First Impression – MM!

“Almost all characters have at least one mental problem.” Nice observation, Wikipedia.

This was meant to be a tag team post! Waaaaaaaaah! Our dear friend Ryuu has gone missing, so for today I’ll be handling this grand first impressions post of MM! Fall is officially in full swing (as I’m sure you can already tell) so it’s our job here at Metanorn to tell you what’s awesome, and what’s not so awesome! So, are we ready?

He may look normal…

From the get go, MM! doesn’t beat around the bush (No pun intended). We’re quickly thrust into Sado’s world, and learn that he’s a freakin’ intense masochist. If you didn’t already know this, you’re probably watching the wrong anime. He desperately wants to cure his condition so he can confess to the girl of his dreams. His best friend, Tatsukichi, suggests he goes to visit the ‘Second Volunteer Club’ or something rather, where they listen to students problems and try to help them. Think the Ootogi Bank, but you don’t really have to pay them back. I think.

Why does she seem so nice, yet so mean?

Sado goes to visit the club, where he meets Mio Isurugi, the head of the club. Despite their rather graceful first meeting, she turns out to be a bit of a bitch. After literally beating it out of him, Sado finally tells her that he’s an intense masochist, and tries to attack her. Strangely enough she agrees to help to cure him of his masochism. He goes about his day as usual, working part-time in a convenience store where he hopes to catch glimpses of his first love, today, however, she runs away like the speed of a girl running away, leaving Sado rather confused.

Sado get’s his mime on. Also, is it coincidence his name is Sado?

Returning to school, Mio (Maybe I should us Isurugi instead…), armed with a baseball bat and dressed in a maid outfit, starts round one of her therapy. Her reasoning being ‘If she almost kills him, he wont like it’. Funnily enough, it doesn’t work and he just gets sent to the infirmary where awkward conversations take place with Yuuno, and old friend we’ll no doubt learn more about later and the school nurse, Onigawara. After being saved by Isurugi, a strange and meaningful conversation takes place, where Sado is asked whether he would hate a friend if they didn’t tell them something. Purely hypothetical of course. Hypothetical. His honest answer is given and every seems happy about that hypothetical question. That was purely hypothetical.

That dudes got one hell of a slap.

Later that night while working (and after being raped by his mother and sister (seriously)), good ol’ girl of Sado’s dreams comes by, right up to him, about to speak. However, she can’t seem to find the words and runs off again, determined, Sado chases after her, not wanting to back down from his first love. He catches up and grabs her, only to bitch-slapped around the face. To his surprise, he isn’t turned on by the beating, and is amazed, wondering if it was the work of true love… then girl of his dreams opens her mouth. and confesses. Ta da! It’s actually Tatsukichi! He’s a cross-dresser and it turned out that the purely hypothetical question wasn’t actually hypothetical at all! Shock horror! Alas, Sado is all  gravy with his best mate dressing up as a girl, so they hug like real men and bond. And for some reason, Sado joins the club. I’m not quite sure why. Oh yeah, it’s an anime.

Cue Yaoi.

End Thoughts

“Shizuka is Taro Sado’s elder sister. She incestuously loves Taro.” Oh you, Wikipedia.

What’s this? Isurugi might be… NORMAL?!

Dude, that chicks a dude. Dude. Duuuuuuuude.

Unfortunately, I don’t think MM! is the kind of show I would like. For the first few minutes I thought it was similar to Dokuro-chan, then I thought it was something like Shuffle, then I thought it was To Love-Ru. It’s like the anime is going through a mid-life crisis and doesn’t know who it is. I guess I can blame that on some of the characters looks EXTREMELY similar to those from the shows I mentioned. The characters are also, not too special. While I can actually see myself watching the show, I can’t see myself waiting painstakingly waiting for an episode every week like I do with K-ON (Wait, it’s OVER D:), so it seems like something I would marathon. I don’t think I could stand Sado for too long.

In fact, Sado is my main gripe in the show. He’s actually just, well, creepy. Not much creeps me out, I’ll tell you that now. While some things make me flinch and be all like “Ew, that was weird, but okay, I’m all cool now.” (See ‘Ichi the Killer’, the nipple scene…), when Sado went all Super Maso Mode (Lol) it was kind creepy. That’s not to say the show wasn’t funny. There were a few good laughs, but strangely enough, when his friend turned out to be his first crush, I did I double take. It’s the first anime to surprise me in a while (I admit, I didn’t see it coming!), and that’s impressive.

Without a team mate here, it’s a little hard to bounce ideas around. What would Ryuu think of the series? I wonder if she’s M. That’s weird. I wont think about that. But like Wikipedia says, almost everyone has a ‘mental condition’. Even the ones that don’t seem to have them yet. We know that Tatsukichi is a cross-dresser (is that really a mental condition?), Isurugi has some sort of superiority comple (that’s obvious), Yuuno has androphobia (like Inami from Working!!), and I’m pretty sure the nurse will have something. I hope it’s not schizophrenia. Hopefully Ryuu will fill you in if this goes into episodics.

