. I think it was actually my favourite so far XD

  4. amado says:

    the manga is much farther and I recommend it. it gets really interesting later which involves more than just capturing girls….

    production and storytelling wise, the anime is surprisingly good. the anime fills some of the holes the manga and adds more character to the characters but keima is more awesome and cool in the manga.

    ps. keima is in love with a girl named yokkyun in the manga…

  5. foshizzel says:

    Finally watched these episodes! this wasn’t to bad 😀 Kanon is very cute and has great songs too. So far this arc and the sports girl are my favorites!

  6. Dan-go says:

    Best caption contest “KEIMA THERES A BUG ON YOUR HAIR” *THWACK*

  7. Starry says:

    I love Kanon! 😀 And I actually enjoyed her singing… ^^” I felt that the first song she sung in the concert was really good and a nice change from her usual preppy songs.

    I’ld admit (reluctantly XD) that her personality isn’t exactly the best, but I still love her. <3

    Also, do continue with TWGOK reviews! I'll be waiting super eagerly for the Shiori's arc review. 😀

  8. Violet says:

    Well Kanon in manga looks like a Yandere…. a yandere XD

    PS: I like Keima ends with Show ▼

    sheeee’s sooo cute X3

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