Seitokai Yakuindomo – 12

Happy SYD New Year!~

Kotomi and Tsuda bring in the New Year while discussing their upcoming resolutions. Tsuda wants to become a person who can say ‘no’ while Kotomi wants to have one erotic scene a day.

What a conversation.

The student council starts the day setting off to the Shrine to say their New Year prayers. The girls hazard a few very wrong guesses as to what Tsuda’s might be while there’s really no one who could possibly fail at guessing what Suzu is hoping for.

After the prayers are said, it’s obvious none of the student council are actually planning on changing in the slightest during the year ahead.

The guy on the left hand side of the background looks evil :S

Don’t lose the Suzu.

While at the Shrine Tsuda meets up with disciplinary committee president Kaede who is as usual, trying her hardest, but ultimately failing, to act normally around Tsuda. I’m actually surprised Ranko didn’t make her appearance this early on for you’d think there’d be some odd happening that she could take a photo of and twist it however she’d like.

However we do get a little more insight on Aria’s maid who doesn’t know how to assist with putting a kimono on but is apparently extremely talented when it comes to taking them off… hmm.

Kotomi is lounging under the kotatsu at home, playing her usual part of telling us all exactly why Shino and Aria’s inevitable graduation won’t mean the end of cute-girl pervy-ness for Ousai Academy.

Back at school Shino is having a little trouble with stress so Aria helps her out with a little shoulder massage which makes her really… really happy.

Aria is skilled in many ways.

It’s still snowing and Tsuda and Shino were about to share another cute moment by ‘their window’ but Naruko-sensei interrupts just to say ‘I am a perverted teacher’ as per usual.

Aria joins them and the three members head off to do actual student council work at the photocopiers. At the end of it, they wonder where Suzu is and Tsuda explains that she told them to go ahead as she was going to be a bit late. A simple, normal excuse for everyone else in the world but still… it leads Shino to ask if Tsuda’s the father.

After that she quickly decides to go into Kaichou-mode and tells Aria and Tsuda to go ahead and replace the posters around the school together while she goes off on her own. Hitting a height road-block almost immediately, Naruko-sensei shows up and helps hold Shino’s chair steady as she sets the poster.

Naruko-sensei has a little love for the girls too…

We follow her to the staff room where she explains to Shino and Tsuda that she may be coming down with something. Shino and Tsuda don’t react much to her loss of regular appetite but the suggestion of her lost sexual appetite sends them into a cold sweat.

Aria arrives with a secret weapon; a long green onion stem a la Shizuru Fujino but Naruko-sensei doesn’t buy it. This causes Aria to join the cold sweat couple and even suggests they take Naruko-sensei to the hospital straight away.

Suzu arrives to explain that her lateness is due to the fact she was on duty. Suzu and Tsuda then head off to the gardening club to return the negi and run into Ranko Hata who has apparently also caught the cold going around. When the student council returns to their room, Ranko hovers around the doorway still hard at work morphing the words of the universe to her liking. She then heads to the Judo club and gives Mutsumi and the team some trouble.

Kotomi’s tutor time with Suzu finally comes along and the Tsuda siblings find out that Suzu isn’t a bad teacher but comes with automatic happiness button whenever someone calls her senpai.

Valentines day comes along for Ousai Academy and most of the male contingent are disappointed to find the girls are severely uninterested in most of them. The only other guy that gets to speak, Tsuda and Suzu’s classmate is happily glowing as he expects to gain more chocolates than he would at a regular school.

Hopeful… but wrong.

After all, we are still talking about the school that has the magical Yuri tree of forever parked somewhere on school grounds.

Suzu and Tsuda are walking along together and the most normal chocolate exchange in anime history passes between them. I loved it to pieces.

Aria’s moment comes in the form of giving Tsuda some pervertedly designed cookies while Shino goes for a sneaky way of letting Tsuda eat her homemade chocolates under the guise of needing someone to share the many boxes she got from admirers.

So cute >.<

The entrance exams for aspiring students have arrived and Ranko decides to play with Kaede a little bit before finally letting her get started with getting their classroom ready.

Kotomi prepares to head into the school for the exam with big brother Tsuda supporting her as always.  One would think that she’d be doing fine with Suzu’s tutoring but… nope.

What kind of perversions are running through her head?

