Shiki – 14

If love existed, we wouldn’t be so soft and easy to ruin…

With Metanorn still in standby mode, everyone’s stuck secretly writing posts until the anticipated day of our revival. Who knows when this will actually be posted. Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? A week from now?!? (EDIT: it ended up being “tomorrow” XD) Regardless of when or where this reaches your eyes, this is going to be one hell of a creepy post.

I’m sure you’ve all wondered how to preserve your very own Shiki to experiment on, and that’s where I am here to help. After watching this totally legit shaky webcam documentary, I have all the answers to your okiagari-killing needs. All you need to do for some D.I.Y. dissection is follow these simple instructions~

Step one is to locate a dead body, complete with bitemarks from an okiagari. It doesn’t have to be dead, it can be dying, as long as you let the okiagari drain the blood out. Whatever tickles your fancy! Be sure to hide the body away from those who frown upon human experimentation (i.e. everyone). If need be, just tell them not to come to work.

Your dead body may look something like this

Step 2 is to wait. Within 72 hours your subject should show signs of something other than smelly, putrid decomposition. Your subject will start to seem more and more like they’re alive. Fell free to even nuzzle them affectionately for dramatic effect. After all your empathy is finally gone, get out your video camera to film a home movie you will watch over and over again with the whole family. Or…what’s left of it.

Step 3 is crucial. Once their flesh starts melting off their face during sun exposure (you will notice this because THEY ARE BURNING ALIVE), you must quickly move your subject to a nice, dark room. Be sure to strap them down, because the transformation is almost complete. You wouldn’t want your undead lover to escape and live a semi-happy now, would you?

Dark, dank operation room..Whew, that’s much better!

Once they awaken, the fun begins! Fill needles with whatever the hell you can think of and just basically “mess shit up.” Feel free to go crazy with any sharp object imaginable – I guarantee it will have no effect. Once your subject regains the ability of speech, be courteous enough to tape their mouth shut so they can’t scream. It’s easier to concentrate without them screaming in agony (unless you prefer hearing that~).

The last and crucial step is to figure out how to kill a shiki. Hint: use a stake. Once complete, post your video to youtube and force your best friend to clean the mess! Perfection! What have we learned today, kiddies? Shiki are afraid of metallic noises, buddha statues and can be killed with stakes. Brilliant.

…Yeah, just wait until the end thoughts roll around. Oooo boy.

*ahem* Breaking away from that little “tutorial,” there were some other things that I can’t exactly NOT summarize. I already screwed up the order of events by doing this, so I’d better give you the whole summary. XD Aside from Toshio going (even more) insane, this episode has Lady Gaga. YES, Lady Gaga. She is strutting her stuff in Sotoba out at night, running into Atsushi (assistant to the big, burly, store clerk who punches people). Incredibly turned on, he invites her upstairs to talk with him. Well…can you really blame him?

She also goes by the name Mai Valentine from time to time

From the eyes of the nurses, Toshio is a wreck. One of the nurses, Yuki, goes missing and he responses with “sou desu ka…” and quietly plods away. Naturally, when nurse Satoko hears him be so cold, she starts to cry. The other nurses make excuses for him, but we all know the truth…

Tokujiro (AKA crazy moustache man) has died, of course. Seishin relays the news to his father (AKA pandaeyes) who just kind of chills in his bed and sends his son to go deliver a letter to the Kirishikis. Once again, more hints that Panda…er.Seishin’s dad knows more than he lets on.

Shiki has a big cast of characters, but they certainly die quickly (I mean, even the main character is dead). Kaori gets a rather chilling night visit from Megumi who brings bad news: she killed her father. Kaori calls Akira, and they race around the house to find their father collapsed on the floor, dead. The mom is more like “Ugghh…mendoukusaiii~ *dials clinic*” to which the new Doctor comes right away. I think we can safely say he is a shiki who is getting allowed into houses in order to… that shiki thang.


