Seitokai Yakuindomo – 11

The Most Wonderful time of the Year~

Tsuda’s little sister Kotomi having a bit of study trouble. Heading straight to her go-to guy ‘Taka-nii’ and asks him to watch her study. He’s a little apprehensive at first but that goes straight into a lot apprehensive when she says that she gets more excited when someone’s watching her.

And just like that, another episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo begins! Someone has to agree that she’s Shino Junior now! I couldn’t stop thinking about Shino explaining why she always got so excited when giving speeches in front of the student body.

Tsuda actually ends up trying to help Kotomi study so she can get into Ousai Academy. They start with working on the entrance interview where Tsuda helps out by throwing out some interview questions. Unfortunately all the answers Kotomi can think of are borderline perverted with her best subject being Health and Sex Ed.

Tsuda asks why Kotomi wants to go to Ousai Academy in the first place and she answers with the most normal line I think she’s ever said in the series… “Because it’s close.”

Back at school Tsuda relates the situation to Suzu who always happens to be the first person to hear about his normal life problems. It actually feels like we haven’t seen much of Suzu for a while so it’s good to get some screen time for her lol. She offers to help Kotomi out with studying buy mostly because she’s worried about what the results would be if Tsuda is left in charge of it.

Suzu’s first question as the would-be tutor is what Kotomi’s best subjects are and Tsuda answers honestly causing Suzu to think she’s even more pitiful.

The side characters get a few moments with Naruko-sensei getting her usual perverted characterisation in with the help of some strategically placed and very fluid looking white gum left on a school bench.

Mutsumi gets interviewed by Ranko about their latest Judo match which the Ousai Academy team apparently won with no issues. They remark on Mutsumi’s worn uniform and she explains its due to her extreme practice sessions. This all seems partly normal for the Judo club captain… until she says her future goal is to become a bride. The school’s disciplinary committee club president seems pleased with how she’s able to have a normal conversation with a male student – being Tsuda of course which she does handle quite well… if we ignored the fact that she needs the help of a long fishing pole.

While cleaning up the Student Council room, Shino gets a flashback from her child hood that confirms she’s been a pervert for a very, very long time. She remembers watching a magical girl show with a with who rides on a broomstick and finds the magic in how good it must feel with the wood rubbing… there ^^;

The student council room ends up being sparkling clean which somehow turns into a lovely misunderstanding between Shino and Tsuda over what he’s calling “much more beautiful.” Shino blushes so cutely here, I felt really sorry for her when Tsuda ruins the moment by actually talking about shiny windows. Dammit Tsuda.

The plans for the Christmas party at Aria’s villa goes according to plan and Shino and Tsuda have another cute moment together when Shino half wonders what Tsuda thinks of her aloud. The party officially starts with Shino making a short and unnecessary speech for the student council and invited guests; Kotomi and Aria’s maid Dejima.

Tsuda also has a flashback of his and Kotomi’s childhoods which also confirms that she’s also been a pervert for a very, very long time lol. They were so cute though so it’s worth the weirded out feelings I got from little perverted Kotomi.

The party ends with Shino receiving the present Tsuda buys for their secret Santa exchange and giving Tsuda a present of her own. They group also shares a nice moment together under the snowing sky.

In the end Shino seems like she’s about to ask Tsuda out next year but… Santa interrupts her.

Dammit Santa!

End Thoughts:

For some reason Suzu really stood out for me for the first part of this episode with most of the humour coming from her reactions to Suzu and Aria’s antics. I especially liked the fact where she almost seems like she’s going to face palm at how ridiculously perverted her senpai are.

The second part of the episode seemed like it was all about Shino and Tsuda but of course that’s because I seem to be really sensitive to their moments <3 Oh well no matter what happens at the end of this series I’m just going to believe that they somehow end up together and have kids like Aria and Kotomi. This makes me feel kind of bad for Mutsumi but I don’t know… maybe she’ll end up with the only other guy that gets lines, their classmate with glasses!

I also liked the extra time given to Kotomi as she’s the next generation of Ousai Academy lol. I’ve also been thinking about that since the series is pretty close to ending as well, it’s nice to know that the Shino-Aria tradition of having the school’s greatest perverts in the student council won’t be such impossibility with Kotomi in attendance.

There wasn’t really a clear theme for this particular episode but I guess I’d still say that it was more enjoyable than the last which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t looking forward to a particular subject matter. That sounds quite bad lol but what I really mean is that for the last couple of episodes such as “the sports fest” or “the culture fest” which didn’t really deliver all that well as far as those subjects were concerned it’s nice to have a relaxed episode plays exactly as it was meant to – random joke galore with the end part with the Christmas party at Aria’s being the icing on the cake.

As always however, I especially like the fact that they don’t usually leave out any of the side characters in any of the episodes. They throw them out pretty haphazardly but it makes for a fast pace during the episodes and the changing scenes and quick joke delivery usually plays well for the humour.


It looks like next episode is also worth looking forward to with it being another ‘trip’ out episode. Following the trend, I think it’s going to be a visit to a Shrine for new years. Kotomi gets to host the preview so I hope she’ll get a lot of time next episode as well. Kotomi plus more Shino and Tsuda cuteness would make me happy!

Note – Sorry this is a little late guys. We moved house this weekend and I’m currently writing this while perched on a tower of boxes ;_;


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6 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuindomo – 11”

  1. SB says:

    Seems awesome!
    although i wonder why it’s so early for a christmas special…

    • Ryuuko says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I guess it just followed the manga storyline. They usually pop the Christmas and New Year episodes in closely after the festival ones lol.

      But in the middle of September I was definitely thinking along the lines of way too early! xD;

  2. amado says:

    finally caught up to this…

    he must be very (un)lucky to get 3 vibrators as a present in one day

    • Ryuuko says:

      It’s a fun ride when it gets going right? Lol. Tsuda definitely has that kind of luck… even though one is from a girl he kind of must like (at least a little bit!) and one falls from the Santa in the sky three vibrators at any one time for any reason still has to be unwelcome.

  3. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Ahahaha, why was I not surprised when all three boxes ended up vibrating xD

    But yeah, I daw’d at the Shino x Tsuda moements(yes I meant moe-ments) this episode.

    • Ryuuko says:

      Sigh at this stage I’m thinking Shino and Tsuda have a better chance of actually getting together before Ryouko and Ryoushi from Ookami-san do lol.

      Tsuda can be the type who goes for the older woman rather than one his age ;D Oh! All they have to do is confess to each other underneath that tree that makes Yuri couples last forever…

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