As for the interview part headed by Naruko-sensei and unnamed person that’s never been shown before or is just difficult to remember, Kotomi starts off with a relaxed and not good answer to the simple question of ‘Why would you like to go to this school?.’

The interview moves along with Naruko-sensei being as normal as I’ve ever seen her and Kotomi answering almost exactly as she did in her practice interview with Tsuda… pervertedly. Naruko-sensei then reverts to her usual self and as expected, gets along with Kotomi amazingly.

That girl passes!

The entire student council goes along with Kotomi to find out if she actually made the cut for Ousai and with that sort of pedigree behind her, it’s obvious she could hardly fail ;p Number 19 shows up on the board and she engages in a celebratory pounce through the air while Suzu does the most awesome thumbs up ever.


End Thoughts:

With Ookami-san over, I’ve given SYD the job of picking up the slack and getting me through happily into fall.

This episode starts off with a Kotomi headed pervy joke and doesn’t really stop or slow down until the end of the episode. I think I’d put it as nicely relentless as I would have expected them to pump out as much SYD humour in as possible as time’s running out and deliver, they did.

They released the pervert switch on Kotomi as well which was hanging around mid-way for the beginning of the series but is now full on. She was just as perverted as Shino this episode with the small amount of screen time she has being packed full of cringe and sweat-drop moments for the less perverted audience members.

I don’t know if it’s my mood or the crappy weather or the fact that I’m still perched on unopened moving boxes but I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve become really comfortable with the SYD humour and right now I’m kind of depressing myself knowing how sad I’ll be to see it go. It took a little while to get really warmed up to it but I can see myself marathoning this again once or twice when I need a random pick me up lol.

For me that’s a pretty good test of a series… if there’s ever a moment that I’d have a reason to watch bits and pieces of it again and for Seitokai I’m sure that time will come.

I absolutely loved the tiny tiny chocolate giving moment that happens between Suzu and Tsuda. I think that moment pretty much sums up their friendship; ‘we’re the only normal ones here, let’s not ruin the relationship with additional chocolate related stress.’

Naruko-sensei was also pretty awesome this episode as well. Usually I don’t find her jokes very funny at all but seeing as she did save Kotomi from going to some other, possibly normal school, I felt oddly compelled to like her a lot during this episode!

Being one that has always celebrated any sort of romance that takes place… with pretty much any pairing in this series the Valentines part of the episode made me happy. As perverted as Shino is, she is as we’ve always known deep deep down, a teenage girl who has a tiny issue with expressing her like for a guy.

Even if there aren’t any Shino-Tsuda moments in the last episode the tiny tidbits they’ve given through the last few have made me kyaa~ enough inside to not hold it against them. It wasn’t really expected and I’m sure no one would have complained if it wasn’t there but it’ existence is whipped cream and cherry ;p

The only bad thing I can see with this episode is the lack of Aria… sure she’s there but she really hasn’t had any memorable moments in a while. I’m pretty sure she’s as funny as she was when the series began but the amusement her character type provides just hasn’t held out for the entire 12 episodes. I’m more inclined to laugh at the Suzu jokes these days ^^;


There’s one more episode coming up for this one and I miss it already ;_; There was an obscure preview as usual and this time I can’t really guess what will happen so I’ll just pretend I saw a preview of Shino and Tsuda going on some sort of date and then Ranko marrying them in the student council room afterward. They also do a flashforward where Kotomi becomes the Student Council President, Suzu becomes the school principal, Aria ends up with her maid and Mutsumi wins consecutive gold medals. Go!

… Really it’s more likely that Ranko will end up breaking a classroom and Kaede will nearly be poisoned by a mushroom.


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6 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 12”

  1. oplover says:

    Now i really sure that Hata Ranko is my favorite character.
    I’m just glad this is not the last episode. I’m sure i gonna miss this show so much.

  2. Dan-go says:

    mmm, well i’d actually hate for there to be any development in any of the relationships, i just watch this show for the lol moments…i’d like to finish it on the same note

  3. amado says:

    this show keeps on making me laugh

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  5. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Bahahaha Naruko Sensei has new ally >:D

    Nothing much new I would say, still the same ol random awesomeness but will miss it dearly when the last episode comes around.

    But I do hope for some closure on Shino X Tsuda

  6. Travis Limon says:

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