Lastly, Megumi has a chat with Yoshie (a Kirishiki servant) about Natsuno. She rather bluntly tells her that he hasn’t risen yet and that big city folk cremate their bodies. She starts to sob, and Masao just has to stick his ugly mug into the shot to insult Natsuno. Megumi brutally assaults him, calling him weak for not even hunting after victims properly. Megumi mentions that the okiagari have a big-city unit of okiagari who kidnap people from the city….NICE!


To lessen up your nightmares….:

There, now isn’t everything all better?

Woops, guess you’ll be having nightmares afterall.


Today’s moral: religion is bad for you


End Thoughts: …Guys, that was probably the creepiest episode yet. I have a whole thing with the “creepy human experiments” concept where I find it…really grotesque. And I LOOOOVE it. I love seeing normal people become absolutely demented!  You should’ve seen my face, I was grinning ear to ear when he was killing his wife. I literally let out a fangirl squeal. I haven’t seen such a creepy doctor since I played Bioshock (and he was utterly horrific).  I really want to see more psycho Toshio now that I know he has it in him. I was convinced the blood-splattered Toshio was a teaser, but it WASN’T!

What makes the scene so great is that Toshio is, no, WAS,  a good man. A loyal, hard-working, intelligent man. He has fallen a long, long way to get here – meaning things didn’t have to be this way. Sadly, he slipped along the way and now sees no problem in hacking up his wife. Did he show a shred of remorse or discomfort while doing it? Did he ever waver? How did something so brutal come so naturally to him? He may be a doctor, but doctor’s don’t operate on conscious patients who can’t use anesthetics. When Kyoko finally regained the ability to speak, he taped her mouth up. That really did it for me. He willingly fought back against something that may have brought back his human side had it continued. He is literally trying to kill any human emotions left inside in order to do this. Because he believes it to be the right choice. Do YOU think he made the right choice?

Aside from that, I have only just about a million things I’m curious about. The new doctor, the funeral home, Seishin’s dad, Natsuno rising up, Masao, and and…GAH! Overload! I could speculate for hours and hours about what could happen next! In fact, I could talk about this episode for days. I swear, all comments will be get a wall of text as a reply. <_< *scares everyone away* Hnnghhh so good.

Also, I will love you forever if you know the song my opening one-liner with the 6 thumbnails is from.

Preview: Shiki leaves me hanging AGGGAAAIIINNNN!!! The next episode shows Toshio and Seishin splitting up, which does not end well. Seishin commits suicice(?!?!?!) and Toshio is surrounded by okiagari…Oh my God, guys…guys…I can’t take this…I…I…it’s too good! PLUS NATSUNO HAS RISEN AHHHHHH *foams*



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26 Responses to “Shiki – 14”

  1. Ruby says:

    Oh god the pictures are so damn scary o_o …I dropped Shiki a while back, now I’m thinking of watching it again, it looks pretty gruesome 😀

    • Overcooled says:

      I highly suggest NOT dropping it, because it really picks up the pace and becomes rather horrifying. I made sure to choose to scary pictures XD

  2. anaaga says:

    i actually felt really bad for toshio’s wife, especially when she was calling toshio’s name, but then toshio tape her mouth D: but oh well, we all know that toshio will fall like this 😡
    what makes me sad is that seishin and toshio will obviously stop talking to each other for a while…but what’s with seishin’s hair when he was young? xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, I loved how when she could finally speak she tried to say his name…Then the dark look on his face…and his immediate response was to make it stop. SO SADDD!

      Yeah, it’s sad to see such good friends split up, and perhaps become enemies. I liked it more when they were working together D= (Seishin’s teenage hair is AWESOME! It’s like his bangs are saying “eff you” to the rest of his hair and just doing it’s own thing)

  3. ichigopockysticks says:

    That was ….. O.O yeah ….

    • Overcooled says:

      Are you freaked out, happy, or disturbed? Or all at once? : >

      • ichigopockysticks says:

        I guess my comment ever posted….
        but yeah all at once can’t wait for the next episode to come out >.<

  4. Joojoobees says:

    That was a bit more than I can stand, so I’m glad I don’t live in Sotoba. And it seemed like such a nice little village at first.

