Megane na Kanojo OVA – 03-04

Glasses are sexy, but there is a limit.

I’ve finally woken up from my hibernation after 36 hours straight of writing papers, working on problem sets, going to class, meeting with professors, fixing presentation slides, and cooking dinner because I’m running out of money. So the first thing I’m doing today is bringing you all the last two episodes of Megane na Kanojo. Actually, no, I lied. The first thing I’m doing today is ordering some Chinese food for lunch before their $5 lunch special ends. The second thing I’m doing today is bringing you all this review.

Episode 3 is about the college students Tanaka Tooru and Kimura Mitsuki. How do I know their names? ANN told me so. But, for the purpose of more accurately depicting the viewers’ minds when they are watching this episode, from this point forward, I will refer to them as The Boy and his creepy counterpart, The Girl.

But we ordered the same food…

Unfortunately, not a whole lot happens in this episode besides The Girl being really messed up. The Boy and The Girl are apparently a couple in college, and they’re really shy about it. The Boy is not manly enough to make moves on The Girl after all this time, while The Girl tries to sneak in some PDA whenever she can, albeit rather ineffectively. Oh yeah, both of them wear glasses, too. This is very important.

If I wear this… yes… I can get his powers…

The Boy is listening attentively in class one day until he can’t go on any further and falls asleep. He sets his glasses down, and The Girl, who, like I said before, is really weird, decides to try on his glasses. She mumbles some stuff in her endless internal monologue before she catches The Boy’s fatigue and falls asleep as well.

The Girl wakes up to a magnificent surprise. The Boy has rushed off to his next class and taken The Girl’s glasses with him, leaving them both with each other’s glasses.

Since The Girl doesn’t have any more classes, she doesn’t really care about the swap and decides to keep The Boy’s glasses for the rest of the day. She gets really excited about having his glasses and does some things that are not creepy at all.

Mr. Bear is not pleased.

In the midst of roleplaying a kiss with The Boy using his glasses and a stuffed bear, she manages to brilliantly bend the nosepiece of the glasses.

But in the end, it turns out that The Boy, probably by doing something equally as messed up, managed to do the same to The Girl’s glasses. They share a laugh and, which I know that anime viewers must absolutely love seeing, make absolutely no progress. Maybe next time.

The fourth and final episode of this series is about a boy and girl named Tatsuya and Chiaki. I actually watched this episode right after Kaminomi 10, and if you do the same, you might notice something very familiar. Tatsuya is Keima and Chiaki is Shiori. Just something I found amusing for like, 30 seconds or so.

Chiaki was a transfer student in middle school, and she had difficulty communicating with people. Tatsuya basically picked on her while she retaliated, which, I guess, helped Chiaki become more comfortable with talking to people (this seems strangely familiar, doesn’t it…). They shared a healthy (?) relationship where Tatsuya would make fun of Chiaki and Chiaki would physically injure Tatsuya. Oh, how nice it is to be young.

But then, something terrible happened! They entered high school. They grew up. Chiaki became a “cool and beauty” and the target of a lot of guys in school. And she started ignoring Tatsuya.

Eventually, this pisses Tatsuya off enough that he confronts Chiaki about it. Her response? She says something vague about not wanting to remember the past. Tatsuya gets all pissy about this because he thought middle school was a fun time in his life, even though he was making fun of Chiaki the entire time. And, this is just a wild guess, but Chiaki probably didn’t like that. Geez, Tatsuya, you’re such a jackass.

Oh no, he’s discovered my one and only weakness…! Physical contact!

For some reason, after grabbing her hand and seeing her reaction, Tatsuya doesn’t care anymore. And the episode ends. Yep. The last episode of Megane na Kanojo ends, just like that. We don’t even get anything more from Chiaki except her last words:



I’m sorry for wearing the same clothes every day!

Not a bloomers man myself, but hey…


Well… how should I say this eloquently…

I thought these episodes sucked. Maybe you guys felt differently about them, but the lack of any real direction to the story annoyed me. Yeah, I know, they’re just supposed to be cute little snapshots of the love lives of various characters, and they’re only 14 minutes, anyway, but still. Episode 3 wasn’t interesting to me at all because it was too focused on the glasses and The Girl’s internal monologue. We hardly see any of The Boy’s character, and he hardly even talks at all. At least in episodes 1 and 2 we see some interaction between the characters, but in episode 3, The Boy is mostly just a prop. And, even though it’s supposed to be funny or something, I personally don’t want to see The Girl being all creepy with The Boy’s glasses.

I was fine with episode 4… until it ended. And no, this isn’t the disappointment that you get from watching a series end because you’ve grown so attached to it. I thought the episode ended without, you know, without any satisfactory resolution. I was seriously thinking, “That’s it? That’s IT?” Tatsuya and Chiaki were, to me, the most interesting characters in the series so far because they actually had some history together, but the story just gets cut off right when it starts getting good. I don’t mean to say that they should get together or anything, but they were literally in the middle of an argument. They could have at least gone a little further to reveal what Chiaki was thinking, but instead, the episode just ends.

Overall, I can’t really say I enjoyed the series that much. It’s true that the episodes were short, so I wasn’t really wasting my time or anything like that. They are also nice little diversions you can use if you need to distract yourself from work for a few minutes. Watching an episode takes about the same time as watching a silly YouTube video. That being said, the series as a whole is boring. There’s pretty much no exposition or anything, and at the end of each episode, very little progress is usually made. And since these episodes are standalone stories, you’ll never get to see what happens next. The episodes take turns on focusing on the boy and girl, but the boy protagonists are pretty shallow while the girls have way too much internal monologue. The subject matter is pretty tame, too, focusing a whole lot on thinking about a situation rather than doing anything at all. Seriously, internal monologue just doesn’t work too well in anime. Leave it for the books.

I guess that’s it for my ranting, and that’s it for Megane na Kanojo. After watching the whole thing, I won’t recommend it for anyone looking for a good story. If you really, really like romance, you might like this series, but I can’t promise anything. And, like I said before, if you’re just looking to kill some time, these episodes are pretty good for that. You won’t get stuck in a cycle of watching episode after episode because, well, there aren’t many, and they’re all short.

See you next series.


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8 Responses to “Megane na Kanojo OVA – 03-04”

  1. Nayu says:

    I actually dropped this show after episode 1, which just bored me. Glad to see I wasn’t wrong to do so.

    • sassy says:

      That’s too bad, but I won’t try to convince you to finish if you’ve already seen the first episode. Pretty much the same stuff until the end…

  2. Robert says:

    Agree. These episodes lack many things, and even romance is weak. I don’t like glasses fetish centered stories (despite myself being megane-ko). However there was one thing that kept me watching these series: their warmth :), in the end I still think, that I didn’t waste my time.

  3. wonton jr. says:

    Aww these are pretty cute, but it hardly has any progress . Oh well at least the girls were pretty cute. 😉

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Amazing artwork in these Ovas =D

  5. Dan-go says:

    there is no limit to the sexyness of glasses

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