Bakuman – 01

An ambitious-less boy, an ambitious boy, a girl that sets one dream with some serious gambling of luck into motion~!

Hoshi: As one of the more anticipated shows of the Fall season, I quickly felt overwhelmed, and it’s only the first episode! ^^; Yet after some emails, and dear Kyokai’s help, we managed to pull off this tag team for Bakuman! It’s not in the very fun conversation style due to the time differences among Kyokai, Hato-kun and me, so we’re doing this Metanorn-style (as I like to call it) ^^

Now onto the first episode of Bakuman!:

Moritaka Mashiro is a normal boy, pretty negative in that he doesn’t truly aspire to do anything big; he just wants to get a steady job and get on with his life. One day he accidently leaves his notebook at school with the drawing he did of the girl he has a crush on, Azuki Miho.

At home, he realizes it’s gone, and decides to go back to school to get it. Once he’s there however, one of his classmates, Akito Takagi, is in the classroom, and he is holding…his notebook.

Death Note reference NUMBAH 1!

Akito begins to tell him that since he sits way in the back, he knew what he drew in his notebook, knew he forgot it, knew he’d eventually come back for it. He then tells him he’ll give him back the notebook, but on one condition: Moritaka has to team up with him to write a manga.

Death Note/ Hikaru no Go reference NUMBAH 2!

Moritaka instantly refuses, telling him about the gamble becoming a manga artist is. Akito isn’t fazed though, and keeps persisting. Moritaka finally tells him he’ll think about it.

Seriously…it doesn’t bother him.

We then are sent to a flashback, telling the bitter story of his uncle, a manga artist who created the series that appears in the opening of the episode, called Super Hero Legends. His uncle ended up dying however from overworking to try and create another series as big as the one he did before.

In present time, Moritaka suddenly gets a call from Akito, saying he’s going to confess to Azuki! And that, would he like to come along? After a bit of convincing, he ends up going with Akito to Azuki’s house, where Akito nervously rings her doorbell.

Once she finally starts talking on the intercom, Akito asks her to step outside, then telling her his plan to become a manga artist, and that he knows of Azuki’s dream of wanting to become a voice actress. Suddenly Moritaka chimes in saying that he’s teaming up with him.

Azuki instantly is happy, and asks that if there manga gets turned into an anime…then they’ll make her the heroine’s voice actress, says Moritaka. Azuki is so happy she meets them at gate, looking so extremely cute in Moritaka’s eyes that suddenly he says, “Then after our dreams come true will you marry me?”

Azuki is so surprised, she disappears into her house. Suddenly, however, Azuki’s voice is heard from the intercom, and she replies, “Yes, I promise.”

But as the two boys start freaking out, there’s a catch: Azuki and Moritaka can’t meet each other until that day all of their dreams come true.

With that, Moritaka finally gets the drive to be a manga artist, but not necessarily with Akito….

This makes me laugh for some reason~ xD

End thoughts~

Kyokai: The beginning sequence of Super Hero Legends literally gave me a start because I went, “Am I watching the right title? Did someone just trick me?!” But naaah! It was all good. I went Toumaaaa~ (Imagine Index-tan’s voice), when Moritaka started speaking and of course, he’s voiced by Abe. The first episode was pure WIN~ as I’m one of those people who have not read the manga as yet and were waiting for the anime to see what was really up. Being one of the top anime to watch out for, this sure delivered background of the characters and the shoujo feel. I was pretty miffed with J.C. Staff for ruining Kaichou wa Maid-sama!; thus, very skeptical about maintenance of quality. I was glad to be wrong.

