Shinryaku! Ika Musume – 10

Ika Musume has many talents, of which invading is not.

Hi everyone, just nabbed the Kaminomi ED Single and enjoying it right now. You have permission to be jealous, now, and if you aren’t, well, whatever, I’m not jealous of you, either. It’s just the same song over and over again with different singers, but I love Koi no Shirushi anyway so it’s fine with me. Incidentally, did you guys notice that the ED for Kaminomi actually has a different singer for each arc? I had to go back and listen carefully before I realized that. Anyway, enough of Kaminomi because today I’m writing about IKA MUSUME WHOOOOOO.

As always, the episode is divided into three parts. The first part is called something like “Isn’t it a teru teru bozu?” so naturally, it’s raining. Takeru whines a bit about how he can’t do his homework while it’s raining, so he goes to make one of those weird dolls that they hang to make the rain go away. As an alternative to going outside to draw something for his homework, Chizuru and Eiko suggest that he draw a portrait of Ika Musume instead. After sitting around for a while, Ika gets irritated at Takeru’s overall slowness at drawing and decides to show him how it’s properly done. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, Ika is good at pretty much everything, from waiting tables to getting Sanae off, so we’re expecting great things from her.

Incidentally, the invader sucks at using these strange human appendages called arms and legs, and especially “fingers,” so her drawing of Takeru is, well, what you’d actually expect. However, Chizuru suggests that Ika take an alternative route and use her tentacles to draw. You might describe this complicated process of drawing art with tentacles as “tentacle art.”

We end up with a pretty decent, but plain, picture of Takeru. Chizuru and Eiko jump on this opportunity to have their own portraits done in the style of tentacle art.

Think positive… think… positive…

Indeed, Ika accurately depicts the sisters the way she sees them in her mind. The sisters react in a very supportive fashion and, which I assume is out of spite, ask to see Ika’s renditions of some other people.

I thought the swimming cap was a ball at first.

Yes, Gorou is just a swimming cap. Incidentally, Sanae’s portrait is actually a preview of the next part of the episode. Get pumped! Get excited!

Left: Ika Musume. Right: Ika Musume.

Okay, enough with the silly pictures, let’s get back to the main topic: teru teru bozus. In case you aren’t intimately aware of Japanese culture, which I can assume you aren’t since you are reading a blog post about anime on an aniblogging website, these little dolls are basically little hanged men that are supposed to make the rain go away. After convincing herself of her artistic talent, Ika tries once more at making them.

Save… us…

One thing is for sure: Ika’s teru teru bozu’s will keep something away. Of course, nothing and nobody can do anything as well as Ika herself, so she comes up with a solution that’s sure to work: she’ll be the teru teru bozu! Complete with hanging.

After a disappointing evening of rain, the invader promises to Takeru that he will be watched over by the teru teru bozu. All night long. Insert fitting music… now!

Eiko has awakened to the pleasure of harming Sanae.

Part two features my beloved Sanae, our resident masochist. Eiko tells her to back off from Ika because for some strange, unexpected reason, Sanae’s overflowing love and obsession toward Ika really annoys Ika! So, Eiko gives Sanae some great advice on how to, you know, act like a normal person and not an awesome creepy stalker.

I will not stalk Ika-chan, I will not stalk Ika-chan, I will not stalk Ika-chanikachanikaikaika

We see a touching sequence of Sanae purifying her mind and body of her lustful desires toward an aquatic non-human creature.

Ikamusumin, the most addictive drug since caffeine.

The fact that she is able to delete her porn pictures of Ika and burn the costumes is an admirable example of quitting cold turkey, but we all know that along with such an abrupt end to an addiction comes a terrifying period of withdrawal.

Just as it seems like Sanae is cured of her Ikasexuality, she comes back to her senses. Why is she going through all of this trouble just to get Ika to like her? What about her own satisfaction?? Ikamasochism is the best option, after all.

Like I said, Ika Musume is good at everything.

We’re greeted in the last part of this episode by Megane-chan, Kiyomi. Apparently, Kiyomi is on a baseball team, and because of a totally uncoincidental turn of events, they happen to need one more player to play a game, which Ika happens to be able to fill. So let’s play some baseball!

Remember us from last week’s preview?

Unfortunately, like we’ve seen before, Ika sucks at using her hands, so she totally sucks at baseball. But there’s no time left, it’s time to play against the other team.

Hm… where have I seen this joke before…

She also actually doesn’t know the rules of baseball.

The background reminds me of Pokemon. WHY?

Of course, the invader can’t be defeated here in a mere child’s game, so she decides to show her true powers. You might call the act of playing baseball using tentacles “tentacle play.”

This is unrelated, but Itou Kanae appeared in a baseball anime called Taishou Baseball Girls. Just saying.

The other team is swiftly defeated by Ika’s tentacles, and surprisingly enough, they are good sports about it despite being overpowered by an inhuman force. Even when Kiyomi admits that Ika isn’t even on their team, the other team doesn’t get mad. Instead…

We need your tentacles! I need your tentacles!!

Ikasexuality is the best after all.


As if I didn’t spam enough this episode, please have some more.

Me and my BFF Ika-chan.

Adorable? Disturbing? You decide.

March of the mini Ika Musumes.


God I loved this episode so much. My finger went so trigger happy taking screencaps that I wish we still had the second page full of screencaps in the reviews. The first part of the episode wasn’t so interesting by itself, but Ika’s portraits were full of so much win, especially swimmingcapGorou. You know you completely lack presence when your entire character can be portrayed by an article of clothing.

Naturally, I loved the second part of the episode the most. This is a completely unbiased decision, not based at all on all of the Sanae/Kanae action. Additionally, toward the end of the segment, when Sanae is reflecting on her success, her voice started creeping towards Kanae’s normal voice, which made me go all ohmygodit’sKanaeIloveyousomuch.

I’m glad Kiyomi got some more screen time because, even though she’s pretty plain as far as the characters in this series go, she’s cute for being a meganekko, which I obviously have no predisposition toward. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get any real villains in this series – the enemy baseball team had some potential, but I guess more Ikasexuals is okay, too. It’s too bad that they probably won’t ever show up again, but the series is almost over anyway (sob sob). Speaking of which, I recently read a chapter in the manga featuring a character named Tanabe Kozue who I really hope makes an appearance, but at this rate, I doubt she’ll get featured at all. Add in the unlikelihood of this series getting another season and I just get disappointed.


“Isn’t it a doll?”, “Isn’t it doubtful?”, and “Won’t you go hiking?” are the titles. It looks like we’re going to see the Guys in White again, which is booooooo.

This review brought to you by Koi no Shirushi on repeat.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You never know. It might get a second season since its so popular in japan. The #ikamusume hashtag is number 4 tag in japan for nov and no 3 for oct

  2. MikADo says:

    I totally loved the ending this episode XD
    it keeps getting crazier and chaotic XP
    wondering what it will look like at the end of the season

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Squids and baseball?! AWESOME must watch this 😀

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Now I have seen this episode this was fun! and the ending was great XD the tiny Ika’s walking across lol…good stuff ^^

  5. Dan-go says:

    from all these good reviews i HAD to watch it, so today i tried it and instantly fell in love with it,caught up to episode 10 today 🙂

  6. berrish17 says:

    ahhh Ika-musume always makes me laugh XD
    thx for your info about the little rain dolls since I was like WHAT IS THAT.haha

  7. Dan-go says:

    3 things, takeru reminds me of touma, and chizuru reminds me of yachiyo from working!! and eiko has ringo chan’s hair

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