Tamayura OVA – 03

A life-or-death uphill struggle…without the life-or-death part

Tamayura….the OVA that ends before you even know it started. Clocking at around only 15 minutes, Tamayura still takes it’s time to provide the relaxing, slice-of-life feeling it’s been emanating for the past 2 episodes. Were Hato-kun and I charmed this week as well? Not so much, actually. You can’t win ’em all.

The basis of this episode is that Kou drew an explosion of colour vomit, and the girls are convinced that this is the exact same place where Fu took the famous photo of her father. Everyone does their best to find out the true meaning of Kou’s scribbles, eating cake and being cute all the while.

Out of nowhere, Kaoru’s older sister (who has never been introduced before) butts in for some screentime. I can’t tell if she’s lying or some sort of psychic, but she is convinced that Kou’s drawing is some location by the Seto Inland Sea. I still think she’s lying so she can hang out with Kaoru’s friends.

At least it doesn’t run in the family

They meet up next Sunday to go on their journey, all in adorable outfits~ Of course, the elder sister is late…When she finally arrives, she tells everyone to “hurry up” too. They go on a train and then a bus for their big journey, finally making it to some huge hill. As they start to climb, Fu reminisces about spending time with her dad, and how it feels like everyone is on the same path to go and meet him. Awww. But seriously, I think they’re just doing this because they’re bored.

They get lost…twice. I don’t know what kind of perpetual, demon-hill this is, but they spend at least 4 hours just climbing it. It’s a miracle they survived that long. Their last “oh, I’m lost~” ends with a very appetizing picnic. After being practically muted by Norie’s outbursts for the entire episode, Fu finally speaks. She both apologizes and thanks her friends for coming. To which they respond that they want to do this, because they feel like they’re sharing the same memory this way.

They manage to reach the top, only to find out that this isn’t the place Fu went to with her dad…..<_< Wow, how could THAT have happened? Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful view, and you almost feel like you’re there with them as they take everything in. I don’t know how they did it, but they somehow got down the hill and to a bathhouse in record time. Norie was far too excited that her precious Kou-tan got to be in the bath with her XD


Little did Kou know, the Norie shota headlock is impossible to break out of…

Some girls like cake…

And some girls like little boys…<_<

End Thoughts:

Hato-kun: Aiiight, let’s get into it. Firstly, that whistling girl can go die in a fire.
Overcooled:I will personally burn her. It’s so sad because when she speaks, her voice is nice
Hato-kun: For the fist two episodes, she was alright. Yeah, her voice is fine, but then she lets loose the whistle from hell, and the world just crumbles. And like, when she wants to say ‘I’m happy’ in goddamn whistle language, it takes yeeeeears.
Overcooled: lol XDD This is what hell sounds like. And with Norie’s squeaky “omg kou-tan” voice we have an apocalypse
Hato-kun: Yeah, I’m starting the hate the shotacon.
Overcooled: Her energy was cute before, but she had the most dialogue this episode o___o she spoke so much, Fu only said like 5 lines
Hato-kun: Yeah, what’s up with that? Wasn’t she meant to be that main character? And did they really have to bring in the older sister? She wasn’t needed, maybe she was just there for fanservice.
Overcooled: The big sister was a random addition, I guess they wanted to do the whole “the big sister feels left out and jumps in”
Hato-kun: Who’s sister was it, even?
Overcooled: LOL Kaoru’s
Hato-kun: The scent fetish one?
Overcooled: Yeah, the one who SMELLS her sister coming
Hato-kun: Lol, reminds me of Star Driver. I SMELL A BOY
Overcooled: Omg i remember that
Hato-kun: So terrible. Did that get any better?
Overcooled: I stopped watching soon after they found him
Hato-kun:Ahahaha. Anyway, sup, Tamayura! Did you think it was a little weird, how they were like “I want to go to this place where my Dad was…Hey, look at this shitty little picture Kou-tan drew! IT’S THE SAME PLACE” “Hi, I’m a sister, I KNOW WHERE IT IS BASED OFF THESE TWO PIECES OF EVIDENCE”
Overcooled: YES. THANK YOU HATO. DEFINITELY THE SETO INLAND SEA. Now let’s all go, because we all care.
Hato-kun: Hey let’s walk for FIVE HOURS UPHILL. The sun isn’t even in the sky for five hours
Overcooled: Wtf kind of hill was that anyways? That was a mountain
Hato-kun: And how long would it take to get back down?
Overcooled: They didn’t. they lived there. The next episode takes place on the mountain. For sure.
Hato-kun:The time of the episode was oh so wrong. Like, they met at 10 and waited for her for an hour or something. Train AND bus to somewhere…Then walk up Mt Everest. And it’s like, 1PM. What the hell.
Overcooled: I don’t even know. She better have taken some damn good picture though after all that
Hato-kun: I bet she didn’t xD
Overcooled: lol she took like one. Of her friends. On the stairs.
Hato-kun:Whoop-de-freakin’-do. The episode in a whole really kinda annoyed me. The first two were great, but uh, this one? Not so great
Overcooled: Norie made it bad for me. Still relaxing though
Hato-kun: Yeah, that’s true.
Overcooled: I kind of want them to stay focused on Fu
Hato-kun: Potte, Potte, Potte…She honestly seems like the least annoying character out of the bunch, from that ep.
Overcooled:XD she’s soooo cuteeee
Hato-kun:Well, I guess we can only hope for a great 4th episode
Overcooled:That will be the final one, right?
Hato-kun:Yeah, maybe someone will die. Or her father will actually be alive INSIDE THE PICTURE and it will turn into Tron.
Overcooled:…this is why you should make anime
Hato-kun: I know! I should be the next big anime screenwriter
Overcooled:I’m sure Gainax would appreciate you
Hato-kun:I’ll write for PnS
Overcooled:You can rewrite all the bad episodes =D
Hato-kun:Hells yeah, then write K-ON S3


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  1. Gunny says:

    I like the whistling girl. Don’t mess up with her.
    gogo K-ON!!! D8

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