Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 12

All this and Lag is STILL partly in girl’s clothes

I’m still not done Christmas shopping. I need to buy one more thing, and finish a bunch of Christmas drawings for people. I should probably pick up the pace since it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS OMG YAY. I am very excited, if you couldn’t tell. I have to work on Boxing Day, but it’s just a few hours of teaching little kids how to roundhouse kick bad guys. Not a bad way to start off the morning before some crazy shopping.

Holiday cheer aside, I should really get to reviewing Tegami Bachi (sorry for being late, I’m been busy with. things *cough* Maple Story *cough*). Gauche flat out walks away after being hit with Lag’s shindanjuu last episode, and is stopped from following him by both Roda and a swarm of Gaichuu called Lao-Lao. They scatter when shot at, making only Zaji’s aotoge useful…but only remotely so. If they weren’t having enough trouble already, Garrard and his dingo use a little machine to control the Gaichuu to stall for time until the Cabernet leaves.

The Gaichuu come crashing down on the offensive at all 3 of them, managing to only injure Roda. Friendly fire much? Just as things look hopeless, Niche appears in all her twintailed glory to capture the gaichuu in a giant hairnet. Well, not a hairnet, but a net…made…of hair. Yeah. *cough* Lag cries, as expected, and then takes out the Lao-Lao in one shot.

The two have a touching reunion (i.e. Niche vigorously rubs her face against Lag’s) until Niche falls asleep from not healing properly at Blue Scales Blue. Roda uses this as cover to escape and find Noir, but it having one hell of a bad day so she falls into a giant hole that appears OUT OF NOWHERE. Despite being a good 20 metres away, Lag apparently is fast enough to reach her in time and grab her arm to try and pull her up. She remembers that Roda used to be Gauche’s dingo, and explains that she wants to protect Noir so badly because of her past memories with Gauche. Touched by his kindness, she forces him to let go and falls into the darkness.

Roda managed to give lag the tegamidan before falling to her doom, somehow. Zaji tells Lag to run after Noir while he takes care of Cabernet, being the badass that he is. When he finds Noir, it’s quite clear that he’s still NOIR when he says they’re not friends anymore and points a gun at him. Once again, the ground splits again, this time with light spewing from the newly formed cracks. Once the rubble clears, Connor’s figure is seen in the distance with Sunny. I never thought I’d say this but…Connor is looking mighty cool right now.

Once Connor explains that Sunny died because of Reverse, Lag is lost in a fit of rage. How can I tell? He is glowing red. Oh, and then he glows bright white like the sun. It’s a pretty good indicator of emotions, I’d say. Noir tries to shoot him, but it’s nullified by his aura. Lag fires his tegamidan at Noir, who is shot…again.

Meanwhile, Zaji is doing the best he can on his lonesome against Cabernet. However, it changes course once it sees the explosion of Lag’s heart. Everyone is weak by now, so it’s not a surprise that Gauche and Lag are grabbed by the Cabernet without much of a resistance. Even Zaji has fired one too many shots. Gauche tells Lag that they will fire together at the base of the wing and try not to use up all their heart. Sounds like a certain someone is ba~~~ack!

They manage to get themselves down with their synchro-shot, and are brought back to Earth safely by Niche (who just woke up).  Gauche is unconscious, so they decide to just sort of stick him in a carriage and take him back to Yuusari. Let’s hope he’s not Noir, or we’re screwed. Zaji seems convinced that Dr. Thunderland will fix him right up though. Connor decides to stay in town in case Sunny wakes up.

…So who’s going to drag him down the mountain?

Dr. Thunderland does his doctor thing on Gauche, but he’s still not awake. All we know is that his heart is in tact. Lag is worried, but after a conversation with Aria, it’s confirmed that he really believes gauche is back. He FEELS it. Aria and Lag stand there crying in the hallway. It’s amazing that all it took was a letter saying “I miss you” to bring Gauche back.

I am sad and happy. Thus: sappy. Or happad.

Bonus Screenshots:

Luffy ain’t got nothing on Niche

Zaji of the week: Sweaty, panting Zaji. I am okay with this.


Two heads are better than one, I guess…

End Thoughts: SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! Another great Tegami Bachi episode!  I actually don’t remember Lag firing 2 shots at Noir (from what I remember, Lag just shot one letter bullet at him. I could be wrong, my memory of earlier chapters in the manga is fuzzy).

I really loved the scene with Roda falling into the giant crack in the ground. This scene happens in anime a LOT, I know, but I like that she wasn’t completely won over by Lag. She didn’t conveniently regain her memories just for the plot to be conveniently sad for the viewer’s, but she felt a change within herself. She died as Reverse’s Roda, but she she died closer to being Gauche’s Roda than she was before. Having her remember with just a few words would cheapen the HUGE effort lag had to put forth just to get Gauche to remember.

Lag looked a lot like the artificial sun when he was shooting at Noir. We know he’s not human, and that he’s involved in the day of the Flicker…This makes me wonder if he’s part of the government’s plans and if they can somehow control him at some point. You know, the one character who ends up being the “key” to the master plan? Something like that. They’re certainly taking their time revealing the truth to us though. Too slow, even. They need to speed it up juuust a little.

