The World Only God Knows – 02

Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan. Pettan, pettan tsurupettan.

Funnily enough, it just keep getting better and better, doesn’t it? In the second episode, I expected the show to drop all things interesting and just go dry. When I said that out loud, I got slapped (not really, I’m just writing that for effect). With another week gone by, The World Only God Knows continues to shine its shiny shine. ‘But Hato!’, I hear you cry. ‘What happened with the cliffhanger of last weeks episode?’. Aha! Fear not, I am here.

It’s true! All true! Elucia has transferred into Keima’s school and class! And as we find out later in the episode, his family! That’s right, on their way home from school, they run into Keima’s mother, a somewhat sweet and refined woman (for the time being). As Elucia joins Keima and his mother for tea, she drops the mega-ton. To get Elucia to the surface, the Devil / Bad Dude in Hell had to pull some strings and write some random letter. It explains that Elucia is apparently Keima’s Father’s illegitimate daughter! Yay! We also find out that Keima’s mother used to be in a biker gang. She rages at the father and vows to look after the now brother and sister.

Buuuuuut, Keima isn’t buying it. For Elucia to be his sister, she needs to have a set of little sister rules, known as ‘BMW’! Is that right? God, I don’t follow these weird little sister things (says the guy also reviewing Ore no Imouto…). Apparently the stand for ‘Blood’, ‘Memory’ and, well, honestly I can’t remember for the life of me. I think it was shortened down to ‘Moe’. 10 point for the person who can identify it? If Elucia has none of these qualities, she will never be Keima’s sister. Determined to do be just that, she sets off to be the best little sister ever, cooking Keima food, cleaning and even (for some reason) getting into the bath with him. Because all sisters do that. Eventually, Keima gives up, and accepts her as his sister. And she is one hell of a sister.

Since Elucia is now attending Keima’s high school, she’s around him pretty much 24 / 7. And because of this, she is constantly nearby when a Lost Soul appears from no where. As Elucia annoys the hell outta Keima, following him around the school and bringing up situations about the bath the night before (Ofuro de nani? Ofuro de nani? OFURO DE NANI?), they accidently stumble upon a Lost Soul signal. Looking around, Keima notices that the Lost Soul is mostly likely attached to a teeny-tiny little loli (voiced by Aoi Yuuki, HELL YEAH). Turns out this little loli, named Aoyama Mio, is rich. Flithy rich. And of course, anime loves to stereotype people, sooooo…

…she’s also a bit of a bitch. Cold hearted, un-emotional and just generally bitchy. To crack this one, Keima is going to have to think about his approach. Funnily enough, this means he has to practice his confessions on Elucia, who does not find the ordeal very funny. As Keima finally thinks that he can crack Aoyama, he confesses to her face, unfortunately getting pretty much beaten to death by her body guard. Intrigued by the way she reacted, Elucia and Keima tail her back to her residence. Strangely enough, she drives right past a giant house, and ends up in some small, run down apartment. What? I thought she was rich?!

End Thoughts

Huuuuuuuuuuuuurr! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuurr!

I honestly think I took this screenshot at the wrong time. Keima doesn’t even look phased.

While it may look like a boring shot, the ‘Love Minus’ sign makes up for it. A lot.

No explanation needed. Keima being manly.

Shameless loli fan-service, The animation company should be ashamed of themselves.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, The World Only God Knows is getting better and better. Also, I found this episode to flow a lot more, rather than the first. As I said last week, the first episode just jumped straight into things, not much explanation given and somehow it all turned out alright at the end. This episode was much better, as we have a small bit of development between Keima and Elucia before jumping into the next Lost Soul story. It’s actually better to leave it on a cliffhanger. It’s building tension!

One thing I noticed was Keima was actually stealing glances at Ayuma from the first episode. In the most likely of situations, this is narrative foreshadowing that Keima is actually starting to notice 3D girls for once in his short, sad life. While she didn’t actually have any dialog in the episode, her presence was definitely there. As well as Keima’s mother. God, she’s scary. Totally called it, but man. She’s scary. Aoyama looks to be there standard blonde twintail loli, to be honest. Once Keima wins her over, her character will do one of two things. 1) Tsundere. 2) Go all incredibly cutesy around Keima. Right now, It’s a little hard to tell which way the draw will go, but I assume we’ll find out next episode.

I’m also getting used to Keima. He’s not the ugly, fat, disgusting otaku dude. He’s rather good looking, refined and he behaves well, which is actually a really nice change. In a way (I know this is going to sound weird) he’s the kind of guy I can relate to, which makes the show interesting. No, not in the fact that demon girls come down from the sky and call me ‘Kami-sama’. And no, not in the fact that I go around all day picking up chicks (I do NOT do that). I can relate to him in the fact that he’s a normal dude, who happens to like weird things. It’s not like they effect him in any way (weeeell…) so why is it bad? I’m sure a few other readers and even authors can agree with me here.

Unless you are actually really weird.

Previews suck nowadays. There is nothing in them that explains what will happen next episode! Nor does it even hint! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, KAMI-SAMA. Ahem. Anyway, look forward to Ore no Imouto – 03 and TWOGK – 03 coming in the near future. They will be awesome. I assure you.


I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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24 Responses to “The World Only God Knows – 02”

  1. Overcooled says:

    Kaminomi continues to impress~ I see what you mean about Keima, although he has dorky interests he’s not one of those lost causes that don’t even know what soap is. o.o

    For some reason it looks weird that Elcia has her pink, poofy ribbon with her all the time – even when she’s not in demon attire. XD It seems so out of place

    • Hato-kun says:

      Yeah, does no one notice she wears it in school? And I think she should use her powers of changing peoples clothes more.

      …Just sayin’…

  2. Dan-go says:

    10 points, worry for their brother, “wonisan” derp

    • Hato-kun says:

      Herpy Derpy Derp. 10 points to you. I’ve gotta start keeping a tally.

  3. Kami-sama says:

    So thanks. ohoho.♥

  4. Tofu says:

    ahahaha YES! win! Keima’s mother awesome, reminds me of sawa-chan from K-ON xD

    • Hato-kun says:

      I thought Sawa-chan as well! Which is good, because I’m missing K-ON already 🙁 Bring on the movie!

      • Tofu says:

        AHAHAHA is there any information when it’s coming out Hato? or is it too early to ask? 😛 *i’m missing K-ON too man~ my weekly dose of Mio is gone… T___T

  5. Junko says:

    I had completely forgotten how the mother reacted, episode greatly appreciated

    I like the preview-y thing. Imagine if you were reading the manga, no previews! /gasp

  6. BlackLagoon187 says:

    ahaha I love the animated Elcia so far…
    Speaking of K-ON anyone else saw the Live K-ON concert sang by their seiyuu’s on youtube? It was amazing, when Yoko Hisaka went ~Moe Moe Kyunnn~ I pretty much died :woo

  7. Dan-go says:

    that image with elucia chowing down on his finger should read as “OMNOMNOM ALL URE BLOOD IS BELONG TO US”

  8. Kyokai says:

    I dub this Fall as imouto-fied~ ^^

    • Tofu says:

      ehehehe… i think i did hit it twice on accident ><" gomenasai kyokai! and i definetly agree with you that this Fall is totally imouto-fied xD i dont mind.. ^^

  9. MikADo says:

    I think the seiyu is a mismatch for Keima 😛
    should be hukuyama Jun or sth 😀

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