Bakuman – 07

Ahh~ Middle school romance…~.

~It’s Bakuman time already?! Not that I’m complaining, but it feels like I just reviewed this yesterday…ah, I think my memory is getting damaged due to my intense wishing that school will pass by quicker so Winter vacation can start (and I can get mah PRESENTS 8D).

After a pretty long recap (or was it just me?), Saikou  has sort of gotten used to sitting next to Azuki, and one day as he doodles on his notebook, Azuki sees and laughs. He gets excited and begins communicating with her through his notebook.

But with a bit of happiness there’s a bit of sadness from Saikou as he realizes that he and Azuki are going to have to part ways after graduating middle school. In class, he asks in his notebook if they have to wait till after they accomplish their dreams.

Azuki reads it, and suddenly starts to cry, the teacher even noticing her sudden tears.

Saikou feels bad as Azuki leaves her head down for the rest of the time, but as school ends, she leaves her email address on her notebook! (kyaaaa~!)

Shuujin tries a bit to explain why Azuki must have finally given him her email, but Saikou tells him it’s because he tried to break their promise of not seeing each other till their dreams were accomplished. At home, Saikou can’t seem to email her, and goes off in a random run to her house. He ends up merely passing her house, telling her the next day he’ll email her once they change seats, and that they’ll be together when he’s a manga artist. Azuki cries a bit again, but smiles.

Back at the studo, Saikou tries to get Shuujin to see if they can shoot for the Tezuka award, but Shuujin decides against it by saying they need to create a better quality manga. Saikou admits he mainly wants to get the award to tell Azuki (typical!).

At that same time however, Hattori-san calls, saying they barely missed getting into the finals for the monthly award. Yet Shuujin is fazed and tells him they in fact are going to bring in something for the Tezuka award and win! Typical Bakuman enthusiasm ensues and the boys get right to work~.

Shuujin you look  so cool~ *3*

As the episode closes, we see the Editor in Chief and another editor, Eiji’s editor, from Jack at Eiji Niizuma’s house where his parents tell him they’ve let him move to Tokyo. They enter his room, where Eiji tells them he’ll move on the condition that if he becomes the most popular manga artist in Jack, he gets to cancel whatever series he doesn’t like~.


End thoughts: Last week it was a wordy episode, this week it’s a lovey dovey episode ;D FINALLY some teensy developments with our most innocent couple of them all, Azuki and Saikou! I think it was so cute how he wrote stuff on his notebook to talk to her, uwaaah~. (Oh snap, my inner girly-girl is showing…) I doubt we’re ever going to see them kiss or hug or any physical contact from them, so this is probably as close as they’re going to get which means soak it in people! Soak in the cuteness! I also love how Saikou and Kaya are just totally clueless when it comes to those two xD Saikou is like “I have no idea why you guys are content just with that” while poor Kaya just doesn’t know anything, hahaha.

My only complaint so far is that fact they haven’t given Eiji a lot of screentime =3=; I’m really starting to like Eiji Niizuma, even if he is technically the enemy in the series, and it makes me mad that he hasn’t shown up much yet. Every time they show him in the preview I get excited and PFFFFFFF, my hopes are drained of life. I really don’t know why I like him; I think it’s because he’s just so strange, making action noises while drawing and such…plus I love his manga’s art, heh. If he was real, I’d probably hate him out of jealously for being so young, but then I’d be total fan of his |’D

Again, another episode that I can’t really fangirl about, and I probably won’t be able to for a while since the anime really is slow compared to the manga |’D I’ll be patient though since the next volume of the manga won’t come out till February –sob-


Oh Saikou and your ridiculous fantasy…I have them too so I can’t say anything, hahaha. Anyways, remember this guy, the one who thinks he can draw manga? Looks like some trouble might be brewing for our boys? Until next week then~!



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17 Responses to “Bakuman – 07”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Bakuman, how I miss you~
    I will get to you very soon. ^^

    • Tofu says:

      CLANNAD comes first Kyokai ^^

      • Kyokai says:

        Oh I know! Finished with the fourth episode. xD

        • Tofu says:

          oh~ your so close, at the end you saw the girl holding the star yeah? she’s me fav character but what’s about to be shown to you Kyokai…will be revealed once you see it ^^ I ain’t gonna spoil it

          • Dan-go says:

            FUKOOOOOOOOOO-DAISUKI!!!! probably the only serious bit until the climaxy bit…

  2. Hato-kun says:

    I can’t stand the OP to Bakuman….


    Hurr, makes me mad everytime.

    At least the ED rocks.

    • Hoshi says:

      FINALLY someone who agrees xD -high fives-

      Yeah at least there was some hope with the ending =3=

  3. Overcooled says:


  4. Ichigopockysticks says:

    It does seem like this episode came out quickly no this week went by fast shhh so close to thanksgiving break almost there 5 day weekend

  5. Dan-go says:

    OMG OMG OMG, i just realised I HAVE THE SAME PHONE AS SAIKOU!!!!!! it’s pretty crappy but i feel a thousand times cooler now

  6. Dan-go says:

    oh yes and Azuki’s cat shall hereby be known as Dr.Fluffyevilpants

  7. After a pretty long recap (or was it just me?)

    Nope, not just you. 😛

    I second the “NEEDS MOAR EIJI” call. It’s just not as interesting without him :/

  8. Jubbz says:

    Their relationship, or the conditions for it, are pretty much bugging me sometimes, but i’m able to look past that.

    In fact, i don’t understand why such conditions were put up, but i guess that’s what middle school mentality is all about.

    i think.

  9. Namika says:

    Whoa! Eiji, you already have 1 official hater! ^^ Hoshi, please don’t kill me! ^^
    Can’t wait to see, what our epic duo will come up with next!! ^______^ And the lovey-dovey romance just made me AAAAWWWWWWW so much! I swear, if a guy at my school started to communicate with me that way I would melt in a puddle of mushy-goo!! (I know, I’m a sentiment freak *_*) I haven’t done that since I was back in elementary school! XD
    Um…. I would probably be the only one to say it, but I’m starting to dislike Azuki. O_O I know, I’m a bad person ^__^

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