Now consider this, shouldn’t Bakuman be heaven for the otaku like us because we already read so much manga and watch anime? Who doesn’t have a slight inclination to try out some drawing manga-style and write a story that would get illustration? Reading about and getting inspiration from a budding team of Mangakas and Seiyuu is right up our alley after all. That is the reason, I instantly liked Saiko and Akito; the latter a bit more due to his spontaneity, ambition and confidence to actually stand up for his dreams. There are not a lot of teenagers who can do that and though it’s not really Saiko’s fault for being a bit wary of the whole Mangaka business due to his uncle’s fate; he definitely possesses talent and should make better use of it. I wasn’t expecting the romantic angle to start so early but hey, it’s better to be clear than beating around the bush. Miho seems cute enough and the one voicing her, Saori Hayami is climbing the seiyuu rope for a breakthrough as well. Her friend seemed interesting as well so knowing all of them should be fun.

I hope J.C. Staff sticks to the original material and do not deviate too much in case of plot. I expect good stuff from Kenichi Kasai, who directed Nodame Cantabile and Honey and Clover (two of my favourite shoujos) and would definitely follow this throughout the season.

Hato-kun: Well, I knew Bakuman was going to be popular. That was apparent from the beginning. But the question on everyones mind is “Will it be any good?” Well, if we’re going from that first episode alone, it’s going to be great. Without a doubt the best episode of any show I watched all day and will be a great starting episode for a great series. The characters are particularly memorable and that first half hour was emotionally charging.

See, why can’t there be more shows like this? They draw you in with a simple premise, they don’t bombard you with information and names and theories and magic and all. They, unfortunately, take you by the hand and guide you. When you think about it, it’s almost stupid, a media treating you as a sort of child, but if that’s what makes a show, then so be it. I’m fine with that.

Though, the best scene from this episode has to be the confession by accident. Saying his uncle’s line out loud was pretty hilarious, and their reactions, I thought couldn’t be topped until she agreed (which you could see coming from a mile away). So far? A simple, innocent and fun-filled romance story, with a splash of pop culture and references galore thrown in. The result? We’ll just have to wait and see. (And in case you were wondering, yes, at first, I did think this was some sort of sequel to Bakugan. Boy, was I wrong. )

Hoshi: (I’m gonna lie, I thought that too Hato, that it was something related to Bakugan, hahaha.) First off, I want to admit that…the opening TOTALLY threw me off the first time I played it. (Don’t tell me you weren’t thrown off too!) I thought I had downloaded the wrong anime! But then I fast forwarded it a bit, and I was like, “Ohhh, okay, I get it!” I actually preferred that silly opening to the actually opening to Bakuman though; it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo borrrrrring. The song is just BLEAH, I’m sorry. It’s too slow for an opening! The ending song even has more hype!

Anyways, away from the ranting of the opening credits, the beginning of the actual episode was a bit depressing, which I should suspect from such a negative character Moritaka starts out as. I was kinda expecting comedy from at least the middle of the episode, but it actually doesn’t really start towards the end, when they go to Azuki’s house, which was fine, as long as there was some comedy xD

I’m totally loving Akito Takagi already, and he’s probably going to be my favorite character for Bakuman from now on, hahaha. He’s so funny, and not that bad looking either ;D (Hoshi is a megane fan~). I think I mostly like him because he kinda reminds me of myself; he’s a writer, he’s pretty ridiculous, he has out-of-the-blue ideas, etc. I can relate to Mortikata too though; we doesn’t get those kind of negative thoughts every now and then?

Since it looks like there might be some romance in this, I’m afraid they might get too shoujo-y :/ I want more of this ridiculous comedy I saw at the end. I haven’t read the manga to Bakuman before, so please don’t give me any signs as to what kind of mood this goes into! I want to see myself~.