I guess you can sort of consider this the end of season 1 of REVERSE, since it’s probably a more definitive ending than the next episode will be (Aria will be out and about for at least 2 episodes). So I guess it’s onto season 2! Are you guys still following? Too tired to care? It’s okay, because we’re getting to the most bawwww chapter in the manga. I really hope it doesn’t catch up and then give us an anime original ending. D= But I don’t know when the manga is ending so…

Preview: WOW. WOW. Are they skipping something? I feel like we’re suddenly catching up to the manga really quickly! Lag agrees to do some experiment for Dr. Thunderland involving a creepy metal hat and Gauche, while Aria is sent out on a mission, with Niche as her dingo. Why doesn’t she have her own dingo? Guess you’ll have to wait~


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11 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 12”

  1. Xiao says:

    The only thing I was thinking about while watching this episode was that “THIS WAS NOT IN THE MANGA!” but it strangely works very well for me nonetheless. 😀

    lol, how was Niche robbed of her pants again? And aww, reunion was so sweet. Head-nudgies! x3

    Lag should get angry more. That earns him so many points of awesome. 8D

    Roda… ;____; …Eh, Show ▼

    Now that Gauche is safely in Dr. Thunderland’s lab (lol, that doesn’t sound right in any way xD; ), I wish he’d wake up already so we can have more cry-baby reunions. In the meantime, looking forward to out-of-retirement Aria and all her clutzy moments. ^^

    • Overcooled says:

      Half the time I just assume it’s something I’ve forgotten from the manga…XD If it’s that streamline for me, then yeah…it works :3

      Haha, she was carrying them in her claw/hand. I guess she didn’t want to wear them until she saw Lag. So cute~

      I never expected Aria to be the clutzy type, based on how she seemed to be such a cool, collected secretary. But she can barely walk without falling ahaha. Her old dingo is so cute tooo~ >w<

  2. Mint says:

    I remember leaving the manga around when Gauche is brought back, so it does feel like the anime is almost caught up. Original endings are a hit or a miss most of the time, so I hope things turn out alright. Or that any filler isn’t too boring. 😛

    Ahh boxing day shopping. I can’t wait. The entire city pretty much crowds into one mall, so it’s bound to be interesting… XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, not a whole lot happens after he’s brought back so far in the manga. It’s catching up o.o Please don’t screw up now, REVERSE anime!

      Boxing Day is like a survival of the fittest battle…I hope I make it out in one piece XD

  3. Tofu says:

    Looks like Niche and Steaky were training back at the cave xD Now she can use a net with her hair and Steaky’s become even cooler~ Enough said ^^

    But besides that, what an action pact episode we got! And can I say that when Lag went BANKAI mode it reminded me of Black Rock Shooter.. (come to think of it… I remember someone mentioning something in Tegami Bachi and added a quote from BRS…hmm… who was it again?) Anyways, who felt sad for Roda? T___T Why did you have to go and fall like that Roda!!! But she’s probably not dead… if you don’t see the death then they aren’t dead (that’s how the cliche goes)But Overcooled!!! It seems I was wrong xD Gauche has slightly come back and they actually have him in the Beehive ^^ I guess I was underestimating Lag’s powers a bit…

    • Overcooled says:

      I think she just leveled up from fighting her sister and the healing springs, because it sounds like she was healing up until the last minute until she couldn’t stand waiting anymore. lol Steak is cooler because Niche is cooler? I see.

      Yes, I’m always reminded of BRS too when he does that. Couldn’t have been me that did the quote though. Must’ve been someone else…WHO COULD IT HAVE BEEN? Hmmmmm……..

      I know. I’m so tired of saying “that death is ad…BUT THEY MIGHT NOT BE DEAD!” It makes everything so…NOT sad when you expect them to still be alive. And if they actually died, then the scene is ruined because you spent half the series waiting for them to revive. That happened to me with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Won’t say who though, to avoid spoilers. SPOILER TAG = TOO MUCH WORK.

      It would’ve been an equally plausible ending for Noir to just go “Naw, son” after being shot with the tegamidan and busting a cap in Lag’s ass. But for now, he seems to be brought back XD

      • Tofu says:

        No no Steaky just got cooler… that’s all ^^ Yeah you might be right or maybe the water had something to do with it~ Really? I thought it was you who quoted BRS in Tegami… xD

        I want to see more of Roda, after being helped by Lag she would of at least lowered her hostility against him and maybe she’ll become good again then Gauche will help the Bee’s and they will go to war with Reverse and then and then… alright I’ll stop…

        I’ve seen Avatar The Last Airbender… it was alright but I saw bits and pieces from the anime (are you talking about the anime or movie?) ROFL bust his ass Noir! xD

        • Overcooled says:

          Couldn’t have been me, my sense of humour isn’t that amazing. You should double check that.

          I preferred Roda when she was a dingo, but that didn’t stop me from becoming attached to her too. She would make an awesome addition to the Reverse rebellion. :3

          Oh God, the movie was horrible. Like 1 star out of 10. The anime (although some people get iffy when you call it that) is pure WIN. I loved it. I’m talking about the anime. =D

          • Tofu says:

            Same here… I preferred Roda when she was Gauche’s dingo rather than Noir’s dingo ^^ I didn’t think the movie was THAT bad, but yes the anime was AWESOME!! (I know how those people feel… cause when I say I want anime stuff they go and list all these american tv ones which I don’t even watch since I’m referring to the english subs on the net xD) There are anime anime and then there are anime…tion

  4. Starry says:

    A…ah… I. Must. Control. Myself. Must. Not. Spoil. Things.

    I’ve read the manga after this, and… and… I’m glad for the happy Gauche and Lag reunion… but… but…

    Ah~~ I will control. If anyone would like to me give major spoilers after this, you can reply to this comment, or just read the manga. ^^”

    Anyway, awesome episode, lots of nice actions scenes too. 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      I know. I can’t be totally happy for the reunion since I know (from the latest chapter, 44, I believe) Show ▼

      Spoiler tags are handy, no? XD

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