    I really wonder how Seishin (“I feel sorry for vampires”) Muroi is going to react to Dr. Ozaki’s latest discoveries. One can certainly argue that Ozaki did what he had to do. At least they know for a fact that there are specific ways to kill these creatures.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh, i don’t mind watching but I’m totally with you on staying as far away from Sotoba as possible. I will never see small country towns the same way again.

      I wonder if they’re going to just separate and do their own things, or if they will end up directly opposing each other in the future…With their different mindsets, I think it’s going to be an interesting combination as well.

      Toshio gave us a nice Shiki biology lesson, which was certainly useful. Now, let’s see how he goes about and uses what he has learned/videotaped. I will cry if that videotape gets stolen/destroyed/etc.

  5. raionhime says:

    Note for myself; never marry a doctor and then turn into a vampire.

    I’m really starting to love this series <3

  6. DarkCesia says:

    what can I say??….I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!!!

    I was also grinning the w the whole “shiki experiment” bwhahahaha I waited for almost a month for this!! XD

    and I am so satisfied w this ep…even thou we didnt have NatsunoxTohru

    Anyhow,…it was pretty clear Toshio didnt love his wife…lol no need for further explanation well, we all knew anyway he has the hots for his monk friend,Seishin

    Can’t wait for next episode, I just love this anime <3

    btw I love your review as always ^^d

    I laughed soo hard at the caps and "guide"…I don't think I will ever have the guts to follow it…unless it was a zombie…or something not so human like…

    • Overcooled says:

      Good, more people who have positive reactions to twisted experiments and the erosion of the human soul. It was just SOOO GOOOD!!!! Shiki always makes me so happy…I want to read just that part in the manga now.

      Even if you don’t love someone, killing and torture isn’t exactly something that comes easy. Heck, even if you hate someone, you probably wouldn’t enjoy sticking pesticide into their bloodstream just to see what happens….and yes, I ship ToshioxSeishin too BWAHAHA

      <3 Awww, I'm glad you liked it! It was rather fun to write. I don't think I'll be following this guide anytime soon either, lol.

  7. Captain says:

    Boys Night Out, The Only Honest Love Song.
    Amiright? 😀

    Ahaha~ I enjoyed this episode. The experiments *u* And how Toshio had little hesitation in performing them. I swear he was mixing up his own wife’s brains when he inserted the metal..thing.. (*forgot what it was called*) into her ear.

    Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:

      DING DING! CORRECT! Did you know that song beforehand or did you look it up? Because I love that song, and that band <3

      Mmm, I enjoyed it too...LOL. I was kind of surprised that mangling up her brain had no effect. o.o I know she's an okiagari, but it's hard to imagine surviving something like that. Toshio was so chill even when he staked her to death...I don't know whether to be proud of him or not.

      Probably relief that he's risen, mixed with the guilt of making him this way. There will definitely be tears. Copious amounts of tears. XD (and yeah, I noticed that too, but didn't think much of it...I wonder if Natsuno is special somehow? But he has no reason to be special, he's just a villager o.o)

  8. Namika says:

    This episode was the one I waited for the most! Not because of Toshio, because Natsuno died in the last episode… though I could tell that they wouldn’t mention him much in the following ep.(figures…)
    I just HAVE to say a couple of things first:
    1. As much as I love violence and blood, I was rather disappointed at how easily Toshio broke. I was expecting it to come to this, I mean to our lovely doctor getting REALLY crazy, but he turned out so weak. An absolute – for the character, but still, thnx for all that bloody goodness!! ^^
    2. LADY GAGA IS HAUNTING ME!!!*trembles* =_____= <–that's pretty close to my facial expression after seeing that THING. And that yellow hurt my eyes! :doomed: Come on, people!!!! That's so disgusting! bleh… :bleh:
    And yes, children, religion is bad for you!

    =_______________= Shiki is a masterpiece of the nerve-pulling hangers. I officially admit it.

    • Overcooled says:

      With Natsuno’s death, we have a lot to look forward to with the new, risen Natsuno! <3 Of course, Shiki teases

      Well, he may be derranged, but at least it's for a purpose. He's doing this to save the village - the way he's doing it just might not be the right way. I still can't quite get mad at him for it, gory murder and all.