Another thing I’m worried about with doing episodics on this is that…I’m going to get bored with it. I have that feeling already, which scares me. I typically wouldn’t watch this kind of show, only if it has a lot of comedy. Someone promised me that Bakuman did, so I went for this. If I’m going to be cheated out of comedy then you might see some negative reviews, warning you now x’D (I’m pretty picky with school-setting shows). I think this feeling is mostly because I’m used to such fast-paced and intense shows (like Kuroshitsuji II was), and Bakuman is probably not going to be too intense, maybe a little drama now and then but nothing to really make you stress out over it. Bakuman seems more like a…leisure show; a show that makes you laugh and smile, not bite your nails from so much anxiety.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention…did anyone catch the two Death Note references in there?! I KNOW I DID, heehee. I think I might end up making that a weekly thing; see how many references the show makes to Takeshi Obata’s famous works (i.e Hikaru no Go and Death Note). Then at the end of the series count it all up for the final total! (Yesss, what a plan indeed…*strokes chin thoughtfully*)

Overall, Bakuman gets four and a half out of five stars from me. It was pretty entertaining, especially the ending xD I’m mostly hooked by how exactly are they going to do this crazy idea, hahaha. Animation-wise, it gets four out of five stars. It’s really nice, and clean, pretty realistic with good character movements. For some reason I’m really loving the eyes, except for Azuki’s eyes. THEY’RE SO SMALL o____o When I saw the trailer I was like, “What is up with those EYES?!” I’m too used to girls having those big, cutsie eyes, lawl~

I’m really excited to do episodics on Bakuman, and even though I haven’t done a review on this type of show before, I will be doing my best!

Preview: A very short preview from what looks like Moritaka’s point of view as we see many glittery and lovely images of our fair ‘Madonna’ (as Akito called her), Azuki. The narration seems a bit negative though as it looks like maybe Moritaka’s father and grandfather might not approve. Let’s see how our aspiring mangakas will work this out! ;D



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14 Responses to “Bakuman – 01”

  1. Xiao says:

    *raises hand* Same here on thinking “Wait, this is NOT the Bakuman I ordered! O.O?!?!” when the first opening showed up. I knew it wasn’t the real thing but…it dragged on for like a minute so I went a little :sad4 in disbelief. lol xD;

    Anyways, seems Akito will be the favorite of many due to his upbeat, confident personality but I’m a little more fond of Moritaka/Saiko because he’s the more grounded one (I like sane men, lol). And I like how his negativeness, too, since it’s a good flaw. Sounds weird but I just saw it as a normal thing for people to be more practical about their futures than throwing out risky gambles. I can say a lot of people have gone through similar things growing up. Not sayin’ that they shouldn’t dream but hey, can’t blame the guy for wanting to play things safe. Especially after what happened to his uncle. Poor kid.

    Hmm, but what’s best about him is that after Miho accepted his proposal (which has got to be the sweetest confession EVER for this season yet, :XD: ) is that he immediately turned that around. I’m sure he’ll face a lot of challenges over the course of the show but he has that promise to serve as his motivation. And I’m totally all “Gambarre!” :omg: and gaga-ing for that. :blush2: *so weird* lol

    However, despite that we’ve already got some engaged-to-be-engaged coupling going on, I doubt that’ll be in the spotlight too much. This story gives me the impression that it’s more about “chasing your dreams” than anything too romancy. At least that’s what I think so far. But I like it. For its simplicity and the portrayal of the characters’ ambitions. Hehe. 🙂

    Unfortunately, Hoshi-san, since Bakuman is a slice-of-life series, there’s a good chance you will get bored. ^^;
    Still, I think it can stand out on its own. First episode already did just that so I’m looking forward to the next one.

    Ahhh, and look at me ramble. Sorry for such a long comment. Your discussion was so indulging. Haha.

    Thanks for the review! Can’t wait for the next one! ^^

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Uwah, I know right?! x’D I was like, “Um, can we go on now? |’D”

      I’m more of a dreamer, and I always have been, which is why I can relate to Akito so much. When someone says ‘I wanna be a doctor!’, I’m like ‘I wanna be a big shot writer who’s books are translated into a kajillion languages!’ x’D

      Hahaha it was cute!.>

      Oh no, we love long comments! Hahaha!<3 xD
      and you're welcome~!

