Tamayura OVA – 02

Nya nya nya nya fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa~

Gah, more site troubles! I hope everyone managed to survive without us during the time our site was down. Hopefully there weren’t too many casualties… Now that we’re back, I can finally get this Tamayura post finished (with help from Hato, of course).

I don’t know about you, but reading the summary of Tamayura before it aired led me to believe this would be a melancholy, dreary anime with lots of bawww. It turned out to be a positive, adorable anime with lots of awww. HOWEVER, in this episode, we finally see some moping as she explains how looking at all the photos her dad left behind made her sad. However, they turn into around into something light-hearted when her brother finds the album and is thrilled, helping Fu see the momentos in a more positive light. Awww.

Twintail!Fu is simply precious~

Back to being gleefully moe, Fu’s friends talk about her past as she struggles to take a nice photo without plummeting to her doom. She tends to do that a lot. They shift the topic onto what they want to do with their future, each of them coming up with half-assed sounding jobs that won’t make a lot of money like a professional whistler or a…perfumer. Whatever that is. Fu has no idea what she wants to do, despite being the only one of the bunch that displays a visible lick of talent. The discussions ends with Fu trying to take a panty shot of her friends when the wind blows. Perv.

Professional creeper

After some train imagery (hint, hint), we see more MOMONEKO. YES. His voice is rather…deep, and he makes the strangest noises when he waddles about. I don’t know why, but I found this scene funnier than I should have..HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID ADORABLE ALREADY? AHHH. ANYWAYS, Fu takes her friends to her mom’s cafe to eat.

Norie proceeds to fawn incessantly over her brother to the point where she practically hyperventilates, amongst other fairly amusing antics. In the spirit of K-ON! The girls eat some dericious cake, which made me OMG SO HUNGRY. Seriously, I’m going to go bake a cake now.  The cake as baked by Fu’s leprechaun-like oba-san, who also encourages Fu’s photo hobby.

Fu receives a letter from her photography idol, Shihomi, inviting Fu to her photo exhibit. WAY TO GO, POTTE!  With that, we get to follow an ecstatic Fu on a trip with her brother to meet her idol. Her brother is adorable and JUST LIKE HER. XD Watching their train trip was sooo cute~

After strolling through a gallery full of rather nice photography, Fu spots Shihomi! The serene, composed, older idol image is immediately shattered once she runs over and squees over Fu like a fangirl. O.o They’re two of a kind…really…They’re both just as awkward as ever, but they get along really well.

Semi-bald guy in the background’s expression = win

They talk about photography and following dreams on a balcony as Fu’s brother rolls around like some sort of lunatic. (Seriously, it’s WEIRD. But then again, I don’t have a sibling to compare him to). Shihomi tells Fu to keep the blank train ticket until she knows where she wants to go in life. It’s okay to change the destination everyday, because right now everyone’s goals are still fuzzy. But oneday she will decide where she really wants to go in life. AWWW~! XD The two take a photo of each other before parting ways. Meanwhile, everyone else back home is working hard to reach their goals for the future too, even if it’s something as pathetic as arranging potpourri.  Once again, Tamayura gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling as it finishes.

Extra Snapshots:

Ocarina of Time. That is all.


“OHOHOHO LEAVE THIS TO ME” “….it’s upside down, Norie-chan…”

Death by moe is a real thing. Stay alert. Stay safe.

Soooo…where’s the pot of gold?

End Thoughts:

Hato-kun: Once again, this show is so goddamn relaxing. I think this will probably take the place of my most relaxing anime of this season. Last season was K-ON, mostly because I didn’t really have to pay attention to it, but I can still enjoy it. The characters are pretty much perfect in the sense that while they mesh together, they still manage to have some conflict between them. The conflict isn’t actually visual, but the way they are talking about all their dreams and what they are going to do, they seem like they can’t understand what other people want to do, which I’m sure a few people have had before with their friends. It’s slightly nostalgic.

We also get to see more about that unexplained blue ticket from the first episode. I actually thought that fellow photographer was an interesting inclusion, even though she was older than Potte, she still kind of acted exactly like her. I assume she was thinking she would be all high and mighty and stuff like that, so it would’ve been a bit of a shock for her. It’s like that though, people who you think are amazing or you admire and so forth, once you meet them, they are completely not what you expect.

Unfortunately, the whistling girl still annoys me to no end. She talks a lot more in the episode, but she also whistles a lot more, which is just un-needed. Has any of you actually met anyone who whistles like that? If you do, please slap them and tell them it’s not okay. Then give them my e-mail, see if they wanna fight about it. Apart from the Whistling Wonder, I’m still enjoying Tamayura. It’s relaxing, simple, nostalgic and fun. Not a bad mix, yeah?

Overcooled: Oh Tamayura. It has all the right aspects of a slice-of-life moe show without trying to be trendy. It’s part 2 and we’re still being gently tugged along at a drifting pace. It’s one of those shows you don’t go bonkers fangirling/fanboying over, but one you heartily enjoy while watching. In between the relaxation, it’s actually really funny too. Norie spazzing was full of win. XD

I’m a bit tired of the whole “let’s talk about our dreams” thing because I’m done with that. I’ve already had my share of questioning what to do with my life and do not wish to relive it. <_< Anyways, Tamayura pulled it off in a nice way, transitioning Fuu from having no goal into finally having some sort of path she’s starting to walk along. I guess it’s a healing anime in the way it sort of gets you to see things in a positive light, and helps you deal with day-to-day issues. ALSO: FUU’S BROTHER IS SO CUTE! AWWW! I wish I had a little brother to torture…I mean. Uh. Share…with.

Fuu meeting her Photography sempai was really sweet, they’re two of a kind. The fact that they’re both so humble about their photos is nice. XD A haughty, hoity-toity idol just wouldn’t work with Fu… Plus, there’s a moral to the story! Uh, it’s something about dreams. And following them. Or maybe it’s about potpourri? ANYWAYS. Tamayura = good.


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8 Responses to “Tamayura OVA – 02”

  1. Asa Barnes says:

    i might need to check this out more.
    I love going Awwww.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, this one has definitely been flying under the radar for most people, but it’s surprisingly good. You WILL go “awww”. It is inevitable~

  2. Kyokai says:

    This was another cute addition. I agree, death by moe is REAL, people! XD

  3. Liza says:

    I agree. This was an adorable episode(not as awwww/dawwww as Kimi ni Todoke but still). And about the brother, I can actually vouch that what he does can be quite normal. My six year old sister likes to do those kinds of things in public.

    • Overcooled says:

      So many warm fuzzies from watching this~ Well, this just goes to show how little kids never cease to amaze me with their crazy behaviour.XD

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Gah, too cute! Man, they remind me of me and my friends. Eh? You thought Fu’s brother rolling around all over the place was weird? Sounds like something I would do…

    • Overcooled says:

      I hope you don’t have a friend who whistles all the time, or Hato’s gonna have to have his way with them…XD

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