      LOL Lady Gaga. What an outfit. SPARKLY YELLOW SWIMSUIT AND RED GOGGLES. That guy sure seemed to like it though...XD

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, the existence of a purpose and a result makes it more bearable and all, but still, I was fairly disappointed. He should’ve shown more hesitation but he broke down too easily. I would like to see him struggle and then lose… MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
        what was with that messed-up outfit?! I can’t describe, how it irritated me!!!
        And yes, now that Natsuno rises up, things will really start. Next episode, please !! ><"

        • Overcooled says:

          LOL a slow descent into madness is always amusing to watch…Kekekeke, I’m not the only sadistic one here then.

          It was flashy for me, but not quite as irritating o.o


  9. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa… Talk about a serious fall from grace. Killing your own wife… How cruel can you get? It’s safe to say that he is loosing himself in his quest to stop the Shiki. You can see a real difference between who he was and who he has now become. I’m sure Seishin and Toshio’s friendship has gone straight up in flames cause seeing him next to his wife’s body all butchered up must have been the straw that finally breaks the camels’ back. I noticed that Seishin has been loosing patience with Toshio’s attitude. I’m sure they’re gonna become ennemies soon enough. In my opinion, it’s official after seeing the expression on Seishins’ face due to the wife’s corpse, he cares more for the Shiki than he does for the humans.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s sad that he’s lost all of his emotions in order to carry out his plan, but hopefully it pays off for Sotoba. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the dark hero? But yes, he’s really took a turn for the worse. The old Toshio is practically dead now T.T

      Seishin and Toshio are pretty much done with. You’re right, they’ve been arguing more and more, and they even mentioned they were drifting apart last episode too. I can see why Seishin would feel empathy for the Shiki, but, enough to protect them over the villagers? He must really feel forsaken by God to associate himself with them more than humans.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think Seishin would willingly defend the Shiki. Because even though they’re killing people,he knows that they’re doing it in order to survive. As a reference, one of the earlier episodes showed him and Toshio talking in the graveyard. He was asking if there wasn’t a way to deal with them without having to be violent and Toshio just shot the idea down asking “Theirs deaths are terrible but people’s deaths are not?!” “Are you alright with the village dying out?!” and Seishin left without a word shortly after that.

        He didn’t answer the question because he’s obviously hiding a personal matter that no one knows about cause he always goes to a dead silence whenever Toshio starts ranting on.

        And to honest, if I were in the same situation, I would start to feel sympathy and want to protect them.

        As proof of this, he still hasn’t done anything about Sunako even though he knows the Kirishikis are the root cause. He prefers to keep it a secret.

        • Overcooled says:

          I agree that Seishin willingly defends them, but I still don’t see WHY someone would go that far for a bunch of human-devouring beasts. If I were in his situation, I’d be trying to get rid of them. They died once, and they should stay dead. The only way this ends nicely is if someone finds a way for the Shiki to live without killing mass amounts of people.

          I know they still have their human personalities for the most part and they’re just killing to survive, so that’s where feeling bad comes in. It becomes a case of “is it okay to kill humans?” or “is it okay to kill shiki?”, so you could consider both sides being morally wrong in a way…Oh my gosh, this comment is long and rambling…lol. WHAT I’M SAYING IS, I find it interesting how Seishin and Toshio’s decisions can both be right and they can both be wrong. (That’s what I love about this showww~) I just think Seishin is pretty odd to side with the Shiki in the way he does. Like you pointed out, he takes it very personally, and is the only villager who hasn’t done anything in response to finding out about the okiagari.

  10. Dan-go says:

    mmmm…creepy doctors…anyone watch “the human centipede”, this ep reminded me of it…i can now no longer sleep unless i have fuwa fuwa time and all the lights on

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh God, I’m eating, don’t mention that monstrosity…XD I haven’t seen it, but the concept is enough to turn stomachs.

      • Dan-go says:

        omnomnom…(i would so want to be the head of the centipede)

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