  2. Namika says:


    Bakuman was my number one must-see this Fall, and I now see it paying off. For all these days I barely kept myself away from the manga. As far as I can tell, it came up so nicely! ^^ An I’m definitely at a loss of words. I just enjoyed it so much!!! :woo

    • Hoshi says:

      ~It is indeed paying off! ^^ Now I want to start the manga myself, hahaha.

  3. Hato-kun says:

    I’m pretty sure it was DBZ guy singing, right? Right?

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    I love Akito (also a megane fan)! I think that I can actually relate to him more than Mortikata. I haven’t read the manga either. This was one of the shows that I was looking forward to this Fall, so I’m glad that the first episode is good at least. I just hope that it will stay that way. The scene at the end was hilarious. Uwahh~ I’m so looking forward to more.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Whoo another Akito fan, hahaha!

      Yeah it was one of my most anticipated shows for Fall too, and right now it’s very pleasing! Let’s hope J.C staff doesn’t disappoint us ^^;

  5. Joojoobees says:

    @Hato & @Hoshi
    First time I heard Bakuman I thought it was related to the Bakugan franchise as well. I take it from this episode that the word has something to do with “gambling”.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha, yes we are not alone!

      Hmmm, I never thought of that~. I think I need to brush up on my Japanese skills :glasses

  6. anaaga says:

    man, i don’t know if i really wana watch this or not. i was a fan of the manga (i even re-up the chaps for others so they can know it faster). i really really loved bakuman. but then i got pissed with it. there’s just too much, as in TOO MUCH explanations in the manga. there will be pages where half of them is just explanations. and small letters too. i did get dozed off while reading it while reading it. someone needs to convince me properly that i should watch the anime except the hot blond dude. i don’t want to get the same boredom i got while reading the manga
    and really? not meeting each other until marriage? virgin until married huh xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Well since it’s the first episode, I can’t sincerely convince you to watch it because there isn’t much to go by, but this first episode was really simple and quite hilarious.
      A lot of the manga Takeshi Obata works has TONS AND TONS of dialouge, I mean, look at Deathnote! That manga took me an hour to read the first time |’D I’m pretty sure they’ll dull down the dialogue because it is an anime and its not like they can fit a whole chapters worth of dialogue from the manga to a thirty minute episode.
      I would really like you to give the Bakuman anime a chance, but like I said earlier, since it’s the first episode, there isn’t much convincing I can do x’D

      (And lol at the virgin until married part xD)

  7. Overcooled says:

    I am sooo reading the manga once this is done. Mostly because the anime art is kind of annoying me, especially the shading of the hair. @_@ Other than that, I’m pretty excited for this!!! =D

    But wow, everyone in this show is so capricious…just doing what they please all spontaneous-like…What kind of crazy girl would agree to that kind of thing, huh? Talk about going with the flow… It’s kind of crazy, but I like it. I wish that sort of thing happened in real life more often. XD

    …While typing this a comment a fly came in front of me and I GRABBED IT IN MIDAIR AND CRUSHED IT TO DEATH. Just thought I’d share that with everyone.

  8. Teabie says:

    wow, when i saw the opening, i did a double take and then thought, “aaahh, must be one of those tricksies that they’re up to!!!!” and who can forget that vocal which graced all that classic Dragonball songs? lol. so yeah, i think everyone must have had some doubts in the beginning. hehe.

    Bakuman’s been cool. loved the references, yes!! Death Note thing really made me chuckle. aren’t we all glad we know what they’re talking about?? would they ever tell us how and why Azuki came to like Moritaka? anyway, i will survive w/o knowing. Bakuman has such a refreshing pace and dialogue. i feel normal all of a sudden, haha.

    me a definite Akito fan! i have the hots for megane otoko. i even have pictures of Kaito (from vocaloid) in megane. *ahem*

  9. Kuro-kun says:

    finally…. :yippy this manga become anime… really love it this manga… and very meaningful because a lot of inspiration in it’s life :thumb: and longer opening and ending song is very cool :oha: really love it :kyaa2: hahah
    I hope this becomes a good film for this season

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