Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 13

Not bad for a Sunrise Tequila

Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? And if you didn’t, did you buy it for yourself on boxing day? I managed to survive festivities with my small, but rather spastic family. So now that the holiday rush has died down, I bring you the next episode in what I suppose you could call season 2 of Reverse. I double-checked, and we ARE catching up, but there should be enough chapters to supply the anime with (although, the anime is jumping around a bit). We shall see~

I’m in a whimsical mood, so bear with me if this summary diverges from the plot a bit XD Zaji reports everything that’s happened thus far to Lloyd, who takes it all in seriously. Once he leaves, he asks Aria to deliver a letter to a former airship worker named Houdai Franklin. She’s retired from being a delivery-type Bee, but Lloyd’s coaxing finally convinces her. Afterall, they’re short-handed until Lag is done recovering.

Zaji is in this episode for like 20 seconds…Yep, needs a screencap.

Aria prepares for her delivery at home, while her giant dog watches. Holy cow is that a big dog.  As Aria is on her merry way, Dr. Thunderland kindly points out to Lag that Aria is doing a delivery in his place and that she’s clumsy as hell. Well, this is comforting. Lag tells Niche to protect her. This turns into a tongue twister so intense, it makes Lag faint. Didn’t you know, tongue twisters do that?

Gasu basu bakuhatsu! Gasu basu bakuhatsu!

“Nu-uh girlfriend, I dun need your help” says Aria, who is almost DESTROYED by Niche for this comment. (Because Aria should totally talk like that) She is almost killed a second time when Niche eyes her D-cups and just barely manages to not cut her up. They kind of, sort of get along in the carriage to Black Cherry Pool, but then Aria starts walking and we all know what a challenge THAT poses to her.

Aria’s near-death count raises to 4 when she falls into the blood red river styx…I mean water…and has the nerve to tell Niche to be careful. Niche offers to carry her violin case to keep her promise to Lag, but Aria is all like “YOU AIN’T MY MAN.” Unable to handle her ghettospeak, a Gaichuu pops out of the water and eats her. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. It roars at them.

Aria tries to run away and almost dies a 4th time. Niche doesn’t want to run, so she stats up a killer attack combo. Even Steak proves to be more useful, expertly finding the weak spot while whizzing through the air on Niche’s head. Niche tells Aria to shoot, only to realize that her shindanjuu really is special – it’s a violin. Aria starts playing her attack song, but can’t concentrate. Niche can’t hold out forever, and is grabbed by the heart-sucking tentacles of Tequila Sunrise.

As Niche is hoisted into the air, the Gaichuu attacks Aria too, who has almost died 5 times now. The remnant heart from her failed solos waft towards Niche, playing an old memory of how she got her dingo, Bolt as a puppy. Aria was useless, but Bolt was a wonderful dingo. Niche sees all their memories of  delivering letters, and how insecure Aria was of everyone gossiping about her shortcomings as a Bee.

Aria is grabbed by the tentacles as well (6. We’re at 6 now). Fired up, Niche cuts herself and Aria free, planting them safely on the ground. Niche tells Aria that no matter how strong a dingo is, only a Bee can land the killing blow. She also explains how much she respects Bolt as a dingo, and translates to Aria that he said he will always protect her. Awww.

Niche uses her hair as pedestal to place Aria on as she properly plays her solo, killing the Gaichuu in one shot with her Crimson Melody. Aria falls after that one shot, memories of her encounters with Gauche floating in her mind. The most touching memory (and part of the episode) is where Aria remembers when Bolt got too old to do deliveries anymore. She completely breaks down and hugs him, asking him to still protect her, even now.

Meanwhile, Lawrence talks to one of the gatekeeper brothers named Signal (if you can remember him from waaayyyy back then) about Reverse’s plans. He’s also in on it, out of anger for how the government experimented on him and his brother. That when Lawrence reveals the government used human heart to make the artificial sun, which is aprtially why they must destroy it. Not so evil now, are they? Minus the evil trenchcoat, scar, eyes, smirk….yeah…

Bonus Screenshots:


‘Sup, boo? I made some cookies and shit at home, want some?

“…We’re still sitting here because you have pneumonia, don’t you?” “Yep.”

Either Steak has found a weak spot or he has found panties. It all depends on context.

End Thoughts: I…WHAT. The sun is made out of people’s hearts? Is that…true? Is Lawrence lying? It sounds pretty legitimate considering that the sun is in the shape of the “heart” that emanates from the shindanjuu…I’m mostly surprised because I have little to no recollection of this much being revealed in the manga. They seem to be tackling the real mystery faster, which I actually like a lot more. The entire truth behind whether the government is bad or good has been shrouded in mystery this entire time, I think we deserve at least a few hints.

I really liked the Aria-centric episode, because we learn that she’s not just a preppy secretary. Her story was touching, and gives me a whole lot more respect for her. She may be clumsy, but it’s not in the typical moe fashion where she’s utterly useless. A lot of characters are clumsy, but that’s often where their personality starts and ends. Good thing Aria is deeper than that. The only thing I didn’t like was how bitchy she was to Niche. Her dog got old, so now no one else can protect her? Get over yourself =.= Niche was arguing a lot too, but that’s just because she’s…well…Niche.

Once again, Tegami Bachi has some cool places. A cherry-red river? I wish we had that sort of thing in real life *throws some red dye into the ocean* 8D. Anyways, gee, the 2nd season is off to a strong start. I doubt we’ll be getting much filler from hereon in. Ahhh, I can’t wait. I don’t mind carrying this on into the Winter season at all! =D

Preview: I thought they were gonna throw in the Lag being “sick” part into this episode as well, but I guess they svaed it for 14. Lag’s heart is rapidly spilling out, and they don’t know how to stop it. Meanwhile, Aria tries to convinced Franklin to accept the goddamned letter she worked so hard to deliver. Expect a lot of revelations about the day of the big Flicker for this one!


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  1. Foshizzel says:

    Woot pics look great on my new phone !.

    Nice review ill have to watch…

  2. Elyon says:

    The only thing that really annoyed me about Aria was her stupid weapon. It must be a big pain to have to stand there and concentrate in the middle of a huge fight with monsters. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Agreed. Her weapon is soooooo not made for attacking XD Thank God it does OTHER things to make up for it.

  3. anaaga says:

    uh, it’s made out of man’s hearts? really? i mean, in the manga, franklin said what he saw in the sun was

    Show ▼

    i’m starting t forget tegami bachi. this is what happens when a new chapter isn’t out for MORE than a month >.<

    • Overcooled says:

      Okay, I’m NOT crazy in thinking that the manga never said the sun was made out of human hearts. I really wish they’d put out more chapters too, they left it off at such a cliffhanger with the current chapter too -___- *sigh*

  4. Tofu says:

    OMG IT’S STEAKY~~~!!!! (Last screen cap) xD Sorry.. had to say it. *stealing that picture*

    Sure this episode wasn’t as action packed but it was still awesome (all Tegami Bachi episodes are awesome) Hmm… I wonder if the whole “my shirt and pants don’t fit” was a type of fanservice…

    Anyways, I’m a bit cloudy today and can’t think straight cause all I can think about right now is Fate/Stay Night VN xD and it’s been a few days since I watched this…

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