So in the preview… wait, what?! Yuuno is smiling? When she’s with Sado? But, she hates men! What’s going on? Wait. Maybe the nurse is actually psychic. She’s taken control of Yuuno’s body to fulfill her own desire, similar to those of the teacher from SYD. That’s just weird. I hope it’s something more normal than that.



I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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15 Responses to “First Impression – MM!”

  1. Trusx says:

    Maybe the nurse is actually psychic. She’s taken control of Yuuno’s body to fulfill her own desire, similar to those of the teacher from SYD. That’s just weird. I hope it’s something more normal than that.

    I hope so as well. I don’t think it will be that crazy! Though I may not watch it weekly I do find it interesting enough to continue watching it.
    Yuuno looks like Dokuro-chan but Mio acts like her. Yeah I also think it has hints of those anime scattered around.

    And Tatsukichi is so cute! Even though he has that strange hobbie I still like him xP

    • Hato-kun says:

      I think I’m go start using ‘Isurugi’ rather than ‘Mio’, because I watch a lot of K-ON. It blurs the lines xD

  2. anaaga says:

    sado is a perverted M.he’s creepy, he’s weird, he’s *insert other insults*. he stains the name of the other Ms! D:<

    I was surprised about the cross-dressing too. I thought that his friend is a homo and likes him. the dude basically acts like a female! maybe i'm just too excited with togainu no chi…
    i was pretty disappointed with this. i thought it was something more original, since it's with some SM and all that. that's probably the only thing that's special about this anime

    • Hato-kun says:

      “sado is a perverted M.he’s creepy, he’s weird, he’s *insert other insults*. he stains the name of the other Ms!”

      Really? So they’re not all like that? Yeah, I thought his friend was gay, but I didn’t think he would cross dress. Also, I am a little disappointed as well, I’ll give it a bit more time, but I don’t expect much.

      • anaaga says:

        i guess we’ll put sado in the extreme M. i don’t like how they picture M ppl here (perverted and hentai-face). they have their own moments of being turned on, not 24/7 thinking about being slapped. and not all of the M are extreme like sado. i got bitch-slapped once and gosh that hurts like crasy *hint-hint*

  3. mikuru says:

    great review i really enjoyed it! :thumb:
    maybe i will try and wath this anime jhajha 🙂

  4. Overcooled says:

    Why do I not want Sado (yeah, ironic name much?) to ever be cured? I like seeing his masochistic breakdowns…Maybe I’m just a little bit sadistic then…<_<

    The amount of dysfunctionality in this show is odd…it's like "okay, let's look up a mental disorder/deviation and let that be the only personality trait of that character." Wikipedia really says it all XD

    Crossdressing best friend was awesome. I thought the guy was gonna already be dating the girl..but he WAS the girl XD

    • Kyokai says:

      I so had the guy figured! I literally paused the epi and saw if the girl’s eyebrows were blonde because the guy’s were. Blame it on colouring mistake by studio or simply to egg us on to a wrong conclusion, poor Sado’s first crush was actually his best buddy. Ironic much? XD

  5. Kyokai says:

    Good point, I laughed a lot. Sado is such a creepy guy but I can’t help but go into fits of giggles seeing his gasmic expressions… Doesn’t everyone have a bit of both S and M? I would like to think so. :3

    • Tofu says:

      ahaha this is embarrassing… could someone tell me what a MM is or what a s or m is (i’m guessing the m is masochist?) i not sure… Dx but this anime was definitely humorous!!!

      i laughed from start to finish, considering i didn’t read any info on MM i gave it try and then out of nowhere Sado becomes a MASOCHIST!! i was so surprised while laughing my head off xD (i feel mean…) and then onwards everything started to surprise me, the cross-dressing best friend, the girl who hates guys (although i saw that in SYD, i didn’t think it would be exaggerated so much… i mean.. JUST LOOK AT HER FACIAL EXPRESSION in the hospital scene xD

      a funny anime, definitely keep watching it

      • Kyokai says:

        Tofu-kun, You guessed right about M being Masochist while S is for Sadism. It’s double MM because well, Sado is a hennayatsu who likes to be kicked around, actually gets pleasure from it. Definitely funny and I might just keep watching this. XD

        Chanda-chan, I just hope there’s no one like Sado IRL. It would be too creepy to digest. D: Though, as its an anime somehow that becomes more funny.

        Hato-kun, world is a strange place. XD

        • Tofu says:

          i thin i’m an S when it comes to anime stuff xD i guess because it’s an anime that we find it more funny since it’s not real life? (i not sure…) definetly watching this anime from start to end :thumb:

    • Chanda says:

      haha.. Not to sure about everyone being S and M.
      I may have a bit of both.. but considering my personality.. I am more M..Im just glad its only in the anime world you find somebody this M.. I hope.

      Yea, It was super funny; him being so M, but at the same time pretty creepy..

    • Hato-kun says:

      “Doesn’t everyone have a bit of both S and M?”

      I can assure you, no.

  6. Masu says:

    i havent read this but im thinking of watching it solely based on the ahegao i see posted in the thumbnails.

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